godless righteousness…

Do you remember the social and moral revolution of the 1960’s? The youth movement of the left were destined to break all of the rules, and liberate society from the dreary bondage of the past. They were going to show us how to do it the right way! As an anthem from that day proclaimed,”All the world over so easy to see, that people everywhere just want to be free“.

Isn’t it ironic that those same revolutionaries, now come of age, have created a society that is vastly more restricted than the one they worked so hard to undermine? We now live in a “brave new world” in which every aspect of daily life is hyper regulated, speech is scrutinized to the point of absurdity, and even thought is criminalized!(hate crimes laws).

Although they have in large part, cast off the shackles of any fear of God, they have a rigid concept of “righteousness”. They are very religious about global warming, population control , a womans right to choose(abortion),tolerance of all religions(except of course evangelical christianity),womans liberation, transgender acceptance,and multiculturalistic dogmas.

My theory is that they are so religious, although godless, because people are made in the image of God and must have some kind of religion. Furthermore being raised in America, where once  a vast christian consensus permeated our society and its institutions. It is for this reason that there has developed among the secular elite, a “godless righteousness”.

The idea of any accountability for the sins enumerated in the ten commandments has been cast off, but they have their own tablets of stone.”Thou shalt not, ever, ever, make a moral judgment “, “Thou shalt not smoke(in public or private)”, “Thou shalt support all forms of abortion”,”Thou shalt not claim any absolute truth”,” Thou shalt not think western civilization is any better than any other culture”,and so on and so forth.

It has often been pointed out that as long as these pieties are observed, it doesn’t really matter what a person does as an individual. All personal indiscretions are excused as long as these positions are held.

The real sins, which have proliferated and intensified as a result of the sexual revolution of the sixties, i.e. the rampant fornication, the destruction of marriages, homosexuality, adultery, abortion and pornography, affect the consciences of those who practice and promote them whether they believe in God or not. One cannot escape the psychological trauma of these evils, by just dismissing the concept of a God or a binding personal morality.

Thats part of the reason why the Left has developed an alternative morality, to try to feel good about themselves, to assuage their conscience. They have to assure themselves over and over again that they are alright, because they support Cause x, and wear the ribbon in solidarity of Cause Y. They are good people, on the good side regardless of their personal immorality.

In short, godless righteousness isn’t individual, it is collective. As long as you hold to the positions of the Left Wing, you are “in right standing” regardless of your personal failings. This is why the counter culture has always shamelessly championed people like Che Guevarra, a mass murderer, Albert Kinsey a known fraud and pervert, and other personally sordid fellow travelers. As long as they hold to the dogma, it doesn’t matter.

The tragedy is that this righteousness is a sham, and will be found to be as helpful as Adam and Eve’s fig leaves on the day of Judgment. It may feel good to “be in the right” with the culture, there is no doubt a certain satisfaction in it. But there is no way that “godless righteousness ” can heal the troubled conscience. Is this why this generation needs so much valium? There is no possibility that “godless righteousness” can take away the shame of sin, and it certainly will not reconcile anyone to the true and Holy God.

There is a true righteousness, a right standing that can be obtained  before God, but only as a gift to be recieved from Him. The good news is that what God demands, perfect righteousness, God provides for us, as scripture says,“He(God) made Him(Jesus) to be sin for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God” 2Cor 5:21

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8 Responses to godless righteousness…

  1. PeaceByJesus says:

    The youth culture of the period made a profound impression on the United States, Western Europe, and Japan. The youth culture also had strong echoes in what was then the communist world. Youthful revolutionaries, mostly middle class and college educated (a minority within the youthful age cohorts as a whole), meant to build a new utopia. The youth culture gained strength at a time when massive cohorts of baby boomers seemed to overwhelm the campuses. The cultural revolution failed in the short term. No Western government was ever in the slightest danger of being overthrown. Most student revolutionaries were reabsorbed by the “system” that they had professed to hate…Yet overall, the cultural revolution did far more harm than good by glamourizing drugs, by denigrating traditional values, by defaming “formal democracy” both in the United States and elsewhere…But a number of important movements were spawned by the New Left: ethnic studies, multiculturalism, relativism and political correctness, radical feminism, and gay and liberated youth. Of these, “political correctness” was most destructive of American institutions and values. The New Left’s disastrous legacy was a crusading determination to reduce the humanities to a “politically correct” agenda, to smash the shackles of traditional sexual morality, to liberate youth from their elders, and to entrench entitlements and affirmative action into the American way of life. (http://www.conservapedia.com/Moral_decline#Responses)

  2. Bill,
    This is a wonderful piece! Thank you.

    Lighthouse Trails

  3. Erin Fisher says:

    Hey Pastor Bill,
    This reminded me of a article I read on ScienceDaily.com that basically said that some research has shown that people who make environmentally conscience decisions often make immoral decisions in other areas of their life. I cannot find the article again, though….hopefully it didn’t get taken off.
    Love you guys and hope we can see you soon.
    In Jesus,

  4. trsquires says:

    Hey Pastor Bill,

    Glad you started a blog to share all your God-given wisdom. But I wanted to point out that you forgot the newest commandment… “Thou shalt not text while driving (but feel free to do your make-up, shave, or choke down a 3/4 lb cheeseburger)”


  5. Beverley says:

    God bless you Pastor Bill, I wish we had someone like you in South Africa.

    In His Grip

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