Wisdom Cries Out Loud…

A Bible question, What do the book of Proverbs and the book of Revelation have in common? Both have a running theme concerning two women. In Revelation the Bride of Christ is set over against the Harlot, and the culmination of History is the Marriage supper of the Lamb. Proverbs is similar, for we are introduced to two women, and called upon to choose between them. Lady Wisdom, cries out in the streets, beckoning those who know they lack wisdom to come unto her well set table. But Dame Folly has an outreach to the simple also,her message is , “Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant!”. These are the two competing Worldviews which Proverbs challenges us to choose from. Neutrality is impossible, a non decision is a decision. Here is a two part article I wrote, which is a moral and spiritual exegesis of Proverbs 7 called “The Death of the Simple”- let me know what you think- Death of the Simple Part 1 Death of the Simple Part 2

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4 Responses to Wisdom Cries Out Loud…

  1. Evie says:

    Thank you for these insightful articles. It never crossed my mind to connect the two women in Proverbs with the two women in Revelation! But it all fits together so beautifully with Scripture and has given me much food for thought.
    Your explanation of the two women as a metaphor of two world views, depicting the true and false church, has enhanced my understanding of the prophetic end times in which we now live. Those in deception are blinded and cannot see the delusion in the (twilight)/darkness of our times. Those who fear the Lord having their spiritual eyes/ears open, can clearly see the religious seduction taking place in churches and the great falling away occurring as is prophesied.
    Yes wisdom cries out in the streets – Judgment is indeed coming and Jesus will soon return.

  2. Kris says:

    I agree your articles expositing the Revelation and keys as to how scripture defines spiritual truths comparing scripture with scripture And the way Genesis “bookends” Revelation as well as how other books reflect or reiterate or reveal truth has been really helpful in fleshing out some of my long held questions.
    Also I agree with how we see the progressive growth of errors in church perspectives having increased and quickly overtaking the whole world.Sad but exciting as we know time is short.Urgency to speak up for any who might awake to righteousness and. Worship God in spirit and in truth as is pleasing to our Lord.
    I also agree that the God of this world hates women and through feminism hS. Amused men to hate women in many covert ways not realizing the methods and intent of the devil to steal their satisfaction with a wife and thus miss the value of the crucible of relationship available in marriage to cause reliance upon the Lord and the word of God in how to live .
    Difficult to type on phone …

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