A Wild Ass of a Man

The Ground Zero Mosque controversy has many dimensions to it. For example there are political aspects involved, and of course religious tensions have emerged as well. The divide between left and right in this country has been exposed by it also. Finally,  the rift between our own “ruling elite” and the rest of the country has been highlighted through this conflict.

But one aspect of this story has yet to be examined, to my knowledge. This episode is an illustration for all of the world to see of a specific Bible prophecy.  An early prophecy given in the book of Genesis is being illustrated to those who have eyes to see. Here is the oracle;

The angel of the LORD also said to her:
“You are now with child
and you will have a son.
You shall name him Ishmael,
for the LORD has heard of your misery.
He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward  all his brothers.” Genesis 16:11-12

This was the Word given to Ishmael , the son of Abraham, before his birth. It is the explanation for what we  what we are seeing today in the otherwise inexplicable behaviour of the so called ‘muslim world’. The Ground Zero example is just one of thousands all over the world of how this this prophecy is being graphically being illustrated.

Ishmael was the son born by Abraham, after he and Sarah reasoned that they must take things into their own hands to fulfill the promise of God. God had promised the elderly, barren couple that there would come through them “a nation who would number as the stars of the skies and the sands of seas”.

Rather than wait for God to fulfill the promise, Abraham and Sarah reasoned that it was perfectly legal to bear children by handmaidens, thus Abraham slept with Hagar, his young egyptian servant.

But after Hagar conceived , she taunted Sarah to the point where there was no peace in the home. Sarah in turned made Hagar so miserable , that the pregnant woman fled into the desert, where the above prophecy was given.

Islam has a spiritual affinity with Ishmael. They celebrate a feast every year , in honor of Abraham’s sacrifice of Ishmael, (actually it was Isaac, see genesis 22), and they have taken up the grievance of Ishmael against Isaac.

Ishmael was Abraham’s firstborn, but Isaac was the one chosen by God for the blessing. Ishmael(Islam) hates Isaac (Israel) to this very day. He begrudged the blessings bestowed upon Isaac and believes that he has been relegated to bastard status.

But look at the prophecy about Ishmael, in the light of the current controversy;

He will be a wild ass of a man…This would not of necessity be an insult to desert dwelling peoples, who had to be tough and independent to survive.Ishmael would be wild, free, rude,  and insensitive.

Islam is very sensitive, in fact extremely sensitive when it comes to its own interests, the West has spent billions and even shed it’s own blood, just to cater to the sensitivities of these people. But as I said in an earlier blog post the sensitivities only go one way.

The Ground zero mosque is at best the very height of crass insensitivity to the feelings of those affected by the slaughter in the name of Allah. But on the other hand, Islam  urges its devotees to humiliate Infidels whenever possible.

Does anyone think the Cordoba Mosque* initiative cares how the families of 9-11 feel? Do they care about the American public feeling? These are the people who couldn’t contain their glee on 9-11 at the “humbling of the great Satan”.

Most Muslim Mosques in places like Spain, Israel, the Balkans, are strategically placed over former churches or synagogues as symbols of Siyada that is Islamic supremacy. Like a wild Ass, Islam is in the face of everyman.

His hand will be against everyman, and everyman’s will be against him…There is a world War going on though our elite riling class is unaware of it. Everywhere in the civilized world there are Islamic insurgencies, senseless acts of terror, destabilization and radicalization of once peaceful people’s.

There is no where on earth where Islam has ever brought peace, unless you define peace as the slaughter of all dissenters. Islam cannot bring peace because the God of Islam, is Satan himself, disguised as the Nabatean Moon god, Allah.

He will live in hostility towards his own brothers…When the Ummah is not busy slaughtering Infidels, it reverts to slaughtering itself. Sunni against Shia, Sunni and Shia against Sufi, Klan against klan and tribe against tribe, Islam is it’s own worst enemy.

And yet God did tell Abraham that out of Ishmael’s twelve sons, He would make a great nation out of them also. The Arab world is vast, populated, and greatly  endowed with natural resources (Oil).

To the extent that they cling to Isaac’s God they thrive and have peace. most of the arab world was christian at one time. There are still many christians, although the Muslims are avidly engaged in religious cleansing campaigns.

But it is Islam which is the spiritual reflection of Ishmael and all that he stands for.And it is this prophecy that we are seeing played out before our eyes, the Ground Zero victory Mosque being just one example of this phenomenon.

* A dualistic name for the project- to the western elite, steeped in the “orientalist” version of middle eastern history, Cordoba was the golden age of religious tolerance, where the Muslim masters supposedly graciously tolerated Jews and Christians, and made moorish spain into one big group hug! Of course this is revisionist history!

-To the Muslim world, Cordoba is code for, “Our great humiliation of 1492 is being reversed,(The loss of Andalusia,ie Spain) we are retaking the west!”Osama bin Laden actually refered to the loss of Spain in one of his threatening taped messages to the west.

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8 Responses to A Wild Ass of a Man

  1. Luke says:

    Mr Randles
    I’m someone who loves your message from afar (Australia).
    In Australia (like many places) we are debating outlawing the covering of Muslim woman’s faces and now this drama in New York really makes me wonder… Where will this lead? Don’t get me wrong, I think the decision of this group to build their Mosque (a worship centre for their evil religion) is disgusting, but what happens if we stop them? What happens if we outlay the Hijab? What next? does this then set up the legal framework for a future legal persecution of christians?
    What is your view? What do you see in the word that can guide us here?
    My emotion says “screw them, they shouldn’t be allowed to build that damn thing on ground zero” but I wonder if I will look back at this as the start of the loss of our religious freedoms?
    God bless

    • billrandles says:

      Luke, I agree with you, that Islam is being used as a way to eventually take away religious freedoms. They are so brash, rude and over the top, that there will be a public outcry to suppress them which will be brandished against christians. We need to fasten our seatbelts for some real turbulence- Psalm 46 comes to mind- Grace and peace-Pas Bill

  2. Margaret Webb says:

    God uses people to punish people.
    Christians are prophesied to be persecuted (much more than they are now).
    Prophesy is being fulfilled.

    • Daniel Silva says:

      I don’t imagine you would use one of your children to punish another. Or hire somebody else to punish your children. So how does it make sense that God uses people to punish people?

      That makes God sound really horrible.

      • Mike Kaufman says:

        That God uses people to punish people sounds horrible? Wow, what logic! It only shows your incorrigible heart, and that God, in your eyes, is horrible no matter what He does. How else could justice be administered if not by people? If I had a child who was a Judge, I would expect him to exact punishment on his brother with complete impartiality. The alternative to this sysem is anarchy. What would you think of a God who advocated anarchy. Horrible, right? I thought so.

  3. Luke Wardle says:

    This is frightening to people who can see the reality of Islam, I thank God that I know the truth. There was always a call to tear down the high places and the false and detestable worship points. Do we just allow this to happen or do we stand up for truth. I know this is easier said than done but Yeshua said to us “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell”. It would be better if they would repent themselves and be saved!

  4. Excellent message. On point. http://Www.understand-Islam.com. Tom Balderston

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