The New Toxic History

Thou Shalt Not bear False Witness against thy neighbor (Exodus 20:16)

You couldn’t find a better group of people in history , than the Mayflower Pilgrims who founded the colony on Plymouth Rock. These were not adventurers, mercenaries, gold diggers or slavers , they were quiet, responsible families who wanted to worship God in freedom of conscience.

They didn’t set out to overthrow the Governments of England or Holland, where they lived , instead they sought to live quiet lives in all godliness and honesty, living simply and seeking to raise their children to live christian lives in every sense of the word.

When the situation in England proved intolerable, they scraped up what they could and moved to Holland. After perceiving  that the moral climate in Holland was not what they considered conducive to their posterity, as a church , they scrimped and saved enough for passage to the New World , sending about half of the congregation overseas.

They didn’t demand anything from the Government or from anyone else, they paid their own way, and not just in the hard earned guilders, but in blood, sweat and tears, and in the case of  about half of them that brutal first year, they paid with their lives. In these simple people, are the true spiritual foundations of America.

But fast forward to America, 2010, where three  anecdotes illustrate the hateful ignorance and revision that is passing for education these days.

First, some pampered and debauched Hollywood celebrities announce that they would not be celebrating Thanksgiving because the Pilgrims were part of the larger movement that eventually killed and enslaved the Indians! One of them actually said,”Thanksgiving is a celebration of murder!”

Another story, A Young African American friend of mine, after being in a public University for half a year, announces that Thanksgiving “represents the day the Pilgrims killed the Indians after they taught them how to survive the harsh winters”.

Finally a few weeks earlier, another highly educated African American friend of mine, announced that a fitting way to celebrate Columbus day would be to forcibly take over someone’s house, another friend chimed in “Give them small pox also”.

Welcome to the development of the new Toxic, hate inducing, envy reinforcing version of history, courtesy of Hollywood, and of your tax subsidized public schools and Universities.

Obviously Truth doesn’t matter in this new history, for its goal is not truth but to disqualify America, the West, and above all Christianity. Therefore False witness is resorted to, Slander and lies are reported about anything and anyone noble and good about our nation and the civilization it came out of.

The effect of this fifty or sixty year barrage of “toxic History” would be to destroy confidence, loyalty and optimism about our nation. Its strategy is to maximize the flaws and give no credit whatsoever to the actual accomplishments of our nation in correcting those flaws.

I have no doubt that the steady demoralization of our youth by the cynical teaching of “Toxic history” has been a deliberate strategy of the left. People like the Italian Marxist, Gramsci taught long ago that this “cultural warfare”was a necessary step , to change “the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” into a compliant socialist serf state.

But most people involved have no idea what they are asserting, as they rail on about the Pilgrims, or Columbus, or “Evil Slave holders ” such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. These little people, misinformed and biased,  couldn’t hold a candle to the accomplishments of the above. But with false confidence, they just spout out the leftist jibes against better men than they.

The effects of such History are pernicious. I am worried about the angry, anti-christian consciousness that my young friend has come into. Where will it end?How could bitterness and envy be education?

It is such a handy drug to blame others for the failings of yourself and your own culture, “That rotten Columbus!, Those murdering Pilgrims! Washington and Jefferson were slave holders, so nothing else about them matters!”Thus are the accomplishments of the Brave, the sacrificial,those with foresight and Wisdom, dismissed out of hand.

But God sees. To rail against history is to rail against the God of History, who has brought about his council’s regardless of men or empires. Power belongs to God, He raises up one and puts down another. History is literally “His Story”, for God works in human history.

And in closing, there is another scripture that those who so readily accuse people like the Pilgrims  of genocide should keep in mind,

A false witness shall not be unpunished, and [he that] speaketh lies shall perish.(Proverbs 19:9)

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4 Responses to The New Toxic History

  1. Darcie says:

    The historian in me strikes again.
    History is about perspective. We look back on other places, times and cultures from a completely different context than what existed in the moment. History is also about humanity – that fragile, error-prone race of creatures that take millennia to learn important lessons. Our history is colored in shades of gray, with only a few instances of black and white.
    No matter how great a person in history, they will always have skeletons. Look, for instance at Martin Luther King, Jr. How many people skate over the fact that he was an adulterer? A recent book and some interviews with Nelson Mandela show that despite all of the “great” things he accomplished, he sacrificed his family life to advance his “greater” cause. As for Lincoln, a historical look at his motivations for ending slavery may not make him look so nice.
    Columbus did not set out to spread small pox. It was an unfortunate and unforeseen consequence. If you choose to focus only on the negative about historical figures, you aren’t going to find many people to celebrate – we, as a people, are rarely capable of doing only good. As a historian, find me a “great” figure and I can probably pull their skeletons out for you to look at. Shall we judge Christianity by the murderous Crusades or the Catholic “mission” to bring Christ to Africa by force? Or do we judge all Muslims by the terrorist Islamic fringe? No, my friends, history is not so simple as that, I’m afraid. Humans make mistakes and we learn very slowly as a race. We’ve been around for tens of thousands of years and we still haven’t learned to stop killing each other. And each generation, we continue to feel justified in doing it. We are not that much better off morally than when we first came to America.
    I hope that the people around me do not judge me solely by the errors I’ve made in life. I hope that when I’m gone – or while I’m alive, for that matter – that the people I care about can see past the bad things and look at my life in totality, judging that I’ve at least done my best to tip the scale to the good.

  2. billrandles says:

    this from savageaussie on in response to this article(with permission)

    You are correct. It is cultural Marxism immersed with Freud by Marcuse which is deliberately destroying our Constitutional Republic by creating cognitive dissonance in the thinking of our children. With their indoctrination throughout our schools (Dewey’s design to dumb down), our children no longer are able to think logically (as ex-KGB agents testified) after this immersion into The Big Lie.

    All of man’s history is about one group overpowering a weaker group. It is the nature of man and American Indians killed other tribes and enslaved (or ate) other indians. Western Civilization which had been imbued with the Christian worldview is the most successful and superior culture ever in all history of the world, with freedom and wealth never ever experienced by both women and men and minorities that NEVER happened in other cultures.

    Indians treated women like dogs and enslaved other tribesmen or killed them. Some practiced cannibalism and child sacrifice. Torture was common (and these same liberals complain about waterboarding!!!) They should research the Mayans and the Aztecs—indians of the most inhumane practices ever on the face of the earth. Thank God a Christian people founded America!

    It is quite funny that these Marxists/Atheists demonize a superior and humane culture which has NO equivalent. Using the fraudulent thinking of multiculturalism, they glorify ones that treated women like dogs and couldn’t even invent a wheel, but then they bend over backwards for islam. Thomas Sowell said it best in his books: All cultures are NOT equal.

    Eventually a more powerful people would have conquered the indians…These Marxists worship on Darwin’s evolutionary theory so it is hilarious that they think a people can stay so primitive and not be overwhelmed by superior ideas. They are so deluded and, of course, illogical and just like Karl Marx, deny natural law theory.

    The reason why Christianity and America are so great is because St. Thomas Aquinas aligned Catholic theology to natural law theory basing the faith in logic, reason and science and America formed their government on the ideas of John Locke who expounded on Natural Law theory.

    You can not be happy if you defy natural law. Cicero said that laws that go against Natural Law Theory are unjust. It is why we have personal property and marriage between one man and one woman. It is why the children who are raised by loving biological parents are so emotionally and physically healthier and more successful and law abiding than any other children. Biology leads to happiness and security which angers Marxists who want to control everything everyone does. We were free because of Christian individualism which accepts nothing but freedom and justice and knows that man has no right to be their master.

    Jolie and her ilk are all useful idiots programmed to build all their thinking on lies, so that they can never have a coherent, logical, common sense way of thinking— all intentionally designed by those sick minds like Ayers’ and Zinns’ that created public school curricula to destroy America from within.

    Societies die if you don’t glorify your heroes and country and make it WORTH preserving. Even American indians knew to educate their young in the ways of their fathers, it was necessary to glorify “heroic” deeds and ancestors and demonize their enemies. It is necessary for survival of a culture.

    Why are we allowing the Marxists to destroy ours when it is the superior one?

  3. Jana Makela says:

    You nailed it Pastor Bill!!! My favorite one yet!!!

  4. Margaret Webb says:

    I have been hearing various versions of these themes since I was a young mother. I even bought into some of it, I was not a believer then-much to my sorrow now. I bought into it because cynicism is like having company with bitterness and it excuses that very bitter anger. It also excuses the mediocre spirit that does not have the Lord.
    Thank you for passionate rebutal of the great lies.
    Only God can protect the children from going along with this because by now generations have been already fed on it so that parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents have bought the whole thing.

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