The Latest Simon Magus-Todd Bentley

This is a reprint of an earlier article, I wrote in May of 2008, shortly before this charlaton was exposed as an adulterer and left his wife. I run it here for our English friends, Bentley is coming your way- heads up!

Todd Bentley – The New Simon Magus
By:  Pastor Bill Randles

“But there was a certain man called Simon… claiming that he was someone great, to whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying,”this man is the great power of God.” And they heeded him because he had astonished them with his sorceries for a long time.” Acts 8:9-11

Todd Bentley is great!  If you don’t believe me just ask the multitudes who have been astonished by the “miraculous revival” in Lakeland Florida! Or just check out the Christian television show “Xtreme Prophetic” featuring Host Patricia King, which I saw on YouTube. Bentley was featured on the show as one of the new prophets of the younger generation. Patricia King the host spoke for many when she proclaimed Todd as an “awesome man of power who is a Seer’. She also announced that Todd has brought “a million people into the Kingdom of God in the last eight years”. Todd was guest on the show with his mentor, another great prophet – Bob Jones. His resume was equally impressive- King described Him as “a champion of the Seer realm”, and “one of the most accurate of prophets of our generation”, and she thanked him for being a “father of the faith”, as well as a seer-prophet.

Bentley himself has great reverence for Bob Jones. When Bentley prepares for his yearly visitation of the Lord, to seek what is the Word for the year to come, part of the preparation involves consulting with Jones-“… needing a clear commission from the Lord concerning direction for the year, I always seek Him about what lies ahead.  With that purpose, recently, I asked my friend Bob Jones (a gifted, mature seer-prophet) about what God was saying to him concerning 2008….”
Bentley – prophetic word for 2008

Never mind that Bentley’s mentor Bob Jones is a proven False prophet * who was put under discipline for fondling women who came to him for ‘prophetic counsel’. When you are GREAT, or you are billed as something like “The Great Power of God” you never have to worry about things like the scriptural warnings to avoid false prophets. Jones’ predictions, such as his warning of an immanent earthquake in Los Angeles, back in 1997**, have failed to materialize time after time. Neither does Jones’ outrageous doctrine. Jones has taught that “the Government of the earth ” shall rest on the shoulders of restored apostles and prophets, that there is a physical “elected seed’ out of the blood lines of Paul, David, Peter and John, who would become the last days Manchild company! Neither doctrinal, nor moral deviations get in the way of the truly GREAT. Only small narrow, religious people worry about such things- Pharisees, nitpickers!

Why worry about Deuteronomy 18, which warns that we are not to fear any prophet who makes predictions in the name of the Lord, which fail to come to pass? Or why worry about Deuteronomy 13:1-3, which warns of the possibility that a prophet could actually perform signs and wonders, yet still be false? The only way to tell would be if the teaching of the prophet led people to follow other gods. Get it? The choice presented by the True God is between Power or Teaching. Another “great prophet” very much esteemed by Bentley, and his mentors, Bob Jones, and Paul Cain, is the late William Branham.  Branham’s power was Great! He could tell people what their name was, what symptoms they had in their body, and would then pray for healings which actually manifested! It was Great! The only problem was Branham’s teaching- he had a few quirks, such as His belief that the doctrine of the Trinity was of the devil, his belief that the zodiac was as valid as the word of God, and his unfortunate belief that he was the Angel of the church of Laodicea! When He died in a head-on auto crash in 1965, his followers were so obsessed with his “works of power” they delayed burying him for several months, hoping that he would be resurrected the following Easter! He was that GREAT!

Bentley, Cain, Rick Joyner and the disgraced and discredited Bob Jones*** all admire the false prophet Branham to this day. They saw him as great and wanted to be regarded as the next Great one. The people, who are so enamored by these false prophets, want greatness also, but in a different way. They lust for a “Great showy display of the power of God”, their hearts are not right. Like the Samaritans in Acts 8, they are willing to be “astonished” by sorceries, false signs, gold dust, stigmata, etc, because they have departed away from God, and any sense of the truly awesome. Proverbs 9 says, “By the knowledge of the Holy comes understanding”. Unfortunately these people have no understanding- listening to Bentley et al, one hears story after story of the varied subjective experiences these Mystics are having-“in the Holy place”,”under the shepherd’s Rod”- yearly appointments with Jesus, of course on the Day of Atonement. As the Samaritans were enamored with Simon the Great, the so called Greatpower of God, this adulterous generation clamors for and will receive many more, perhaps even more powerful versions of Bentley, Cain, Joyner, Jones, and even Branham, until the coming of the ultimate “Great Man”- the antichrist, himself! The Emphasis is wrong- we are not called to seek greatness or to adulate Great men. When Peter said to Simon Magus, in Acts 8, that he perceived that Simon was “in the gall of bitterness” (see Acts 8:23) he was quoting Moses’ warning that idolatry would become a “root of bitterness” to Israel. (Deuteronomy 29:18) Peter saw it also, that this fascination with greatness in men, and lust to see great works of power would be the beginning for the church what idolatry would be for Israel, a root of bitterness defiling many.

Perhaps it is not too late to turn away from this idolatry of greatness and great men, and lust for Great power. The church is actually sick, at least the expression of the church following the “Greatness Movement”- perhaps this sickness will not be unto death, but that even yet there will be a humble turning that God be glorified.

* (As documented in two of my books WEIGHED AND FOUND WANTING and BEWARE THE NEW  PROPHETS available at


*** whom Joyner took upon himself to re-instate into the ministry after confessing to abuse of his “prophetic gifts” to sexually abuse women


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4 Responses to The Latest Simon Magus-Todd Bentley

  1. vicki says:

    I just finished reading Beware the New Prophets and found it to be one of the best books I’ve read. It answered so many misgivings and questions I had. I’m deeply grateful to Pastor Randles who I only became recently aware of through AFR. We are in one mind and one accord in so much. The only difference that I see is that I am a oneness apostolic and that may be anathema to you. I believe a lot of the error in the mystical movement has filtered down through thinking the Holy Ghost is another “person”. In meekness I think it is possible that this one doctrine alone (trinity) could be why people may be seeking and communicating with “another” spirit instead of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

  2. Ali says:

    “…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

    If not…….

  3. Tracy says:

    By their fruit we will know them.

  4. Todd Bentley set for England April 2011 I would encourage everyone reading this to protest his comming to the Home office also if he does come protest his England crusade.

    here he comes with his 3000 + followers, On the day that Australia is about to be hit by the huge and destructive Cyclone Yasi comes news of an equally spiritually damaging destructive force about to be unleashed upon England in April 2011. On his
    ‘twitter’ page Todd Bentley has posted the following –
    Just Confirmed. England is on For April about 14 hours ago via Twitterrific

    Excited about Our Return to England and the Uk this April. Hope we can connect
    with all Europeans friends and partners. about 13 hours ago via Twitterrific

    This is truly horrific news for the cause of Christ in England as this totally discredited charlatan revels in the news of coming to England – something he actually had to cancel back in 2008/9 when he committed adultery and subsequently divorced his wife – in the midst of a supposed so-called Holy Ghost Revival in Florida!

    To arm yourself to be able to warn others about this ungodly deceiver I will now list various articles written at the time of the goings-on in Florida and just after, and my prayer is that the Lord will reign supreme and graciously and mercifully prevent any repetition of the dishonour brought in the past to His name by Todd Bentley.

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