To My Tolerant Friends…

I received an e-mail the other day in response to the witness of the young man in our church who wouldn’t wrestle a girl at the state wrestling tournament, thus forfeiting a chance at winning his weight class. When I tried to respond my e-mail came back. Thats when the idea came to me to make this a teachable moment and answer publically.

I will change his name, and chose not to even use his initials because they are B.S. and that would be too suggestive. Instead we will call him Mr. F.E. Minist .His words will be in italics .

Dear Mr.  F.E. Minist , I want to answer you, because I don’t think you are getting what Joel was doing by refusing to wrestle a girl in a tournament. I’ll put your comments in italics and answer as I can.

I just wanted to let your organization know how disgusted I am with your lack of respect for women in your church.

Our “organisation” is in fact a church. Jesus Christ founded the church, to be a witness to this fallen world to the Truth of God (ie the eternal and spiritual reality). Jesus knew that because of alienation from God, men would skew and distort the truth in both word and practice.
Currently the truth about what a man or a woman is, is being distorted by the feminist movement, the homosexual rights movement and other anti-christian movements in society.
The widespread misery and bondage of gender confusion, broken homes and the attempt to destroy marriage by redefining it, are the bitter fruits of this trend.
Therefore the best thing we can do as the church is to uphold the biblical standard of what a man or woman should be.
A man should be a responsible  provider, protector, and servant leader. Men don’t fight women physically. Jesus would never do it, and neither would any infomed christian.
Women and men are not interchangeable, they are equal but definitely not “the same”, they were made differently and have different God assigned roles.
Women deserve as much respect as men do.

Of course they do, Women definitely deserve respect. No question about it. Wherever in the world the Judeo Christian scriptures have held any kind of influence in society, women have been elevated to the highest level.

On the contrary, wherever in the world paganism has held sway, with its pornography, sexual libertinism, abortion,   “no fault ” divorce, and countless other plagues always demeans women.
It is modern feminism that demeans women, because they debase that which is uniquely feminine, the ability to give birth (Abortion), to nurture children (careerism), and to  keep a home for a husband and family.
To disrespect women the way your church does is wrong and disgusting.

Mr F.E., you are just showing how jaded and feminised you really are.(A man can be a feminist as well as a woman, because feminism is a philosophy, a rejection of that which is truly feminine.) It is subtle, this feminization of society. People change and don’t even realize it. 30 Years ago I was a high school wrestler, we would have scoffed at the thought of a young woman wanting to wrestle men, let alone wrestle at all!

How do you know what my church is like? All you know ,presumably, is by the behaviour of a young man from our church, who didn’t demand any concessions from the Iowa High School Amateur Athletic association, but quietly and without fanfare bowed out of the tournament . Does he not have a right to choose? Or is the “tolerance” only one way?

It’s a shame that churches, like yours, continue to live in the dark ages where men and placed above women.

F.E., the dark ages are descending on us even now, for as men abandon the Judeo Christian moral code, which once  infused society with unprecedented respect and protection of women, the unthinkable in public coarseness and insensitivity to women or children will become common.
Remember F.E. , it is the pornographic culture that has led to international trade in women and children as sex slaves, known as human trafficking. Welcome to post christian, pagan civilization.
It is not your place in society to determine where a woman’s place is.  It is up to the woman to determine her place.  Not yours.

We are only bearing witness, not forcing anyone to do anything. It is not up to man or woman, but to the Creator Himself who assigned us the sexual roles, to determine our place.

The real problem is that this generation is estranged from God, therefore it’s freedom is actually bondage!  the sexual revolution has only liberated men and women from good things such as Security, respect, committment, faithfulness, true Love, and intact family.

Freedom isn’t autonomy, but the ability and power to be who you were created to be, and to love it.
Jesus said,”If you continue in my word, you will be my disciples indeed and you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”-

Think about it- Pas Bill
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16 Responses to To My Tolerant Friends…

  1. Bravo Pastor Bill!!!! Very well said.

  2. vicki says:

    Please keep fighting the good fight of faith. You are making a difference.

  3. manoahswife says:

    “It is not your place in society to determine where a woman’s place is. It is up to the woman to determine her place. Not yours.” Ummm. . . technically speaking, he obviously doesn’t believe that it’s God’s place to determine both men and women’s place. And that is the rub. We want to determine that for ourselves. I believe that is called pride and rebellion–never leads to a good end. Something about that in the Garden of Eden after that pesky apple and that sneaky snake.

  4. Paul Song says:

    1. If F.E. intentionally blocked your e-mail without offering you a chance to defend, that would be “cowardice” and “prejudice” at its finest.
    2. The accusations are purely spectulative and subjective. People call that “judgmental.”
    3. He condemns based on his groundless presuppositions. That’s called “slander.”
    4. He commits the very act that he’s accusing of, namely depriving Joel of his right to “determine his place” in the competition. That’s called “hypocrisy” and “authoritanianism.”
    5. He bases his standard of right and wrong on subjective moral standards formulated by humans who are accountable to no higher authority other than themselves. That’s called “hubris.”

  5. My dear bro. Bill, greetings in the wonderfull name of our saviour Jesus Christ, I want to thank you for the blessings your daily devotions are. What is such a blessing is that we are able to confirm ‘ your heart ‘ in all these things – your writings are our heart as well, the apostacy and deception in the world today is the same everywhere, but thank our God that our hearts are also united in a common vision and understanding of the word – Praise His glorious name ! We know a similar onslaught continually, even those sometimes amongst us who create a ‘ spiritual righteousness of their own’ which is not the righteousness of Jesus and the evil one has a field day.We press on, we also support the stand this young man is taking, we are praying. Your bro. Peter

  6. Adam Groza says:

    My wife and I think this young man has given a very cogent and respectful argument. How sad that in today’s culture it is news that a young man would refuse to wrestle a young girl. This reflects poorly on our culture’s confused and conflicted views on gender. Praise God for a pastor that stands for biblical truth, a father who raises his son to respect and protect women, and a young man who, in the spirit of Daniel, refuses to cave to social pressure.

    Adam Groza
    Mill Valley, CA

  7. Steve says:

    Well done Joel! And well said Pastor Bill.

    As for those so called ‘church leaders’ who have criticized shunned you for speaking the truth, they are like geese heading into a fog. They have no idea where they are going, or if they will ever come out; they just waddle on regardless – the blind leading the blind.
    Let’s hope some of them will read your excellent reply, think on it carefully, and repent.
    God bless all of you at Believers in Grace Fellowship, and know that God loves you – and so do we.

    Steve Kormanic.

    Melbourne, Australia.

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  9. julie says:

    Well said, Pastor Bill. I love the question you ask about choice. Asking, does he (Joel) not have a right to choose? This is something that I have encountered over and over again. We thought choice was all important. We thought they wanted everybody to have a choice. Well turns out, there is always one choice: the one they have already made for you. If you make your own choice, and it doesn’t fit the party line, well then there’s going to be a backlash.

  10. Karen Julson says:

    Eloquently said, Pastor Bill.
    I admire Joel for the stand he has taken. He is like a Daniel in his generation.
    I am astonished, but not shocked, how many people condemn Joel for taking a gentleman’s stand in relationship to a young girl. He truly showed her respect. What really befuddles me is that I hear little on how shocked people are to see a girl participate in a man’s sport or that her father supports it. Where is his respect/protection for his own daughter? Our world truly is topsy-turvy.

  11. Thank you, Pastor Bill——praising the LORD—-Jill

  12. More national news this morning – commentary on telling about the intolerance of an ESPN reporter.

    The intolerance of these people is unbelievable!

  13. Sue Ackerman says:

    Pastor Bill, Thank you for your response to these accusations. Truly the spirit of this age has a way of twisting things to be just the opposite of what they should be. God knew what He was doing when he created man and woman just the way they are. I hope F.E. will read your response and really give it some serious thought!

  14. Alan Berry says:

    From 2,000 miles away I am saddened by the turning away of the U.S. from Biblical standards. When I read about Joel, I posted on whatever site I could, without having to sign up/sign in with a password and an account. The following is what I posted where I could:

    As an ex wrestler: He had a 35-4 record, she a 20-13 record. Say what you want, that first round in state tournaments are designed to pit the stronger against the weaker. Generally the stronger goes on, with very few exceptions. His past STATE standing puts him in strong contention. He would/should have won.

    As a father: He would have to box me after touching my daughter like some of those wrestling moves require. Unlike ANY other sport, he could prolong the touching part for the whole 6 minutes of the match(plus longer in overtime), and as a father I would object.

    As a pastor: 1 Corinthians 7:1 Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman. (area of unmarried people), and 1 Timothy 5:2 The elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity. Joel Northrup wins! And I would rather be on God’s winning side any day.

    Also, I researched all I could on Joel and wrestling. Including downloading the wrestling pairings and knowing when he lost, and to who. (which the media didn’t cover).

    I also found out about the church he attended, and tonight I preached a sermon from that site: “When God was taken a Prisoner of War” I added some stuff, but the basic idea came from you, PastorBill. Thank you.

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