Daughter of Zion…

The world was shocked and repulsed by the brutal terrorist slaying of five members of the Udi Fogel family as they slept in their beds this month. The terrorists broke into the Fogel home, and slit the throats of Udi, the father, and baby Hadas, and stabbed 4- year old Elad in the heart. They then killed Yoav,an eleven year old boy, as he read in bed, and overpowered Ruth, the mother of the family as she emerged from the bathroom.

Did I mention that the world was repulsed by this act of wanton barbarity ? I meant to say the civilized world, for in the Gaza strip the murders were celebrated with street prayers to Allah, dancing and passing out sweets.

The family is survived by a remarkable 12-year-old girl named Tamara, and siblings Roie, an eight year old, and Shai a 2-year old. Tamara discovered the murders when she arrived home at night from a sabbath party to discover the scene of horror in her own home.

She has since spoken out, to the nation of Israel, and to the Prime minister,  with remarkable poise and strength in the light of the shocking nightmare , first by insisting that she herself would “mother” her two  surviving younger siblings, and second with an otherworldly call for Israel to “rouse herself and clothe herself with splendor”, as in the words of the prophet Isaiah.

Tamar Fogel Speaks Out

I don’t know about you but I got the goosebumps listening to this remarkable young lady, who is a true daughter of Zion if I ever saw one.

So much that is wrong in our own nation’s treatment of Israel is embodied in the story of the Fogel family. It turns out that they were among the inhabitants of the Gush Katif communities of the Gaza strip, who were forcibly evicted by the Sharon Government, pressured by the Bush Administration, to make room in the Gaza for a Palestinian State.

She recounts in the interview above, that though the family didn’t violently resist expulsion, that her mother wanted to make a banner for all to read that said,”Shake off the dust, Arise! Put on your splendid clothes my nation!”.Tamar was seven years old at the time.

The Jewish families evicted out of their own homes in the Land God gave to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, left 4000 greenhouse businesses to the incoming Palestinians, as a gesture of goodwill, but within days of the Government ordered pullout, the greenhouses were smashed to pieces by the new Gazans.

The Fogel family had lived in Judea/Samaria, (the West Bank) for about a year and a half before the massacre took place. The Obama administration has delegitimized the settlers of Judea and Samaria from the start. His notorious Cairo speech called for a “No natural growth policy” for Jews in the heart of Biblical Israel, and is vigorously condemning any new settlements or housing for Jews even in east Jerusalem.

You could say that the two seminal events in Tamara’s young life have occurred because of the treachery of the US Government, as well as the Israeli Government’s compliance, and in direct defiance of the Word of God. The eviction from Gaza, and the denunciation of Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria. The one caused her to lose her home and the other led to the murder of her family.

Yet look at the poise, the dignity and the confidence of this young Ruth, or Deborah. “Israel will not break, we are not afraid, we will rise up, and flourish, we will continue to flourish, and we will continue to grow… to build the land.” Consider what this young woman has been through in the light of what she is saying.

The message that came out at the funeral and that is echoed in Tamara’s testimony, and in articles in the Jerusalem Post and other Jewish press is “Wake up! Arise from the Dust!” wake up to your high calling Israel!

But perhaps Wisdom is crying out in the streets to a wider audience yet. Although CNN ,ABC, and even Fox news will not give the Fogel story the coverage that they gave to the fake Koran flushing story a few years back, there is a message in it for those who have ears to hear.

“Wake up” America, to the pathological evil of the so-called “religion of peace”. Look at what Tamara’s original home town of Gaza did when they heard of the slaughters. Grown men and women, mothers and Fathers, wildly celebrating the brutal murder of infants, toddlers, a sleeping father, a mother!

“Rise up out of the dust of multiculturalism”, and paralyzing political correctness, realize what we have done to our only friend in the region, betraying Israel, forcing her to make concessions to savages. Repent America, for “I will bless those who bless you(Israel) and I will curse those who curse you!”.

The Eulogy at the funeral mentioned the theme also, to “Shake off the dust, Arise, put on your splendid clothes my nation,Shake it off already arise! Put on your splendid clothes! Have we asked  of you too much ? That David Ben Yishai should come? Is that unclear? its not too complicated!” Do you hear the urgency in this lament? David Ben Yishai, is the Messiah, the Jews are crying out for the Messiah to come. Let us pray for Israel!

Finally this remarkable young lady, when told by Netanyahu that Israel would build, replied, “but you will vacate!”. I think I hear wisdom crying out in the streets in this young lady…

All she has known in her young life, is capitulation to terrorists,  to evil, and the evacuation of God-given position. How long will we all vacate to evil? How Long must we make room for terrorists, false religion, homosexuals,atheists, and accommodate every perversion, while we  force the decent, productive and upright to vacate? How Long?

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4 Responses to Daughter of Zion…

  1. Brooke mik says:

    I cry for Israel and my heart and prayers are with this family and the many others who have been cruelly slaughtered. I pray for those who are daily bombarded with this kind of knowledge, that we may keep our sanity and daily recount the blessings of our God,whose words ar so true! I pray for those beheaded and sexually abused. I pray that we WILL arise and let the light of the Lord shine thru us, that hate and fear will not control our minds and hearts, that we will rise above this filth and not be buried in it! And I pray for America, or does it matter anymore? Because when leaders such as Obama go against our God and Israel, the curse certain. Who is on their knees right now? Our greatest weapon is prayer. God said, “The wrath of man does not achieve the righteousness of God” When we do fight, let it be as David against Goliath.

  2. vicki says:

    I’m very grateful for your blogs and forward them to others. This amazing 12 year old survivor is an Esther. She speaks with an authority and wisdom we rarely hear in our own country.

  3. Gina Nestor says:

    Your post brought tears to my eyes. We are commanded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and I pray everyday for that peace, knowing that Israel’s only peace is the Prince of Peace – Jesus the Messiah. Our news did not even mention this horrific act. Not even Fox. I heard it on Glenn Beck’s ( a Mormon) show and the Drudge Report. It was disgusting to see the Palestinians passing out pastries and celebrating the deaths. I long for the day when all of Israel says, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

  4. Pam says:

    Reading about that young girl makes me feel ashamed. We Christians know the Messiah and know that He is returning for us and then coming again to rescue His remnant of Israel and yet, how many of us speak out knowing the hour is late. I have studied prophecy for over 20 years and discuss it at length with those who seem interested and let those who do not, slip away. I think ,” they will think I am a fanatic and will be afraid” and so I hold back. Now, with Tamara, who can hold back. Maybe she is part of the remnant of the last days. I can only pray.
    The world should be ashamed for putting this message aside but, then again, what did Jesus say about the world.
    Thanks be to God for His mercy.

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