The McDonalds Assault; What does Wisdom say?

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,  Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despiser of those that are good, Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; (2 Timothy 3:1-3)

Last Friday, (which happened to be good Friday), I believe the world had one of those “wisdom cries out in the streets “moments. By that I mean one of those times when something happens publicly which has implications for all of us, but can only be discerned by those “who have ears to hear”.

At a McDonalds in Baltimore, Maryland, a sickening film of a vicious assault was posted on YouTube by one of several McDonalds employees who stood around and gleefully watched what appeared to be a young girl beaten almost to death by two inner city females.

This story is so bizarre one doesn’t know where to begin an analysis, but Wisdom is indeed crying out through it, so here is a breakdown of some of the issues raised by it ;

* Brutal violence – Two teenaged girls pummeling with kicks and fists what appeared to be a young girl was hard enough to witness. But after leaving her in a passive heap on the floor, they returned three or four more times, taking the trouble  get in more vicious kicks and punches.

The teen-aged sociopaths were only challenged by one person, a heroic older lady, who tried to intervene  as they were dragging “her” by the hair through the restaurant towards the door to the parking lot. The good Samaritan was punched and cursed at by the assailants for her efforts. Several able-bodied men were present, who did nothing but laugh.

The police have arrested the 18-year-old who led the assault. Lo and Behold this is the second known assault at that very McDonalds by this vicious criminal. Last July a 38-year-old mother with two teenaged daughters had the misfortune of encountering her as she left the same McDonalds.

The miscreant threw a punch at the mother, accusing her of calling her “ugly”, then attacked one of her daughters, while the mother fearfully dialed 9-11!

Welcome to our godless, brutal, post abortion society, brought to us by those who would destroy the once Judeo Christian foundation we once took for granted. Once we accepted the violence of abortion, how could we avoid mindless violence as  commonplace?

As in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of man be…

* Perversion – I told you this was a bizarre one…It turns out that the “young woman” was instead an extremely troubled young man, a transgendered victim of our godless merging of atheism, technology, and Sodomite ideology.

Of course this fact doesn’t make it right to beat the obviously troubled young man almost to death. He is still a human being, worthy of protection. After all, from the beginning of the assault, he offered no resistance.

Who failed this young man? How does one end up so convoluted and distorted that in his early twenties he renounced his God given gender and submitted to an operation that castrated him?

Thank you brave new educational world! Your “sex education” teachings that in many districts starts as early as kindergarten, have gone far beyond the fake “tolerance” and “acceptance” of every form of degeneration known to man, that you once called for. You now cause youngsters to question their sexual orientation before they even enter into puberty, you debauch them, indoctrinating them into sodomite propaganda.

This perverted troubled, haunted, confused and abused young man is one of your trophies. This evil generation should remember something someone once said about millstones and bodies of water.

* Racial hatred – We won’t be hearing from the race professionals, the Reverend’s Jackson and Sharpton on this atrocity. The demographics just don’t fit the accepted narrative. Neither will there be another “beer Summit” at the White house over this outrage, for there is nothing to exploit in this sordid story politically or otherwise. But there is a definite ethnic aspect to this story.

This is because there are people whose position and power depend on keeping the fires of racial hatred going full blast. There will be no credit given for the incredible strides this society has made towards “racial justice”, because to end the hatred would put “the Reverends” and their dishonest ilk out of business.  Therefore the hate must be constantly fed.

But the consequences of the never-ending rhetoric, are seen in the rage of this 18 year old girl. A steady media diet of rap music, revisionist history in school, the sheer hatred expressed by Civil Rights leaders, the sense of grievance stoked by pretend “christian preachers” such as Sharpton, Jackson and Reverend Wright have yielded this bitter fruit. There have been of late several other similar “McDonalds incidences”.

The social chasm has never been wider, not since the turbulent 1960’s, between civilised people, and those who actually believe the pathetic rhetoric of the Sharptons and the Wrights of this world.

The Obama administration, rather than being a salve of healing to the nation, serves only to aggravate the wounds. For example consider attorney General Eric Holder’s sucker punch in the face of America, calling White America “cowardly” for not engaging in racial debate. Or his recent “Our people” comment, when questioned about the need to prosecute the New Black Panther party for the obvious obstruction of voting rights.

Thank you liberalism, for this dangerous, envious, vicious, racially polarized paradise that you have created. You have successfully disenfranchised so-called “White America”, and supervised the destruction of most of the intact black family, by your immoral policies.

* Feminism – Of course no modern fiasco is complete without an element of feminism injected into it. I see the marks of this toxic ideology everywhere in this nightmare.

First of all in the two teenaged girls punching and kicking a person making no attempt to protect themselves, we see the goal of feminism, the reversal of the sexual roles. There is nothing remotely feminine left in  two teenaged girls ! They are as aggressive and brutal as any man could be. The only femininity is seen in the passive, confused, perverted young man, lying on the floor taking a beating.

Congratulations feminists, You have arrived at your long-awaited goal!

Behold also the responses of the bystanders. The able-bodied men stayed back out of it, none would lift a finger as someone was being beaten to the point of seizure. The old Judeo Christian concept of the male protection of the weaker sex has been obliterated in many quarters of our society. This doesn’t bode well.

The only attempt at defense was offered by a woman who appeared to be in her sixties.

* Lawlessness – Finally , Wisdom is crying out to us about lawlessness. We are told that Lawlessness will be the mark of the last days society.

One of the very men who wouldn’t do anything but film, and laugh as someone was being beaten to death in their presence, did try to help someone near the end of the tape. They are heard telling the vicious perpetrators of the crime to “get out of here before the Po-lice get here”.

There you have it in one snapshot, all of our modern maladies played out in one distorted and perverted incident, a virtual parade of unintended consequences of our defection as a society from God. Brutal violence, racial hatred, feminism, perversion, confusion, lawlessness…the brave new liberal world has arrived.

All I can say is , come quickly Jesus!

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2 Responses to The McDonalds Assault; What does Wisdom say?

  1. greg says:

    I concur!

  2. Maureen Leigh says:

    I really am shocked. You think you have reached the end of being shocked when something like this occurs.

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