Who Will Cry For Us Now?…(Dave Wilkerson)

“Therefore you shall say this word to them: 

      ‘ Let my eyes flow with tears night and day, 
      And let them not cease; 
      For the virgin daughter of my people 
      Has been broken with a mighty stroke, with a very severe blow. (Jeremiah 14:17)

Dave Wilkerson, a major christian voice for our generation has gone on to be with the Lord. He and his wife Gwen suffered a head on auto collision, thus far she survived but is in critical condition.

What can I say of such a formative influence in my own, and our generation’s life? The Lord used Wilkerson  to reach so many thousands and hundreds of thousands .

People by the millions have been touched by his book, “The Cross and The Switchblade”.  The book is the testimony of Wilkerson’s transition from a country Pentecostal preacher in Pennsylvania, into an inner city shepherd to vicious street gangs, drug addicts and lost and forgotten people.

Who can’t be affected by the story of the humble small town pastor, opening an issue of Life magazine, and weeping over the picture of convicted but unrepentant teen murderers in the jungle like slums of New York City?

God alone knows how many have been led to saving faith by reading that book, or who have received the call of God’s mercy to bring the gospel to drug addicts, and street people because of that testimony. I recently showed the Movie featuring Pat Boone and Eric Estrada to our Youth group, and was struck again by the power of the story.

Out of Wilkerson’s work on the streets of New York city, came Teen Challenge, the singularly most successful drug rehabilitation program in existence. Totally Christ centered, unabashedly evangelical, Teen Challenge truly works wonders in lives to this day.

To the thousands of addicts and family members ravaged by the drug scourge of the 1950’s-60’s and up to today, Teen Challenge served as a beacon of hope and of salvation, seeing them through drug addiction, and into full, productive and Christ centered lives.

Wilkerson was the prophetically inclined elder preacher to a whole generation of those of us who came to Christ in the turbulent sixties and seventies. He ever reminded us, by his preaching and example, of what following Christ truly is all about!

When other Pentecostals were drifting into the “faith/prosperity” heresy, Wilkerson sounded the alarm. When christians lost sight of reaching the lost, and sought to make a comfortable, crossless christianity, Wilkerson’s voice rang out.

Who hasn’t had the experience more than once, of opening one of Wilkerson’s mini sermons in the mail, and realising that God was speaking directly to your own current situation ?

Time and again a Word from ‘brother Dave’ has actually proven to be a Word from God himself speaking into a situation or an attitude, or giving a comfort, encouragement or exhortation. I thank God for this brother, what a gift He was!

God raised him up in an especially turbulent time. To this rebellious generation, wracked by a complete satanic social and cultural transformation, including a sexual revolution, a psychedelic drug soaked consciousness revolution, and a defection by many Christians from “the old paths”, Dave Wilkerson was a powerful , pleading voice.

But what affected me the most about brother Dave, was his broken heart. This man wept for the church, for the ministry, and for the glory of God. Have you ever actually heard him preach ?
There is communicated through him a deep, profound, mourning , as he pleads, urges and exhorts his hearers to keep faith with Jesus. I am reminded of Jeremiah, or of Jesus weeping over Jerusalem, when I hear sermons like this, A Call To Anguish, and this, Where are the Praying People?  .

Like the ancient prophets, Dave Wilkerson was in holy horror also at the apostasy, and the defection of ministers and christian alike. With tears in his eyes he would mourn over ruined ministers, and congregations across the land, which had contacted him in desperate letters, pleading for prayer.

Whether it be by the false money preachers, the outcome of the sexual revolution, the decayed standard of christian teaching, the neglect of holiness, Wilkerson’s heart was truly broken by the ruined lives left in the wake of these disasters.

Mine eyes do fail with tears, my bowels are troubled, my liver is poured upon the earth, for the destruction of the daughter of my people; because the children and the sucklings swoon in the streets of the city.They say to their mothers, Where is corn and wine? when they swooned as the wounded in the streets of the city, when their soul was poured out into their mothers’ bosom.(Lamentation 2:11-12)

The tears flowed because of Love, for God, his glory, and for his bride.

Dave also wept because he had been shown things to come. He saw that the ‘good times’ wouldn’t last forever, and warned about the tribulations to come. He saw the baptism of filth, the moral rot, the fires, riots and persecutions coming to complacent America, and cried out about it, in spite of laughter and rejection.

Who weeps for us these days? Who will cry tears over our current state in the church ? Who now will openly confront the wolves, calling them out, exposing them to his own hurt? Who now will confront those ruining God’s church to their face ? Do we know what we no longer have ?

God bless you brother David, Take your rest in peace!

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21 Responses to Who Will Cry For Us Now?…(Dave Wilkerson)

  1. ali says:

    So deeply saddened by the loss of this great man of G-D. May G-D raise up godly men and women who will cry and weep and mourn for the lost. These indeed are troubling days – but G-D….

    We say good-by, for now, to our dear brother. His journey is complete and he is free.

  2. John says:

    Pastor David served the Lord in sincerity for his whole life and made a tremendous impact on countless lives, including mine, as I was saved at his church. More importantly, he glorified God with his life.

    His stand against “Holy Laughter” and other such blasphemy and the Word of Faith “Prosperity Gospel”, at great cost to his standing in Pentecostal and Charismatic circles was heroic and critical. Without someone with his Pentecostal “street cred” standing up for the truth, who knows how much more damage would have been done to the church and how many more Christians would be lead into deception and covetousness or had the faith shipwrecked.

    His message, “The Reproach of the Solemn Assembly” where he blasted these false doctrines was one of the most important sermons of the late 20th century, IMHO.

    While I can understand the sadness, I think we should rejoice that Pastor David has gone on to his reward. He has suffered a great deal for his faith, and with family tragedies but he has finished the race.

  3. Gloria J says:

    There are those that do Mr. Randles, i do, there is just not enough to hold back the Judgement from G-D any longer

  4. Back in the 1970s, I was a rebellious teenager being raised in The First A-millennial, Calvinistic, Cessationist Church of Sardis. For some reason, our Youth Pastor took us to see The Cross and the Switchblade. David Wilkerson had sent a Teen Challenge Team to show the film at the Thompson Theater in Lawrenceville, Georgia. For the first time in my life, I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ presented under the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit and I couldn’t run fast enough to respond to the alter call! Thank you David Wilkerson for introducing me to my Lord!

  5. Harry says:

    Thank you for expressing so beautifully what is in my heart!
    It has been amazing to see all the predictions made in The Vision coming to pass.
    David we miss you but your sermons will keep on changing and challenging lives!
    A live not wasted.

  6. ali says:

    It has been a day of sorrow for me. First; Dr. Fred Stone, J.R. Church and now Pastor Wilkerson all within the last two months.

    I pray you will be one who will stand in the gap. We in the ranks have a small voice and although we pray earnestly, our voices remain silent to the masses. You however have been given a platform and you must continue to sound the alarm. Stand in the gap for those who have gone on before us – they have paved the way and now men of G-D; ARISE.!!…

    • Kristin says:

      David Wilkerson sounded the alarm. His prophetic voice, in obedience to the word of the Lord, will be miss terribly feels like a gaping hole that can never be filled. He was a man after God’s own heart who’s only desire was for souls to be saved.He helped so many of us to know that there were other leaders with the same heart cry.Thank you for this post honey, for so beautifully putting in to words how so many of us feel.
      And Thank you brother Dave for loving Jesus with all of your heart and for laying down your life , preaching the gospel, to a world who is desperately in need of salvation. Whosoever has ears to hear let him hear what the spirit is saying…. it is last call. For who shall abide in the Day of His coming. Won’t you make your peace with Jesus Christ, confess your need for Him and for forgiveness of sin, for soon and very soon we are All going to see the King of Kings and Lord of Lords ….

  7. Bill you are one of those my friend who can put up the batton. You heart, spirit and attitude is of the same mould.

  8. Steve Muse says:

    At a time in my walk with the Lord where I came out of the Shepherding Discipleship movement David Wilkerson’s sermons ministered deeply and I have appreciated his ministry throughout the years. We will miss this man of God.

    • Maureen Leigh says:

      Pator Wilkerson meant so much to me and some of my brothers/sisters in Jesus. He was a man one could trust as well as respect wholeheartedly. I pray the Time Square Church will carry on in the same mould, for the sake of the Lord Jesus who gave us this man to speak for Him.
      How is his wife now ?
      Maureen Leigh, England

  9. Deborah Brisk says:

    I am crying now……may his wife be comforted and may GOD send a voice again in the wilderness that is so despertly needed. May HIS LOVE overcome the darkness.

  10. Kathy Blain says:

    I have known of Dave’s ministry for years. Many, many years ago he came to Oskloosa Iowa and spoke at University Park. Due to the large crowd we had to sit in the overflow room, but if my memory serves me correct he came over after the service3 to meet the people there. A girl from our small town worked with him on the streets of New York and she is mentioned in his book “The Cross and the Switchblade”.
    Dave was like a second pastor to me and looked for his messages in the mail every 3 weeks.
    One of his latest books “Dearly Beloved” has ministered to my heart several times. It is a book written in the timing of the Holy Spirit filled with scripture that touches one’s heart for the troubles or tribulations you going through.
    I will miss his messages and his daily devotions on line. I have printed many of them and I know will refer to them in the days ahead.
    I grieve for the loss of him here on earth and for his family, but rejoice that he is with our PRECIOUS LORD, THE ONE HE PREACHED ABOUT FOR SO MANY YEARS AND WAS WILLING TO GIVE HIS LIFE FOR.
    I will miss him greatly.

  11. Dorothy-Anne says:

    May God be Glorified

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  13. J Ranch says:

    we all cry for all who know not Christ here!
    we cry for jerusalem
    for the lost
    and for those who think they are saved
    rest assured God has his mourners
    in His love
    J Ranch

  14. Mimi says:

    Thank you so much for articulating with such eloquence what is in the heart of many whose lives are the better thanks to the Lord’s work through this man’s life. This is the most touching tribute I have read and it was read through many tears.

    Who indeed will cry? Who will sound the trumpet? Lord God please awaken your church.

  15. gavin2002 says:

    Thank you Bill for this tremendous honour to one of the finest men of God of our generation. I thank God for the Len Ravenhills and David Wilkersons who set my heart aflame to love Jesus enough. He walked this earth in mourning from the loss of his granddaughter Tiffany to Bonnie Wilkersons cancer to even more recently her son davids heart condition to many other cancers.but you know that grief is gone as he has entered into his joy! Well done my brother David you surely have touched my life in a tremendous way! We are glad you walked among us ! Amen

  16. Alemayehu says:

    “My dearly beloved Pastor David Wilkerson was a real man of God. His service has changed my life for good. God Bless that day I walked into Times Square Church where this great man of God served. WOW he was a blessing to me and my family. I don’t have enough words to appreciate him.
    When Pastor Wilkerson left us to go to the Lord, I could imagine he would be most excited to meet the Lord whom he served with such wonderful dedication and zeal. So happy the Lord would also be to welcome His beloved servant home. However, he would be missed a lot by us in the Times Square Church and by all people all around the world whom he served preaching and sending messages by internet every day. May the Lord give peace and comfort to His family.”

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