The Enmity Between The Woman and the Serpent…Genesis 3 pt 9

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.(Genesis 3:15)

The gloom of judgment and wrath at the sinners in the garden, has been penetrated by this mysterious pronouncement of God, addressed to the serpent, and not to the guilty man and woman who had already refused accountability to God.  Adam and Eve overhear in the sentence passed upon the serpent, the possibility of a reversal.

Evidently even in judgment, the Lord remembers mercy to the fallen couple, for the woman shall bear a son who will ultimately crush the serpent’s head.

This “proto evangel”, (first gospel) came accompanied with dark outline of the entire development of the human race even up to today. It is instructive to look at this brief but potent word of God.

* I will put enmity between thee and the woman….  

First of all God says that He himself will be the instigator of this inveterate enmity, which will pulse through all future ages until the time of the final blow to the serpent.

The human race is to be polarized, there will be an invisible divide which will run through the heart of every man. Neutrality will be impossible, and any compromise or accommodation will prove to aid the cause of the serpent, not of the woman.

Jesus, the son of God will one day echo this word when he will proclaim,

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.  For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.(Matthew 10:34-35)

And the Apostle John also warns us of this very enmity, when he says,

Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not…Marvel not that the world hates you bretheren”(I John 3:1.13)

Again Jesus, on the night that he was betrayed warned the little company of his followers,

If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.  If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.  Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.(John 15:18-20)

* Satan hates all mankind but has a special hatred for women… The devil hates women particularly, because the salvation of man would be born of a woman. This is why false religion such as Islam is so harsh and unjust to women, using and abusing them like so much chattel.

Secularism also , being Satanic, is hateful of true womanhood..What is feminism but the hatred of the truly female? It is war on motherhood, nurture, love and support of men, marriage, romance and loyalty. The greatest modern expression of the serpent’s hatred of women would have to be abortion and its twisted twin, homosexuality. Ironically this generation imagines that it has exalted the status of women, when in truth it is ruthlessly destroying it.

* But there is a typological understanding of ‘the woman’- The book of Proverbs is a revelation of God that revolves around the choice between two women, the gaudy harlot and the virtuous wife. Both women offer wisdom, and call out to the young and naive, but only one of the women is true and can lead to God. the other woman’s steps lead to death and Hell.

Revelation likewise features two metaphorical women, the appalling “great whore…mystery Babylon”,  and “the Bride. The Lamb’s wife”.  in scripture, woman are metaphors for spiritualities. There is a true woman, whom the serpent hates, she encompasses the true congregation of God. She is called the daughter of Zion, the Bride of the Lamb,  for there is an unbroken continuity from Old to New Testaments.

The serpent hates the woman, and has always sought to defile or destroy her. This is the meaning of the hatred of Israel, the wayward wife of the LORD. This is also the reason why the true church has always been persecuted and rejected.

In the beginning of the Bible there is a talk between a woman, and a serpent in a garden, who is a fallen angel. She and her husband in effect said “yes” to the devil, and “no” to God.

At the time of the Incarnation of God, in the annunciation to Mary, we also have a conversation between a woman, and an unfallen Angel, Gabriel. She said “yes” to God, and so too did her engaged husband to be.

And at the end of the Bible, in the Revelation we have a vision of a woman, clothed in the Sun, crowned with twelve stars, writhing in agony of child-birth as a consequence of saying “yes” to God. She is confronted by a terrible dragon (this is how the serpent would develop), who hates her and her seed,seeking to destroy them.

But He can’t, for she is God’s woman.

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10 Responses to The Enmity Between The Woman and the Serpent…Genesis 3 pt 9

  1. myglamsite says:

    That was really well written. I was searching for an explanation on “enmity” and learned so much more. Thank the Lord for your faithfulness to research and share. This is also a concise overview of “the fall” and I may use some of your insights here to share with family members and friends who are currently in great darkness. Baruch Ha Shem !

  2. Masooma says:

    Very Wrong said..!! Islam does not do unjust to women. It gives women more respect than any other religion..!! Kindly do not give false knowledge to those who does not know about Islam..Because they might believe your

    • Lils says:

      giving women more respect than other religion? but she must tolerate her husband to have many wives? is that what you call respect? I think it’s arranged marriage for the sake of money and conforming to the religion & obedience, NOT really love. it is Just making women a possession or a collection, not a respected human.

    • LG says:

      It may be that you are not aware of the tenets of your religion,. I have met many Catholics who are in a similar position. You should delve deeper and you will find that there is a systematic hatred of women in third world countries – particularly those that are muslim. The author speaks the truth about Islam and many muslim women have testified to these facts. Marriage between adult males and little girls is also common practice in muslim communities and just because you are not aware of it doesn’t make it a lie.

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  4. Lovey says:

    heard Norm Wakefield offered some very revealing information about men and manhood. It was in the midst of his seminar called Equipping Men. In essence that our culture’s extreme sexualizing of everything from hamburgers to car ads…has taken a man’s lack of learning to govern himself as every man should do because of what GOD has instructed and supplied for him to learn and do ….from simply “appreciating ” the female that God Created,to having his lust increased to the point that if he sees a young woman in a revealing outfit he will salivate …and this is what he said about men who do that …that they are “laying down their manhood in worship of a woman”…all flesh….What I think I recall he said was this was what comes from “a man who is gaining his identity from a woman.”

    Jesus called upon men to keep their focus upon their OWN wife…not that they need to ‘understand women ‘ which has been the punch line among men ‘women ,Who can understand them!” ….when they are told by GOD that there is ONLY ONE woman they need to learn to understand and that is THEIR OWN wife!….keeping their eyes upon her …and not ‘shopping around’ ….to keep his hands to himself and only for his wife…and not ‘sampling ‘ just because there are many offerings for him to take advantage of by foolish women who know not the damage they do .
    1Pe 3:7 Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.

    “weaker’ does not mean ‘lesser’ but ‘more emotionally sensitive’ and in most cases men whose eyes wander to other women …shut the door to their own wives who feel compared to other women …as if they are not ‘enough’ for their husband HURTS!

    It is interesting to note that Jesus spoke of the MAN’S necessity to control HIS OWN EYES and HANDS [actions] through controlling his THOUGHTS…and this for his own BENEFIT ..”happy wife happy life” is a popular way to put it …and it is actually correct! Note the context of his statement…

    Matt 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.
    29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
    30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

    The devil has worked overtime to attack human’s and their relationships through the MIND.The Lord’s WORD has given this remedy which …in fact was not lost on the devil ..the god of this world who has flooded the media and any venue to attack the minds of men and women …and children through cirriculums devoted to this end….godlessness.

    2Co 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

    This lack of knowing what manhood is in truth has come from a lack of biblical truth being taught and from the children being raised mostly by women , mom’s , teachers’ and grandma’s whose nurturing design is not useful to teach young boys what fathers and mentors in the OT and prior biblical culture used to do .

    In the book “Missing From Action” good points are made about how the Industrial Revolution had such a destructive effect upon families when father’s left to work in factories leaving the training of children to women …and ultimately to the government schools which were aimed toward the Prussian model of raising up a population which would be easily led.

    Leaving off teaching and heading the family ..the men were more inclined to find fellowship at the pub after a days work in the factories. The woman had their cottage industry pretty much lost to the factories and found their free time most useful in churches where there was a move toward social justice….all part of a plan unknown to most.

    The children then were taken into the care of government schools and the curriculum’s designed to program more and more of the humanist doctrines into generations following .

    Church became feminized …more for women and children in the minds of many men…and young men raised up by women learned to get ‘around ‘ them through manipulating the emotional responses of women.

    Women LOST EVERYTHING when feminism came into popularity…Men who used to compete with other men for their career gains now had to compete with women for the same positions …being taught it was not acceptable to reject those ‘co workers’ and forced to see them as the SAME rather…competition with women led to more and more attitudes of resentment and using the same opportunism added to the sexual tensions …wrought an attitude change regarding the ‘little woman at home’ on the one hand she was regarded as not contributing to the household finances…not contributing to the over all cultural economy and not worth much over all as she was also looked down upon by career women as seeing marriage as either bondage or a form of ‘prostitution’ or worse as a ‘leech’ upon the economy!!!!

    Women who bought this kind of poison and entered the work field fostered attitudes among themselves that they should get to ‘sow their wild oats’ to be just like men …what a great goal!

    Also it has come to my attention that it was something fostered by government and media to gain a second income to TAX and so the indoctrination of the foundation of feminist discontent was fed from subtly to gross in your face disrespect for womenhood, motherhood and marriage!

    How much loss to all …women who work with men may not all be willing to do anything for their thrills but many are ..and they encourage men to stay selfish and immature..they cause the wife at home to be disregarded…disrespected…cast aside and neglected..

    Sound too harsh…check out the many testimonies of wives whose family and marriages have been sidelined and often abandoned due to this kind of ‘progress’

    Only another arm of the way the devil has sought to steal ,kill and destroy the cradle where the loving kindness and truth of God’s word was to sprout into the lives of children .

    It was in the midst of learning to grow up in Christ in marriage that a man was to be drawn to the study of the Word and to learn what it is to be a man be a husband and to be a father…and all of it was for HIS BENEFIT as well as for his wife and children.

    Failing to realize this …men have run after the ‘bowl of pottage’ and the “vapor” of the lies of infidelity to lose the precious impact that loving their wife and the demonstration to his children he might have had as his legacy . Because of love for our children we are led into the Word to learn what to teach them …and thus learn ourselves the things of GOD . I know home education helped me learn more through my concern for what my children needed to learn.

    I pray that those men who have not been taken captive by these lies will continue to take it to heart that the impact of a faithful man to God and wife is immeasurably precious!!!!Please men take this to heart and continue in His word so that you may be HIS disciple INDEED! We need you!

    • Rufas on April 14 2015 05:50 says:

      God bless you for this wonderful explanation of enmity between the woman and the serpent. I have learnt a lot on my research of this particular prophecy which indeed has increased my understanding of the word of God. This reminds me how faithful our sovereign God is when He said ” seek and ye shall find” I sought it and have found the answer to my question concerning…who the seed is, period of the bruise on serpent, the significance of the woman and many more. I will share with my people for them to know indeed we are peculiar people of God through Grace…thank you n may God increase your insight so as to be of help to people like us who love the cross and its truth.

    • A lot of strong and ferocious arguments here and all kinds of angle; i want to thank you for showing me that is seeing my own defects of character/shortcomings that i tend to have through reading of your post that is both very insightful but also very harsh and unpleasant and embittered that i have such tendencies myself and i would of continue to developed if if went unchecked and unhindered had it not been for reading you post where i can spot the same tendencies to be contentious and embittered professing Christian and we know that the world doesn’t need anymore of those now don’t we?!! I therefore can relate of such an oxymoron of an angry and embittered and contentious professing Christian who uses the truth of God;s word and twists it to one’s dispositions and we know that there are far too many of such professing Christian that do this all the time don’t we?!! it’s obvious that i too have had some deep hurts, hang-ups but i choose to be better instead of bitter; be a victim instead of a victim and to be powerful instead of pitiful. If i have to battle to be “right” then that is a clear indicator that i’m wrong!!! Just like if you need to try to control something that should indicate that it’s out of control already! There is no doubt you have some keen insights but why so much bitterness and resentments?!
      The only thing worse than a back slider is a Christian who professes they are Christians but they are full of resentments, bitterness and clamor because this jaded and resentful professed Christian is the last thing that the world wants to hear and or to see; it’s in my mind a worse testimony to the world then a blatant back slider that might of went back to say his addiction of substance abuse at least that person is struggling with an addiction and has not been able to overcome it and or surrender fully and therefore resorting to those old bad habits to try to numb the pain but a professing Christian who is jaded,intolerant, petty and spiteful and catty what excuse do they have for such a poor testimony?!
      My only more kind and tolerant view is that they too have all kind of unresolved issues welling up in them that are festering and they are in much need of such hang-ups through the grace of God and His mercy. Yeah we hate evil and sin but we don’t hate sinners and the sick person that is the essence of the message of the Gospel which is Chirst came full of grace and truth-John 1:14 and so i pray that you would be granted repentance for your attitude and that God would give you the strength, courage and the grace to confront you personal issues and that you may get healed by coming to know that the essence of the Gospel message is the judgement will be show to him who has shown no mercy; and mercy triumphs over judgment-James 2:13 and that he that is cruel (mean, harsh and antagonistic) troubles his own flesh but a merciful man does good to his own flesh-Proverbs 11:17.pray that you would be healed from your wounds and that you may repent of your contention because only by pride comes contention-Proverbs 13:10. Remember that only thing worse than a backslider is a professing Christian who uses God’s word to justify their hostility and bitterness and we have too many of these bad testimonies. How can you say that you love God who you haven’t seen and hate and despise man who is made in God’s image?! Or how can you bless God with your mouth and then with the same mouth curse men who are made in His image?! Can on opening yield out both fresh and bitter water?! My brethren these things ought not to be so!!-James 3:9-12 also read about replacing the worldly wisdom which is characterized by strife and contention to be replace with Godly wisdom that shows it self impartial, calm, open to reason and to be entreated and is gentle-James 3:13-18.

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