Wisdom Cries Out In The Streets; The Olympic Opening

Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets:(Proverbs 1:20)

What a privilege and opportunity for any nation to be able to host an Olympics. The opening ceremony is a unique opportunity to display the glories of the host country. But that would presuppose that the presenters actually believe in the validity of their own national story.

I’ve been told that an unprecedented one billion people around the world witnessed this year’s London opening ceremony. I also was eager to see how the narrative of the nation of Shakespeare, Donne, Churchill, the Puritans, Wilberforce and countless other of the remarkable sons of England who have so enriched this world would be presented.

The only problem would be one of what to include and what to leave out of the national narrative. Surely they would present the fact that it was Great Britain which was the first nation to outlaw slavery, spending blood and treasure to put an end to the hated African slave trade. There would be no doubt that the brave stand Britain took against the Nazi juggernaut would be acknowledged.

Would there be any presentation of Britain’s contribution to representative government? What of the success of her former colonies, Australia,India, the United States? In any field imaginable, science, Law, Education, literature, the positive contribution of the British people to the benefit of the modern world has been immense.

But when given the chance, to tell the British story to an audience of one billion, the Olympic opening was a sad disappointment.

The beginning was promising, rightly acknowledging Britain’s Christian roots, in the beautiful singing of hymns appropriate to the four fold Kingdom of Ireland,England, Scotland and Wales.

We went from there to a cleverly choreographed reconstruction of the Industrial revolution, with an implied labor Capitol struggle, and four ugly smokestacks belching noxious fumes. Women’s suffrage was then acknowledged, and about ten minutes was devoted to the Britain’s National Health Service.

We then moved into British literary characters from Peter Pan to Mary Poppins to characters from the Harry Potter series. The finale was a heavily choreographed tribute to pop music and the amoral youth culture that grew out of it.

What is Wisdom saying through this spectacle to us?

Many things if we have ears to hear.

What was presented to one billion people as a representative sample of the contributions and development of British culture, is an extremely limited, stunted and biased selective history. This is exactly what our modern godless, amoral educational and academic elite have done to us for the last 60 years in the west. And it is extremely demoralizing.

Who would defend the culture of Ziggy Stardust or of gay marriage? Imagine there is nothing to live for or die for...? What is there in that to be proud of? By deleting the vast, rich Christian influence and contribution of our western Judeo Christian civilizations, our young have been denied a rich ,God-given heritage.

Our children could benefit by hearing again the stories of John Bunyan, Winston Churchill, William Wilberforce. The world has been enriched by them. The Proverbs teach us that the memory of the Just is blessed…

As if the music of the 1960’s through the 1990’s was the acme of the culture! Really? Britain deserves a better telling than that!

Other than the initial beautiful Christian hymns,(Which I thank God were not omitted), every other trace of Britain’s blessed and world enriching Christian influence was deleted. The valiant, slave liberating, civilizing force for universal good that is far more representative of Britain as the tawdry celebration of vanity that was presented tonight.

According to this article, Britain’s Olympic Ceremony Grapples With Weighty Issues, prominent British conservatives expressed similar concerns,

Aidan Burley, a lawmaker from Prime Minister David Cameron’s ruling Conservative party, tweeted: “The most leftie opening ceremony I have ever seen — more than Beijing, the capital of a communist state! Welfare tribute next?”
He followed that with: “Thank God the athletes have arrived! Now we can move on from leftie multi-cultural crap.”
Several people tweeted their support for his comments.

Alastair Campbell, former British Labour prime minister Tony Blair’s communications chief, retorted on Twitter: “Brilliant that we got a socialist to do the opening ceremony.””

Perhaps Wisdom is also showing us by these distortions how far we have strayed from our God, and this could be another indicator of our need for repentance. It is not too late but time is running out...”Whosoever will call upon the Lord shall be saved” 

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  1. Ken Myers says:

    When I heard that there would be no 60 second acknowledgment of the tragedy of those Israeli athletes 40 years ago in Munich, I received the first of many foul aftertastes from this opening ceremony. But what do you expect from a nation among many who have abandoned the God of their forefathers.

    • Mrs Loveday A. Paramor says:

      Sport should be a time when everyone is regarded as equal – we talk of sportsmanship. But none of this applies these days. God’s judgement is falling and will fall even more quickly as men sideline and mock His Ancient people – so few seem to realize that Jesus is Jewish and will very soon return to Jerusalem to rule with a rod of iron.

      That the Olympic committee refused point blank to honour the massacre of 40 years ago of the Israelis – shows how low we have sunk. We can only pray that God will have mercy for the sake of all those in the past who gave their lives to defend the Gospel and our Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Evie says:

    The last hymn of the opening of the Olympic Games, says it all. —
    Abide with me fast falls the eventide.
    Yes the twilight of eventide with the night of the antichrist’s tribulation is at hand.
    England beware the darkness deepens.

  3. Paul says:

    The opening hymn, “And did those feet …” is not Christian, it is the anthem of British Israelism which believes the Celts are the lost House of Israel, a heretical movement which also believes Jesus visited Britain, and that the apostle Paul came here to evangelise (as recorded in their 29th chapter of Acts), and that the new Jerusalem will be built on British soil. It denies the true prophetic significance of the nation of Israel.

    • Evie says:

      Thank you Paul for your comments re the cultic origins in the opening hymn – I thought I smelt a whiff of British Israelism when I heard it, but didn’t know the words to the hymn. I think the same hymn is played in the film “Chariots of Fire.” I battled British Israelism in a Church once, and was shocked when I was told that Jesus will reign from the throne of England when He returns.

  4. Richard says:

    A Comment on the BBC website stated, that the author of ‘Abide with me’, died three weeks after writing it! What else needs to said.

    PS – very little as be said, about police violence, when a regular pro.cycle ride in the area was stopped by police, and over 100 arrested, Britain today is quickly become a fascist dictatorship.
    Individuals are being arrested without due processes of law and imprisoned. From the Prime Minister downwards, the name of Christ and the Law of God, are being dispersed with.

  5. The noxious nonsense that is the so-called “Olympic Games”…Not sporting, not edifying, not worth watching.

    Everything about the disgusting spectacle taking place in London – we have banned the “O” word – speaks volumes about the rotten society that is behind it. Big money, big business, everything focused on tawdry, fleeting, earthly “glory.” For this thousands of young people have been potentially ruining their bodies, while firms like Coca Cola and McDonalds have the exclusive right to peddle their sickly wares. Healthy drinks and food? No, they just have the biggest bank balances. I love the sharp comment from our friend Pastor Bill Randles. My wife Pat and I had started to think we were the only ones feeling this way.

    From its pagan origins to its profoundly unsporting celebration of greed and excess, this “event” signifies the death throes of a once-great, once Christian-influenced society.

    To guard against terrorists Britain has 17,500 troops on patrol, warships in the Thames, fighter planes on standby, missile batteries on rooftops and RAF snipers on high buildings with guns to take out terrorists.

    The money and effort wasted is astounding, but what you would expect from a society seduced by sport and soap operas. We have more in this vein on our own website, thefreepressonline.co.uk
    Thanks Bill- sock it to ’em!

    • Peter Jones says:

      Alan Franklin:

      I also detest the commercialism of the Olympics. The irony of some of the main sponsors being the world’s main promoters of junk food has not been lost on many.

      But I have to disagree with you as you seem to be against sports. I am not really a sports fan but I do think sports are a good thing, not least because we all need exercise. But sports also encourage teamwork, discipline, healthy eating (!) and many other positive attributes. No, we mustn’t take them to excess or worship champions, but these same risks apply in virtually every other area of life, so I’m reluctant to single out sports for particular criticism.

  6. Well, I can understand your wishful think Bill but that is just what it is, unfortunately, the opening ceremony that we cry out for will never happen at any Olympic games as the whole innocence of the old “amateur” athletes has long gone, sadly, “Great” Britain is no more, it is more of a case of
    “If My people” 2 Chron. 7 v 14 that is needed.
    The united Kingdom needs to become the Kingdom of God and of His Christ, only through a mighty conviction of sin all over the populace will there be repentance and a crying out for mercy.
    God is ever merciful and ever patient but this present dispensation will end soon, as we are indeed in the last times.
    Lift up your heads for your redemption draws near.
    Lift up your families, lift up your friends and neighbours, lift up your leaders. Prayers changes things!
    Much love to you Bill, Chris.

    • billrandles says:

      You are sooo right Chris. Actually, I see these things as a vehicle to point out to any who will hear, the very things you have just so eloquently said. Thanks my friend-Pas Bill

  7. Tony Pearce says:

    Not just leftie propaganda but heavily occult and New Age. Blake’s Jerusalem is not a Christian hymn. Blake was an occultist and would no doubt be a New Age devotee if he lived today. Pantheism / God in everything comes through his poems ‘Songs of Innocence and Experience’. ‘Jerusalem’ is based on the myth of the Glastonbury Thorn – that Christ came to England (with Joseph of Arimathea). At the centre of the arena was a model of Glastonbury Tor with the Glastonbury Thorn on the top of it. Glastonbury in Somerset is one of the most New Age / occult places i have ever been in / the mystical ‘Isle of Avalon’ with all kinds of occult associations. The flags of the nations were placed on this replica. We also had Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort being raised up as well as ‘pandemonium’ (= demons everywhere – and they were as weird demonic figures came out to dance around the children in the hospital beds). We had the National Anthem performed by a group called ‘Chaos’. There was the use of the CND symbol which is also an occult symbol, as well as all the pop music exalting demonic forces. During the singing of ‘Abide with me’ which is a genuine Christian hymn, there was a weird dance scene which also seemed to be invoking some kind of demonic forces. During the raising of the Olympic flag I felt a very strong antichrist spirit being invoked and then we had all the lights of the individual nations merging into one light – of the one world global system = antichrist.

    Tony Pearce

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks Tony, how shocking! I felt led to post my initial thoughts on the subject but what I have learned from replies such as yours and those you see on this reply page, tells me that this is far more overtly evil than I thought. “This s (their hour) and the Power of darkness:, but not for long.Maranatha!

    • Mrs Loveday A. Paramor says:

      Very well said Tony – the whole thing was occult and with demonic music to boot.

      I missed the Glastonbury Tor bit.

  8. Mrs Loveday A. Paramor says:

    I decided to watch the opening ceremony because of all the hype. I was dismayed at the crudity of what was presented as the best of British – the rock music? noise? – was anathema to so many.
    The potential to hear some orchestral music was debased by inanity. How many believe, playing the fool is the, ‘in thing’. My heart rose when I recognised the tune in the film of ‘Chariots of Fire’ – but I could not believe what they did to the clip. Next we had witches.
    When people throw off restraint – then darkness floods in. Britain has been under judgement for some time now – the people are blind but far worse the church is blind. We have had animal diseases- whole herds and flocks slaughtered and burned. Freak?accidents.
    This whole year God has sent judgement after judgement, floods, heat waves, blasting winds, crops spoiled and fruit dying for lack of rain. Riots in London which spread to other large cities.
    People demanding their rights with no thought of their responsibilities.
    Our young children are forced to study and agree that homosexuality is a genuine alternative life.

    Did all those who died, or were burned at the stake for their belief in the One True God and the salvation of souls by the blood of JESUS – DO SO IN VAIN – NO – they are now with the Lord of Glory.
    All this is to happen again soon, as the powers of evil advance. The LORD’S judgement on a rebellious nation. Britain continues to try to divide God’s land and to humiliate His people.
    God is not fool that he can be mocked
    Please pray for our nation.

  9. Richard says:

    Thanks Tony also, we had in the morning the mass bell ringing in various locations followed by the evening toll, all linked to the Satanic celebration of the Bell, Book and the Candle to bring forth the demonic forces. Darkness was a major theme (associated with the Purple colour of death). A comment on the BBC website, pointed out that the author of ‘Abide with me’, died three after he penned it. – more death. The whole event was just a dispersing with the Light to bring forth the Darkness. (A time ‘When no man can work’).

    • Mrs Loveday A. Paramor says:

      Excellent comments.
      More and more people are bringing to our notice the vast list of satanic elements

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  11. The origins of the Olympics are thoroughly occult anyway, as this article explains; click the link:-

    Should Christians get involved in the Olympic Games?

    In Him, with great sadness,

    Sally R

  12. Tony Reynolds says:

    Tracing out the rise of Great Britain would have been simple and glorious: it came from the blood of the martyrs, which started with Christ himself on the cross, then the early church, the Celtic saints, William Tyndale and all those who gave their lives for the word of God and the testimony of Jesus.

    Perhaps the apogee was Queen Victoria telling a young foreign prince the secret of our greatness: the Holy Bible.

    Tracing out the fall of Great Britain is also simple: we turned against Israel and lost the empire, then we promoted consumerism and greed, and now we promote sexual immorality of all forms. We do not teach our children either the word of God or the fear of the Lord.

    And everyone does as he sees fit.

    Not surprisingly, God sends plagues that kill livestock, rain, drought, earthquakes etc. But God still speaks through his word, look at what he said in Revelation 9:20:

    The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshipping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze….

  13. Sharon says:

    Hi Bill,
    Very good article and SO TRUE! Where is wisdom? She IS crying in the streets, but God won’t put up with it for too much longer. Heard Jacob Prasch twice yesterday in Auckland; very important message and he is also saying the same as you. The Lord is VERY NEAR!
    Regards as always
    Sharon and David in New Zealand

  14. Chris Saunders says:

    Yes indeed, when we stop looking at the publicity and hype and start looking through the lens of scripture we see things so very differently from the way the world sees them.Now who was it that said” We have the mind of Christ”! lol

  15. Jessica says:

    I just watched that last scene again- “Abide with me”.
    What I saw in it, was, first of all, a child, dressed in white(symbolising Jesus), running out first then leaving the scene. Then forces of darkness were dancing hysterically.
    Then you see another dancer, obviously dressed differently and separate to the other dark dancers(the individual).
    He dances increasingly further away from the forces of darkness, fighting against them as they surround him.
    The young boy in white reenters the scene, and the individual comes forward towards him. The boy walks up to him, the man is awestruck(showing that this isnt just a boy), and the boy imparts something to him. Note that the forces of darkness are subdued and quiet behind the man, now.
    The man grabs and wrestles with whatever the boy imparted to him. He starts off amazed, then starts to dance with it, then finally it becomes a part of him(symbolising the acceptance of Jesus’ gift of salvation).
    At this moment he stands still, with arms outstretched towards the boy(Jesus). The boy walks up to him and embraces him. The man kneels down, picks him up, and, with the boy still embracing him, he turns around and walks into the centre of the dark dancers, who move to make way for him(still subdued).
    When he reaches the middle of them, he lifts the boy(Jesus) up high, while the forces of darkness fall away.
    The entire time, the song “Abide in Me” is sung, accapella, in entirety.
    This was one of the most important performances, being the one before the athletes enter the stadium.

    Maybe I missed something, but how is that demonic?

    PS the author of the hymn died three weeks later?! Isn’t that a testimony? Three weeks before his death, he wrote a hymn which states “In life, in death, Lord, abide with me”
    Seriously, read the lyrics. We all die eventually, but dear God, may that be our prayer when we do!

    • Jessica says:

      Im not suggesting that the event was good, overall. I agree with everything you said, Ps Bill. It’s sad that every famous pop group from the last 60 years got a mention, yet William Tyndale and John Bunyan(and multitudes of others) didn’t.
      The depiction of a modern family was sadly telling. Boy stuck on his game gadget, and young girl trashing the house with wild parties. Sad but true.

      • Jessica says:

        I found a link to that “Abide with Me” performance- its an amateur video taken at the event.
        It shows a different perspective, which I believe backs up my interpretation.

        You can clearly see that the boy(Jesus) is always separate, with a white light on him.
        And the lone man seeks him(Jesus), then comes toward him(“Seek and you will find”).
        The wrestling and weaving dancing after the boy gives the man the thing(clearly something spiritual, because their hands never touch), could be interpreted as the man becoming a new creation- it has a transformative effect on him. Up till this point he is struggling and wrestling, except for when he is walking toward the boy(Jesus). After this point he is calm, reverent, and victorious. But only through Jesus!

        It actually really blessed me. When Jesus throws his arms around the man, it spoke to me of Jesus’ grace.
        What I saw, and see more clearly each time I watch it, is a parable of how Jesus has given us the victory over sin and darkness. It is the story of salvation.
        I honestly don’t think I’m reading too much into this. The reason I’m so sure, is that the lyrics which provide the context are these:

        I need Thy presence every passing hour;
        What but Thy grace can foil the tempter’s pow’r?
        Who, like Thyself, my guide and stay can be?
        Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me.

        I fear no foe, with Thee at hand to bless;
        Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness;
        Where is death’s sting? Where, grave, thy victory?
        I triumph still, if Thou abide with me.

        Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes;
        Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies;
        Heav’n’s morning breaks, and earth’s vain shadows flee;
        In life, in death, Lord, abide in me

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks Jessica. Interestingly, I have (since friday evening)found out about this whole sequence, because NBC, which aired the Olympic opening in the USA by tape delay , editted out the entire “Abide in me” sequence! I dare say our television networks are all run by atheists.Thanks for your comments. Anyone have any feedback on it?

  16. Jessica says:

    I did actually read that NBC in America didn’t show this. That’s pretty blatantly anti- God editing!

  17. Helen says:

    Sadly the video has been blocked on copyright grounds! I agree with most that has been said about the Olympics. However I think we need to take the good and leave the rest, this is a slogan learned in 12 step life recovery groups. I see many ‘Christians’ condemning one another and it doesn’t help unbelievers to find truth. The Gospel is very simple but has become complicated and churches full of schisms. We can only have unity in truth (John 17). The Bible says “And many will turn away from Me and betray and hate each other. Any many false prophets will appear and lead many people astray (Matthew 24:10). Many leaders are playing God, don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit, and are preaching another Jesus and another Gospel. Consequently many gullible believers are following false prophets instead of following Jesus. Our commission is for all believers to go out into the world and preach the Gospel.led by the Holy Spirit in love. My family fell away from God because of schisms and heresies in denominations and I felt the Lord’s sadness and pain in all of this. Now I do nothing and go nowhere unless the Lord clearly leads me, then divine appointments are the order of the day. Time is short, satan is the God of this world, night cometh when no one will be able to work so its important to get closer to Jesus, know the Bible, and work His works in the light whilst theres still time. We are told to be as wary as snakes and as harmless as doves, He is sending us out as sheep among wolves! (Matthew 10:16). We must light torches in the darkness rather than snuff out the light then all will become dark, some folks just are not where we are at! One preacher, I will not name names, had the habit of continually naming names and judging. This, I believe, is a very dangerous place to be as, in doing so, we can uproot wheat with the tares. We are told to let them both grow together, then the angels will do the separating at the harvest time (Matthew 13:24-29). Having said this I believe that Apollyon is rising, & amidst the Olympics (Revelation 9:11).

  18. Tony Pearce says:

    I have discovered that the dance scene while the Christian hymn ‘Abide with me’ was sung was preformed by Akram Kahn, a Hindu from Bangladesh, who produced something called ‘Gnosis’ at Sadlers Wells. This is the comment on Gnosis:

    Inspired by the Mahabharata story of Queen Ghandari, who blindfolds herself for life to follow her blind husband, Gnosis explores the notion of inner knowledge and clouded vision, of ‘seeing darkness yet being blind to light’

    Gnosis is ‘knowledge’ in Greek and reminds us of the Gnostic heresies which plagued early Christianity and connect to the New Age ideas of ‘inner knowledge’ being discovered inside of you through meditation, yoga and altered states of consciousness. It is another indication of the spiritual forces at work in the presentation – the mingling of Christianity with eastern religions being a key feature of our time, leading to religious Babylon.

    ‘The darkness deepens, Lord with me abide!’

    Change and decay in all around I see
    O thou who changest not abide with me.

    Tony Pearce

    • Peter Jones says:

      To Tony Pearce:

      At the risk of stating the obvious, Akram Khan is not a Christian, and I don’t think it is realistic to expect him to have a Christian worldview. The same is true for the whole opening ceremony. As I said elsewhere, I felt it was good that there were a few Christian references.

      Likewise, people from ethnic backgrounds (Khan was born in London but his family is from Bangladesh) often have a mixture of beliefs and practices. I haven’t seen anything to say he’s a hindu (do you have a source for your assertion?), but it is recorded that Khan was brought up as a muslim and then studied Kathak, an Indian dance form that seems to have both hindu and muslim influences. He then went on to train as a contemporary (modern) dancer and his work combines these diverse styles.

      I suspect he was chosen because he’s one of Britain’s most well-known dance artists. But rather than seeing it as a sign of doom and gloom as you suggest, wouldn’t it better to regard it as something positive? I’m pleased that a dancer from a muslim or hindu background choreographed a piece about mortality using a Christian hymn as the music. I pray that God revealed something of Himself to Khan and his dancers during the creative process, and I also pray that God brings them into contact with Christians who have opportunities to share the gospel with them. There are Christians in the dance world and it’s perfectly possible that there were some in Khan’s team.

      I’m going to do a new post about the wider issues, which I don’t think have been given any attention in all the discussions so far.

  19. Hi Bill

    I have tried twice before to post the following comment several days ago, but it has not been published. Is there any reason you have not published it? This is what I am trying to send:

    “Tony Pearce is spot on with his observations. There is absolutely NO WAY that the “abide with me” dance blasphemy was a Christian message. Deborah of “Discerning the World” blog did an excellent article exposing the whole opening ceremony as an illuminati occultic production. It would be good if you would like to take a look at the article and specifically start reading from the comments entered since 27th July.

    I would like to add, that a BIG request be made that we pray throughout the Olympics but specifically for 12th August because there may be some illuminati plan at the Olympic stadium or on public transport for that day. This explains why:

    Living in Britain I was able to see the full BBC coverage, The programme (at around 9pm UK time) started with a countdown from 47 to 1. Why 47 and not 100 or 50 or 20? Obviously there is some sort of significance with the number 47. As you will see in above links, 3 video snapshots were taken of the numbers shown.. The video which showed the countdown has NOW been removed by the BBC. They show EVERYTHING else except the countdown. Is it because they have monitored mine (and maybe others) warnings about that countdown (which incidentally was ONLY shown in Britain). Are they trying to hide the evidence because it exposes their plans?

    Anyway, 47 seems to indicate illuminati plans using occultic numerology of 11 and 9. There are many warnings on the internet about 3rd Aug i.e 8/3 = 11, but no warnings about 12th Aug (closing ceremony).. Could the 47 indicate 9 days after 3rd Aug.

    In Britain we write 3rd Aug as 3/8 i.e 38. So 38 plus 9 = 47. Both 38 and 47 add up to 11 and the difference 9 gives us again 9/11.

    I sense that something terrible is being planned on 12th August or something very significant. The 3 pictures I showed of 47, 43 and 6 show something eerie about the 6. A clocktower showing 5.59. Why 5.59 and not 6 O’clock. Why a clocktower that was in roman numeracy VI rather than 6? Why was the 6 completely different (virtually hidden) from all the other numbers in the 47 to 1 countdown, which all appeared so clearly (for example showing the 43 number bus, the number plate10 Downing street etc) and why show a clock with a clockface of the 6 pointed star within a circle which gives 6 triangles, effectively 666?

    We need to cry out to God to intervene.

    • Mrs Loveday A. Paramor says:

      I can hardly believe that the whole ceremony was 100% occult.
      How far we have fallen from Grace –
      We must pray the LORD will have mercy on us as a nation.

    • Peter Jones says:

      To John Chingford:

      With respect, you are totally mistaken. In fact, your comments are some of the most ridiculous that I have ever read due to the factual errors and paranoid speculation.

      I watched the opening ceremony live on the BBC, starting with the two-hour build-up programme from 7pm to 9pm. Then there was an announcement saying one minute to go, followed by the full 60 second countdown video. It definitely did not start at 47. I also have all this recorded, directly from the live broadcast, so I am not relying on my memory.

      The idea of a countdown to the games has been a constant theme since they were announced. For example, some years ago, a large clock was installed in Trafalgar Square counting down until the start. The video simply marked the last 60 seconds.

      As far as the clock showing 6 (or 5:59 is concerned), I do not know why this was chosen but I think that a similar shot formed part of the titles for the 6pm BBC news at one time. Perhaps it was a flashback to that. The design of the clock face used is a very common one, with six diamonds (and no triangles despite what you say) and how you can suggest that it produces 666 is completely beyond me.

      Your playing about with numbers to get dates is simply a case of making the facts fit your desired end result. This approach is nonsensical. I remember when Ronald Wilson Reagan was American president and some sought to draw inferences from his three six-letter names. But we now laugh at that as he was a great leader who played a key role in the downfall of communism. And if you give me your date and time of birth, I bet I could devise some creative maths to get 666 out of the numbers, which will prove that you are the antichrist! You will quite rightly think I am being stupid, but is it any different to what you are doing with numbers?

      (For those outside the UK, iPlayer is the BBC internet TV facility)

      Now, when the BBC put something on iPlayer, they have to reduce the size/quality of the picture so it can be sent over an internet connection. This process is known as compression or encoding. They actually offer a choice of sizes to suit different connection speeds and viewing devices. I did notice that on at least one of the iPlayer sizes (quite possibly the one you watched), the first few seconds were missing and the programme starts with the countdown at 47. However, if you had watched it on iPlayer in high definition, you would have seen the full countdown starting at 60. I saved the iPlayer output (at two different sizes) so have both preserved and again I am not relying on my memory.

      I have no idea why a few seconds at the start were chopped off, but remember that technology has its limitations and the people who operate it are not perfect. The opening ceremony was a huge undertaking and I noticed at least a couple of other minor mistakes.

      The BBC only has certain rights to broadcast programmes, and this includes on iPlayer. So programmes are only available for a limited period, which I think is typically 7 or 14 days. After that, they are removed from iPlayer. This is the case for everything, not just the Olympics.

      For some reason a version of the opening ceremony without commentary is currently available on iPlayer. This one starts a few minutes earlier, so the countdown begins about three minutes in, but it’s hardly hidden as you say in your second comment.

      I can understand the concerns about some of the content of the opening ceremony, and the overall message. But that is hardly surprising given that our society is largely secular, and the ceremony reflected that. I praise God for the few Christian (or quasi-Christian) influenced bits. However, to suggest that it was part of a conspiracy is just crazy. You referred to the Discerning the World blog and I note that on 19 July you wrote a comment that included “I get concerned when we get so caught up in different conspiracy talks”. But this is exactly what you are doing with your bizarre theories from the countdown. Hopefully I have shown you that there is nothing sinister about any of it.

      I would suggest that your time would be far better spent studying mainstream theology, or joining in with the many church-based outreaches that are happening during the Olympics.

      • Peter

        I gave my reasons on DTW and on here (see further below also) that the reason I have written was as an appeal for Intercession and prayer. I said I was not getting caught up on all the symbolism and I retain that. However, when I read that there could be false flags involved and that it does seem possible by that one curious video (the one you confess you have seen, which commences at 47 in the first second) possibly pointing to 12th August, then WE NEED TO PRAY that God will intervene before it is too late.

      • Hi Peter

        Regarding your comments on the clock. I took a snapshot of the video. Have you looked at it. It is a 6 pointed star within a circle. That is an occultic symbol. Look closer. The 6 “diamonds”b are the points of the star – the circle produces 6 extra triangles. Here is the link to the snapshot. http://www.discerningtheworld.com/images/wpi/JondonOlympicGames-No6.jpg

      • Peter Jones says:

        John Chingford:

        (1) Paying attention to stories about “false flags” put you firmly into the realm of conspiracy theories. And how many “possible” interpretations of 47 could there be? 4/7 is US independence day, or it’s 7 April if treated as an american format date. Perhaps something will happen 47 minutes / hours / days / weeks / months / years after the opening ceremony. Maybe it’s the 47th day of the year, or the 47th week, or 47 days from something else. Could it be a reference to 2047? Perhaps there’s a bomb under seat 47 somewhere. How about chapter 47 of a book in the Bible is key, or chapter 4 verse 7. Could there even be messages encoded in some of the other shots on the countdown video. It just gets silly! Anything is “possible” but a far more likely reason for one video starting at 47 is that someone forgot to press a button at the right time.

        (2) I looked at the clock before writing my post and as I said it is a very common design. The “6 extra triangles” are not triangles as one of the sides is the circle, which is curved. Definition of a triangle = shape with three corners made from three STRAIGHT lines. And if a six pointed star is occultic then what does that say about the star of david, a common symbol for the Jewish people?

        I’m sorry to say this, but your approach is really unhealthy. You seem obsessed with finding evil plots everywhere, and this suggests you are suffering from a form of paranoia. Please think about getting professional help.

      • Peter Jones says:

        John Chingford (this didn’t get through first time so I’ll try again):

        (1) Paying attention to stories about “false flags” put you firmly into the realm of conspiracy theories. And how many “possible” interpretations of 47 could there be? 4/7 is US independence day, or it’s April 7 if treated as an american format date. Perhaps something will happen 47 minutes / hours / days / weeks / months / years after the opening ceremony. Maybe it’s the 47th day of the year, or the 47th week, or 47 days from something else. Could it be a reference to 2047? Perhaps there’s a bomb under seat 47 somewhere. How about chapter 47 of a book in the Bible, or chapter 4 verse 7. But what book? Could there even be messages encoded in some of the other shots on the countdown video. It just gets silly! Anything is “possible” but a far more likely reason for one video starting at 47 is that someone forgot to press a button at the right time.

        (2) I looked at the clock before writing my post and as I said it is a very common design. The “6 extra triangles” are not triangles as one of the sides is the circle, which is curved. Definition of a triangle = shape with three corners made from three STRAIGHT lines. And if a six pointed star is occultic then what does that say about the star of david, a common symbol for the Jewish people?

        I’m sorry to say this, but your approach is really unhealthy. You seem obsessed with finding evil plots everywhere, and this suggests you are suffering from a form of paranoia. Please think about getting professional help.

      • Hi Peter,

        Paul said in 1 Cor 13 “love is not rude”. Your last remarks show you lack in that area because that was extremely rude and nasty. I expect it from unregenerate unbelievers BUT NOT from my brother in Christ. Most of us are replying with Christian love, compassion and respect, seeking to edify and be helpful to one another. Your tone does not indicate that you are doing any of these things..

        If you look at my comment above https://billrandles.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/wisdom-cries-out-in-the-streets-the-olympic-opening/#comment-6316 you will see that I have already pointed out the purpose of my comments. i.e to encourage us to pray “JUST IN CASE” something evil is planned on 12th Aug, that God will intervene.

        I AM NOT a conspiracy theorist. I try to keep well away from it UNLESS there is some REAL evidence supporting it.. Even then, I prefer to keep my eyes on Jesus and not get caught up on it. The ONLY reason I have said anything now is that the same false flags are appearing as did with the 9/11 disaster, so IF there is any truth in it, we need to pray!!!

        Okay, you might say that 9/11 was a fallacy and was nothing to do with illuminati . I agree, but isn’t it better to be “safe than sorry”. All I ask is pray!!!!!!!!! Do you have an issue about praying for God to intervene over a possible disaster?

        Actually, I am sure that there are now sufficient numbers seeking God on this matter, so I am convinced nothing will happen because IT IS NOT God’s time yet. I personally believe (without getting into a debate on it) that any MAJOR disaster or AC appearance will not occur until AFTER the rapture takes place. But,the enemy is always seeking to pre-empt God BEFORE HIS time, but God will not allow satan to pre-empt things.

        How many times did Jesus have to say “my time is not yet” because the enemy was trying to pre-empt things BEFORE Jesus died on the cross.

        Regarding the “triangles”. You are splitting at hairs. I know they are not triangles. It is just that I do not know how else to describe them. What would you call them? I was simply trying to point out that there are 2 separate sets of 6’s and the VI of the clock making 666. You say the clock face is a typical one, well maybe, but that image IS what they use in the occult. The star of David IS an occult image and why Israel used it is another topic of discussion altogether which would sidetrack us from this article.

        By the way, are you supportive of ecumenism?

      • Mrs Loveday A. Paramor says:

        I note that you say the Ac will probably not be manifest until after the Rapture.
        This is something you should seek the Lord about – pre trib rapture is not Biblical –
        Look at an excellent article by R Totten – entitled – The Second Coming Of Christ and The Rapture Site.
        If nothing else, that fact that the pre trib rapture only came in, as a ‘new doctrine’ in 1830 by a woman prophesying, should cause us all to be Bereans. God’s Word is perfect.
        Another interesting point to consider – is the number seven [completion] In Rev the seven seals, the sevens trumpets and the seven bowls of wrath all happen together. Although we shall be on the earth at this time the wrath is poured out on unbelievers – [we are in God’s hands]

        Back to the ceremony – I agree with your comments and attitude. We are told to watch and pray – which many are doing, as the night is fast approaching, when we will not be able to work.
        All eyes should be on Jerusalem, which has become a burdensome stone – Psalm two is being played out before our eyes.

        God bless L A P

      • Peter Jones says:

        John Chingford:

        I’m sorry if my last few words were in poor taste. I was actually trying to help you as I genuinely feel that you have a problem.

        You talk about false flags, the illuminati (who probably don’t even exist), suggest that 9/11 was more than a terrorist attack, believe that there’s something sinister behind programmes being removed from iPlayer, do strange maths to get dates from videos, find 666 in clock faces, and then claim you’re not a conspiracy theorist! That’s like saying “I’m not paranoid, I know they’re trying to get me”! There is no real evidence for any of it.

        This sort of stuff has no place within Christianity. Its main effect is to spread FUD – fear, uncertainty, and doubt. These are deeply unchristian concepts. We are supposed to be sober-minded, not chasing after the wind.

        Yes, the eyes of the world are on London, and undoubtedly there are terrorists who would like to pull something spectacular off. That’s why security is tight. We should definitely pray for protection for every day of the games, but I’m not sure there’s any point in being more specific.

        Asking about ecumenism is off-topic. Since I upset you, I will respond, but I’m going to have to turn the question round and first ask you to define ecumenism first. It’s one of those words that means different things to different people.

  20. Hi Bill

    I have just found another BBC link with the countdown appearing (not at the beginning) but hidden after 2-3 minutes into the video. This countdown is different to the one which I saw live and on the original BBC video.

    The countdown on this video starts from 60 giving a last minute countdown. Why was the first one starting from 47 and why has it now been removed and replaced with normal one minute countdown? The 6 is still the same though..

    Weirder and weirder!

  21. Richard Lockwood says:

    Like John Chingford and also living in the UK, I hold similar concerns, having gone through full BBC 3 hours 52 minutes broadcast, now no longer available, What do they not what people to check on?
    these are my comments –
    Over the site of the Old Battersea Power Station a Pink Floyd pig was flying between its towers; the clock sound from another Pink Floyd song “Time” can be heard passing Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster. – is there a reason, appears odd, and what TIME – time for the Man of Sin to appear or what?????????

    BALLOONS on the 2nd countdown in the stadium – 10, 8, 4, 2, all balloons popped, on the number 6 two left un-popped

    Wiggins Rings the Bell – 2 Balloons rise upwards (released) (Implications?) 4.40 minutes

    Note Interestingly Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Summer_Olympics_Parade_of_Nations refers to the mound (hill) as a model of Glastonbury Tor, also of interest is that the musical direction was by electronic music group Underworld. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Summer_Olympics_opening_ceremony

    WALES – ‘Guide me oh Thou Great Redeemer’ sung and not Land of My Fathers – WHY?
    (Northern Ireland – normal association sung and Scotland – Flowers of Scotland. 7.00 minutes

    Men In Top Hats (MASONS?) the whole Chaos – works of Masonic hands? 8.20 min on

    The Chimneys – initially slowly SIX were raised, then exactly two minutes later a seventh. Was there a meaning here.??

    The whole GOSH-NHS was sick, dark, and to me the large dark figure was a representation of the GRIM REAPER (voldamere)

    During the Singing of Abide with Me, to me it appears as if Demons were rising out of Hell (-fire)
    1 Hr 17 minutes

    With the Athletes were walking in, each nation was accompanied by a young (early to mid teens) male or male, dressed in white carrying a bowl with white rose petals. The thought I had that these represented the Vestal Virgins – Priestesses – see link below The Burning Thorn Bush

    Constant Drumming throughout………. – summoning demons?????

    THE OLYMPIC FLAG 3hours :20 minutes Approx.
    I do not ever remember the Secretary General of the U.N. being involved in bearing the Olympic Flag before? Indicates how important the event was to the Illuminati.
    On the raising of the Cauldrons Arms – the word Virgin was referred too. An interesting take on the Cauldron can be found at http://theopenscroll.blogspot.co.uk/ – part 35 The Burning Thorn Bush
    A full reading of the three links above could be beneficial

    • Peter Jones says:

      To Richard Lockwood:

      I started work on this yesterday and you may not want to respond, but here are some comments on your post above:

      The opening ceremony is now unavailable on iPlayer for copyright reasons, not because they’re trying to hide it. How can you hide something which was watched by 80,000 in the stadium, and broadcast worldwide? Anyone could have recorded it in its entirety, and I’m sure plenty did. I believe the BBC will repeat it on August 12 and it then may become available on iPlayer for another week or so. I expect it will also be released on DVD as the IOC is not going to miss an opportunity to make money.

      The video after the countdown traced the river Thames from its source to east London (where the Olympic park is) and included numerous cultural references of which the Pink Floyd pig and Big Ben were just a couple. The Thames obviously played an important role in the history and growth of London, the host city.

      If you read the Wikipedia article you linked to, you’d know that four balloons were released, not two as you say. They each carried Olympic rings and a camera to the edge of the atmosphere, and a picture from one was briefly shown towards the end of the ceremony. A bit strange, but I find it hard to see anything untoward behind it.

      The men in top hats represented the Victorian engineers behind the industrial revolution, a key contribution that Britain made to the world. I’ve no idea whether they were masons or not, and rather than speculate you should research this. As an interesting aside, did you know that many of the industrialists were nonconformist Christians? Other areas of society such as academia, the established church, and politics were closed to them, so, encouraged by the protestant work ethic, they focussed on business.

      The drumming during the parade of athletes was an attempt to encourage them to walk quickly to prevent this tedious part of the ceremony from over-running. The idea that drums can “summon demons” is ridiculous and it worries me when Christians give credence to pagan beliefs like this.

      I saw no-one dressed in white carrying bowls with white rose petals. I think you mean the people carrying the copper “petals” which formed the cauldron. The males wore white tops and off-white (possibly grey) trousers, the females wore off-white (possibly cream) dresses, and I saw no rose petals. The idea behind this was that the cauldron was a temporary creation comprised of something from each competing nation that came together (as the nations do for the Olympics) and will then cease to exist when the athletes return home, taking their petals with them. You probably see this as a sign of a coming “one world government” but I prefer to think of it just as an artistic representation of the Olympic concept.

      You are also doing the same thing as John Chingford, seeing conspiracies everywhere. With this distorted worldview, the real explanations count for nothing as everything is a possible symbol of evil intent. It seems to me that this is a form of bondage that you need to be delivered from.

  22. Jessica Henderson says:

    That other link I posted was pulled(this is normal procedure for most major events).

    On this page the Abide With Me scene is embedded.


  23. Chris Saunders says:

    People.. in my humble opinion there is just too much being read into these Olympic games in London, conspiracy theories are not a good witness to the saving grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, God is so very patient and merciful regarding all of us or none of us would be saved.
    Rather than judge and condemn these poor blind people can we not pray for them?
    If you saw a bunch of worms crawling into a busy road after a shower of rain you would need to physically lift them up and put them back in a safe place, because to give worms any good news verbally, one would need to become a worm!
    That is just what God did, He saw our poor lost state and became a man, so that He could give us the best news of all that He was willing to die in our place, a dreadful death for anyone and worse of all for the sinless lamb of God.
    Friends we judge far too much, who made us judges over the lost?
    Will not the Judge of all the earth do far better than we?

    No matter what these poor leaders think, they have no power at all,
    they are like children playing games. “He Who sits in the heavens laughs them to scorn”
    and yet at the same time He weeps over them all.
    Judge not less you be judged, God desires intercessors on their behalf.
    Isn’t mercy better than sacrifice.

  24. Chris, you are no doubt correct in what you say, but you miss the point!

    We are not condemning the illuminati, new age, occult men or whoever are behind the scenes. The purpose of this discussion is to inform as watchmen. Jesus said “watch and pray”. This is what we are doing. We are putting out the warning of danger ahead and asking us all to intercede and pray. Eph 6:12 says “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”

    We are not judging these men or organisations because we know that they are only pawns in the devils hands. However, the enemy of our soul DOES try to use these to accomplish his plans. This is why we pray because GOD is in control and HE wants us to pray HIS power into the situation.

  25. Richard Lockwood says:

    I Agree John,
    Watchmen are to Watch, Warn and Pray. It is not a pointing of fingers, rather a ‘Sounding the Trumpet – an Alarm, for His people to face the Spiritual Battle, that is now here and will intensify. Failure to so, rebounds back on the Watchmen. Ezekiel 33:6

  26. Richard Lockwood says:

    Dear Peter – with reference to you comment [I praise God for the few Christian (or quasi-Christian) influenced bits], these ‘bits’ sadly were just plain Blasphemy, mocking the Living God.

    • Peter Jones says:

      I don’t think I would call them blasphemy. There was the songs Jerusalem (theologically junk but it is seen as a Christian hymn), Guide me o thou great redeemer, and Abide with me (sung in full). There was the men taking off their hats and bowing in prayer. There was the theme from Chariots of Fire. There was the Archbishop of Canterbury sat near the Queen. I don’t think there were any references to any other religions. All these suggest that Christianity is still an important part of British life and culture. It was brave of Danny Boyle to include them in a secular event and that is something to give thanks to God for.

      • Hi Peter

        Have you seen my reply to your earlier comment (above)?

        In response to your comment here, I strongly urge you to check out this full article from Tony Pearce of light for the last days, which gives a full account of the OC and shows that NONE of it was in any way WHATSOEVER Christian but an actual mockery of it:


      • Peter Jones says:

        John Chingford, The opening ceremony was a secular event. It wasn’t Christian. All I am saying is that there were Christian references in places, which to me was a good thing. I don’t personally feel they were mocking (and yes, I’ve read your reply and the link you gave), so we’ll just have to disagree there. The only one that was possibly questionable was Chariots of Fire with Rowan Atkinson, but even that didn’t poke fun at the message of the film.

  27. Rose Evabs says:

    We are in a battle and sadly are looked upon as fools but we must be strong in our faith and prayers and stand up for what is right but our God is a mighty God and is in complete control.

  28. Richard Lockwood says:

    Blessings Peter, may I request that you sincerely seek of the Father, that He through His Holy Spirit will show you the battle that is currently occurring in the heavenlys. A battle that in due course will be played out upon earth, when the Fallen Angels and their multitudes will descend, to bring forth Satan’s man on the earth.

    Taken an overall view of the Olympic Opening Ceremony, what we saw was nothing more than a Wiccan calling down of these demonic forces. Looking at the ‘so called Christian bits’, remember that Satan was a deceiver and a liar from the beginning and still is.

    Now looking forward to the closing ceremony, Danny Boyle is reported to have said, (roughly) ‘the Opening ceremony is nothing compared to what the Closing one will be like.’ I can’t really say I am looking forward to it, just the opposite in fact.


    • Peter Jones says:

      Richard Lockwood, you don’t need to tell me that there’s a battle going on. But focussing on supposed occult symbolism and conspiracy theories is a waste of time. And if you believe that demonic forces can be summoned by a spectacle in a stadium, you are deeply misguided and have actually been influenced by the unbiblical message of the opening ceremony. Because the primary thing isn’t what we do in the world, but what God does in us. The real battle is to let God build His Kingdom (Jerusalem) in us by the work of His Holy Spirit as He does away with the work of the enemy in our lives.

      Regarding the closing ceremony, I have two christian friends who are performing in it. Should I tell them to pack up and go home? What would that achieve? Precisely nothing. But their involvement gives them a chance to get to know the other performers and hopefully share their faith with them.

      I say to you the same as I said to John Chingford – devote your efforts to mainstream theology and evangelism, not all this nonsense. Ask yourself what all your writings have achieved.

  29. Richard Lockwood says:

    Dear Peter,

    I’ve no wish to continue this debate, but rather to agree to disagree and to leave it there.

    However your comment on the Six-Pointed Star, does require a reply, for this I will quote a Jew (M. Hirsch Goldberg, The Jewish Connection. p.197) “The Star of David is not of Jewish origin – and the ancient Israelites never used at as their religious symbol” Goldberg goes on to say “It became the symbol of the Jewish people in 1897, when the Zionist Conference convened by Theodor Herzl chose it as the insignia of their movement. But even though each of the Twelve Tribes in the Land of Israel had its own symbol, not one tribe [author in italics] used the Star of David…” He went to show quoting the The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, that this sign was known to the ancient Egyptians, Hindus, Chinese and Peruvians.

    It is also worth checking on the Zionist Conference and it history, to see that the power behind it was the Rothschild family, this not conspiracy theory, but fact.

    A small book on the subject ‘The Six Pointed Star’ by Dr O J Graham ISBN 0-9689383-0-2, is a good source on this.


    • Peter Jones says:

      Richard Lockwood:

      The wikipedia entry for the Star of David says:

      “The hexagram [ie Star of David] has been in use as a symbol of Judaism since the 17th century, with precedents in the 14th to 16th centuries in Central Europe, where the Shield of David was partly used in conjunction with the Seal of Solomon (the hexagram) on Jewish flags. Its use probably derives from medieval (11th to 13th century) Jewish protective amulets”


      “The use of the hexagram in a Jewish context as a possibly meaningful symbol may occur as early as the 11th century, in the decoration of the carpet page of the famous Tanakh manuscript, the Leningrad Codex dated 1008. Similarly, the symbol illuminates a medieval Tanakh manuscript dated 1307 belonging to Rabbi Yosef bar Yehuda ben Marvas from Toledo, Spain. A Siddur dated 1512 from Prague displays a large hexagram on the cover with the phrase, “He will merit to bestow a bountiful gift on anyone who grasps the Shield of David””

      So I’d suggest it goes back well before 1897.

  30. Hi Richard and Peter,

    I have replied to Peter above. Phew it is getting confusing when the conversation is taking in two places. To make it easier here is a direct link to my reply above:


  31. Richard Lockwood says:

    Peter, I was quoting a Jew on who was writing on mainline Judaism, who was showing that the six pointed star pre-dates both David and Solomon and is pagan, not on the Cabalistic version (which is occultic mysticism) and is forbidden in Scripture. Whilst Wikipedia is a reasonable source for a quick reference, it is not the best source for research, as many a student has found out to his detriment. I am closing on this.



  32. Peter Jones says:

    Here’s my take on the big picture:

    It’s a fact that our society is paradoxically both secular and multifaith. Large events like the Olympics will reflect this. Perhaps at some time in the future, things will be different, but for now, we have to live with it.

    But we have a choice. We can retreat into our Christian subculture and shout condemnation from the sidelines, which is what I see people doing here. I’d suggest that this achieves nothing. Or we can see it as an opportunity to further the Kingdom.

    Here are three suggestions how this could have been done (1) get involved in community events or be a volunteer, (2) pray for those who are involved, (3) take advantage of the general interest in the games.

    My own church has supported local Olympics-related events and used them for outreach. What are others doing?

  33. I myself have hovered between reading, watching and listening to all the theories, facts and speculation about the Opening ceremomy, and then trying to keep a reasonable and balanced approach. I did find myself becoming more interested in watching videos on youtube etc,, and I felt guilty because I do not want to take my eyes off the LORD. I asked the LORD for guidance and I felt the Holy Spirit was telling me that concentrating on all this ‘stuff’ was just making me fearful (which it was!), and He told me that GOD is ULTIMATELY in control. BUT..I also had a burden to pray!

    Having said all that..I did see and feel the pagan and demonic ‘atmosphere’ and themes of the Opening Ceremony. And.. I determinedly watched it with an ‘open mind’, not looking for demons under every rock. Some of the occult I picked up immediately, and some came to mind afterwards. Peter Jones…you said you do not even think the ‘illuminati’ are real? Well, then you are blind spiritually, and however else,, because they really do exist!

    There are many ways in which all this final evil (the last church days on earth) is being played out, and just keep in mind that satan comes as an angel of light..he can make himself look rea..ll good! Maybe some of the things we are deducing are just from paranoia, but there are too many flags and facts to just ignore all this and not be troubled in any way. I realised what happened with the balloons, only after the ceremony, a few days on, and I thought that was very strange. I also saw something on TV the other night when I was watching just an ordinary program, and as I saw it, I felt sick! My mind had not even been on the Olympics.

    So I agree that we should not be chasing after conspiracies, but I also believe that to just IGNORE all these signs, well, we will be putting ourselves in a position to have a Trojan horse in our midst when we finally ‘wake up’!! And very applicable as it is a Greek games! Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, and good watchmen like John Chingford are there from God to warn us. I would rather be safe than sorry, and as I have family in London, I am very happy to hear that people are praying for the weekend ceremony, I wish it would not happen.

    May the LORD be with you all and may He keep London safely under His protection.

  34. Hi, is there a reason my comment was not posted?

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