The Bitter Fruit Of The Arab Spring…Crucifixion

They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.(John 16:2-3)

In December 2010, Mohammed Bouazizi, an impoverished fruit dealer in Tunisia, long harrssed and stolen from by a female police officer, set himself on fire out of frustrated despair. He just couldn’t take the daily humiliation any more.

Evidently Bouazizi’s frustration with the corruption and daily humiliation was shared by many of his countrymen, for the demonstrations which followed led to the collapse of the Tunisian government, and which spilled out over the borders into Libya, Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

The uprising against basically corrupt, secular and accomodationist Arab governments, has come to be known as the Arab Spring.

Hailed by many in the West as the dawning of a new democratic middle east, The Arab Spring was considered to be an Obama foreign policy success, a direct outcome of president Obama’s unprecedented address to the Muslim world in 2009 at Al Azar University in Cairo.

The drama of the Egyptian protests in particular captured the world’s imagination. When protesting Muslims gathered for prayers in Tahrir square, they were protected from the brutality of Mubarak’s police by a human shield of Coptic Christians. The image was one of solidarity and shared suffering, and it captured the imagination of the world.

But the illusion was soon shattered for within days of the fall of  Mubarak, the Egyptian Army was deployed in tanks and armored personnel carriers to fire upon at Coptic monasteries, killing monks as they sang the Kyrie Eliason,(Lord Have Mercy).Other Copts were attacked by enraged mobs for peaceably  protesting the kidnapping of young Christian girls to be “converted” and married to Muslims.

In the elections that followed the fall of Mubarak, Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim brotherhood candidate prevailed handily, and has since been consolidating his power.

Shariah, the Islamic legal code is being implemented and now troubling reports are coming out of Egypt that Coptic Christians, and other perceived enemies of the Egyptian state, are being subjected to crucifixion.

You read it right…Crucifixion! The following is from a Raymond Ibrahim article,

A Sky News Arabic correspondent in Cairo confirmed that protestors belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood crucified those opposing Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi naked on trees in front of the presidential palace while abusing others. Likewise, Muslim Brotherhood supporters locked the doors of the media production facilities of 6-October [a major media region in Cairo], where they proceeded to attack several popular journalists.

Muslim Brotherhood Crucifies Opponants

Evidently Crucifixion is one of the Koranically proscribed punishments according to the same article,

Moreover, those alleged to have been crucified in Egypt certainly fit the Koran’s description of who deserves to be crucified. According to Allah, “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this: that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off…” (Koran 5:33).

As if crucifixion isn’t cruel and a horrible enough punishment, notice the injunction to “cut off the opposing hand and foot” of certain “mischief-makers”. 

  • This was explained to me as a particularly vicious way to cripple and degrade a person for life. The left hand and the right foot are removed. Why? Because in the pre-modern world that Islam seems to thrive in the left hand is used for sanitation.The feet are essential for bodily relief as there are no toilets.

This punishment not only cripples, but humiliates and degrades as well. Further proof that there is nothing holy about the Koran.

Such cruelty is hard to fathom but it is becoming commonplace in the Muslim world these days.Two Christian brothers were crucified by Muslims on the Ivory coast recently. Christian children in Iraq were  crucified by Muslims to intimidate the remaining Chaldean population into fleeing.

What we are seeing in countless places such as Egypt, Iraq, Indonesia and Nigeria,  is Islam in practice.

The Shahs, Mubaraks, Saddam Husseins, and Gadaffis have all paid dearly for trusting and working with our western leaders, only to be undermined, and thrown to the baying Muslim “street” mobs, their nations consigned to the nightmare of “Shariah”.

In their reign, they were brutal indeed, but were holding back and suppressing something even worse, the open expression of the hatred and brutality that is Islam. Now the Genie is out of the bottle.

The “gods” of the nations are not mere constructs. Any other “god” than the Infinite, personal, Triune God of the Bible, is demonic . Punishments like these seem to underscore that the god of Islam is the devil.

When Christians have revivals and repent and return to the faith of their Lord and Saviour and to the scriptures, good things happen, schools are built, as are hospitals, compassion and mercy are written into laws, the poor are relieved, people are salvaged, and others sacrifice comforts to reach the unreached.

But when Muslims go back to their religion, crucifixion and maimings abound, terror spreads, pressure is put upon peaceable societies to accommodate an increasing list of demands to placate Muslim sensibilities, and security costs spiral. In short, when there is an Islamic revival, people get hurt and even killed.

We must pray for the Muslim people, that they might be saved by believing in Jesus. Jesus died for them also, that they might escape the coming wrath.If we love the ones among us, perhaps we can reach them.

Our only comfort is the sure knowledge that God is in control, and that these things have to happen to bring about the long prophesied world situation leading to the coming of the Son of Man.Jesus is coming soon! Maranatha!

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14 Responses to The Bitter Fruit Of The Arab Spring…Crucifixion

  1. Davy Rosengreen says:

    Thanks Bill! Another great post! Keep up the good work. G-d bless!

  2. Dave Harman says:

    Thanks for sharing this Bill.

  3. Jared says:

    I was just reading yesterday about the crucifixions. I am suspecting that Islam/Allah may be one of the three unclean spirits that are mentioned in Revelation 16. I can’t be sure of it, but it sure is a vile religion that has seduced a great part of the world and caused many murder.

  4. Gloria J says:

    Where the Spirit of The LORD is there is Liberty! Now that there are so many children of the Harlot Churches in America it is only a matter of time before The Holy G-D of Israel allows this kind of persecution to happen here. Conversion without Decipleship to Biblical Christianity equals 0. When i see and learn of all the abominations taking place in America it makes me sick in my soul that loves the LORD my G-D. The LORD said in His Word that these things would and will happen.
    Persecution has to come to separate the wheat from the tares then perhapes the ones we love most in this world, our family and friends will truly turn from their ways before The Holy and Perfect LORD G-D for their Salvation. i want out of this evil world, but i Pray that my unsaved family will come with me In Him. Amen

  5. ginanestor says:

    The Muslims worship their moon god, Allah. The crucifixions and murders are human sacrifice to this demonic god. It sickens me that our leaders call Islam the religion of peace. Keep exposing the lie and preaching the truth, Pastor Bill. There is indeed a famine in the land……a famine for the word of God. I thank the Lord for men like you who are not afraid to stand for the Lord and His truth. Jesus is coming soon!

  6. Gordon says:

    Are you sure this story is true? The reason I ask is that it has changed over the past six days from government opponents in the media to Christians being crucified. The Coptic orthodox church seem to know nothing about this. I am following the story closely as it is a good example of how stories can be stretched as they are retold and indignation and outrage get involved. I don;t doubt for a minute that Christians and others are being persecuted and killed in Egypt. I just doubt the veracity of this story and the way it is being placed and manipulated for effect by certain individuals and media outlets.

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks Gordon, I will get back to you with my sources. Having said that, the Koran does indeed sanction crucifixion and amputation for those guilty o “Mischief”.

      • billrandles says:

        Here is a recent article from the Ottowa Citizen-
        Iraqi Christians are targets of cleansing, committee told

        Muslim militants are crucifying children to terrorize their Christian parents into fleeing Iraq, a parliamentary committee studying the persecution of religious minorities heard yesterday.


        Muslim militants are crucifying children to terrorize their Christian parents into fleeing Iraq, a parliamentary committee studying the persecution of religious minorities heard yesterday.

        Since the war began in 2003, about 12 children, many as young as 10, have been kidnapped and killed, then nailed to makeshift crosses near their homes to terrify and torment their parents.

        One infant was snatched, decapitated, burned and left on his mother’s doorstep, the committee was told.

        Filham Isaac, speaking for the Nineveh Advocacy Committee, told the human rights committee that Iraqi Christian churches were bombed, clergy murdered and unveiled Iraqi women raped or scarred with acid.

        It’s part of a systemic — and very effective — campaign to ethnically cleanse the area of any non-Muslims, he said. Chaldean and Assyrian Christians, known as Chaldo-Assyrians, were once the largest Christian minority in Iraq. They are also the oldest, descendants of ancient Mesopotamians who adopted Christianity in the first century.

        The Chaldean Catholic Church, the Syrian Catholic Church, the Syriac Orthodox Church and the Church of the East are among the Christian churches in Iraq.

        Today, about 300,000, or one in three, is a refugee, he said.

        “It’s at a crisis point,” Mr. Isaac’s colleague, Zaya Oshana, said later. “Christians will be completely annihilated.”

        Yet, the Chaldo-Assyrians do not want to leave their country en masse.

        Instead, they are asking for help to settle the Nineveh Plains, in northwest Iraq, where they can have some independence and form their own state. The land is rich there, and there may be oil, too.

        There is some support in the United States and Europe for this independent area, and international news reports indicate more than 700 police officers have begun training to protect the Christians in Iraq, but another 4,000 would be needed to fully secure the region and establish checkpoints on all highways and roads leading into the villages.

        The committee also heard from the Ahmadiyya, an offshoot of Islam that began in India about 100 years ago. Ahmadi Muslims differ from mainstream Muslims on their views of Jesus, and on their interpretation of jihad, which they say must be non-violent.

        However, they told the committee that they are increasingly persecuted in Pakistan, where they are told they are not Muslim at all and, therefore, their beliefs are an insult to Islam.

        Nadeem Siddiq, general counsel for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Community of Canada, told the committee the Pakistani government has been capitulating to mullahs who call them a “cancer” and forbid them from carrying out their prayers, or even mentioning Allah on their wedding invitations.

        “They say by ‘posing’ as Muslims, we hurt real Muslims. The mullahs are still not happy. They want our properties confiscated and they want us charged.”

        Coptic Christians from Egypt had much the same story, with young girls regularly kidnapped, raped or forced to marry Muslim men. Despite these difficulties, there is no mechanism to claim refugee status in the beleaguered countries. Sam Fanous, of the Canadian Coptic Association, told the MPs that the Canadian Embassy in Cairo needed Canadian, not area Muslim, staff to evaluate refugee claims.

        The committee passed a motion to research the issue further and to call for more testimony from minorities suffering religious persecution worldwide.

  7. billrandles says:

    Here is an Egyptian article in which an MP recently called for the resumption of Shariah punishment (including crucifixion) in the new Egypt.

    • Gordon says:

      None of these other articles confirms the original story. They all relate to other incidents and the photo of the survivor is clearly not of someone who had been crucified. In fact we dont kniw wherebor when it wasvtaken. Shoebat has only read the original sky news report. Just because people are capable of or intend to crucify people does not mean that it happened in this case. The story is being elaborated with each retelling. It would not surprise me at all if this is a false story put out to frighten government opponents. In every other case of oppression in Egypt there has been plenty of corroboration. That’s why I am suspicious about this one. Fascinating how it is changing as it spreads.

      • billrandles says:

        Thanks Gordon you are right, that none of the articles I posted to you prove conclusively that yjr Egyption Goveernment is crucifying anyone. That is why I said “troubling reports are coming out of Egypt that Coptic Christians, and other perceived enemies of the Egyptian state, are being subjected to crucifixion…”.I then explained that crucifixion has indeed been occurring in other parts of the Muslim world, and that it is Koranically sanctioned, and tha Koranic punishments are being considered as part of the new Egypt. I take your point Gordon, that we don’t want to be party to spreading baseless rumors. Thanks for the caution.

  8. billrandles says:

    Here is a horrifying picture of someone who survived a crucifixion- caution, (gruesome photo)
    and a link to the Arab language article, as well as the WND article which featurs Walid Shoebat’s commentary,(He speaks and reads Arabic).صلب

  9. billrandles says:

    Here is a Barnabas fund article about the two christian brothers who were crucified in the Ivory coast

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