The Division Card…(Race In America)

These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.(Proverbs 6:16-19)

I have a friend, he is a christian, and a really decent person in every respect except one. He constantly makes insulting and unfair references to race. For example every Columbus day one can expect a comment like, “maybe we should break into someone’s house, give them a disease and put them on a reservation’ to celebrate Columbus day”.

This is his summation of America’s beginnings. What a shame there is a country like America, right?

Or whenever we approach our Thanksgiving holiday he will cite something similar about the Puritans, inferring that America has always been a bastion of unfairness, oppression and theft.

His latest offering is a reproduction of an appalling 18th century print of the bottom layer of an old slave ship, showing that every square inch of those ships was used to “store” the unfortunate slaves for the three-month cross- Atlantic journey, in utter misery. Underneath is the caption “I don’t recall Southern states complaining about immigration when it occurred this way!”. Clever.

Although there are many whites and blacks alike who have been conditioned to marvel at the profundity of such statements as the above,  the briefest reflection will show that it is an emotional argument and a logical fallacy. It is in effect a grievous lie.The fallacy is to equate American tax payers concerned about the massive theft and crime wave that is illegal immigration, with Southern slave holders of 200 years ago!

So much of what passes as debate these days plays the same vicious trick. Am I a hypocrite if I live in Alabama, and object to paying the steep price for illegal immigration? Am I a hypocrite because 200 years ago slaves were imported into my state ?

Really ?

This is called the race card ,the Ace up the sleeve of the immoral and vicious, ready to castigate whole populations as benefitting from evil, but the player is exempt because of the color of his skin. They do it  because they can, and it gives thm a cheap moral sense of superiority.

What my friend is doing, is exploiting a serious wound that runs through American society. He is constantly agitating this wound, trying to take the moral higher ground by constantly reminding America of the sins of her past, and of course giving no credit whatsoever for the Civil War, and the overwhelming attempt since the early 1960’s by so-called “white America” to redress these sins.

He is not alone, of course. I hope my friend considers the company he is taking his stand with;  race hucksters such as Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, the steady cavalcade of corrupt hacks such as Sheila Jackson Lee, the congressional Black Caucus, the corrupt Maxine Waters, the late Ted Kennedy…I could go on and on… Reverend Wright, Malcolm X, the murderous Louis Farrakhan … these are just some of the appalling, hateful, hypocritical “leaders” who have made an actual living, in some cases a fortune from agitating the very issues that my friend seems to be so exercised over.

They all have a personal interest in the continuance of racial hate. Should there be any hope whatsoever of racial reconciliation, this constituency would resist it with all of the considerable malice that they could muster. In a sense they are all “community organizers”, that is left wing agitators.

Ironically these racial hucksters have little or nothing to say about the true racism, as expressed in abortion and the destruction of the “black family”. Abortion is racism, plain and simple  it was championed by the Eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who sought to wipe out the “human weeds”,ie  blacks and eastern European immigrants.

I don’t think my friend is like that…yet. He is a christian and I am constantly praying for him to come out of the intellectual and emotional trap that Satan has set for him. After all, I have no doubt he came by his considerable prejudice and resentment, somewhat honestly. The academy is full of such bile. I know for a fact that my friend has read the hateful writings of one academic Derrick Bell, who has applied a “Critical Race Theory” prism with which to view all of American society.

CRT recognizes that racism is engrained [sic] in the fabric and system of the American society. The individual racist need not exist to note that institutional racism is pervasive in the dominant culture. This is the analytical lens that CRT uses in examining existing power structures. CRT identifies that these power structures are based on white privilege and white supremacy, which perpetuates the marginalization of people of color.[3]

Wikipedia: Critical Race Theory

Bell’s thesis is that White privilege and White supremacy underly America on the institutional level, regardless of whether or not individuals are still racist. This critique effectively serves to put all whites on the defensive, feeling the need to assure everyone, that they themselves are not racist even if everyone else is.

It matters not that long ago in this country, slavery was abolished, nor the fact that no sane American would even so much as argue for it. Nor does it make any difference that to be considered racist would be anathema to the majority of modern white Americans, and that a case could be made that the utterly inept Obama was elected party because so many in “White America”(I hate that divisive term!) were so eager to shed the false racial guilt heaped upon them for five decades.

Guess what? We are all still guilty of racism, because of “structural and institutional racism”, according to the many students of academics like Bell.

The problem is deeply spiritual, it goes deeper than the political, and the racial.(After all, there really is only one race, the Human race, made in the Image of God)!

This is a spiritual problem in that Satan is called the “accuser”, the word “Devil” means “Slanderer”, he is diablo,  Dia(Split), Bolos(Thrower), Satan himself is the “split thrower” who accuses and maligns in order to divide people. He keeps people in hate by lies, distortions of truth and half-truths.

On the other hand, the race hucksters take advantage of the national departure from God. A true christian can look honestly at history, see the flaws and the fall of all men, black red, white, and yet He can take into account the sovereignty of God. Joseph was realistic that his brothers abused him in the past, but he was able to be healed of bitterness by seeing God’s good hand in it all, telling his brothers, “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good”.

When people exploit the guilt of historic sins such as slavery, their problem is not with men, or “races” but with God, the God of history, who even used slavery for his own purposes.”The wrath of men shall praise him”.

Because America has fallen away mostly from the faith of Jesus Christ, she has become vulnerable to the use and abuse of false guilt, for which there will be no forgiveness or reconciliation. When a man knows God, he can confess his sins, and apply the work of Calvary to his soul, and can be forgiven and reconciled.

But too many of us  are under the oppression of a secular and even atheistic political religion. Therefore America’s “original sin” will ever be trotted out as a “Race card” and used to seize power over and inflict damage to the souls of a people who still have the remnants of a christian conscience, but who have no relationship to the redeemer. Therefore there can only be unending politicisation, no forgiveness and definitely no reconciliation. You shall not come out of there until you pay the last farthing.

All of this in spite of the fact that at no time in our nation’s history was there ever a majority in favor of slavery, and even in the South, only a minority ever owned slaves. Slavery has always been odious, but like other stubborn evils such as abortion, difficult to eradicate politically. But it has been gone for 150 years! Jim Crow has been gone for 60 years, and billions in transfer payments, and a sea change in attitudes about bigotry have occurred in America since then.

Demographics are changing, though, in many places in Amrica, such as California, there is no longer a white majority. Those who take the place of white America will not be as susceptible to “white guilt” as the majority of 1950’s-2000’s America.

Those who wield this race card  may well benefit in the short term, but they lose their souls in the process, there is no end to it.

Bitterness and hatred are the legacy of Bell, the Reverends Sharpton, Jackson and Wright. They keep their constituencies focussed on hate also, and the feeling of resentment and deprivation, as they live in the most prosperous and equal opportunity driven society the world has ever seen. Fortunately many have begun to put down the Kool Aid, and have started thinking for themselves in spite of the best efforts of the race baiters.

I wonder if many African-Americans realize their own blindness to the  utterly racist attitudes so many of them  have absorbed.

Finally, the Christian Church, the true body of Christ  will never be given the credit for being truly race neutral, “One man in Christ”, for that doesn’t fit the desired narrative of those who benefit by racial hucksterism. But the only valid benefit worth seeking is the favor of the Holy and Sovereign God, who created this nation in history for His own purposes, and the benefit of true forgiveness and reconciliation, which Jesus bought with His own blood.

It is one thing for Godless atheists, communists, Muslims and other haters of America to seek to divide and agitate the racial wound of this nation, but wouldn’t it be a form of Christ denial for a christian to participate in it?

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16 Responses to The Division Card…(Race In America)

  1. Tokyo Tengu says:

    Very interesting reading. Thank you.

  2. Wayne says:

    The comment …”as they live in the most prosperous and equal opportunity driven society the world has ever seen”.is contentious at best.

    I have always observed that wealth based social class, position and the associated social prestige provide the real basis for opportunity in Western society. Wealthy people not only have a family culture promoting and encouraging education but are actually able to afford education and even health insurance and access to the legal system, for example whereas as those who are obliged for whatever reason to live at or around a subsistence level are consistently denied access to these basic requirements for equal opportunity and access to national prosperity. For whatever reason the homeless are homeless, for example, it is very difficult to recover from being homeless without some form of external assistance.

    I am convinced from a lifetime of experience and observation that privilege and social promotion are primarily based on such demographic attributes rather than any genuine application of merit or even an intention or desire to seek out the purported equal opportunity and prosperity.

    Clearly it suits those who benefit from the dominant cultural ideology to “divide and conquer” the masses by promoting the idea, through media propaganda and educational and religious based organizational indoctrination, that race and gender, for example, are significant factors in determining opportunities and social priorities.

    Ultimately, however, opportunities are limited by factors such as social class which are also way beyond the control of the individual.but when recognized as the critical factor would see a much larger group agitating together IN UNITY for improvements such as a universal health care system based on capacity to pay, universal access to the legal system so that the law serves every citizen and not just those who may be able to afford it, reasonable pay and working conditions with ongoing opportunities for improvement.and attempts to make educational facilities and opportunities more readily available to traditionally uneducated or poorly educated sections of the community in general.

    A former leader of a particular pentecostal denomination has informed me that compromise and pragmatism is essential to enable the denomination to receive financial and other material benefits from the State and recognition from other unbiblical religious groups and that he had no hesitation whatsoever in complying with these requirements for pragmatic reasons whenever such opportunities arose. This attitude is not new by any means as “The Church” has traditionally aligned itself with the dominant ideology of the prevailing dominant culture and has thereby been largely irrelevant in terms of genuine social reform.

    This, of course, is why it consistently refuses to address all of the issues thrust upon it by the world at large with the basic response – “The Bible says………….”

    The following comment sums this up excellently:

    The devil is not fighting religion. He’s too smart for that. He is producing a counterfeit Christianity, so much like the real one that good Christians are afraid to speak out against it. We are plainly told in the Scriptures that in the last days men will not endure sound doctrine and will depart from the faith and heap to themselves teachers to tickle their ears. We live in an epidemic of this itch, and popular preachers have developed “ear-tickling” into a fine art.

    –Vance Havner, Playing Marbles With Diamonds

    For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

    –(2 Cor 11:13-14)

    • billrandles says:

      Wayne thanks for your comments. America is and long has been a place where everyone, no matter what ethnicity, has the opportunity to work hard and make a life for himself. There will always be “race and class issues”because of the fall of man. But if there ever was a benevolent meritocracy, admittedly imperfect, it is in America. Millions of immigrants have come to these shores with nothing and have worked and scrimped and saved, that their children might have a better life. Every hospital I have ever been in here, has a bi lingual sign which proclaims that it would be illegal for that hospital to refuse treatment, regardless of finances.The “class” division if there is any, is the unfortunte breakdown of the family, and the poverty and disenfranchisement that accompanies it. Much of that is due to leftist policies, (Government subsidization of illigetimacy, etc). My intention in this article is to highlight the phenomenom of “false guilt”. Thanks again for your input.

  3. Jared says:

    The Bible is clear on God’s view of the various races: “He made from one blood every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth”. God’s intent was for equality between the races, and any inequalities have come as a result of the sinful nature of man. All other arguments are exactly as Pastor Bill said, sowing discord.

  4. Wayne says:

    Hello Bill. Further to the discussion above, we have heard numerous “horrendous” stories in Australia of hospitals in the USA turning people away because they do not have or do not have adequate health insurance. These stories then go on to say that the consequences of these apparently heartless actions are often death or serious permanent disablement and maiming. Are these reports factual or not?

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks Wayne- those are total lies, propaganda of the left. Evry hospital must by law treat everyone who comes regardless of financial status. For example many border hospitals have gone broke and closed down because of the flood of illegal bordercrossers, whom they cannot turn away. Thanks for asking -Pas Bill

  5. msindisi says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your thought provoking post. Of course it is just as relevant in South Africa. After 18 years from the fall of Apartheid, Apartheid is still touted as the cause of the deterioration in South Africa even though most in the present government are black. Land claims are still being enforced even though getting rid of “white farmers” has caused loss of jobs among black people and seen a huge decrease in food productivity and affordable food in rural areas. Many more opportunities for work and training are available for black people today, even if one must make many sacrifices to put your kids through education as my friend Celani is doing. Black people are preferred in job offers as the government stipulations require it. These things do not eradicate racism but actually foster such sentiments. We in the body should be different and represent the one new man. Therefore we must have our minds renewed and pull away from the mindset informed by the lusts of the flesh and or the philosophies and presuppositions of the world. It is amazing how a false premise leads to faulty conclusions, and accusations based on such conclusions bring about unbiblical division and divides that leave long standing wounds not only in societies and in our own personal relationships.

  6. SCT2 says:

    “I wonder if many African-Americans realize their own blindness to the utterly racist attitudes so many of them have absorbed.”

  7. SCT2 says:

    “I think” a discussion among “friends” would’ve answered the question that you possed in the statement that I quoted…. Simply rambling on about an opinon,statement or a question you wish you would have asked in retrospect isn’t a fair or proper way to even attempt to discuss this sensative topic. This very reason is why many people still fall victim to this issue, the fear of what they don’t ask or understand rarely yields any positive outcome. I don’t want to speak for any one else other then myself and from the prespective of a middle-age black male, but a honest and open conversation with both parties present can reveil far more then many might think. I am alway open to shead light on this topic and feel that a person in you positon can truley benefit from that form of back and forth interaction in the moment rather then questions after the fact.

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks for your comment, my friend. Please don’t assume I haven’t had that private conversation with my friend, for I have. I don’t consider myself to be” rambling on about an opinion” rather I think I am actually talking about a valid issue, which deserves discussion. I am not afraid to say or to hear anyones opinion about this subject. Unfortunately about forty years of political correctness and the use and abuse of history have clouded the subject . I am all about discussion, airing differences, and hearing each other out. This article is the gist of many such conversations I have had. I would welcome any interaction with you and agree that it would perhaps be helpful. BTW What do you think of the other points of my article? You can anser here or send me an e-mail at . I look forward to talking to you.

  8. Wayne says:

    Greetings Bill.

    My wife and I visited the USA and Canada for a holiday last year and were horrified by the number of people apparently destitute and homeless in the streets and vacant lots throughout our travels. We saw people scavenging for food from garbage bins in shopping centres whilst we were in the food courts. We saw people begging in the streets with little or nothing to cover themselves from the elements. When we were in New York a woman from a womens’ refuge in the neighbourhood of our hotel had a mental disorder leading to a violent outburst against fellow residents. Somebody called the Police who asked the lady to drop the knife she happened to be carrying at that time. When she refused to do so they shot her not once but SIX times ensuring that she was dead. This happened right outside our hotel. I am lead to believe from news reports and local residents and other USA citizens that this is a relatively regular occurrence.

    We also saw many people required to work for something like $5 to $10 per hour and “beg” for tips. Many of these people seem to have language difficulties as well as other social disadvantages.We gained the impression that employers were generally exploitaive “thieves” compelling their employees to beg for tips in order to achieve and maintain a reasonable standard of living. A nation of thieves and beggars was our general impression.

    Regardless of how these people may have gotten themselves into such a predicament, how do you see them participating in this “benevolent meritocracy” that you describe and availing themselves of the national prosperity and “equal opportunity” for all?

    How can they possibly scrimp and save enough to give their children a reasonable lifestyle?

    Does the USA government provide adequate or indeed any assistance for people such as this?.

    The point I make is that Jesus Christ accepted crucifixion rather than worship the “anointed” ones of His day and taught that the “world” hates Him and His Word because their heart is only evil continually. These “anointed” or wealthy ones still require homage today in order to bestow material blessing upon their followers today. This is what I was presenting as the legacy of socioeconomic class as the basis for social promotion in my comments above.

    It seems very difficult to accept that people can rise from anywhere to a reasonable standard of living without a benefactor of some form or other and that this benefactor seems to be predominantly a reasonably well off (financially) family background or connections to someone in such a position.

  9. billrandles says:

    Thanks again for your comments Wayne. You have experienced a very narrow slice of American life, if you came away with the conclusion that America is home to large numbers of homeless and destitute scavengers, ready to lash out at any moment. I don’t doubt you experienced what you say you experienced. My guess is that your travels were mainly around some of our large cities, which indeed have been destroyed by generations of liberal policies, such as the subsidization of illigitimacy by welfare, the destruction of the family by “no fault ” divorce laws, Civil Rights laws which make it almost impossible to confine the Mentally ill against their will.
    Also the fact that our metropolises are overrun with illegal immigrants, bringing a virtual crime wave and destroying entry level jobs for those who have actually paid taxes into the system. The corrupt leftist politicians like it that way, a needy, ignorant constituency to erase the leverage of the responsible tax payers who might want to make these corruptocrats responsible and accountable.
    So yes, no doubt you had some harrowing experiences in Canada and America.
    As far as “people being required to work for 5$ to 10$ dollars an hour”, that may be the case but it is against the law here, and they do enforce those laws strictly. We have a minimum wage, I believe it is 7.75 an hour, and low wage jobs are like gleaning in the Old Testament, they are entry level jobs. No one is required to work them other than by circumstance.
    As for tipping, We here in America do not consider that to be “begging”. The idea is that if the server really serves you, you honor that service by the customary 10-15% tip, a well established tradition here based upon the “Workman being worthy of reward”. A good waiter or waitress can make 150 $ a night in some places, just by hustling and going the extra mile with customers.
    “A nation of thieves and beggars”? Where are you from Wayne? This is still the nation people willing to work hard and make their own way come to from every corner of the globe, in spite of all of its manifold flaws.You commented on “language difficulties”, yes we are guilty as charged of welcoming refugees from every miserable poverty stricken corner of the globe. They often can’t speak English but within a generation their children own businesses and some go to ivy league universities.
    “Equal opportunity for all” is no joke , Immigrants come here from everywhere, take low level jobs, scrimp, save, work together, and really do make something of their lives. You have no idea what you are talking about, based on your trip to our admittedly decaying, socialisticly run cities.
    The US Government goes overboard to provide welfare for the poor and indigent.
    Our politicians buy votes and power with their give away programs. Our economy collapsed under the burden of one such scheme, the “Subprime housing crisis” in which banks were forced to make loans to minorities at 0%-2% interest, even though they knew that the loans were a bad risk, All in the name of “Civil Rights” !
    I am no jingoistic flag waving America “right or wrong” type of person. I am a christian who seriously critiques my own country and the anti Christ trends that have arisen. But I can’t allow a mischaracterization to stand. The left has lied and maligned America, to bring it into the “Socialist” fold. It looks like its working by increment, but it is still the land of opportunity for anyone willing to work hard and be responsible for themselves. I hope this helps.
    BTW I was just in another hospital visiting a friend and noted again signs all over saying in two languages, English and Spanish,”we must treat you by law regardless of finances”. Hope this helps-Pas Bill

  10. Wayne says:

    Thank you for your response Bill.

    My political orientation is very middle of the road. I consider a balanced mixture of both sides to be essential to a balanced society particularly in a country like Australia where our private sector is necessarily limited due to the comparative and absolute advantage economically of many countries much larger than ours. Historically we have consistently needed protectionism at various levels and of various kinds to maintain local industries jobs and living standards. These have been removed in pursuit of what might be considered idealist right wing ideology rather than the best interests of our nation as a whole. My former Economics lecturer provided horrific examples in support of this conclusion for our mutual consternation.
    Whilst some sections may appear to benefit from these initiatives many individuals and their families are being significantly disadvantaged by them.
    My religious orientation is strongly Bible based christianity. I have strongly resisted the wholesale apostasy I am witnessing everywhere and have urged my family to do likewise. Consequently we have a relative sense of isolation in terms of facing much of these “end time ” developments alone. The promoting of sectarian issues such as race and gender seem to me to be further hiding these realities by dividing people of similar interests and concerns unnecessarily.

    Living in a time of enormous change in all spheres of life leads to serious concerns that the best interests of myself and my family are not being served by these changes which appear to favour certain limited sections of society mainly society’s “anointed ones.”
    Although the Left side of politics promotes many unacceptable initiatives the Right side of politics is consistently attacking hard won living and working conditions within an economy that has consistently fared as well as any in the world. Leaders of the “Right” side of politics consistently engage in worker bashing with threats of reducing or eliminating pensions and benefits to people dependent on such support. My family must work for a living and these people are clearly not on our side.

    Consequently the observations of your country which I have made were based on the assumption that much of what happens in the USA is being used as a model for our country and that we have in fact moved far too quickly for our own best interests.

  11. Wayne says:

    This is an example of the attack on working people that I am referring to and why ordinary working people in Australia must be very careful about a return to the extreme right wing side of politics.many in Dominionism circles seem so desperate to see.happen.

    Under WorkChoices, Australian workers faced the following cuts to their rights:
    •Protection from being sacked unfairly was stripped away from more than three million workers.
    •Employers had the power to put workers onto AWA individual contracts that cut the award pay and conditions of employees.
    •The award safety net was effectively abolished and there were changes to the way minimum wages to drive down the pay of low income workers.
    Young workers, women and casuals were the most vulnerable to WorkChoices and ended up being its worst victims.

    More than a million low paid workers suffered real pay cuts of up to $90 a week from WorkChoices’ changes to minimum wages.

    Thousands of workers were pushed onto AWA individual contracts and:
    •70% lost shift loadings
    •68% lost annual leave loadings
    •65% lost penalty rates
    •49% lost overtime loadings.
    •25% no longer had public holidays.

    Labor’s new Fair Work laws have restored many rights lost under WorkChoices. Workers are protected from unfair dismissal and new AWA individual contracts are banned. There is a safety net of National Employment Standards, awards and minimum wages with a stronger independent workplace umpire. Workers have collective bargaining rights and the right to join a union and be represented.

    These changes are a good first step but more needs to be done – especially for workers in the construction industry and those covered by awards.

    We need to go forward on workers’ rights, not backwards to the Liberals’ new version of WorkChoices.

    Penalty rates provide a real deterrent to Sunday trading for example thereby compelling business management to give full consideration to the need to trade on Sundays at all. Christians everywhere should be concerned about any move to treat the traditional day of worship as the same as any other day. Families should also have the right to quality family time without being obliged to work at any time without any form of compensation.

    While we cannot hope to legislate righteousness in any way quality of life issues such as these are matters of grave concern to me as a committed husband of 34 years, father of 4 children and grandfather of 5 with more on the way.

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