Vain Imaginations Are Costly… Psalm 2 pt 3

Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,  Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.  He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.(Psalm 2:1-3)

The formerly Judeo Christian world has come under the spell of a “vain imagination” just as the Psalmist predicted . Our leaders, the so-called “Kings of the earth and their rulers” have been counseled to cast off the former “shackles and cords” of the Judeo Christian  religion. This has been slowly progressing for about 100 years.

This leaven of a secular, humanistic worldview has worked steadily through our society over the years, but finally  seething into a boiling point in the social revolutions of the 1950’s and 60’s,

Virtually all of the remaining traces of  Judeo Christian ethics and societal norms have been steadily undermined, repudiated and dismantled by our cultural opinion shapers, in the academy, media, law and politics, and even in many who hold positions of authority in the professing church.

They are under a delusion, that we can continue to have the blessed, civil and just liberal society which developed under the influence of  Christianity, without acknowledging God himself.

The vain imagination goes further, for our leaders have become openly hostile to any public or official acknowledgment of the God of the Bible, believing that they can create a superior, far more compassionate civilization than the Judeo Christian world  that they are busily dismantling.

In the tumultuous social revolution of the  1960’s the breach in our society was exposed for all to see, erupting in the form of various expressions of “liberation ” from the former constraints imposed upon us by the Judeo Christian context of our culture.

The counter-culture would throw off all of the inhibitions, “hang ups”, and conventions of the stifling past and finally, we would all be free! The popular rock group, The Young Rascals sang that “All the World over it is easy to see, People everywhere Just want to be Free...”

But free of what?

The Vain Imagination has been the idea, that ‘If we could just break off from the religion,morality and restraints of the past, and cast off all restraints imposed on the Self, then we could have a beautiful, open society’.

Well, we are here now, more than a generation has passed since this social revolution. This January, will mark the fortieth anniversary of the Roe vs Wade decision, which imposed abortion on demand as the law of the land in America.

More than 50 million Americans have been killed, offered on the altar of false gods such as “convenience”, “choice” and “feminism”. And we have a serious demographic problem. Europe and America alike are dying, we are not even replacing ourselves.

The sexual revolution was going to liberate us into a freer, more loving, open society.What freedom has it wrought?

It has brought us freedom from love, marriage, self-control, security and responsibility.

We have had 60 years of spiraling divorce rates , broken homes, disenfranchised children, single mothers, children without a father, children adopted into the homes of homosexual parents, sexually transmitted diseases, gender confusion, and the host of other social problems which flow out of that.

Inevitably this led to a “homosexual” liberation movement, which is currently making great gains in destroying what was left of the western concept of marriage, forcing by law people who are rightly repulsed by their perversion to have to accommodate it, or at least to acknowledge it. (Try refusing to rent a house to a “gay couple” on the grounds of personal conviction. They will sue you and win in most of the formerly Judeo Christian west),

We have followed a vain imagination about freedom. Our leaders have taken counsel together,, against the Lord and His Christ, that we can be free of God, the Bible, and live autonomous lives.

The Judeo Christian West is repudiating everything that distinguished it as the greatest, most beneficial, productive civilization the world had ever known.


We are now beginning to see the “brave new world” created by those cultural “liberators” who have worked so long to destroy the old. The over reaching “nanny” state, the factions and hatreds, the sad offspring of the sexually liberated, the dwindling population, the divorce, crime and incarceration rates, are all a direct outcome of the vain imagination.

Our leaders also are feckless, blind and perplexed. God doesn’t give us the Statesmen, the genuine leader of courage and conviction. The current appeasement and cravenness by our leaders before murderous and savage mobs of Muslims is a direct outcome of this repudiation of God.

We can’t resist a religion,(not even a false religion) with a non religion. We have been hollowed out, at the top-level of society, like CS Lewis’s “men without chests”.

But the “Vain Imagination” of Psalm 2 concerns another subject, which is very particular and relevant to our times, for the nations are deceived about Israel.



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2 Responses to Vain Imaginations Are Costly… Psalm 2 pt 3

  1. Dave Sheard says:

    The false notions of freedom have invaded not only our society but also the “church.” Even we have thrown off the will of God to go our own way – walk in the dictates of our own hearts rather than knowing true freedom to walk in the ways of our Heavenly Father Whom we love and His law; the Torah which we love as David did and the apostle Paul did. Psalms 1, 19, 119. What has happened that even the Church of God has has been deceived, that we are no longer free, truly free, to obey because we love His law?

    • J. Archer says:

      Lets face it, we`re no good at showing the Love of Jesus, otherwise we`d be addressing these issues confidently. No, it`s too easy to let it happen, after all we want to be loved.
      Father in Heaven, teach me how to Love, that I may shine light where darkness is, that I may shine for You, the glory for You, and people will see You in us. And give me the strength of Jesus character to take abuse and scorn, even from family.
      Bill, you are an encourager, thank you.

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