A Somber 40th Anniversary…January 1973

We in America are soon approaching the fortieth anniversary of the infamous Roe versus Wade legal travesty which foisted legalized abortion upon America. This decision was not won by vote or by referendum, but was imposed upon this nation by legal fiat, through our corrupted and Agenda driven Supreme court.

This act of judicial tyranny has proven to be the most polarizing political decision since the Civil War. There can be no compromise for those who hold life sacred, with those who would champion the disposal of an inconvenient pregnancy, for the sake of the sexual revolution. What common ground could there possibly be?

Where are we now?

We have butchered 53 million of our own babies, our culture is incredibly coarsened, the “freedom from womanhood” which feminism has afforded, has successfully destroyed the institution of marriage for millions, and many of the “wanted and loved” children which survived the abortionists scalpel, are born and raised without a father in the home, disenfranchised and impoverished due to the ‘gains’ of feminism and the sexual revolution.

Does God not see? Does he not hear the cries of the most innocent among us? Did the Most High not give us the technology of Ultra Sound, so that we could not claim to be ignorant of the human nature of those so cruelly slaughtered. Wasn’t that the meaning of the conversion of arch abortionist Bernard Nathanson? He produced the film “the Silent Scream” after having to witness his own crimes due to ultra sound, remember?

When Israel sinned against God, to the point that she merited judgment, God in mercy would often delay judgment, sometimes for forty years,( such as the gap between 30 Ad and 70 Ad), to see if the next generation would turn away from the sins of their fathers.

Here we are at the forty-year mark of Roe versus Wade.

What do we see? The re-election of the most adamantly pro-abortion, pro- homosexual president in US history. This man seemed specially chosen, to give the people a clear choice between good and evil and life and death. Obama goes beyond being “pro-choice”, for as a State Senator in Illinois, Obama championed infanticide for those babies that should survive the abortion!

But the ‘post abortion’ generation decided firmly for Government give aways, envy at the rich, and racism and political correctness. America is in decline. Alas! The “Land of the Free and the Home of the brave” cannot be free or brave unless the Lord bless us! We were only great because we were good, now that we are no longer good, we cannot be great!

Did you know that American foreign Aid, the expression of a compassionate people for poorer nations than herself, has been tied to the acceptance of abortion and homosexuality by our State Department? That nations such as Uganda and Mali have been bullied by our diplomats into accepting the unacceptable?

As the book of Proverbs warned us in the form of Wisdom personified,

For whoever finds me finds life,
And obtains favor from the Lord;
 But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul;
All those who hate me love death (Proverbs 8:34-35)

Please pray for the American people, that God have mercy on us once again, and that He turn us away from our sins!

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11 Responses to A Somber 40th Anniversary…January 1973

  1. salvage says:

    >Did the Most High not give us the technology of Ultra Sound

    No, that was science, your god is a complete retard when it comes to that sort of thing. Do you know that it claims to have made the cosmos is six days when it clearly took billions of years? And that’s just one of the glaring errors.

    Science was only able to get around to making our lives better once theism got out of the way. Isn’t it interesting that in the last 300 years we’ve been able to improve every aspect of our lives? Some 10,000 years of religion didn’t even come close, quite the opposite really.

    Oh and thanks to an ultra sound it’s pretty clear that fetus is not a baby anymore than a sperm and an egg are a fetus and that’s why abortion is legal.

  2. Briggsy says:

    Life is sacred until born. Then the Second Amendment and fiscal policy take precedence.

  3. Lex Cochrane says:

    Hi Pastor Bill

    Great to receive your post. Comforting to see many holding fast to the commands of our God.

    I agree, it is curious, illogical, that with so many other matters that warrant urgent global consideration, the crime of abortion, the murder of a baby, an act that even the most fierce atheist feels uneasy supporting, has taken centre stage, marketed by the media as almost an attribute of modern morality.

    I guess this is not the first time mankind has attempted to take on the creator. Again, the imagination of a vain thing.

    Thanks for keeping this fresh in our minds.

    Lex Cochrane

    • billrandles says:

      Dear Lex I hope you two are enjoying married life! Please give my greeting to the Cochranes and to our Jewish friends, Shalom! Stay in toucch and love to your honey from us-

  4. john Eagan says:

    Hi Pastor Bill and BIG no matter what is going on in the world we must be about our Fathers business knowing God and making Him known to others through our lifes , our witness , and our Love for each other in the Body of Christ which is the CHURCH. May GOD help us to live in such a way that those who do not no Him can come to Salvation Love Bro John and Teri

  5. julie says:

    salvage: The ultra sound only allows us weak humans to see what an omniscient God saw all along. He also sees into every human heart. The day is coming when He will sit as Judge and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen.

    Pastor Bill, I think one of the big lies we’ve been told is that we were good. MAYBE the Puritans on the Mayflower were…but the moral decline began in America long, long ago. Ever watch old movies? Some of even the silent movies…you wouldn’t even want to read the synopsis or put it on your blog. I think the rottenness of the fruit is very visible, but the fruit’s been going bad for many generations. Things were considered immoral and illegal then that are considered moral and legal now, true. But these things were always going on, let’s face it. The true church has been the minority for a long time. Folks were told we were good and we believed it. We believed it so much we thought we could be good without God. Now here we are.

  6. salvage says:

    So your omniscient god makes people so it can judge them even though as it’s making them it knows exactly what they’re going to be like?

    What an odd thing to do and what an even odder things to believe.

    I think you don’t give this stuff much thought.

  7. Ann Mahoney says:

    salvage: So sad. I once thought as you do and was very proud of my superior intelligence. Then one day The Lord in His mercy reached down and touched me. I will pray that one day you also come to know Him and discover what true wisdom really is.

    Pastor Bill thank you for all your messages.I had no idea our foreign aid was tied to the acceptance of abortion. I know The Lord is long suffering and merciful. He is also just. I can only wonder how much longer He can stay His Hand of judgement with our nation. I can look back on those forty years and am aghast at how much our nation has changed. I just want to let you and the people of BIG know that you have people here in New Hampshire praying for you and being grateful that you are there reaching out to so many. God bless you.

  8. Ginny Lynn says:

    just imagine each of us, on either side of the discussion, were once the product of a sperm and egg uniting.

  9. salvage says:

    >So sad. I once thought as you do and was very proud of my superior intelligence. Then one day The Lord in His mercy reached down and touched me.

    So… your god made you less smart? Honestly I am not trying to be an insulting jerk here I don’t understand what you mean.

    But I do understand that your god isn’t very wise, it’s made some awful mistakes and the to rectify them it went and made some more. Rather strange that an omnipotent being can’t seem to get its own creation right.

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