What Is it About Obama and Israel ?

President Barak Hussein Obama’s recent state visit to Israel has been marked by strange circumstances. Among other things we read that Obama’s special security Limo, (named by the White house staff,  “The Beast”, hmmm, the beast in Israel, where have I heard that before…) broke down and had to be towed away after a staffer used the wrong kind of fuel.

Then we read that a special tree, planted in Shimon Perez’s garden, had to be uprooted by the Agriculture department for fear of “Pests”;

“Obama Tree Gift Uprooted by Israeli Agriculture Ministry”


3/20/13 4:07 PM EDT

President Obama participated in a tree-planting ceremony at the residence of Israeli President Shimon Peres on Wednesday, but the tree was ordered uprooted by the Israeli agricultural ministry because it had not passed proper testing, according to the Israeli website Ynet. (See update below)

Obama brought the sapling magnolia tree from the United States aboard Air Force One, and upon its planting, told Peres “It is an incredible honor to offer this tree to this beautiful garden, and to someone who is champion of the Israeli people and a champion of peace.”

(Isn’t there something in scripture, about a ” tree being removed and cast into the sea”?…)

Finally as Obama prepared to leave the “beautiful Land”, we learn that the ornate send off ceremony had to be canceled due to high winds, which forced Obama’s convoy to drive, rather than fly to Bethlehem, then on to Jordan.

High Winds Force Obama To Drive, Not Fly to Bethlehem    Agence France Press

A fierce sandstorm hit Jerusalem Friday, forcing US President Barack Obama to travel by motorcade to the West Bank city of Bethlehem rather than by helicopter as scheduled, Israeli police said.

What started out as a sunny but windy morning with few clouds in the sky quickly deteriorated into a sandstorm with gale-force winds buffeting the city and forcing a last-minute change in the president’s plans.

“The American president’s convoy of cars just left for Bethlehem,” police spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP, saying several major roads from central Jerusalem to Bethlehem would be closed for security reasons.

Had this happened on a state visit to the Philippines or to Germany or Swazi land, I would not think much of it, other than ask aloud, “Isn’t there a competent staff to assist Obama?”. But that this happened in Israel, and not just to Obama but to our country of which Obama is the current representative, these occurrences are portentous.

In view of Genesis 12:3  where God promised Abraham and his seed, that , “I will Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse You…”. After all this is the American president known for

* Pressuring Netanyahu into apologizing to Turkey for the deaths on the “Turkish Flotilla”, which was a terrorist incursion into Israel.

* Harshly criticizing Israel for building housing in the so-called “West Bank”, which is really Judea and Samaria, the Land God gave to Abraham,Isaac, Jacob and Judah.

* Snubbing on this very visit, an invitation to speak to the Israeli Knesset, so that he could address leftist students at a radical university, over the objectives of the Israeli Government. In true community organizer fashion, Obama by passed the leadership of our only true , democratic and free friend in the region, to rabble rouse, and hector Israel, as if they are the reluctant ones in the peace process!

* Seeking to impose a “no natural growth” policy for Jews on the “West bank”, ie Judea and Samaria.

“Jewish Settlements point of Contention Ahead of Obama Visit”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s incoming cabinet will continue expanding Jewish settlements to the same extent as his previous government said Israel’s new housing minister on Sunday, just days before President Barack Obama is due to make his first official visit to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Israeli settlement expansion lies at the heart of the tension between Netanyahu and Obama, who has said the U.S. does not accept the legitimacy of continued settlement.(Denver Post 03-18-13)

I have just skimmed the top, there is more. I think the LORD is sending a message. We had better repent while there is still time. Pray for America everybody!



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4 Responses to What Is it About Obama and Israel ?

  1. ali says:

    GREAT post. Repent – absolutely – pray for America – absolutely – but America is on a collision course with the Creator due to the abundance of sin that is drowning this one proud nation. Unless our nation repents there is no hope. And, sadly I do not see this happening. I pray many many more will get aboard the Ark while the door is still open – there is not much time.

  2. Jared says:

    Ali, I completely agree. I honestly wonder if the rejection and uprooting of the president’s gift tree wasn’t a prophetic sign from God that He has finally rejected our nation and will uproot it. The stock market is at an all time high, it is ripe for a major crash. Our economy would be in utter shambles if that happens. I think the Lord’s purposes for our nation a major economic and military superpower are drawing to a close.

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  4. nanniecarole says:

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