Precious In The Sight Of the Lord….Aeron Morgan

…Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. O Lord, truly I am thy servant; I am thy servant, and the son of thine handmaid: thou hast loosed my bonds.  I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the Lord.  I will pay my vows unto the Lord now in the presence of all his people. In the courts of the Lord’s house, in the midst of thee, O Jerusalem. Praise ye the Lord.(Psalm 116:15-19)

Dear friends, today we are mourning the loss of a dear friend and mentor, our beloved brother Aeron Morgan has gone to be with the Saviour he so faithfully proclaimed all of his life. My prayers and deepest sympathy go out to dear Dinah, his faithful wife, and to Aeron’s children, Angela,Michael and Philip.

What can I say in tribute to this wonderfully Spirit filled man of God? Aeron’s countenance literally shone, as he proclaimed the indescribable riches of God’s grace, and of his saving love as revealed in Jesus. Such a joyful man of God, with an ever ready good word and an infectious smile.

I will miss his prayers. Aeron and his beloved wife Dinah have always faithfully carried so many of us in their prayers. One of my first thoughts on hearing of his home going was selfish, I admit, for I thought,  ‘who will pray for us, as Aeron did?’ .  At certain times in our pilgrimage, and always at just the right time, Aeron and Dinah would write us and tell us that God had especially laid us on his heart.

Our brother was ever a man of scripture, always talking about the Word of God, but never in a dry, academic way, for Aeron was (and is) passionately a lover of God and a follower of the Lamb of God, Jesus. He would always have some insight to share with those who are like-minded.

I have spent time with brother Morgan in his home, with his wife and in his dealings with others. What you saw and heard was what he lived. The Morgans live out a simple, God-fearing piety, with a deep, burning faith, constantly praying about everything, witnessing to others, and  forever loving their neighbor, as Christ loved us, even when they were hurt or betrayed by others they had nothing but love and hope for them.

I loved the times I spent in hotel rooms with them at conference, praying together, fellowshipping.  Aeron and Dinah would share their meals with me, feeding me sandwiches and ‘Welsh Cakes’, as we laughed, shared, cried, and talked scripture.

Before he was a Bible College chancellor , instructor and a denominational superintendent, Aeron was for long time an Assembly of God pastor, serving congregations in the UK and in Australia. Through his years as a shepherd(pastor), He obviously learned to love and serve God’s people.

Aeron would give credit first to God, then to his upbringing, and his parents for anything worthwhile in his life. The bio on his website explains that;

Aeron Morgan is a Welshman, born in Aberaman in the Aberdare Valley, South Wales. Raised in a Christian home, his godly parents had a great influence on his life, and he was converted at a very early age in the local Pentecostal Mission. The assembly was truly a ‘sending church,’ privileged to see many go forth as missionaries, pastors, and evangelists to different parts of the world. 

Brother Morgan would often bless me (and others I am sure) by sharing his earliest memories, of being shaped and formed by people who had been involved in the Welsh Revival, and for whom the Lord Jesus and the Christian life is a burning and living reality.

From his parents, and a through steady stream of others touched by God,  brother Morgan’s early life was enriched by redeemed drunkards, itinerant preachers who would stay with the Morgans when Aeron was young, ( one of whom would lead him into personal, devotional Bible studies,“We will just study the book of Colossians this week, alright Aeron?“), and devout Pentecostal christians of all walks of life who stamped their impression on this man of God.

One of my favorite ‘Aeron stories’ was of the Bible professor in England who for forty years had served in the Bible college, teaching theology to youth. He wasn’t formally educated himself but He knew Jesus and the Bible deeply and was a real treasure. In the 1960’s, When the college wanted to ‘get with the times’  this man was unceremoniously put out of the faculty.

This was the discussion when this ‘retired’ Pentecostal pioneer went into the British Bereau to apply for and receive his pension,

How long have you  worked at the school?”

“Forty years”.

“What was your salary”

“Nothing, I took nothing for I have lived completely by faith…”

Pause. Then, “Where did you reside?”

“At the school…”.

Aeron, you would always tell me of men and women who had been deeply touched by God, and who were full of the Holy Spirit, living godly lives in a world full of sin, evil and failure. They gave all for Jesus and took nothing for themselves, They shone for Jesus as theylived, shaping your life brother, and we are all better for that.

But all this time I now realize, that you yourself were one of them…the godly fruit of revival,a real man of faith and of the Spirit. Your ‘denomination’ modernized also, but you stood fast in your testimony of truth even when they turned away from yourself, and Philip and the others. You are one of my Christian heroes brother. We love you and will miss you dear brother, tell Jesus we love Him- Pastor Bill Randles, Kristin, and Believers in Grace fellowship!


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16 Responses to Precious In The Sight Of the Lord….Aeron Morgan

  1. Ken says:

    I’m not sure if I’m permitted to leave a link on the comment line, but as I was thinking of all the home goings of saints in the past month or so, including Brother Aeron, I was blessed to be able to find the following:
    It’s been always a personal favorite of mine, and speaks of a desire to “finish well”. A fitting epitaph for Aeron Morgan.

  2. Evie says:

    Thank you Ps Bill for the wonderful and fitting eulogy for Ps Aeron Morgan, Yes indeed he will be greatly missed until we meet again in glory.

  3. Wayne says:

    I also wish to thank you for this excellent eulogy Bill. We have indeed lost another “great man of God” who has run a good race.

  4. Mike Morgan says:

    Thanks so much Pastor Bill. A truly fitting tribute indeed. I must confess I thought almost exactly the same thing…”Who will pray for us as Dad did?”. I travel to the Sunshine Coast weekly and often would stay overnight at Mum and Dad’s home.

    About two years ago, I awoke just after 5 o’clock in the morning for some reason, and on my way to the bathroom I heard a low pitched noise coming from the front of the house. I went to investigate, only to find the ‘noise’ was coming from my Father’s study. I could see through the slightly ajar door that his desk lamp was on. Peering through the gap and being careful to make no sound, there was Dad on his knees, elbows on the little sofa beside his desk, praying earnestly as he has done for so many years. 77 years old, and still taking everything, including us, to the Lord in prayer.

    I knew he still prayed daily, and for many years was up at around 4am but assumed he would certainly have abandoned kneeling at his age. I thought of how I avoid kneeling on my ‘old’ knees and felt more than a little ashamed.

    I doubt anyone outside our immediate family knows this, but when he was the principal at CBC there was a period of time when he would skip sleep each Wednesday night, and spend the whole night in prayer for the work, in particular for the students. I wouldn’t dare share that before now for fear of embarrassing him but I can do so now that he’s gone.

    I thank God for him with all my heart, and shall miss him every day until that final one dawns when we shall be reunited, and we shall ‘know even as also we are known’.

  5. Ros Burgess-Clay says:

    Dear Bill…you said it all…and much more. Thank you for expressing so beautifully what we all feel about our much loved faithful brother, dear Aeron. I can and will always remember his passion for his Saviour and Lord when preaching at CWM, to the point where his feet would almost lift from the ground. He actually broke our lecturne one Sunday… God bless. Ros

  6. Thank you Pas. Bill, for the wonderful eulogy, I met Aeron once or twice; a great man of God indeed.

  7. Thank you Ps Bill for your heartfelt eulogy. You knew Ps Aeron personally and will greatly miss him. I wish I had met this great man of God during the living years – but I will meet him one day!

  8. Sharon Keith says:

    Psalm 116 was given to me by a loving God when I was grieving for my dead infant Felicity. Each time I hear it, I am reminded of His promise that I will hold her again. Thanks for the memory!

  9. Joel says:

    Thank you Pastor! I remember the first time I met Aeron and had him pray for me. In my heart I had desired that I would be like Enoch a man that walked w/the Lord. Without telling him what I wanted prayer for he prayed exactly what was in my heart. He had such a closeness with Jesus he could hear the faintest whisper of the master’s voice. Praise the Lord he is closer to his Lord than ever!

  10. Karen Pearce says:

    Thankyou Ps Bill. Such a beautiful tribute for such a beautiful saint, and father of the faith, such as Aeron was!
    Thankyou too Mike…what a precious memory of your father! And such a challenging example to us all of what great faithfulness truly is.
    Yes! One of the things I’ll always fondly remember, is of him preaching, rocking back and forth on his toes, as he passionately preached with great love for God, and His word! He would almost take off whenever he lifted up on his toes, and the fervency in his voice would penetrate my heart, EVERY time!

  11. Elsie,Ron and all the family says:

    What wonderful comments from so many, for those of us that knew him so closely, how fitting. He and Dinah, Mike, Angela and Philip and all the family , both in Australia and the UK, and all the people whose lives he touched are ,loved so much. They will always be covered in prayer and love. As Mike and Pastor Bill said “who will pray for us now?”Philippians 4 4-9 says , for me, so much about Aeron, the way the love of God, just oozed out of him and shone like no other light. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say Rejoice!!

  12. Felicity Mullins says:

    What an example Pastor Morgan was for us all to follow. I remember he stayed in our home nearly 40 years ago now in Somerset, Tasmania, when our two boys were preschoolers and my third was not even born! I can honestly say it was like having The Lord Jesus himself stay with us for that week, I will never forget it, he made such an impression on our lives for the Lord, and I still have his letter that he wrote to us afterwards. For those 40 years Pastor and Mrs Morgan have been a father and mother to us and grandparents to our three boys. He wrote the most wonderful tribute for my darling husband Chris went he went home to Glory exactly 11 months and 1 day before he himself went home to his eternal reward. Dear Mrs Morgan I am here for you and I am praying for you.

    • Elsie,Ron and all the family says:

      Felicity, I remember you so well. We met when we were staying with Aeron and Dinah. We had our son Damian and daughter Susan with us. We had wonderful times together. I often think of you. and Chris. Damian is a curate in a church in Bispham, near Blackpool now.. Aeron and Dinah were more than just friends, I agree it was like having Jesus in our home when they came here. too Very difficult to find words to express our love for Aeron and all the family. What a wonderful example they set to everyone., for us to follow!Much love to you.

      • Felicity Mullins says:

        Elsie, Ron and the family, I knew it was you too, much love from me, God bless and so glad to hear about Damian.

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