The Race Card & A Swiss Merchant…

This piece  from the American Thinker magazine, really nails an important truth about how accusations of racism have been used to bludgeon America for the last sixty years, but when a high profile American race huckster(Oprah) tried it n someone who doesn’t know the ‘rules of the game’ it blew up in her face. Bearing false witness is a serious sin and there will be an accounting for it one day.

By Jeffrey T. Brown

Is racism a real problem in the United States, or is it the calculated and fraudulent branding and stigma that strategically attaches to the target of an accusation of racism? That exploitation, ignoring for now the damage it does to its target, has proven to be very profitable to the accusers, whether in pursuit of employment, admissions, benefits, political power or even promoting a movie. Apart from the sympathy that flows to the self-proclaimed “victim”, even if reflexively rather than from any merit in the accusation, there is the publicity and the opportunity to decry the affront, which is the victim’s new right. There is the priceless platform for the victim to force him or herself on the public, which is not otherwise offered to those living quietly in one of the least racist countries in the world. Where’s the publicity or gain in merely living as a person to whom every opportunity is available to achieve unlimited success?

There is a purposeful malice in this exploitation that is disturbing, especially when the specter of pervasive racism is invoked by those who know the lie they tell. At the pinnacle of our culture, enjoying all the financial and prestigious rewards this free country can convey, they lecture us on how hard their lives are because of their professed belief in our intolerance and meanness.

So in the last several years, and even more so in recent months, the left’s message is that we live in the most racist, oppressive country on Earth, at least according to the self-appointed oppressed and their elite spokespersons. And who are these damaged victims of such flagrant oppression, from whom we hear of hardship and discrimination? Why, some of the wealthiest and most privileged among us: the athletes, the movie stars, the entertainers, the celebrities. And yes, the most powerful politicians in the world. Apparently, wealth, privilege, opportunity and power are the new oppression. Who knew? It seems that no one knows oppression like those who have freely achieved vastly more wealth and power than their imagined oppressors.

During the presidency of our “post-racial” president, decades of progress have been consciously erased by those who have sensed an opportunity, led by the daily example of this very same president, to make the accusation of racism pay off, knowing it is a lie. The eradication of past progress is actually welcomed by these destroyers, since endless racial strife means endless exploitation and opportunity for those positioned to profit. If the clock is constantly turned back, every fight must be fought over again, as if nothing has ever changed. Those who did their part in good faith had no idea it was all a game, but they are coming around to the truth.

These heralds of our national sin are the embodiment of unrestrained self-absorption. They lie to us and themselves that by proclaiming their own victimhood, and someone else’s imagined bigotry, they are harkening a greater good, with no sense of the irony of the entire exercise. In reality, of course, they are doing untold damage. The vast majority of Americans, who are not racists, have long been forced to listen to what they know are lies told about them, and many are coming to resent it deeply. We are going backward, by design.

We have been recently treated to the rather obscene spectacle of Oprah Winfrey, a black woman who has achieved unlimited acceptance, success, wealth and power in the least racist nation on Earth, lecturing us on the mythical lynching of “millions” of blacks, while promoting a racially themed movie for which she was doubtless paid millions of dollars. How’s that for victimhood? For what it’s worth, the actual number of persons lynched between 1882 and 1968 has been calculated at less than 5000, and of those, it seems one in four were white. Can you guess the political affiliation of those doing the lynching versus those being lynched? There weren’t very many white Republicans in the South, thanks to Mr. Lincoln.

Following closely on the heels of Ms. Winfrey’s historical lie, she has more recently found herself in the uncomfortable position of accusing someone of racism who is not accustomed to simply accepting the label, as most white Americans are conditioned to do. Apparently, the rules are different outside the United States, which Ms. Winfrey failed to take into account. Those in Switzerland who are not racist will actually object loudly to being branded for someone else’s amusement, or gain, and expose the lie. A Swiss store clerk has done exactly that, implicitly calling out Oprah Winfrey on a lie she thought she could get away with if she kept it vague enough, other than the whiteness of the accused. Now, embarrassed by the exposure, Ms. Winfrey is pretending it was all a misunderstanding, and saying she wished it had not gotten blown out of proportion. It seems that not every white has been taught they owe apologies and repentance when accused of racism by profiteers.

Of course, we are not allowed to similarly speak in our own defense in the United States in matters of race. To examine facts and object to lies when told by racialist opportunists is itself evidence of racism. For Americans, it was otherworldly to see a false race accuser called out publicly. I guess the falsely accused can do that in countries where the politically correct narrative is not rigged to blindly honor the liar, rather than the truth, when the lie is about race. Had a white person in this country done what the Swiss store clerk did, he would have his name and reputation entirely destroyed by the liberal race machine, which exists to ensure that we never speak truthfully about race in the United States.

The left’s protection of the president is a further illustration of this reality. He and his lickspittles have made every reaction to his petty politics a “dog whistle” for racism. The attorney general is similarly inclined, consciously serving only ‘his people’ by disregarding their criminality when it occurs, as historical payback. It is unseemly and repulsive, but that’s what makes it so attractive to liberals. They swim in an ever expanding cesspool of offensive behavior, happy to tear down the barriers of morality and ethics that prevented the malcontents before them from destroying the civil society in their time. They relish the knowledge that their gains are inversely proportionate to the preservation of a greater good, without which a moral society will die.

Make no mistake. The exploitation of race for profit and advantage in this country is a key part of the ongoing efforts to kill off the remnants of the old, Constitutional United States. Even Mrs. Clinton understands the advantage of lying to and about blacks. She purportedly objects to voter ID laws because of their supposedly negative impact on blacks, but is never asked about the implications of this view. At the heart of the matter, if we assume that Democrats are sincere, isn’t the implication that Democrats believe blacks are so stupid and lazy that they cannot obtain readily available and free forms of identification, which they otherwise need for everything? Why is this obvious premise never challenged by the left? Perhaps it is because there is no disagreement from within the left.

For those blacks who stay silent, not objecting to their perpetual insult for the sake of the benefits they think that Democrats bestow upon them, they are doubly betrayed. After all, the voter ID fight is not even about them. It’s about the votes of illegal immigrants, whose presence in growing numbers only ensures that fewer jobs, opportunities and benefits will be available for the loyal blacks who still await the deliverance that Democrats will promise them until they no longer need to. As illegals vote in greater numbers and become the dominant percentage of the Democrat base, blacks will find themselves in the same place that others have when their utility to liberals has exhausted itself.

The left sincerely hopes that we never become as honest and vocal as a Swiss store clerk. To ensure we do not, they will continue to strategically brand their opponents as racists for as long as there are halfwits who sell it, buy it, and apologize for it.

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2 Responses to The Race Card & A Swiss Merchant…

  1. Jim Porter says:

    I am a person of an ethnic minority. My great-great-grandfather was the last Sundance priest from my mother’s tribe. His son was the first ordained minister–a Baptist–from our little tribe. On the other side of my family, my grandfather was a minister in a tribe that had contact with the Europeans 300 years before the Indian people–I abhor the term Native American–of the plains and southwestern tribes. I come from people with great, huge traditions and the warrior spirit. On the other hand, it is obvious to me that God came looking for me, sending White people to bring the message of the Risen Savior to my families and my tribes. Not all of each has responded to that message. But without White people answering the call to go–onto and into the North American continent and preach the Gospel–my family and I would still be pagans, lost and dying with no hope or promise of Eternal life. Those who struggle to maintain their racism–white, black or Indian or other–waste their time and effort. Racism is a totally-negative effort. Why spend one’s life pursuing it?

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