An Australian Emmett Till ?



Emmett Till was a young African-American teenager who was brutally murdered for flirting with a white woman in Mississippi in 1955. His death was an atrocity which shocked America into action against racism and the denial of civil rights of blacks.Emm

In an attempt to draw attention to her movie,”The Butler”Oprah Winfrey recently invoked the outrage, comparing  Trayvon Martin to Emmet Till, as an example of racist injustice. Obviously there is no comparison to the frightened teenager who was dragged out of bed by the KKK and brutally murdered, with the street fighting teenager whose attempt at bashing in the head of a frightened (but armed) neighborhood watchman, was only stopped by a gun, and a tragic shooting.

Perhaps the story of Chris Lane is more comparable to the Emmet Till atrocity.

Till wasn’t from Mississippi and didn’t realize the depth of the hatred the Jim Crow system enforced by the Democratic party had strengthened and instilled in the deep South. He didn’t know the ‘protocol’ of hate, and that one false move would cost him his life. Not all whites were prejudiced, of course, but there was enough hatred in the deep South to make it a dangerous place to be, if unaware.

Fast forward 50 years and enter Chris Lane. Who is he? Lane is an Australian baseball player, who was recruited by a school in Oklahoma, to play college level ball. When he went for a jog on his Oklahoma campus, he was shot to death by three “youths” who confessed that they were bored and wanted to do something. As this article relates,

It comes as Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford said he had secured the confession of the 17-year-old who summoned investigators to his jail cell and claimed he and the younger boys were bored “so they decided to kill somebody”.”He said he was the driver of the car,” Chief Ford said.”They saw Christopher jog by the house they were at, they chose him to be the target, they got in the car, drove up behind him and shot him in the back.”He said the 16-year-old fired the shot.”The three teenagers are being held in the Stephens County Jail in Duncan.”

Three Teens Accused of Murder Of Baseball Player Chris Lane Identified

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t know the depth of hatred harbored by so many young African-American “youths”. How could he have known about popular games such as “Knockout King” in which unsuspecting whites are literally cold cocked by young blacks, so that they may video record them and post them online for entertainment purposes.

How could he have known that massive mobs of African-American youths are roaming city centers beating  whites senseless, robbing stores and flash mobbing gas stations. Had he read about the racist beating of a man, his wife and his daughter, for being in the wrong filling station in Louisiana, he might have had second thoughts about even coming here to America.

Had the story of Newsom and Christian, gotten anywhere near the coverage that the Martin Zimmerman case received, perhaps we could have said that he was forewarned, that America, and especially American cities have become   dangerous places.

But it is unlikely that a foreigner would know these things, because they have been studiously avoided and downplayed by our “politically correct”media. The Mayors of our major cities don’t want to cause any panic either so when it comes to reporting the racial composition of crimes, they also look the other way, in the name of political correctness.

Maybe if he had read ‘Colin Flaherty’s book, “White Girl Bleed Alot”  which documents 500 recent major cases of black mob violence and the dangerous way the media refuses to report it, he would have at least known what he was getting into.

There is little chance however, that Long or his family in Melbourne would have known anything about it, because of the almost Orwellian effort to “White wash” this blatant racism.

More than 60 years of conditioning, guilt baiting, and racial manipulation have created this dismal situation in which young black people in our inner cities, feel empowered and have so much rage against whites, that they make no distinction between men, women or children in their violence. The public schools have reduced our entire American history to slavery, or to the internment camps for Japanese, or to Thomas Jefferson’s mistress. These kids come out knowing nothing, but the loathing of America.

Hollywood cranks out racial grievance films by the tens and hundreds. One would think from reading the newspapers that it is perpetually 1955 Mississippi in America. Even after the election of an African-American president, ‘the race card’ is used to bludgeon any and all who question whether the emperor is wearing any clothes.

Obviously there are millions of honest, good, Christian, and even non christian African-Americans that are just as horrified as everyone else is by this phenomenon. These decent people are often just as victimized by this overlooked, under reported and under punished “thug” wave.

I fault those ‘leaders’ who benefit by the so-called racial division*. I refer to  the buffoon Jacksons and Sharptons of course but also the millionaire Oprah types, who in spite of attaining to fame and popularity very few could ever dream of here, continue to accuse America of racism, to their own benefit.

This is why I believe that Chris Lane is a better comparison to Emmet Till than Trayvon Martin.

I really don’t blame Australia for calling for a tourism boycott of America. However I disagree with the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia who laid this atrocity at the feet of the NRA (National Rifle Association).

The blood is on the hands of the political and Media powers in the US who have kept racial resentment stoked, have seen to it that there will always be an ignorant and disenfranchised constituency, blinded by hate, ignorant, resentful, broken, ruined and debauched by Rap music, Hollywood, and by the propoganda of the school systems.  If these people don’t answer in this life, they certainly will in the next.

Australia, we grieve with you, we are truly sorry for what progressive liberalism has created here. Be advised, liberal run American cities are truly dangerous ,violent places. God Help US all!

* I don’t believe in race, there is only one race, the human race, “of One blood He has made us all…”. We are definitely dealing with a cultural category, inner city, urban racism.

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6 Responses to An Australian Emmett Till ?

  1. Anna Merican says:

    Interesting read, but I believe it is Emmett Till : /

  2. Bill says:

    Blessings to you Pastor Bill from Australia. Tragically there have been several tourists murdered here by drunken thugs. When I read Romans chapter one I see how our Western societies are plunging into increasing depths of depravity because we have forsaken God and His good ways. Our once Christian societies are given over to foolish leaders, sexual perversity and all the other sins that Paul wrote about in that chapter. Praise the Lord that there are still pastors such as yourself who are feeding the flock with Spirit-led, Christ-centred, Biblical teaching. Thank you for reaching out to Australians and blessing us with your ministry. I met you once when you toured here. Blessings to you and your family from another Bill.

  3. Matt says:

    This is so good to hear someone say. As an American born Australian (dual citizen) young adult, all I can say is that I’ve been saying pretty much this exact point for a while- its so good to read you express it. Yes, there is one race. As a fairly regular Facebook user I am constantly bombarded with not-so-subtle 7-second videos juxtaposing ‘white guys reqctions vs black guys reactions’, or ‘white girls’ greeting vs black girls’ greeting’ which create such rediculous stereotypes as to create a joke. I get at least two or three of these appearing in my news feed everyday. This is just an example, the problem is cultural, and massive. It’s based on lies, and promulgated by uncritical (or zero) thinking.
    Thank you sincerely for sharing the truth.
    (By the way, there’s some seriously good rap out there- it’s not all bad! Have you seen Lecrae on Billy Graham’s latest message to America- ‘The Cross’?)

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