The West Siding with Wolves, Not Sheep

Listen to these voices from the Middle East, Christian and otherwise in some cases, calling upon the West to consider the support they give to the Muslim Brotherhood, and calling upon the western press to at least quit distorting their coverage of the devastating events in the Middle East.

“[……] In Egypt and in the Arab world it is feared that the West might once again take the wrong sides, as it has in the past, supporting the butchers rather than the victims. Statements, articles and communiqués are being released by all different sources, whether Copts, Catholics, Sunni Muslim authorities or secularists, in the hopes of waking the West up to reality….” (Valentina Colombo, The New Compass, an Italian Newspaper)

“One of the first to speak up was Father Rafiq Greiche, spokesman for the Catholic bishops of Egypt, who stated to AsiaNews: “Obama does not appear to understand the situation. In his speech he didn’t even so much as mention all the churches and Christian buildings being burnt down by the Muslim Brotherhood. This must absolutely be made clear: the Muslim Brothers are terrorists, and are tied to groups belonging to Al Qaeda and to the Salafites. The history of the Muslim Brotherhood, ever since their foundation, has been a history of 85 years of bloodshed”.(From The Asia Times)

Here is a quote from August 16,2013 speech by Coptic Pope Tawadros ,

“Egypt’s Coptic Church has been following the developments of the sad events that have stricken our land and it confirms its firm support for the Egyptian police, for the Armed Forces, for all of Egypt’s civil institutions which are facing the violent factions devoted to obscure terrorism, both within and from without the country. The attacks on our governing bodies and on the protected churches terrify our citizens, whether Coptic or Muslim, and are the opposite of all religion, of all morality and of humanity itself.

“We appreciate the position of the loyal and friendly nations who understand the nature of the ongoing events. At the same time however we loudly denounce the misleading news conveyed by the Western media and urge them to re-read the facts with objectivity so as to give international and political coverage to these bloody terrorist organizations and to their followers. They should not be legitimized by global support and political protection when their efforts are committed to spreading devastation and destruction over our beloved country.

“We ask the international and Western media to do its best to give a truthful account of what is going on, with honesty, truthfulness and accuracy. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to all the victims and martyrs of duty, who have offered up their lives, and we pray for the recovery of the wounded and those who have been attacked. We will remain loyal to our national unity and reject all attempts to push our great nation into a gigantic conflict. 

Another Coptic voice is that of scholar Kamal Ghobrial: “Who would have thought that the very moment the Egyptian people woke up and started cleansing themselves and their country of oppression, the West would take sides against us, allying itself with the wolves of tyranny?”.

Faysal J. Abbas, editor of Al Arabiya English, does not mince words in reproaching the West for its lukewarm, timid and ambiguous attitude: “The West’s denouncement of the recent events in Egypt begs many questions. I wonder if the leaders of the free world are aware of, or understand, the actual situation on the ground. The way in which Americans and Europeans, not to mention Turks, are clearly taking sides is certainly not going to solve the situation. Do they realize who it is they are supporting ? […] Democracy should be protected and well-received, but the West seems to have forgotten how very far the Muslim Brotherhood was from protecting and welcoming democracy after they took power.”

All of the above are exerted from a Catholic World Report article, by Carl Olson.

Pray for Egypt, and for the Christians of the Middle East, in Syria, Iraq and otherwise. Unfortunately our radical secular humanistic leaders have led the West into ignoring Christian suffering and siding all too often with the worst of Islam. It should be obvious that the Egyptian army in this case is a force for good, and for stability, but it is being undermined by the US and by the Eu. May God help us all!


The situation in Syria and in Egypt is also a heartbreaking example of the fact that the media have long ago given up their role as the adversarial watchdog, questioning the powers that be, in a free and open society.  Instead they are for the most part, playing the role which Pravda once did in the Soviet Union, organs of the state, dispensing Propaganda. More like lapdogs then guard dogs.The Word of God warned us that these days would come.

Repent and turn to God while you can, “Seek the Lord while He can be found and call upon him while HE is near!”.

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4 Responses to The West Siding with Wolves, Not Sheep

  1. Josephine says:

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Have mercy on America…

  2. Sheila Doult says:

    Truth we need The Truth……only The Truth will set us free. Truth has fallen in the streets, there is no Justice apart from Truth. Blessed be The Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come.

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