Syria; This Senator ‘gets’ it…

I am distributing this article far and wide to let people know why I had to do an unprecedented (for me) thing, I tried to talk a young man out of going into the US Military. As a patriotic American, I have always rightly regarded the military of the United States as a force for good. But this Commander in Chief has put our (Assets;intelligence,money,weapons,support, not ground troops yet) to the service of Al Queda, and I wouldn’t want to either shed one drop of blood for them, nor would I want to shed anyone else’s blood to further the cause of Al Queda, the Muslim Brotherhood, or Sharia. Young people need to consider this long and hard, for there is coming a day of judgment. The US helped AL Queda in Bosnia and Syria, we fought in Iraq, and the result was Sharia, and the persecution of Christians, Obama is manifestly on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria. This is serious stuff! I don’t believe in “My country, right or wrong!”.

Rand Paul on Syria: I can’t see sending my son to fight on the same side as al Qaeda


Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., sharply opposed American military action in Syria on Fox News Thursday night, demanding that President Obama get congressional approval should he choose to act.

“Without question Congress should vote on this and he is going against the Constitution and it will be an unlawful act if he actually takes military action without having Congress vote on the issue,” Paul explained, reminding Americans that the separation of powers intended by the founders was to prevent the United States from going to war for emotional reasons.

Paul said that Obama would probably decide against a Congressional vote to avoid a similar defeat as David Cameron did in British Parlimant.

“They won’t risk a vote because they are worried that they could be defeated,” he said. “It happened in the British Parliament – the American people are not excited about a new war.”

“I can’t see fighting to impose Sharia law in Syria,” Paul said. “I can’t see sending my son to fight with Islamic rebels against Christians. I also can’t see my son going to fight on the same side as al Qaeda.”

Under Sharia law, Paul noted, Christians would be persecuted for blasphemy, citing a woman in Pakistan who was jailed for blasphemy after she drank from a cup shared by Muslim workers.

“That is not something I want to send our boys and girls to die for,” Paul added.

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One Response to Syria; This Senator ‘gets’ it…

  1. Liz Walker says:

    So thankful that here in the UK Cameron’s intent to go to war was defeated yesterday in Parliament. Apparently many ordinary people e-mailed or telephoned their Members of Parliament to strongly speak against it (this was reported by MPs appearing on the BBC News this morning).

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