You Said Yes…(To my Bride)


We stood before a beautiful altar didn’t we?

We had started outside,

but when the preacher spoke of the “Water of the Word“, it began to rain.

So we rushed into the Blue room,(where I first asked you),

I trembled when I saw you walk the Aisle,

towards me,

and towards the life we would live together,

Because you are so beautiful, and you were radiant in purity and loveliness,

How could I have gained such a beautiful woman?

(Truly He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor of the Lord!)

Who was I? And What were my prospects?

In the world’s terms, they amounted to nothing…(I worked at McDonalds!)

But you said yes…

Yes to God, first of all, and yes to Me also,

You said yes to bearing six beautiful children,

and to entering into all of our joys, battles, struggles, victories and sorrows together,

We have always had each other’s back! You’ve been my best friend…

We have served God together,

Neither one of us could have known, what we were signing up for,

What our vows would cost us, nor the full extent of what the journey would be,

You offered yourself so willingly, to be my friend, my partner, my wife, my lover,

truly a Help meet for me!

I so thank God for your Yes, Where would I be without you?

Jesus, the ultimate groom has said,

Whoever lays down his life shall keep it, and whoever keeps his life will lose it”,

Dear Kristin, what an example of this scripture you have been,

God knows  you have given of yourself to me,and to God,

even when it has been difficult, You have never kept anything back for yourself,

I thank God for you and that you said Yes!

Many daughters have done nobly, but you excel them all” Proverbs 31

I Love you !





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5 Responses to You Said Yes…(To my Bride)

  1. Gloria says:

    one flesh…the way it was ment to be, Genesis 2:24

    May our LORD GOD keep you both in perfect Peace. Amen

  2. Kim says:

    Thank you both for saying Yes to the Lover of our Souls, and for all you have selflessly given to benefit both my family and so many others. God bless you both and your beloved children as well!

  3. Richard Smith says:

    Many thanks Bill! I’ve just given a slightly amended copy of this lovely poem to my wife to make up for the Valentine Card I forget to send her. Lovely poem and it doesn’t cost a penny! You’ve saved a lot of trouble.The poem echoes my sentiments towards her. No rolling pins on my head tonight (I hope).

  4. Carmen Christensen says:

    Simply beautiful! May HE continue HIS rich blessings in your lives!

  5. Oooohhh, goosebumps…. that’s so lovely… God bless you both and your family

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