False Freedom…pt 3

false freedom…

“While promising them liberty , they themselves are the slaves of corruption, for by what a man is overcome, by that is he brought into bondage” 2 Peter 2

“Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your shackles!” Karl Marx

“All the world over, so easy to see, that people everywhere just want to be free…”(The Young Rascals)

We live in an age of revolution. Everywhere on this planet people have been “breaking off the shackles” in one “liberation movement” after another in the quest for that elusive goal, which is freedom. The American revolution was followed by the French revolution, which in turn spawned successive waves of bloody reversals of the so called ‘existing order’, which ripple up unto this present day.

But almost invariably, whenever the “order” is successfully overthrown by the latest “Liberation” movement, the old order is replaced by something even more oppressive than the previous one. The French Jacobinist movement ended in the dictatorship of Napolean,The Marxist “liberation “, resulted in the 70 year slavery of Russia and the subjugation of her neighbors. Mao set the Chinese free into the nightmare of His own reign, Who can forget the brutal “liberation” movement that has strangled Cuba since 1959? There is a false freedom, that leads to bondage.

Culturally as well as politically, we have been subjected over the last 100 years to various forms of ‘liberation’ which is in fact bondage. The Women’s liberation movement, the sexual revolution, Homosexual liberation, and etc.,have all promised us liberty, but I dare say there is a lot less true liberty today than ever before.

Take the sexual revolution; did throwing off the norms and habits born of the Judeo Christian ethic really make us any freer? Sexual revolution promised us a loving, freeer world, but it has actually killed love, as well as romance. Where is the love in sexually transmitted desease? Is “hooking up” romantic? What about illigitimacy and the problems compounded by it? has the debasement of marriage, the encouragement of various deviancies liberated our society? The sexual revolution has enslaved millions and made everyone’s life uglier.

This is the bitter fruit Peter warned about when he decried the false freedom, which eventually enslaves. It would do us well to define it’s charachteristics, because the siren song of false freedom , luring people into the shipwreck of life, is one of the defining marks of our age.

* False freedom is an end in and of itself… The point of false freedom is the removal of all restraints. It is the freedom to “do your own thing”, providing no else’s freedom is impinged on. Therefore there has been a relentless war on any inhibitions, any restraints whatsoever, and above all , on any moral judgments. It is insistance on this false freedom which has given us the coarsened,balkanized, pornographic, in your face culture that we live in today.

*False freedom is not seen as a Gift from Godbut rather as something to be siezed. There is a famous sculpture, in which the upper body of a man is seen using a hammer and chisel to emerge from a block of marble. In the modern world, we liberate ourselves, we make our own lives, we define ourselves.

That is why the various ‘liberation’ movements have had to foster a kind of ‘consciousness’. Blacks have to be kept angry at whites, women have to induced into resentment at the patriarchy, sexual deviants have to be encouraged to hate the churxh, etc. Satan as well, had to lure Adam and Eve into a ‘consciousness’ also, to get them to resent the limits the Creator had put on them.

*False Freedom is rebellion against the very laws of our being… Remember that true freedom, is liberation to be what we were made by our Creator to be in the first place. False freedom is actually rebellion against the Creator, therefore it often manifests itself as rejection of the God ordained uses.

Picture an astronaut making a spacewalk, and really having an existential experience in the process. There is no North ,South .East, or West not even Up or Down! No weight, no boundaries, nothing but pure freedom! Ah, but wait a second, not quite absolute freedom…for the astronaut is still tethered to the spaceship by his supply line, he is not quite 100 percent free…not until he pulls out the utility knife he carries, and cuts the tether that held him back from pure freedom.

Now he is free…free of air, water, companionship, a trip home…this is the end of false freedom. This is the sense that for example the sexual revolution set so many free…Woman were liberated from motherhood, from marriage, from nurture, care, affection, love and committment! Likewise men were liberated also… from virtue, responsibility, maturity, love, selflessness in short the liberation was from humanity as God intended it to be in the first place!

God didn’t make women to be man like, and vice versa. The liberation movement, has gone far past the adultery and fornication stage, now modern man and woman would free themselves of their most basic identities, the God assigned sexual roles. Now we know words like “Transgender”, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual. This is the spaceman, long cut free of the ship, without north,south,east or west, no longer a point of reference, no longer any boundary, taboo or inhibition, “free” to the point of insanity. And saving for the grace of God , with no point of return.

The most liberated man in the bible, in that sense, would have to be the mad man of Gedara. He was so free, “that no man could bind him, not even with chains”. He was free of convention, free of civility, even free of clothes! And yet where does Jesus find him? “Among the tombs…crying and cutting himself…” a True metaphor for this generation, for he is depressed, suicidal, self destructive, demon possessed and obsessed with death.

Do you not see him in the miserable masses of our modern world, the heavily tattooed young women, or in the effeminate and confused young men? Is he not to be found in the heavily medicated, psychologized and tranquilized populations of our day? Behold the end of absolute freedom from all restraints, inhibitions,customs and morals;depression,self destruction and death. As Proverbs 8 tells us, “All them that hate me ” (God’s Wisdom),” love death”.


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14 Responses to False Freedom…pt 3

  1. Eliza says:

    In all of this there is yet hope, because what you have described is the sinner set free from any societal constraints, however, Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. Praise His name, He came to save the unclean vile wicked depraved individual and to cleanse them and give them hope and the knowledge of God as their Father. He came to give them eternal life! Praise God for His mercy to sinners.

    • CapnDavid says:

      I think you missed the point Eliza, setting “ONE SELF” free from societal constraints will only be replaced by another constraint or bondage. Only Jesus can set us free from messiness so we don’t return or exchange one for another.

      • Eliza says:

        I completely agree, because we are bound by sin and Satan being condemned with the world. Societal norms have ebbed and flowed throughout the history of mankind, but the one common issue that will always remain the same is that sin seperates us from God, whether it is the sin of depraved living or the sin of aspired self-righteousness, only in Jesus Christ are we free from the bondage of sin. So the cure is the same regardless of the symptoms of the disease; those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, having repented of their sins, and having faith that His death upon the cross for our sins and His resurrection from the dead for our life with God reconciles us to God and frees us from the bondage of sin, death and the devil, will live in the freedom of the children of God exhibiting His righteousness in their daily lives. God bless you:)


  2. Simon says:

    Amen sister.

  3. God has never revoked His intention that whoever would believe on Him would be given true freedom (in Christ alone by grace alone) Until all things end there will be that hope. But I see more unbelief, more wickedness, more defilement of things and more insistence on “doing it our own way” than ever before. I honestly used to find it easy to witness for the Lord, at work, to strangers coming into the shop; they at least listened. Now, things are different

    • Melissa Anne says:

      Not by Grace alone my friend, Grace yes is what saves us but we are to be sanctified. Sanctification is when we give up the things that are sinful. How do we know if they are sinful? By the 10 commandments.

  4. julie says:

    me too, Maureen. Although I have to say that young men are the most open of all the groups that I have witnessed to. They will at least listen, and usually have a thankful response.

    Yet, having said that…..it’s true that God has never revoked His intention to save, but I do wonder if part of His judgment on our country is that He has hardened them to the gospel. Jesus said, in Matthew 13:14-15:
    ‘”In their case the prophecy of Isaiah is being fulfilled, which says, ‘You will keep on hearing, but will not understand; You will keep on seeing, but will not perceive; For the heart of this people has become dull, with their ears they scarcely hear, and they have closed their eyes, otherwise they would see with their eyes, hear with their ears, and understand with their heart and return, and I would heal them.’”

  5. Eliza says:

    I asked the Lord this morning for an opportunity to witness, and I was able to witness to a young man because of God’s grace and mercy. If we ask He will give us the opportunity. I am so thankful for that. Praise God for His mercy to all of us! God bless you:)


  6. Hello, I checked out your blog “serve Him in the Waiting”. Images made of our Lord are forbidden in His 1st commandment. Catholics do not obey this

  7. Ann says:

    There is much taking place within our churches due to the freedom factor. We now have head deacons standing up during testimony time saying, “god told me to get this particular Scripture verse tattooed on my arm to witness to unbelievers.” I am sorry here, for I will not capitalize the god or gods who told him to do so, for it was not the LORD of our Bibles. Many churches have turned into circus churches where the immature are leading the children, and everyone loves it so.

    Now our youth, who look up to this popular tattooed man, are taking the marks on their skin and many parents are frustrated. It seems that more and more men and women are listening to demon spirits believing they are revelations from God, the Holy Spirit, when they clearly defy sound Biblical truth.

    But as long as the people are entertained and not a one is convicted of personal sin, the people will continue to love it so……so let them continue to eat, drink, and be merry as most of the church loves this world.
    God, forgive us.

    • I left my previous church for the pastor’s endorsement of tattoos (if it was a scripture verse it must be ok) Not for that alone of course, but he also thought palestinians had more right to Israel then the Jews..and so it goes on. Most leaders get their theology from the news not the Word of God. I am now in a Biblical fellowship where the sheep are protected (all incoming books are checked out for the right doctrine etc.)
      I have never been so contented, praise the Lord. . . and yes, I still watch!

  8. Simon says:

    I enjoy these kind of articles. It generates discussion and many comments. God bless.

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