re Philip Powell

I have a friend named Philip Powell, who is a man I have long admired and respected for his courageous stand for the gospel, when his denomination went apostate. To his own hurt he left the denomination which he had served for much of his life, because of the principle of truth .

In a recent conversation with Him, he told me that I had deeply hurt him, when I told my readers that he had submitted a statement of faith, part of which I deemed to be docetic*.

I thought I had made it clear to everyone I knew that I did not regard Philip to be Docetic, but that the statement he and several other ministers drafted appeared to be Docetic, and I wanted to spare them the (wrongful) accusation that they were indeed promoting Docetism.

Because I love this man, his family, his church and the Truth of the gospel, I agreed to post on my blog another written statement of apology to any who wrongfully concluded that I accused Philip of docetism. I have never thought he was, I only thought he wrongfully worded a statement which he submitted to me for critique,(WHich I happily offered what I thought was a helpful suggestion).

I hope this helps Philip, and resolves the issue, God knows all things.

I do believe that among those of us who stand for th true Christian gospel, the warning of Jesus is true, “Satan desires to have us that He may sift us like wheat…”. The devil wants us to fight and provoke each other, rather than to stand for the truth.

Philip, I beseech you in Jesus name to forgive me, and to accept as truth my pledge that I never accused you of Docetism and if I unwittingly allowed others to think so, I didn’t mean to. This will be my last public communication on the subject. Grace and Peace to you all

ps the rest of the verse I quoted is encouraging, for Jesus says “…but I am praying for you that you faith fails not. When you are converted you will strengthen the bretheren”.


* Docetism- the heresy that denies the incarnation of Jesus into flesh. Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, and sits on the right hand of God in the flesh, and is coming again bodily! Maranatha!!!!

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2 Responses to re Philip Powell

  1. Thank you Bill.

    I think you are mistaken in degree about the terms “docetism” and “docetic”. I hope to clarify my position totally in a book I am writing entitled “Who is Jesus?” I won’t enter into further dispute or disagreement here, and I accept your appology. My statement was that our Lord Jesus Christ would never TAKE UP flesh again. I did not say that He would NOT return in the flesh. I have always believed and taught that He will return in the flesh, albeit glorified.

    I remain disappointed at the statement that appears on the “Moriel Alert”. While I recognise you are not directly responsible for that I do trust that you will exercise your influence to remedy the matter. That those who are basically on the same side should try to dissuade people from attending our respective fellowships is unconscionable. This is the effect of the statement on the “Moriel Alert” about me and the Christian Witness Fellowship (CWMF) that I represent.

    Thank you again for your appology and retraction (explanation).

    Sincerely your brother in Christ,

    Philip L. Powell – CWM and CWMFellowship.

  2. Philip Bray says:

    Dear Bill,

    It was great to see you when you came across to the UK, and thank you for all your ministry, and fellowship. It is so sweet when brethren dwell together in unity, and thank you for your humble comments re Philip. Lord bless, Philip Bray

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