Charleston ; How Our “Leaders” play Us…

The fight for Civil Rights requires constant vigilance, as evidenced by the current war on the battle flag of the army of North Virginia.

When the Vultures, (oops) I mean Civil Rights leaders and politicians descended on Charleston, in the wake of the massacre of 9 Christians as they sat in Bible study, they soon realized that they couldn’t incite riots and commit mayhem as they had in Ferguson Missouri and other assorted scenes of violent tragedy.

The problem was that the surviving members of the AME church  which was the scene of the tragedy, were real Christians, and actually acted like Jesus would. They went down to the courthouse for the initial hearing of the obviously deranged murderer of their Pastor, brothers and sisters, and forgave him in the name of Jesus.

Who could have known that you can’t whip real Christians into a demonic frenzy, for as Jesus once said,

“The prince of this world comes, but he has nothing in me”.

Not even the ‘Reverend Sharpton’ could stir up a riot in Charleston, and so far neither has our chief agitator and “Community organizer”, (You know who) been able to take advantage of this crisis to stir up racial animosity and division.

It seems that in the face of evil,  real Christian love and forgiveness kind of inoculates those  in a community from Satan’s temptation to loot, do mayhem and burn down valid businesses.Who Knew?

There are many outside of Charleston who seek to nurture hatred and division. I saw a hateful meme on the internet showing the arrest of the Charleston shooter, being escorted by burley Sheriffs and peacefully being led in chains to jail. The other picture was of the poor unfortunate cigarette seller in New York who had to be wrestled to the ground , protesting that he couldn’t breathe, and eventually dying of a heart attack.

The caption was “Here is how a white man is treated when arrested, and here is how a black man mistreated when arrested”.

Of course this is Satan’s lie and the people who posted this on line were doing the work of the Devil. The Lord hates those who “Sow discord among brethren”.False witness, and language calculated to divide and perhaps to nurse a sense of grievance and make reconciliation all but impossible.

What amazes me is that some of my professing Christian friends posted this meme, in order to further the mythical “White privilege” narrative. “White privilege “is a theory designed to make every person who is white guilty of racism whether they ever uttered a racist sentiment or not.It is an ingeniously diabolical way to permanently divide people in America.

White privilege is a kind of “original sin” only there is no forgiveness or redemption possible. It is designed to disenfranchise white people from birth. We are all guilty and beholden forever. This is why one College professor(Who else) announced recently that she wouldn’t have children because she doesn’t want to spread her “White privilege”.

She gets it! The answer is non-existence! Isn’t liberalism lovely!

I already have a religion thank God. I am a sinner, and was born in original sin, and have enough trouble keeping track of the sins I already have to confess, let alone the sins liberals have been trying to make me guilty of, as a white American male.

But Hallelujah, I do have redemption in my religion! Jesus died for me, and redeemed my soul, and I refuse to be condemned by Nihilistic liberals under any circumstances.

But the Civil Rights movement must never end, it must go on and on and on. There must never be a reconciliation, and there must of necessity never be any credit for the amazing shift in attitude in America since the 1950’s.

So when they couldn’t “Ferguson” Charleston, the esteemed civl rights crowd  went after the nearest enemy they could find… the Stars and Bars of Lee’s army of Virginia! That villain has been uprooted from the North Carolina Statehouse, from Wal Mart and K- Mart, and even Warner Brothers stripped it off of the Dukes of Hazard!

Free at Last, Free at Last! They have routed that dastardly flag, it is in hiding now, and “the struggle” has struck another blow for human dignity and peace!

Who cares that poverty and unemployment are at staggering levels, and immigrants, legal and illegal pour into the country courtesy of our corrupt leaders and take low level jobs, and that many African Americans are stuck in Ghettos and prevented from getting their children in good schools, and reduced to utter dependance on the Democratic party… At least we took that dastardly flag out of commission!

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9 Responses to Charleston ; How Our “Leaders” play Us…

  1. John Hayworth says:

    The BBC aired an interview with Ford’s roommates. One of them is an Afro American. Seems strange that someone who supposedly hates non-whites has a black guy as a best friend.

    Then there was the shooting in another church where 4 were killed by a black gunman which didn’t hit the headlines!

    Seems to be a bunch of political propaganda to me.

  2. Sharon Keith says:

    Hallelujah! Someone agrees with me! Thanks, Pastor Bill. I’ve blocked some of my FaceBook friends because I refuse to fight with them about Charleston and “the flag” issue. I had members of my family fight and die on both sides of the Civil War. Some people professing to be Christians have argued on FB that the flag was a symbol of honor and sacrifice. I told them it is the sign of a losing side and of fear and defeat. It is not Christ-like and I don’t think Jesus wants it in the public forum. I am blocking people from my FB friends who stir up a spirit of fear, anger, regret, vengeance, et cetera in me. And I’m telling them too! They can call me “sissy” if they want to. My Lord would never leave my side. Why would I ever leave his. Right?

    So, thanks. God bless you always.

    Sharon Keith

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Robin Johnson says:

    Are we in the world, or are we of it? Whether it’s the American flag or any other symbol of patriotism, what has that to do with being an ambassador of Christ? What has that to do with continuing to preach/teach the gospel? I watched a man on the news yesterday practically foaming at the mouth regarding the taking down/doing away with the confederate flag – I thought that was sad that someone has made an idol out of a tradition so much so that they are enraged and emotional over an inanimate object that can’t do a darned thing for them – it doesn’t breathe, see, nor talk. I’m black and I can sympathize with both sides of the flag issue, but it is neither here nor there to me anymore. Why? Because does anyone realize the lateness of the hour? Does no one preach the gospel anymore including the fact that we are to “set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth?” Or “For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ……. Liberal, conservative, black privilege, white privilege, who cares – politicians are all the same now and divisions will always persist until Christ sets things in order and rules with a rod of iron that doesn’t break – and why are we putting our trust in the government anyway – you pray for your leaders, but you don’t replace God with them. If our citizenship is in heaven why would we be wrapping and stirring ourselves up in the things of this world anyway – wrap yourself in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and stir people to salvation.

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks Robin- your input is invaluable. I just want to make clear, that I am not “wrapping myself up in the flag”, I am using current events to Preach the gospel, and to show people how they are being “played” by our godless leaders. My point was that the “flag ” controversy is a distraction from the Beautiful Christian witness portrayed by those in the Emmanuel AME church and the Christians of Charleston. My other point was that the demonic demagogues were unable to “Fergusen” Charleston because of the fact that there was no “void” there, the people were Christians and looking to God.Sometimes it is instructive to look at current events and to see what “Wisdom is crying out in the streets…”. Please keep reading my blog, because I always preach the gospel. As for the remarks about “White privilege”, I am trying to reach friends who have strayed from the real gospel of the fall, and the death and resurrection of Jesus, into another gospel, “Critical race theory” which is capturing the hearts of blacks, whites and lots of people in between.Sometimes preaching the gospel includes calling out error, as Paul did in Galatians. Please keep me in your prayers- Pas Bill

    • There’s a reason to care about how we are being manipulated because if we ignore this erosion of freedom we will soon lose our freedom to worship as we see fit.

      • Robin Johnson says:

        The tragedy is it is going to be lost anyway — that is the plan. This nation no longer wants to be “under God.” In the very near future, the only worship you will have will be from house-to-house, or where 2 or 3 are gathered in His name — perhaps this is the true church. Perilous times are coming — that is the reality we must prepare for, as we look up for our redemption — but there is still work to be done while “it is day”. I’m sorry to disagree with you, but in light of today’s Supreme Court ruling, the clock is ticking. And, Pastor Randle, I am going to keep you, me and all the Saints in my prayers –.

  4. Well said, Bill,

    I have another question about the anti-battle flag craze:

    Which flag flew over the USA when hundreds of thousand of American Indians were exterminated, and when hundreds of thousands of slaves were brought into America? Hint: It wasn’t the Confederate battle flag, rather it was the US National flag. So why are the LEFTISTS so offended by the Confederate battle flag but not by any US National flag?

    Because they are rank hypocrites.

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