A Brief Reply To My European Brother

A brother from Holland wrote me an excellent letter, (I put it on my last posting, and I recommend it).  I think he raised some very good points and perhaps most importantly, this can stimulate a beneficial and spiritual discussion. The goal of the blog, is “Applying the gospel to all of life“. Here is my brief reply;


Dear brother thanks for the contribution to the discussion, as well as for the truly Christian spirit you wrote it in. One of the stated dangers of these times is that “Men’s hearts would grow cold” due to abounding iniquity.

As a matter of fact I believe that the destruction of love, is one of the goals Satan seeks to achieve through the false religion of Islam. Satan would move Christians in America and Europe out of a position of love, because “Love never fails”, and the enemy knows this.Therefore your words are very timely.

One of the silver linings of these  crises is that many Muslims are coming to Jesus because they have witnessed Christian love, even under duress. The Copts of Egypt stick out as an example.

It is also very easy these days to confuse the concept of being truthful, with lovelessness. When I said I want to “Rant” a bit about the European crisis, I wasn’t using the word in the old sense, as in “Ranting and raging” in anger, rather I was using it in the modern “Cyber sense” (My “Facebook” is showing, isn’t it?).

A “Rant” is climbing  up on a soapbox and opining about troubling situations, getting my thoughts off of my chest. I am not in any way angry, I have been trying to live by Psalm 37.

Like you,I have long been of the opinion that there is no political solution to the World’s problems, so it is a little bit unfair to say I trust in leaders and they let me down.

Nor do I advocate “hating on people who hate us”.

I wonder if hate would even be a good description of Sobieski?  Did he do what he did out of hate?

Remember that many soldiers, such as  Sobieski, do what they do because of love. Sobieski loved Europe enough to defend it from those who openly avow to destroy it, subjugate the people of it, rape the women and force a soul damning conversion upon it’s people. I have no problem with Sobieski, and would never accuse him of hate.

Is it “Hate” out point out the error of a demonic doctrine? Would it be “Hate” to call upon Muslims to take responsibility for their own ‘religion’? Is it “hate ” to point out the Rape waves in Sweden and Norway? Why can’t it be considered love and concern for the women and little girls of Europe?

Would it be “hate” to not want to see one’s own culture stamped out, and erased?


We must obey those in authority, true. But do our leaders really have the authority to remake our societies into something dangerous?  We are not talking NERO anymore, theoretically our leaders govern by the consent of the people.

IS it “Love” to look the other way and not say anything, while they do everything in their power to strip away the Christian influences which have made our societies so pleasant.(After all the masses are trying to go west, not the other way around).

I realize I can’t really do anything about it, except pray and cry out about it, but it isn’t necessarily hate to point it out. The Truth makes men free.Muslims themselves need to be confronted with the unpleasant truth about their evil religion and the unseemly cruel culture it creates.

You asked, Are we like Nazi Germany?

I think  that is a terrible analogy.

Really ? Because we don’t want demonstrably dangerous people from another culture to be shipped in to live amongst our children and grandchildren, that makes us like Nazi Germany?

If anything the analogy is flawed. The millions of Muslims pouring into the West are not the scattered “Wandering Jews” of the Diaspora.They are anything but meek, victims of persecution. Islamic supremacism, in fact makes them the persecutors, and potential terrorists.If anything(Oh,I know that truth hurts…)Islam is like Naziism, not people who object to Islamics being dumped into their neighborhoods.

The Gospel calls us to Love , even our enemies, that is the very good and true thing about your letter. But the gospel also calls us to a kind of realism, to “BE wise as serpents and harmless as doves”.


Thanks for the correspondence- I welcome all feedback- Pas Bill






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26 Responses to A Brief Reply To My European Brother

  1. We need to remember that Jesus showed anger many times, He hated the sin not the sinner.

    We’re talking about cult religions face it. He who is not of Christ is antichrist

  2. Marie says:

    Hi! It is nice to see the dialogue of so many in the last blog! As believers it is a challenge to walk the line of being ‘sober and alert’ (aware), while not losing sight of where our HELP really comes from! We must be responsible citizens of the country in which we live, while at the same time not putting our trust in ‘man’. We must be aware of the times, but not be ‘overcome in fear’ by them. It is helpful to hear other voices sorting through all of this as we ultimately look to our Lord for answers.
    Another thought: since we have a society which is considered a ‘democracy’ (people-ruled) vs. a Theocracy (God-ruled) isn’t this where all of our troubles have started from the very beginning? “We the people” have written into our constitution that there must be ‘free exercise of religion’ within our nation. And, now we have those who are freely exercising their right to practice Islam… a religion which teaches it’s adherents to kill those who don’t believe the same. We also have the free practice of Atheism – which is a religion without ‘god’ – that is freely persecuting those who do believe in the True God, trying to force them to condone what are abominations. Isn’t the enemy of our souls taking full advantage of what “we the people” have so proudly set up here?? I am so THANKFUL to be a part of another Kingdom – One where Righteousness WILL reign forever 🙂 amen

  3. Cindy says:

    It reminds me of Daniel chap 7, where God saw all gentile governments as “beasts”. What a blessed hope we have in these times.

  4. Paul McGoverne says:

    As you pointed out context is everything and so is the whole symmetry of Scripture. Anger in itself is not wrong, and in context, legitimate. The Lord Jesus Himself was angry; Mk. 3:5. Anger is certainly justifiable in some cases. “Be ye angry and sin not.” Be angry with sin, be angry with an ideology or belief system that turns men into monsters that justifies systematic rape, mutilation, enslavement, oppression barbarism and genocide against Christians, Jews and anyone else who is on your agenda/hit list, as both personal tools and tools of state etc. Of such is Islam. The issue is not whether anger is wrong, but how it is expressed. What we as Christians on a personal or individual level are not to do is engage in acts of retaliation or inward hatred “vengeance is mine”; hate the sin love the sinner though it be most challenging. (There are any numbers of examples where anger is legitimate as a concordance will quickly show.) Ps 37 admonishes us to trust, be patient and rest in Him, knowing that the wicked’s “day will come” and not to resort to devices of evil though they, the “evildoers plot against the just” for their demise. What Ps 37 is not saying is to do nothing or as the respondent crudely put it, to “put up and shut up.”
    We are called to be salt and light, and that involves both being and doing, at both the personal and political level. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”. At the civil level we are commanded “to do good.” That involves exercising our democratic rights, liberties and note, responsibilities,-won I might add by the conviction and blood of Christian martyrs – who contrary to the respondent, put up and did not shut up, for their “ancient Christian liberties”- to influence people including political parties and government in a Godly rational way. A critical aspect of our rights and responsibilities is the legitimate ability to criticise our elected leaders, after all, they are theoretically at least, accountable to us, employed by us or we the people. Above all we are “commanded to pray” for our government.
    We must distinguish between the Christian’s individual response and a governmental response. God gave us Government. Its primary role is for the welfare of its people and to punish “evildoers.” We pay taxes for civil services including military duty. You talk about context re. Rom 12; read Rom 13:4,5: “For He (government) beareth not the sword in vain for he is a minister of God a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.” A sane accountable Government doesn’t allow the importation of a people that owe their primary civil political religious allegiance to a foreign power and god, that given an opportunity, in the blink of an eye , would through weight of numbers, democratically or militarily (including terror) would overturn our precious Judeo Christian heritage and democratic institutions- what remains of them, for a blighted barbaric totalitarian society that tolerates no intellectual social religious or political dissent. Capitulation or silence in the face of evil as the respondent is suggesting is neither godly, manly or scriptural. It is respectfully cowardly and stupid. At the political and military level we have a duty to protect our country be it at the ballot box, political canvassing/ activism or military service if called upon; individually, we must pray ever so earnestly, both for our government and also for the revelation of the Lord Jesus to the Muslim people.
    Yes, “love wins” but not according to your recipe, but a love that note, “speaks the truth in love,” a love that do’ and like a good and faithful shepherd warning the sheep and your fellow man of the dangers, a love that works while it is day, not prostrate is face a an Islamic night. That Islamic doctrine and thus Islamic immigration is inimitable to our way of life is axiomatic I would have thought, at least to the Christian. Bill Randles was exercising his legitimate political and pastoral rights and responsibilities carrying out his godly duties. There is no inconsistency. As far as to quote you “pouring burning coals over their heads (Muslims) with water and food” why don’t you start by helping your persecuted and tormented Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East who are having their water and food taken away by the Moslems? Why don’t you write to your government imploring them to act on the part of the defenceless calling for international political action to stop this genocide rather than allow it to be imported here- a gross dereliction of duty and God given common sense, in my opinion? Evangelise, sure, but why willingly put yourself, your family, community and nation in a position of weakness? Why the willingness to invite a “divided house.”

  5. Zaza says:

    With the offered “wisdom ” in doing ” What seemeth right” by flesh we might further say why defend ANY aspect of our lives….some even have taken these false doctrines or perspectives to the ultimate end….no medicinal defenses against illness and disease!

    Jesus is the Good Shepeherd and the “door to the sheepfold” who reproved and rejects those who try to “climb up another way”….workers of iniquity aka lawlessness and casts them out who claim to serve Him but not by His command …His Word

    He did indeed proved us with governments I order to defend and protect because some willingly have been said to seek to “steal kill and destroy”…so apparently there is instruction in righteousness…the righteous response to aggression and violence to protect His

    If people can defend and have the means to…then THEY stand accountable to God even as others here point out…else why is there the final Judgment?
    To do or allow iniquity to follow through with evil intent doesn’t sound to mean like obedience to Him who BOUGHT US WITH THE PRICE IF HIS BLOOD
    The Word of God HAS. Gone out over the world and those who seek Him will find Him and some are who have even been raised in Islam by devout Muslims

    The Holy Spirit works in and through those who are HIS ….wisdom results in actions based not upon flesh…emotion…or worldly “wisdom”
    Processing themselves to be wise they have become fools and even non Christians can see the folly of leaders who seek gain by their cowardice…serving the creature rather than the Creator who is ever VIGILENT as it would seem His people are to be also

    Vigilant and valient for the Truth

    In season and out of season.when popular and when not

    and those OF the world will not because they resist the truth to their own destruction

  6. Steve Kormanic says:

    Bulls eye!!! Incisive as usual. God bless you Pastor Bill.

  7. Norman Hanley says:

    We, outside the US, have been forced to the frightening conclusion, starting with Sirhan Sirhan and continuing on through 9/11 and right up till today, that Islam has broken the will of the USA spiritually, socially, financially, militarily, and politically. The wreckage now lies strewn all over your land giving off a most noisome odour that is wafting across the whole world.
    Thank you and God bless you and others like you for not succumbing to this malady, and for showing the gumption,intelligence, integrity and values that once made your nation the greatest on earth.

  8. Bev Markgraaf says:

    Dear Pastor Bill – perhaps you should just quote Luke 22v36 If I am reading it correctly Jesus did not tell us to just lie down and be killed.

    Love all your posts

    Regards Beverley

    billrandles posted: “A brother from Holland wrote me an excellent letter, (I put it on my last posting, and I recommend it). I think he raised some very good points and perhaps most importantly, this can stimulate a beneficial and spiritual discussion. The goal of the blog, “

  9. Carolyn ( Grams) Worley says:

    Pastor Bill, what a thought provoking Blog and European Brother reply. God is love in all. I have a constant battle with human feelings and Gods way. We all know that God is in charge. Bowing to His will is so hard sometimes. I can only pray for more love and faith.
    I so enjoy your blog and look forward to it.

  10. julie says:

    It is interesting to see this dialogue and the points of view. Here is something to think about. The man who replied to you in Holland asked are we like Nazi Germany? You took issue with this, but I think he has a point. The way that we are is this: abortion. We have killed far, far more than the Nazis and we killed our own children. Let that sink in. Our own children, in cold blood. Not only that, as if that were not bad enough, we are so morally corrupt as a nation that we have monsters (like Kermit Gosnell) who pass as doctors and yet cannot be brought to justice. Well, yes he finally did, but he was known about for YEARS before. Many in the prolife movement have known for years what has recently been revealed in videos about Planned Parenthood. But our people are so corrupt, even our leaders are so corrupt, that some applaud PP even after the revelations. Our congress can listen to hours of testimony and watch the horrifying videos but they cannot bring themselves to accuse the perpetrators and bring them to justice. These people have committed heinous crimes, they have broken the law, they have confessed it on videotape, we even have some of their crimes being committed on tape, watched them laughing about it, but they still cannot be brought to justice! There is no justice here, it is as if we are absolutely incapable of it. Even prolife people can only say, “defund PP.” Defund them? Don’t you mean bring them to trial and put them in prison for their crimes against humanity? Many of these in the PP videos are women, most of them. Women! well-dressed, cultured, sophisticated, college-educated(?) women, some of who are of child-bearing age themselves, who, instead of caring for their babies and children at home, are instead smiling and laughing on camera,chatting about dismembering babies and making deals about organs. Women, who should be nurturing and loving children, are cold blooded murderers, even murderers for hire! Mothers who don’t want their own babies go to these monsters and let them kill them and worse. It is beyond horrifying what has happened to us. Then we are shocked when a teenager or young adult goes on a killing spree. We mourn with the French people over what has happened to them, all the while our own murderers walk free. The French people at the concert were singing songs to satan. Yes, you read that right, the song being played just before the killers opened fire was about kissing satan. We love violence, gore and murder, we do it for money and thrills, or we go to watch others act it out on screen or stage, and then we are shocked when it is for real. What can God do with such a people but give them over? What can He do but send our enemies to destroy us? He is merciful, but He is also just.

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks Julie. I did take issue with the Nazi allegory because I didn’t think it fit. He was trying to make the point that those who object to allowing Muslim ‘refugees’ to stream into their nations in the hundreds of thousands,are like Nazi Germany, i.e. ‘haters’.That simply isn’t true. I see what you mean by your assertion that those who have embraced the culture of death(Abortion) are like NAzi Germany, they are. Believe me when I say I know people who have spent millions, went to jail, were abused in demonstration against abortion, but to no avail. Abortion was foisted upon America by dishonest litigants, and corrupt Supreme court judges. It has proven very difficult to remove bit there has been a forty year effort by many within America to get rid of it,
      Not all Germans were Nazis but all suffered because of the Nazis.

      • julie says:

        Bill, you are right, after decades of work and prayer we have not been able to get rid of abortion. Is it because in reality it is God”s judgment on us? One aspect of judgment in this life is being “given over” to sin. We as a nation turned away from the one true and living God, and now worship the creature rather than the Creator. This brings an increasing judgment and the wrath of God upon a people See Romans 1

  11. nanniecarole says:

    one of the things I have got out of this Paris thing is pity for the terrorists when they reach the throne room of GOD

    • julie says:

      Me too. They think they are going directly to paradise but instead will be face to face with the God whose glory they have denied and whose Christ they have rejected. How awful to face Him and try to justify your belief of earning heaven by destroying others.

  12. Jim says:

    Pity for the terrorists, I personally am tired of this ‘ version’ of Christianity and believe many good moral people don’t become believers because of this unbiblical stance. What’s next sympathy for the devil.

  13. Zaza says:

    I am not sure I understand what you are meaning by “thus version” of Christianity
    Also do you know of any “good moral” people?

    I believe Jesus said He did not to save the righteous but the sinners

    Also that according to Jesus There is only ONE GOOD His Father in Heaven

    But sincerely I am wondering and wanting you to explain what it is in particular that you feel is “this version” of Chrisitanity that you feel is repulsing people from becoming Christians

    Please elucidate since you brought this in question

    Looking forward to your comment in reply

  14. Zaza says:

    Brannon Howse

    Interview with Muslim who left Islam and came to Christ in new birth speaks of he truth of the Quaran
    Very revealing that he tells about the methodology used to overtake nations for Allah

  15. Jim says:

    Zasa I will cut to the chase, I know many fellow believers who are baffled by the position of some Christians who think it is a requirement to remain passive when confronted with homicidal bloodthirsty rapist and pedophiles. When I speak of good moral people being repulsed by this misrepresentation of Christianity I’m speaking of veterans and police officers who I know personally that have expressed to me that Christians here given them the impression that Christians are to be passive in every instance . When Jesus returns he will slaughter many Moslems due to there perpetual hatred, see Isaiah 63 : 3 I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment.

  16. Jim says:

    I know I’ll be called on my spelling Christians have given the impression. Also their perpetual hatred.

  17. Zaza says:

    Oh ok
    I guess I got confused thinking you were among those who objected to defensive action to protect….I definitely agree we are to defend jurisdictions and lawful boundaries

    One key identifications of the times before the return of Christ is the rebellion and rest u give breakdown ….lawlessness

    I am not sure but me thinks many who are of the false love crowd are misled or misinformed reguarding how laws and boundaries are set by the Lord indeed for protection!

    All jurisdictions set by the Lord for us to live peacably have been breeched
    Marriage …family personal holiness…..all throughout the nation where defense was a given in family and country

    Those who know the truth also are Bible literate

    There are many …too many …passive in the face of contending and defending by the truth…..no one who is seeking the Lord and continuing in His ,word will not find nor be taught for He said if you continue in My word then you will be My deciples indeed

    Any who think that Christ would not allow for defense of life…liberty and property has missed the message I think

    Thank you for your post

  18. Zaza says:

    Don’t think spelling is an issue

    Fat thumbs and auto correct is doing enough to hinder communication!😜
    I see a bunch of that sort in my own post….argh!
    I think it’s still decipherable however 🐥

  19. Zaza says:

    Just wanted to ask who it is that you refer to a those who have “perpetual hatred”
    Are you referring to “passive Christians.”….or??

    What are you seeing here as “hatred”?

  20. Jim says:

    Zara I was referring to the Muslims who surround Israel see Ezekiel 35: 5 Because thou hast had a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel by the force of the sword in the time of their calamity, in the time that their iniquity had an end:

  21. Zaza says:

    Ok thank you for that clarification

    I know that reference ….I was confused with the reference without the identification

    That is what scripture relates about those who persue procoked by the demons swirling around with the rhetoric against Israel and Christianity

  22. Zaza says:

    You might find he interview with an ex Muslim a born again Christian
    Brannon Howse wwwworldview.com

    It’s in the first part of this weeks enews on their radio interview which is free for a few days to those not members

    I am not a member or even a regular but this interview was worth the hearing

  23. Monique says:

    Wow! I read the letter and your response. I also see that primarily you advocate that we should approach all situations from the standpoint of love.

    In reference to the two blogs, what many of us forget is that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…” Does this mean that one must be in dread and fearful of God? Absolutely not! To fear God is to hate all evil! Therefore, if we standby and behave like the three wise monkey’s by turning a blind eye to evil acts, we are in fact condoning the act; in turn, we not only show our apathethy, we also demonstrate that we lack empathy and love. Ultimately, we prove to all that we are indeed foolish.

    Someone has to rant, even if the ‘ranting’ is of the ‘raging in anger’ type. Someone has to warn the masses against evil, and in its place, extol the primary values/virtues that God expects mankind to uphold, ie, faith, hope and love. That is why the bible speaks of righteous anger/indignation.

    I only see righteous anger on your blog…and clearly you’re a man who hates evil…

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