A Visit From ChristmasAngel…

The following was sent to my about page on my blog. When I tried to respond, the email address proved faulty. I thought maybe others might  have some thoughts on the interesting points raised by “Christmas Angel”. I think criticism can g=be helpful . My rely is at the end of the re-mail, but I would welcome any feedback, positive or negative….PBR


Christmas Angel 2015 commented on About Pastor Bill Randles

I am 51 years old and have served Believers in Grace fellowship since 1982. A non denominational Pentecostal church in Marion, …

Your blog is so utterly predictable with its “hurry-up-and-bring-on-the-end-times” jazz. It sounds like an Old Testament version of Fox News. At the top of the page (in small small print) it says “Applying the Gospel to Life.” That’s false advertising, to say the least.

The Categories listed on the right side of the page clearly spell out your priorities — and THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIAN PRIORITIES. Where are the words like “love,” “peace,” “forgive,” “forgiveness,” “loving God,” “hope,” “poverty,” “inequality,” “justice,” “compassion,” “resurrection,” “sacrifice,” “fear not” (a phrase commonly used by Jesus, “goodness,” “sharing,” “caring,” “teaching,” “unity,” “everyone,” “walk,” “prayer,” “good example,” “Father,” “kingdom (of God)” “New Testament,” “struggle,” “Beatitudes,” “other cheek,” “community,” “community,” “cooperation,” “understanding,” “truth,” and “light of the world”? For example, that is. Think about it, followers fo Mr. Randles? Why do his writing priorities center on fear, death, destruction, the end of the world, hopelessness, and despair?

How about something re: this message from Jesus — the only one contained in all four of the Gospels: Love your life, you’ll lose; hate your life, you’ll keep it. (Matthew 10:39, 16:25; Mark 8:35; Luke 9:24, 17:33; John 12:25).

Where is the love? You’re so wrapped up in telling everyone how horrible things are becoming without regard for the fact that the “end times” have been boldly and blindly predicted by people like you for hundreds of years. They have been wrong, wrong, and even more wrong: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dates_predicted_for_apocalyptic_events

Your blog’s Categories focus on terrorism, violence, war, hatred, hell, religions other than the brand you espouse for your followers, Armegeddon (your incorrect spelling), depravity, glenn beck (that old hawker of gold ingots and the only modern-day individual given a category),

On Nov. 14, 2015, you cited a UK newspaper, The Telegraph, which rightly said: “The brutality of this attack shows that we are not dealing with an enemy that can be negotiated with, only confronted and beaten.” Then you immediately followed that with your own words: “Except, of course, they are talking about the Paris attacks – they do not care at all about the killing of Jews in Israel, which is why you will never hear any such statement when terrorists attack Israel as they are doing now on a daily basis…” That is such nonsense.

The Telegraph alone has been a leader in presenting detailed and regular news about what’s going on in Israel. For example, there’s this from 13 October 2015: Israel: Three killed in Palestinian ‘Day of Rage’ attacks
Separate stabbing and shooting attacks hit Jerusalem as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu calls emergency security meeting

Your frequently have incredibly hostile words for President Barack Obama in your blog. I’m sure, Mr. Randles, your loyal followers would be interested in reading your particularly heinous words in a post you wrote for “the blog of lighthouse trails research” on September 23, 2015, regarding the president’s visit with Pope Francis in the U.S. To quote you:

“Obama, the president of the United States and one of the Gentile kings of the earth, is the most hostile president to the state of Israel we have ever seen in the USA. He is a consistent supporter of Islam, having empowered ISIS, and disrupted the entire Middle East, turning it over to Muslim Brotherhood operatives, not to mention his unprecedented support for the Shia Iranian regime, an inveterate foe of the USA (the great Satan) and Israel (the little Satan), which it vows to wipe off the face of the earth.”

Empowered ISIS? You mean the president who’s led a coalition air campaign since last year against ISIL? The one who has helped supply and protect Kurdish fighters against ISIL? The one who has continued to train and supply the struggling Iraqi government as they fight to hold their own following the agreement (signed with the Bush-Cheney administration, by the way) for U.S. ground troops to exit the country)? The one who has led the ongoing humanitarian efforts to protect the Yazidis? Etc., etc., and so forth. Meanwhile, the Obama-Clinton detractors’ alternative policy has consisted of “uhhhhhhhh … Seriously, they offer nothing on the campaign trail or in Congress that would augment or even supplement what the Obama administration has done.

Empowered ISIS? HOW ABOUT LED THE WAY FOR THE CREATION OF ISIS? Why do you and your rapidly aging Fox News aficionados so conveniently forget how that terror group — and now an illegitimate state in Iraq and Syria — was formed as a direct result of the decision to invade Iraq and, at the same time, remove resources from the war against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.?

Your line, Mr. Randles, about President Obama providing “unprecedented support for the Shia Iranian regime” is nonsensical. It’s a farce, and you know it. Like your pals in the radical faction now leading the Republican Party in the U.S., you have NOTHING good to say about a president who has done so much with so little support from what we once called the “loyal opposition” in this country. In fact, the opposition wrote a letter to Iranian leaders earlier this year telling them (in the utmost example of treason you’ll see these days) that the U.S. Congress and any future president would be under no obligation to abide by a non-proliferation treaty. So there. Unprecedented and most horrible opposition since the first Inauguration Day.

Empowered ISIS? “ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies. Because as people will tell you in the region that if you want somebody who will fight to the death against Hezbollah, you don’t put out a recruiting poster saying, ‘sign up for us. We’re gonna make a better world.’ You go after zealots and you go after these religious fundamentalists. That’s who fights Hezbollah. It’s like a Frankenstein.” ~Gen. Wesley Clark, ormer Supreme Allied commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) during the war against Yugoslavia

Stop acting like you know so much — and know so much better than your followers. They deserve better. They deserve the loving and comforting words of Jesus from a teacher who focuses on their lives in the here and now. Why focus so heavily on the perceived evils when you can teach people how to lead by example? For instance, that is. Think it over.

Christmas Angel


Dear Chrstmas Angel, thanks for your critique. I must admit I am a bit intrigued by this mysterious message. I will seek to answer a few of your points and perhaps we can discuss this face to face over coffee or eggnog when you return to Iowa for Christmas.

* Applying the Gospel to Life is “false advertising because All I talk about are the end times”- I do talk about fulfillment of prophecy brother, but if you look closer at my blog and it’s 800 articles, you will find that I did a verse by verse study of the book of Romans 1-11, a study of Genesis 1-11, a study of the third chapter of John, the first Epistle of John, on being born again, quite a bit on the book off Revelation, and verse by verse through the conversion stories in Acts,quite a few expositions of Psalms, and Proverbs… in short, you are grossly overgeneralizing.
Can someone overdo teaching on the end times? Consider this Christmas Angel(or os it Kringle?) When Paul founded the church in Thessalonians ,He was only able to stay there for three Sabbath days, due to Persecution.. What did he teach them in that short time? You can tell by his constant reference in the letters,saying things such as “Don’t you remember I told you these things; What things? The Rapture, the tribulation, the AntiChrist, the delusion, the final apostasy….etc etc etc.

*You suggested I teach Jesus’teaching in Mark 8 about the necessity of losing the life to save it. Good Idea! I already did so ,Here ,”On The Necessitry of Losing our Life”

* I have a lot of Love, that is why I want people to be able to see what is going on through a scriptural prism.

* Glenn Beck is a Mormon, a deceiver who was trying to lad many confessing Christians. I ama Shepherd and felt the need to warn people of his true background.

*The November14,2015 article was a reblog of another blogger, who was making note of something obvious, the hypocrisy of the Media regarding Israel. Of course papers like the Telegraph acknowledge news worthy things like the Intifada, but it is easily demonstrable that they do so in slanted and biased faction, granting moral equivalency to those who perpetrate terrorism and those who are victims of it, in the case of Israel.

* Obama is indeed easily the most hostile US president regarding Israel. He has repeated snubbed and tried to humiliate Netanyahu, He has negotiated with Iran , even after the Ayotullah made clear that the “destruction of Israel is non-negotiable”, He has given a nation which has sworn to destroy Israel, 150 billion dollars in frozen assets.

* ISIS or ISISl, is a US Frankenstein, trained, armed and financed to take out Bashir Assad. It went rogue and carved out for itself a piece of real estate the size of Indiana , in order to establish the Sunni Caliphate.Obama’s response has been ineffective “pin point strikes”. ISIS has also been empowered by Obama’s hasty retreat from Iraq.

*Stop Acting Like I know so much– well Christmas Angel here is something I may be able to agree with you- I don’t know much of anything, but I try to share what I do know to the extent that it just might help someone to believe in the BIble. “Let the Righteous smite me, it shall be a Kindness to ME!”-

I can’t wait to see you Christmas Angel. Perhaps like Scrooge I can rethink my ways! Would you mind identifying yourself to me? I appreciate your criticisms and am sure you mean them for my good. Your friend- Pastor Bill

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42 Responses to A Visit From ChristmasAngel…

  1. Zaza says:

    Bill as a distant reader of your site I want to say your faith is evident by your patient humble and gracious reply to this person

    Do I understand that they are claiming to be a part of you own home church ?
    Does this person READ all scripture ?

    Do they hear all of what is being held forth by you in your sharing what you dig out for us to examine?

    This really sounds more to me like many commenters on yahoo who determine to stir up trouble without knowledge

    Sorry if I am not sounding charitable but I reject the voice of accusation and the accuse who is a champion of the social gospel at the expense of truth and btw ….of the two of you the fruit here is WHICH of you speak the truth with humility AND LOVE

    Trolls are swift to speak

    Just my humble opinion

    I would like to read HIS or HER blog sometime to see if I am in error

  2. Stephanie says:

    I thought it was funny when this person was scolding you that you should write more on topics of “love”, ” peace”, “compassion”, ” understanding ” , “caring”, and ” good example ” then they went off on you with a scathing rage. It was classic.

    • Stephanie says:

      The Bible says God will send strong delusion. I sometimes wonder if that delusion is that everything is OK and normal and Jesus isn’t coming back anytime soon. The west really fits the description of the church of laodicea. Blind because of riches and thinks it is in need of nothing. That’s why a lot of Christians think that bible prophecy is a waste of time because everything seems fine even though we do horrible things against God. Not that I want judgement to come but it almost seems like a good smiting would do this nation good. Instead its like The Lord is just giving this nation over to a reprobate mind. “Leave Ephraim alone, he has gone to idols”. Is it this nations support of Israel that keeps judgement from coming? Or has judgement come in the form of not even bothering to chastise or smite then heal?

  3. Jim Porter says:

    The words and accusations of Christmas Angel do not read as if they are written by a knowledgeale, born again Pentecostal. I could be wrong, of course, but he reads more like a liberal who is used to intimidating people rather mentoring or encouraging them. And the fact that he does this all anonymously makes me more suspicious. In these days, the Church of Jesus Christ need preachers and teachers who are willing to confront the evil that surrounds us. Christmas Angel does not even seem to be aware of how late we are in the Latter Days, or that our American Society is under the judgment of God described in Romans 1. God bless, Pastor.

  4. Jennie Stimson says:

    Oh dear, now this is what I call a rant… I haven’t any comment to make Bill partly because it’s 3 am and I got up to read my Bible. All I can say is well done for treating this with respect and asking to meet him (sounds like a him). Never let anyone deter or discourage you from the work God has given you!


  5. Tami says:

    This person loves Obama, the pope, hates Fox news and you, says he is Pentecostal, doesn’t think we are in the end times and is anti-Semitic. Obama has led no valuable military front to terror whatsoever – the airstrikes are not effective against so great a foe. We needed to be on the ground, with military intelligence in operation and troops on the ground fighting this outrageous war of Islamist fundamentalism rather than leaving our sophisticated equipment for ISIS to gain access to. I would say this writer is a Muslim posing as a Pentecostal or a completely inept unemployed liberal with nothing better to do than degrade Christianity. I say delete it and move on.

  6. Ali says:

    Pastor Bill, keep up the great work of spreading the gospel, the entire Gospel. Absolutely, JESUS is love, but He is a Righteous Judge who cannot wink at sin. Much wrath and judgement is coming to the nations including America for our willful disobedience and rebellion against God. Christmas Angel reference to ISIL instead of ISIS spoke volumes to me. America’ hands are stained with the blood of murdered babies, we have legalized sodomy, taken prayer out of schools and are bending over backward to welcome islamic terrorist into our neighborhoods while refusing Christian refugees the same opportunity. While striving to be tolerant of others, we have penalize, fined, inprisoned and financially ruined Christians who take a stand for their faith and expect Almighty God not to notice.?? Reeeaaaallly.!!!.

  7. Karen says:

    I have been attending Believers In Grace since 1994. One thing I appreciate about Pastor Bill is that he doesn’t claim to “know it all”. Matter of fact, he tells us in his preaching to be Berean and search the scriptures for ourselves to determine if in fact what he says is true. Pastor Bill has a heart to serve the Lord and teach the truth. No, the church is not flashy and his preaching isn’t showy or to tickle the ears of those who are listening. He preaches the Word of God, the truth for this present age and calls us, those who say they Born Again Christians, to really examine their life in the light of the Holy Word and see if it really does reflect Christ. Sometimes that means someone’s toes get stepped, but “if the shoe fits, then wear it.” I thank God for leading our family to this church.

  8. Sherry says:

    I’m a newbie here but this was an interesting post especially after reading/studying a sermon called, Rude Preachers. I can just imagine what Christmas-Angel would have to say to Paul, John the Baptist, the Prophets of the O.T. and even Jesus had he/she been alive in their day! I guess I shouldn’t really giggle over his/her email to you since he/she might only know of effeminate preachers and it may be hard to stomach a real man of God “rudely” loving his brethren as you do.

    God bless you…and Christmas-Angel, too!

  9. sassygranny says:

    I’ve followed your blog for a number of years. CA and I definitely have a different take on your posts as I have never seen anything even approximating his/her allegations. What’s more, you’d be wearing tar & feathers if that “angel” had his/her way. Nice angel. And who appointed him/her your judge anyway? Aye yai yai!

    Anyone cowardly enough to post (anonymously, no less) a hit & run indictment like he/she did is just itching for chaos. Not of God. Living on the far left fringes of progressive thought warps one’s senses; that’s obvious.

    Stay the course & stay true to God’s word & leading; then let Christmas Angel fly with the other bats in the belfry.

    Praying God’s hand of protection on your mind & heart,


  10. Davy Rosengreen says:

    To “Christmas Angel”,
    Where is the love? One of the best sermons I’ve ever heard on the subject of love was given by Pastor Bill entitled, ‘On Loving God & How Hell Glorifies God’. Bill often speaks of love and when he speaks, he speaks the truth out of love. A love and concern for people’s eternal well being. To say that Bill doesn’t speak about love, loving God, forgiveness, prayer, hope, the resurrection, and so on, is blatantly false and a bold face lie.
    This world is under God’s judgement. A watchman will warn a person of the coming judgement. Now is the time to repent and seek The Lord while He may still be found. The most loving thing one can do as a Christian is to warn of this coming judgement and to tell people of their need to repent and to turn to The Lord before it’s too late.
    I thank God that Pastor Bill has the courage, strength, integrity, and faithfulness to speak out and to speak the truth in love, in this day and age of compromise and wishy-washy Christianity.
    God bless you, Pastor Bill.

  11. mdetsch says:

    Pastor Bill,We love everything you write, you are spot on accurate.  So keep on keeping on.Mary & Richard

  12. Norbert says:

    Bill is one of my most trusted bible teacher. Have been reading his blog for a while now. He unfolds scripture that makes it more clear to understand and apply it to my daily life, the view of current times in the light of the Bible prophecy. The accusations are false, and i base my opinion on the several article i read about his bible expositions, and the past meetings he traveled to here in Australia. God Bless You brother, keep on doing what you been doing, that’s what God called you to do.

  13. Cathy Bachand says:

    Dear Brother Randles, Just want to say that I haven’t heard many ministers with as sound a doctrine as you. Your blog has been a real lifeline to me. I read your posts on Jacob Prasch’s site and thought that if Jacob trusted you then so could I. I moved to a new city and don’t have a Fellowship as yet so receiving your teachings are invaluable to me. I’m sure that it is an extension of your Pastoral ministry and you being a good steward with God’s manifold grace. Thank you. One of the first things I learned was about the rapture in Thessolonians. This Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached and taught and it definitely includes the times in which we live and we need it so much the more as we are witnessing the day approaching , not less. Christmas Angel sounds like a novice. I’ve noticed that they have a lot of zeal and love to correct others. I will pray for them. In the mean time, don’t receive any discouragement! You Rock, Pastor Bill!

  14. Bill is one of my most trusted bible teacher. Have been reading his blog for a while now. He unfolds scripture that makes it more clear to understand and apply it to my daily life, the view of current times in the light of the Bible prophecy. The accusations are false, and i base my opinion on the several article i read about his bible expositions, and the past meetings he traveled to here in Australia. God Bless You brother, keep on doing what you been doing, that’s what God called you to do.

  15. Irene C says:

    Pastor Bill, I have been reading your blog since 2012. I do try to be a Berean and match up what you’re saying with God’s Word. It appears to me that Christmas Angel is of the Laodecean Church, wants to preach love and social justice. Doesn’t want to talk about God’s judgement. Doesn’t want to admit that we as the human race are nothing but a bunch of sinners in need of a Saviour. Our time here is coming to an end soon but those of us who have accepted Jesus sacrifice for our sins have a Blessed Hope. For us this is good news, this is love. For those without Jesus, this is frightening, therefore they don’t want to hear about it. The Light of Truth blinds them. I will pray for this Christmas Angel that he/she will understand what God’s Love is really about along with His sense of justice. Maranatha

  16. David says:

    Pastor Bill thank you for your blog. I think you are the most loving Christian brother I’ve ever met. You did not know me from a bar of soap but after the meeting you shared in England you had all the time to listen to me and I’ve never forgotten that. You are caring and loving, full of joy. Yes, we are not all perfect yet in one another’s eyes and we don’t know everything but one thing that sets a man apart is speaking truth. Pastor Bill you stand for truth and to lie or distort true would be far from your mind. We do have to stand before our Lord and Savour Jesus Christ at the Bema seat (that will take place after the rapture when all Christians will be judged for their actions etc) so why would you begin to distort truth. Christian Angle is distorting truth and fuelling or trying to fuel aggression. The devil is the champion at distorting truth. Look at our current world that what is good is evil and what is evil is good. Thank you Pastor Bill for sharing the little you know to help people understand the truth what is going on. Please carry on sharing. Your brother in Christ. David

  17. tracehayter says:

    Pastor Bill. I have learned more from you and those like you e.g. Jacob Prasch in the past 3.5 years than I have since being born again 30 years ago. Because of shepherds like you, my spiritual hunger has grown and my eyes have been opened, even though I thought they were open before. I was speaking to my husband ( a believer, but sadly not born again – yet!) about you just yesterday morning with regard to Islam in terms of your knowledge and understanding of what is happening. I listen to you a lot, and I speak about you a lot. Other’s in my tiny church here in the UK, (about 15 of us) are starting to grow through your teaching videos which I have copied onto DVD for all to watch. Please don’t ever stop. We need what you have to offer like never before in this spiritual famine in the West. I pray our Lord will continue to bless and protect your lovely family.

    • Stephanie says:

      Trace Hayter, I follow you on you tube. I appreciate the sermons you upload. I think I started following you after a comment you made on either a bill Randles video or a Jacob Prasch video. I can’t remember.

      Thanks again,
      Stephanie from Texas

  18. Marie says:

    Bill, I so much appreciate and am blessed by the truths that you so boldly proclaim! I pass them on to others as well, as we can find no solid, TRUTH teaching fellowship in our area.

    I have actually been thinking of posting on how I believe that what we are witnessing in ‘the natural world’ is often a parallel of what is happening in the spiritual realm. We can clearly see that in this world, the walls and borders are ‘down’, and the enemy is now invading and destroying from WITHIN. The enemy is seeking to kill and mercilessly destroy. In Christendom, this has also been happening since the beginning of the Church (thus all of the scriptural warnings)… but even more so in these last days. Because the church of today is often built as a ‘gather together on certain day(s) of the week’, and come ‘join in classes and programs’, but other than that you don’t have to be part of others’ lives’ (it is optional) – we are not building as our Lord commanded and demonstrated. Thus, we are now, more than ever, reaping the bad fruit of enemies in our midst!
    I thought it might be a timely opportunity to bring this forth. We all must strive to LOVE and LIVE with others (who claim to be true believers), knowing them – and their lives – so that unrepentant sin, unbelief, etc will be exposed and dealt with accordingly. (Regarding this recent post: that is a very long time for someone to be in your midst and you not to know who they are. Please know that I say this out of love, concern, and my own experiences as well. I pray that the Lord will use this for the ‘good of all’ within your fellowship, and those who gratefully receive your teachings as well:)

  19. Sue says:

    Be encouraged Pastor Bill, your blog and sermons are a lifeline to me and my family. God bless you.

  20. Kristin Randles says:

    Dear Christmas Angel,
    I stand amazed at the most beautiful of words to an old hymn penned here below. I pray you will read and take in, taste and see that the Lord is good.
    My husband, Pastor Bill has given his whole life and heart to make known through the foolishness of preaching, ( to those who are perishing) and teaching, witnessing, & writing, to whosoever will have ears to hear, what the Lord has to say. I pray you will reconsider your ways, and look to Jesus, exchange your emptiness for wholeness and life.
    Your mysterious raw rant & critique is your opinion to have. We do not claim to have done everything perfectly or to have done all things all right, we are merely sinners saved by grace. But this we do know …. That people must be pepared to get ready to meet the Lord, abandon their life of sin and exchange it for Jesus’ life of love and forgiveness. He died to set us free. The reason you hate our message is frankly dear sir, you are not saved nor right with God …. and so this is why you are angry and you rant. You must decrease and He must increase, I challenge you to give up on all of that misery and bow your knee to Jesus. Good works won’t save you, nor just believing your own rhetoric can save you, you must be born again and know and admit that you are a sinner in need of forgiveness, this is the message of the cross, He will save you from your sin for He shed His blood for you.
    My prayer is that you will give your all to Jesus and give up your struggle to the Lord. May He open your heart and your eyes, to behold the King of Kings, His love and His glorious beauty and all of His ways. Truly, truly He is coming back and sooner than anyone knows. Coming just like He said He would for those who await His appearing and are called His own. Whatever it is that offends you and why it is that Bill irritates you so, I can only conclude is motivated because you do not know in whom we preach, the God of the bible. As you articulate, one can readily hear where your loyalties lie, and it is not with the God of the bible or His word. Many make god out to be what they want Him to be like and not at all who truly is. I pray your loyalty to this world you will reconsider and that it be replaced by believing Jesus Christ and His Word, our one true and sure foundation. This world is sinking sand..
    You have and will continually be kept in our prayers.

    I’ve tried in vain a thousand ways
    My fears to quell, my hopes to raise;
    But what I need, the Bible says,
    Is ever, only Jesus.

    My soul is night, my heart is steel—
    I cannot see, I cannot feel;
    For light, for life I must appeal
    In simple faith to Jesus.

    He died, He lives, He reigns, He pleads;
    There’s love in all His words and deeds;
    There’s all a guilty sinner needs
    Forevermore in Jesus.

    Though some should sneer, and some should blame,
    I’ll go with all my guilt and shame;
    I’ll go to Him because His name,
    Above all names, is Jesus.

  21. Jim says:

    Pastor Randles, I check your blog daily from Ca as I receive much wisdom and insight from your writings and books. I’ve have copies of your books and consider them invaluable resources combatting false teachings in the NAR and similar movements. Christmas angel is likely a preterist – full or partial the Redding area where I live has a large church that teaches preterism. Keep your posts coming. I’m gonna read your latest post now God Bless.

  22. Owen and Catherine says:

    Pastor Bill, this is a sad state of our world today, that even the very elect might be deceived! May the Lord continue to give you strength and wisdom for it is He who puts up and puts down and is seated on the throne and is soon to appear to all men. A scripture that has been brought to my attention over these past weeks is Col 2:8 – 10 ; especially v8 “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ”.. this is the state of many today, who have been caught up with the philosophy and vain deceit of man (all in the name of love), this generation must be careful that they do no fall into this state, but build their own relationship on the word of God and not on the words of men or the understanding of this world, otherwise they will misunderstand where a godly man such as yourself is coming from. Your blogs give us the hope that is needed, it outlines and helps us understand the events of the times and how they correlate with the word, they then give us the hope that all this is coming to pass because God has put it in motion for the ultimate end – Christs Return – Amen – look up our redemption is drawing near – Oh how I love our Lord and Saviour.


  23. Pastor Bill, satan will always try to stop the work of God, and especially now In these end times, when he knows his time is short. Be encouraged that what you are doing is of God and necessary, oh so necessary, right now at this time, in this season.

    “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet….” Isaiah 58:1

    Keep going Pastor Bill. Don’t take these lies on and do not hold back.

    Blessings from Australia,

  24. Jt2 says:

    Stay strong Pastor Bill…..ignore the hate mail and keep up your courage and incredible insight.

  25. Ross Windust says:

    Hi Pastor Bill & Kristin, many thanks for both your replies to this blogger.
    Keep up Gods work, at least with a dissenting view of Gods word and the Obama types you have something to get your teeth into.
    After reading his/her rant I was rather looking forward to your reply. You replied in love. This was excellent, and well crafted. Kristin you called the writer to account.
    God bless you both

  26. Peter Adams says:

    Hey PB,
    I read and reread the words of christmasangel ( the name itself speaks volumes to me )
    I hesitate in replying as so much truth has been written including in my opinion a very beautifully phrased riposte from Kirsten.
    I find it difficult to read such venom against a friend and fellow believer without taking it personally.
    I know that your heart is for the truth of the Whole counsel of God’s word and for the Lord himself and our family in Christ Jesus.
    I hope that you do not let any of these ridiculous and baseless words strike you as darts of the enemy, but let the shield of faith absorb the poison from them.
    My Brother, as is evident from the kind brothers and sisters that have replied, you are a great brother and encouragement to those who are called out from those such as this who seek to get their ears tickled with the ridiculous social gospel which is no gospel at all.
    Keep up the Good work my friend and may the Lord bless you Richly.
    In Christ Jesus


  27. Donald van der Merwe says:

    Please take note that this post is from someone elses PC and the name attached to the post is not the writer. He is aware that I am pposting from his PC however. You know Pastor Bill Randles some people do not understand that in the present day there are things happening that show the signs of the end of the age. Travelling from one place to another one always looks forward to the end of the journey because it is tiring and one wants to get there and rest. So along the way one looks for the signs of the journeys end and Jesus gave us the signs in Matthew 24 that we are to look for. Not on;ly there but in Daniel, Ezekiel, Joel, Zacheriah, Jeremiah, Revelation, 1 and 2 Thesalonians and in many other places. Taking that you are showing us the signs in obedience to God, you are acting in unselfish love, an outward going love that considers the congregation and the Body of Christ as a whole that they are not saduced by those who claim a message that looks only at love but denys that God is a God of judgement too and that His wrath will be displayed according to the sinfulness of man. The fight is not ours really but between the two Adams as seen in Gen 3:15 the seed of the woman (Jesus who comes out of Israel) and the seed of the serpent (Antichrist who comes out of Babylon). However as we are ofthe seed of the woman (Jesus) we fight the good fight in love pointing people to the truth and we suffer as Christians because of it. Continue in your obedience Pastor and do no compromise, it is wonderful to know that I have a covering by teachers such as yourself, Jacob Prasch, Roger Oakland and many others. regards Donald van der Merwe, Western Cape, South Africa.

  28. Les Opachak says:

    I read The response of “ChristmasAngel” and the tone can be summed up as scornful – not skeptical as some of my Jewish friends are, but mocking G-d’s word. Sadly, no amount human reasoning will change this.
    We are admonished in the Third Chapter of 2 Peter “that you should remember the predictions of the holy prophets and the commandment of the Lord and Savior through your apostles, knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following after their own sinful desires. They will say, ‘where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.’ … But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slow to fill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but all should reach repentance. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief, and then the heavens will pass away with a roar, and the heavenly bodies will be burned up and dissolved, and the earth and the works done on it will be exposed.” (ESV)

  29. nannette says:

    Wow! I just read this. I just want to ask Christmas Angel if that person has heard your sermons? I have heard just about all of them, and they are filled with teaching, edification & conviction. Is that not what it is about? You struck a nerve Pastor, conviction. One thing I know while witnessing to folks sometimes you get these kind of people who are non negotiable. No matter what you say, they will not in anyway change their mind. No matter how loving, patient, kind, they will not listen (like to your sermons). For a matter of fact I know that after I was born again, it was said of me that I have gone over the deep end! I’m sure folks here know what I’m talking about, because that is what the world thinks of God’s born again ones. For which I say, Praise the LORD! Thank you Pastor Randles for your faithfulness, it is a rare thing these days. I have no church to go to, but I do get to listen on line to you and Jacob, and others who speak the truth in love. Except for my weekly Bible study with my beloved sister in the Lord. Blessings from Oregon, Nannette

  30. Donald van Der Merwe says:

    Hello Pastor Bill Randles – from Wellington Western Cape South Africa. I attempted a post earlier but it seems it didn’t work. You know one thing about being on a journey it can get tiring and one only looks forward to the destination and ultimately a good rest. Along the journey there may be many hazards but the signs come up and you can see when you are nearing your destination. Well the signs are all coming up that we are in the last days and the end of the age is in sight. It is so nice to have Pastors who are showing us the signs from scripture in obedience to Gods call in their lives. Love is an action and what you are doing is pointing your sheep and other believers in the right direction. Decisive leadership is what you are displaying not compromising on what the Word of God says 1 Cor 4:1-6. Just as much as God has loved us and brought us to repentance in His undying love there is also Gods judgements that those who want love only overlook. One needs only look at the flood. Noah preached and preached in love but only 8 got saved. Did God show His love … Yes Noah built the ark and all who would believe Gods coming judgement would of got saved. But unfortunately not many believed. Just in our day we see Pastors like you displaying love showing the world what is currently happening and what is coming. We download your sermons on a regular basis and they are distributed to others in our bible study. Everyone is enjoying them. We wait for more of your blogs to see how things are developing. We live you in the Lord Pastor Bill and look forward to your next visit to Cape Town

  31. Megan Reardon-Bester says:

    Please listen to Pastor Bill’s Sermon ‘Cain or Jesus’ – this is so apt to the Christmas Angel’s anger. …….’Behold, he is standing behind our wall, He is looking through the windows, He is peering through the lattice.’ (Song of Solomon 2:9). Those who love our Lord and Savior spend our lives seeking Him and this verse always reminds me how ‘shy’ or ‘reserved’ our Lord is – He only reveals Himself to those who are trustworthy, those who respect, honor, glorify and defend His reputation, character, truth – no one can come to the Father unless He draws them. How much more does the Lord hide Himself from the Cain’s – He asks questions over and over again, yet they refuse to deal with their anger and pride and unless they accept the Lord’s once and for all sacrifice, someone else is going to have to be sacrificed. We do not need to defend Pastor Bill, he is a servant of the most high, the Lord Himself defends His servants, however we need to defend our Savior’s credentials, and pray that God would have mercy to soften hearts so He can reveal Himself to them. They will hate you, as they hated Jesus, and no amount of patience, explanation will cause them to get down from their high horse, how amazing we tell the truth, we are told we have no love, we are intolerant, we constantly are rejected for having pity, compassion on souls – yet they are all those things they accuse us of. They do not see us as being ‘gentle as doves..’ neither did the Pharisees see this in Jesus, they cried crucify Him! Our hearts are constantly in such sorrow for all those around us, who continue to attack those who truly love them – we can pray for them, we are worn down as we constantly battle for God’s truth to be heard, we are weary soldiers, Fill us Dear Lord – not by might nor by power but by your Spirit Dear Lord, come….. Grant us discernment Lord – ‘These are the ones who cause divisions, worldly-minded, devoid of the Spirit. But you, Beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith; praying in the Holy Spirit; keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting anxiously for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to eternal life. And have mercy on some who are doubting; save others, snatching them out of the fire; and on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment polluted by the flesh. Now to Him who is able to keep you form stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Savior, trough Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.’ (Jude 19-25)

  32. rita lindhag says:

    Not a very nice Christmas Angel! I thought you would tell this person of their grammar mistake in paragraph 11. The first word in the first sentence should have been “You” frequently have…instead they said “Your” frequently have…I know we are not supposed to be petty and I wouldn’t correct this person either, but I am getting this wrong? This person seems to be friends of your church? Also, the fact that they will not identify themselves is cowardly.Just my thought. Hope it’s okay to say what I did.By the way, we are very much enjoying the DVD set your church gave us on “A Sword On The Land”. Very good. Thank you all so much.Rita Lindhag, from Northern Minnesota

    Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2015 02:28:40 +0000 To: ritalindhag@hotmail.com

  33. Gordon Wood says:

    Hi Bill:

    This is a classic ad hominem attack on you. Your response was most gracious–a fine example of defending yourself where no defense should have been needed. Your blog speaks for itself. I see you as one of the few levelheaded pastors out there who see the real situation.

    Many are deceived and being deceived. Jesus IS love–and He is also a CONSUMING FIRE! Christmas Angel will find this out–I hope the easy way by humbling himself or herself.

    The end times are imminent.
    1. Men’s love grows cold due to multiplying wickedness… school shootings, ISIS, Planned “Parenthood” (or is is planned murder for hire?) to name a few,
    2. Wars and rumors of wars. Arab Spring, ISIS, etc. Perhaps the stage is being set for Ezek 38-39.
    3. Famines… bee colony collapse, drought, wheat rust smut, pesticide resistance to name a few
    4. Pestilences… Marburg, Ebola, HIV, TB-XDR, MRSA, antibiotic resistance, vaccine development and antibiotic development essentially halted… no money in it.
    5. Evil called good… Homosexual “marriage” a right, defending normal marriage is wrong, as one example
    6. Lawlessness… IRS, presdential, congressional, State Dept misbehavior
    7. Christians hated and persecuted… Isis, Iran, etc.
    8. Signs in the sun, moon, stars… Lunar tetrad this year coinciding with Jewish Passover and Succot, not again for 500 years. Rev 12:1-2 sign most likely Sep 23, 2017. Please refer to Stellarium, Constellation Virgo. Mercury, Mars, Venus + 9 principal stars of Leo form the crown. Can’t view in sky because the suln is at Virgo’s neck.
    9. Potential Mark of Beast: Transponder chip (see Digital Angel, Positive ID. Chips in credit cards are now world wide. When do the go into us???
    10. News events can be broadcast worldwide due to Internet, optical cable, satellite.
    11. People run to and fro… Inexpensive jet and auto travel
    12. Knowledge shall increase. Internet, data centers, science, etc. 24 hour news cycle.
    13. Fear, mens’ hearts fail them because of the roaring of the sea: Extreme weather becoming common. Worldwide economy unstable.
    14. Judgment: Many countries given over to Muslims (Europe on the way) Our Congress, judiciary and president act like fools and children in many ways. Lack of real financial prosperity. Enslaved to national debt. Isaiah speaks of this (except the debt) in government.
    15. Creation groaning in travail: More volcanoes, earthquakes; global warming (sun allowed to burn the earth with its heat in future) many living creatures in distress.
    16. Great falling away: How severe is the apostasy among many churches? Seeker sensitivity… Watered down gospel… endorsing sin, such as homosexual practices or adultery or occult practices. Where’s Jesus and His consuming fire???

    I don’t know the day or hour, but the season shouts out loud and clear, “Jesus will come soon!”

    God bless you and keep the true faith and message

    -Gordon Wood

  34. midrashcreed says:

    As a UK based Christian, I make a point of NOT commenting on America’s culture wars unless they involve events of global significance or movements that have impinged on me directly. This is because I believe that such issues are best addressed by those on the spot rather than by a rank outsider. Having looked through CAs comments carefully I do however believe that there is a grain of truth amidst all the accusation. There is a very real danger of reacting with unrighteous anger to all the apostasy and cultural decadence around us. As a believer who celebrated the fortieth anniversary of his sudden conversion only last month I have had to live through the death of English Christianity which I count as the greatest tragedy of my life.. Especially since 1990 the decline has been relentless in terms of numbers, the amount of doctrinal error and the quality of congregational life. Even the righteous remnant don’t seem to know what to do.

    Amidst this such situation I experience many intense feelings of anger, sadness and despair. However in March 2014 when Britain had its first same-sex marriages I got down on my knees and asked ‘Lord what will you have me do at a time like this?’ To cut a long story short, the door opened to witness to hundreds of LGBT people and their affiliates. I’ve even just released my testimony to them. This was NOT a call I sought, desired or anticipated but it happened. By a sovereign act of grace God placed me among the type of people who I would advise most believers to steer well away from. My initial reaction to this call was one one of horror. I felt as if I’d been told I’d got cancer. But through following a very carefully tested leading of the Holy Spirit the gospel has gone out and in that I rejoice.However, I have been saddened by how last year, way two well known Christian preacher (one now deceased) had a public brawl over the ‘profound’ question as to whether the rapture was before or during the tribulation. As this was going on I comforting a women who’s husband was in the midst of a ‘gender re-assignment. ‘Later I would help to talk a Gay man out of committing suicide. Such encounters have stretched me like nothing else in the Christian life. Sometimes I’ve even had to use Midrash in my many debates.

    If you’re not to succumb to an embittered religious Fascism I think what you need to do Bill is retire into the wilderness, for a while ask ‘Lord what will have me do at such a time as this?’ and then go on to ask him to give you a people you can share the gospel with. You’ve got to be like Moses beside the burning bush not like the angry Moses who slew the Egyptian. Correctly discerning a problem is one thing,but finding and applying God’s strategy to respond to that problem in a wise and appropriate manner is another. I hope you don’t follow the example of another gifted and theologically sound bible teacher who I believe has made himself ill with rage. The irony is .that he who got me into Midrash which has been a wonderful tool for sharing the Gospel with hundreds of LGBTs.

    Anyway Bill please prayerfully consider these points (which might also apply to some of your readers). I write as someone as a reader of your books and as someone with a respect for your ministry. I have no criticisms of your teaching but I do question whether a note of bitterness is coming into the way you express that teaching. If what I’ve shared here is of the Lord He will convict you by bringing to your attention the relevant scripture passages.

    Yours with respectful regards from the UK.

  35. midrashcreed says:

    Thank you for your gracious reply. Glad to be of use. Your prayers for my work in the LGBT area will be very welcome. Some of the issues I have been called to to deal with have been absolutely horrendous! Try for instance debating the New Age Movement on a thread ran be an Afro m to F transgender from Holland! Yet God’s grace has been present and His gospel has gone out. For that I am thankful. The fact that I’m an Englishman who’s NOT been involved in any of America’s toxic culture wars has been a plus. Thankfully,I’ve entered that area without any that particular baggage. Still, it’s been the biggest challenge of my life – especially engaging with those whose knowledge of Scripture and Midrash is as good as some of the ‘greats’ we’ve known in this area. A Messianic Jewish lady I know says that “it represents a last ditch rescue mission.”. Maybe she’s right.

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