Hey Europe, How is That Feminism Working for you?…Kings of The Earth pt 4


You have to see this video to get a grip on what I have been trying to tell you about “the KNGS of The Earth and their Rulers”, and what they have done to destroy the formerly healthy, vigorous and highly successful Western Civilization.

One of the toxic viruses of their arsenal against Judeo/Christianity has been feminism. In the West, through culture, and education and false religious Christian notions, the line between the sexes has been blurred, and that to the detriment of that old fashioned virtue, masculinity.

The Bible teaches us that the “Effeminate” will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Behold the utter inability to grasp reality , by the Television interviewer, in the above video. She doesn’t “get it”. Neither does the Swiss model and feminist protester who showed up at the Cologne Cathedral in the days after the mass rape on New Years Eve, and stripped naked, standing there for twenty minutes in the nude bearing a sign which said, “Respect us we are women”. That ought to send chills down the spines of the Muslim rape hides!

Neither do the German men get it, who thought that donning skirts and marching down German street in solidarity with the rape victims,  as though that would impress the sub human savages invited into the formerly orderly society.

Have you heard about the Roses for Rapists program in Germany? That is a weak attempt to appease the savages. All of these are only encouraging to the followers of a Pirate and Rapist, (Mohammhed), and are due to the stripping away from Germany,Britain, Europe and America of as much Christianity, cultural confidence, certainty,as possible.

I do have a warning for the Muslims though. There is still a lot of Manhood in Britain, America and even Europe, The real men are currently disenfranchised by the perverted, effeminate, post modern elite, but I believe that Europe especially is just one atrocity, mass rape, church desecration, or what have you, from reaching the tipping point, and a bloody civil war.It will be tragically preventable, millions will die, and the Kings of The Earth will be at fault for this crime. Maranatha!!!

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1 Response to Hey Europe, How is That Feminism Working for you?…Kings of The Earth pt 4

  1. Suzanne Sutton says:

    Pastor Bill, thank you for this posting! I shared it with my daughter in law, who is a young mother of a beautiful little girl. She thanked me for having raised a Man who will stand up and protect her or any female. I raised two sons who are now married, with one to go. I know they will stand up and fight for the truth.
    My heart aches for the turmoil in Europe, it is unfolding in front if our eyes. It angers me to see the leaders in those and our own country be So complacent, and turn a blind eye to the truth.
    Your ministry us blessing.

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