Why I Changed My Message…

I changed my message today, in church. I had been going through a short series of messages on Psalm 1 and 2, “The One and The Many”, in which God showed me that these two Psalms are placed together and begin the Psalms for a reason. Psalm 1  emphasizes the individual, “Blessed is the man…”.

As Individuals we must go to God, know God and live before Him, and one day as individuals we will answer to God. The Psalm speaks of the individuals separation from the world, in his thoughts and inner life, due to his being “Planted by rivers of water…” i.e. being born again of the Spirit. The Psalm assumes that the prevailing opinions of the world, are “the counsel of the ungodly” but this individual has been separated from all of that, by the Word of God.

This morning I was going to adress Psalm 2, which by contrast, steps back and takes in the whole world, “Why do the Heathen Rage?”. “Why do the people imagine a vain thing?”, this Psalm speaks of the masses, and their confusion, due to being so badly mislead by their “Experts”, they hold to a “Vain Imagination”, which will bring upon them the wrath of God.

But I never  got that far this morning, because while we were worshipping, a group of young men, whom we in the church had been evangelizing through a basketball team we formed , named “The Defenders” came in among us.

I realized as we sing the familiar songs, hymns and Spiritual songs as we always do, in the church, that perhaps these young people had no idea why we should do so.

Our service was powerful and dynamic this morning, there was a prophecy, which was very edifying, and the Spirit of God was very evident.

Fully intending to do my exposition on Psalm 2, I felt the leading to give a mini-sermon n why we sing praises to God. I explained the theological truth that God doesn’t need our praises, HE knows who He is and has myriads of Angels to praise Him.

We need to Praise God, however. Why? Because our primal human problem, which lies at the root of all of our problems, is that we have tried to be God ourselves, making our own rules, deciding for ourselves what reality is, what our morality should be, and how our life should be lived.

I explained to the young people that what a Christian conversion is, is the repudiation of our own godhood, “I don’t want to be a “god” anymore” I want to accept God’s forgiveness, and humble myself to God and become a man under God, a worshipper.

But the spiritual plague of wanting to be “God” is so strong, that we constantly need to worship and adore the one above us, He who is Holy, we need to hear ourselves praising Him, and adoring his attributes, and re-asserting our own humble creature-hood. This is the meaning of the lifting of Holy Hands, and exalting him, we need Him we look up to heaven, from whence cometh our help.

But one thing leads to another, and before I knew it I was discussing the sure judgment coming upon all “pretender gods”. A terrible time of testing and then judgment is coming upon the world, and I saw (perhaps by the Spirit) how unready and mislead and distracted these young men were for it.

The urgency of this late hour seized upon my soul, and all I could do was try to reach them with the blessed gospel of the one who has “loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood”.

Compassion came heavily upon me for these young people, of a different generation and outlook than my own. How can we reach them? How unique they are in history!

When I was young, I knew about God and Jesus and that God was above me. I was born and raised in a world that still gave outward respect to God and Christianity, I knew what it was to pray and ask for God’s help.We now have completely godless generations in America! This is the hellish world the leftist cultural revolution has left us.

I didn’t have technology that constantly distracted me, I wasn’t awash with the rebellion and disrespect that inculcates the young through entertainment, “education” and the general media.

What is going to come of these youth?

So I just gave way to the Spirit and tried only to tell these precious ones, the eternal gospel of the substitution of Jesus for our sins.

I know I will get back to the second Psalm, it is the WORD OF GOD after all and full of  prophetic application for our day. And when I do,(God willing) God will use it and perhaps even save souls through it, but this morning I caught a glimpse of the very severe urgency we must have for the salvation of souls.

Dear friends, give the gospel, everywhere you can, for the time is short!


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10 Responses to Why I Changed My Message…

  1. Darryl says:

    G’day Bill. Real glad you heard the Spirits prompting for Sunday. It was a real blessing and encouragement. Bless you mate.

  2. Della Brengettsey says:

    It is refreshing to hear that you were led by the Spirit to minister to these young men. So often we find Pastors and members who are set on the “program” and not straying from it for the sake of time. I appreciate that you recognized them, saw their need, and responded to it in a positive way. God will give you the opportunity to complete the series you started “in His time.” God’s blessings.

  3. Rebecca Dixon says:

    Thank you Bill, I need this timely reminder.

  4. midrashcreed says:

    I was delighted that you found a people group to reach out to, RJS

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  5. Karen says:

    Praises be to our LORD Jesus, the Christ for this post! I cannot stop crying for the tears of joy are cleansing indeed. Psalm 150, a Psalm to end the Psalms, came to mind as I read your testimony and how, on Monday morning, I delight in the Presence of our Father. To know and recognize the leading of God, the Holy Spirit, is a true and genuine blessing and we are glad that you, Bill, listened to His promptings, rather than going your own way.

    These words I hear often within the church from self confessing believers, “I am so proud of myself, I am proud of what I have done, I am a proud parent, grandparent, pastor, deacon or deaconess, elder, Sunday School teacher, business owner, pastor’s wife……pride, pride, and more and more pride.” As a child, growing up in the 70’s, I had never heard people wear the ‘phrase of pride’ on their right arm, nor heard the wagging of tongues concerning pride. This phenomenon was reserved for communities, ie., community pride, with absolutely no Jesus involved. And now, man has evolved into being prideful human beings with no boasting in the LORD as the Apostle Paul exhibited, and in fact, rarely have many of us had good and godly conversations about Jesus and the truths He is showing us through His Word.

    It is my personal belief that this “pride of life” is leading to our nation’s own demise for indeed, when we declare our own pride, whether communal or individualistic, we have in fact become our own little gods. Joyce Meyer and the rest of the Trinity Broadcasting Network preachers and teachers would be very ‘proud,’ for their influence has brainwashed my generation effectively.

    So thankful our Father, who art in Heaven, is still in control of all things. Thank-you so much for posting truth. May our LORD be with you.

  6. You are so right. I write a blog myself which has always been about my concerns for the deceptions in the Church, but lately I have been thinking very much of using it more to preach the gospel, God bless and keep you, Eileen

  7. billrandles says:

    Glory to God in the highest! So blessed to be apart of this yesterday. How awesome is our God and how wondrous are His ways. So very grateful to my husband for magnifying all that is important, the glorious gospel which is able to save men’s soul.

    Today was a glorious day! Not only was it our oldest son, Samuel’s 26th birthday but another young man whom we have known since his birth and also dearly love, came to church today and gave his life to Christ after the powerful preaching of the gospel, the glorious good news of the cross, Praise God forevermore and Glory to God in the highest!
    Kristin Randles

  8. Veronica says:

    Wow! I’ve never heard that perspective on worship. Profound. Thanks.

    Have you uploaded this sermon to your YouTube channel? If not, could you please? I’d love to share this with our church.

  9. midrashcreed says:

    Dear Eileen,

    Within the last two years I’ve made exactly the move from being a warning voice against deception in the church to being an evangelist witness among the people we’ve called to engage with. Over the last few day my wife and I along with others helped to dissuade a Texan based 23 ‘Pansexual’ girl from committing suicide. (She already had the bottle of pills besides her.) That’s been the third case like it in under a year. There’s clearly a lot of despair in America. (I’m UK based myself.)

    As you make this shift in ministry take care to: –
    1. Seeks God’s will as to which people group you should reach out to and not reach out to
    2 Seek the right strategy to do this
    3 Be willing to face the possibility that God may lead you to some strange people in some strange situations – in my case it’s a locally based M to F Transgender steeped in the New Age

    In short we need who to reach out to and how to reach them. Follow these guidelines and outreach could well be profitable.

    God bless and all the best in the Lord!

  10. George says:

    James to the scattered peopple of God:-….pray for one another… James 5:16

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