A Dirge (For A Friend That Fell)

Oh Troubler, why do you trouble us?

We had just talked to you, we thought you were doing better…

Why did you take your eyes off of Him who comes to us in the midst of every storm?

What did you see, when you gazed at the Babylonian garment?


What misery was so great that you were willing to sell out,

just to relieve it?

Did it work? Are you better now? Now,  we who love you are miserable?

Wouldn’t it be better to suffer than to sin?

Which is worse, suffering or sin? Which is the cause and which is the effect?


Hider, why did you hide from us?

We would have kept the vigil with you through the long , painful night

We would have prayed with you and staved off the evil One,

One day at a time, “Each day has evil enough”

But it is not good to be alone my brother…



Achan,We don’t want to go on without you…

We are worried about you brother…

but we worry in all of our prayers for you …

Why did you let us down?

If one suffers don’t we all? If anyone of us sins, don’t we burn?


Now we remember

how painful it is to love someone,

to hope for something better,

We all hoped against hope for you, (We still do)

But this fall is an offense…a stumbling block and a burden…


Now we remember, how bitter death is

in all of it’s forms…

truly the wages of sin is death…

When you sin, we all die for we are one…if one suffers…all suffer


Troubler why did you trouble us?

What were you looking for when you went out from among us?

Admit it,

Did you think you could grab for yourself

some of the solace once found in the garden?

Were you going to crash by the flaming Cherubim and take for yourself?


I mourn for you my brother

I remember by the fire at the lake,The men of Christ gathered around you,

they prayed and sang hymns

as  you were born again

unto a living hope…

You called upon Jesus,


Remember that we told you once,

That the mercies of the Savior, are new every morning?

(Haven’t we sang that in song, time and again?)

That should you fall a thousand times, get back up,

Even in prison, or as they say ,(The ends of the earth)

“If you seek me, you shall find me, if you seek me with all of your heart”.


How could we disown you? (Never)

We are not ashamed of anyone who sins,

as long as they return…

We know, brother, none of us are far from defection,

Could it be that this trouble and pain is what it might take

to finally bring you to the One who has loved you Brother?

to Him who Has washed you of your sins in his own blood?


Troubler remember,

If God marked iniquities, who could stand,

but with Him there is forgiveness,

that He might be feared…

Troubler, All does not have to be a loss-

Just remember the thief on the cross!



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6 Responses to A Dirge (For A Friend That Fell)

  1. kristin Randles says:

    Beautifully written.. I love you, honey and I cry with you.

  2. dplourde@comcast.net says:

    This was beautiful … and sad.  Thank you for sharing this poem.    I appreciate your articles, too.     Dianne Plourde Reading, PA area

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  4. Gloria Leese says:

    It is impossible not to cry when i read this…Thank You Pastor Randles

  5. Shirl Esther says:

    I wish my last two church pastors (one of them you know Pastor Randel) had reached out to me when i left!
    They werent the shepherds but they took the office. I, a sheep am lonley and without fellowship
    BUT they didnt care!
    I follow CHRIST alone thats what l chose ..
    My brothres and sisters who l worshiped togehther with didnt care that
    I fell by the side…l saught restoration and help to stand again for it was their responsobilty to help me mend my wounds caused by the people close to the pastors..i cry for the cold hearts of those two pastors (one led by the people and the other à contrôler nonethless, l loved them both for they preached the truth without compromise)
    But me they didnt care about mespite me reaching out to them time and time again!
    I cry and sob through many nights at the state of the fellowships which abandoned me at my lowest, at the state of lack of love among the brothern, at the state of coldhearted gestures of christians who want but dont give!
    I sit alone and fellowship with FATHER, SON and the SPIRIT whilst they (one shepherd)
    calls me a Jezebel – not à blood bought child of GOD!
    These are the pain of à troubler who has left the fellowship!
    I wish my Pastor(s) and wife cared as much as you do about your fool.
    I wouldnt be à troubler, hurting or without fellowship!
    Write in tears!
    May the LORD bless you and family in your service to CHRIST our LORD and SAVIOUR and KING!

  6. Shirl Esther says:

    Typo earlier, it should read sheep* not fool!

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