False Prophecy As Spiritual Test…Charismatic Post Mortem pt 6

If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder,  And the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, Let us go after other gods, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them; Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams: for the Lord your God proveth you, to know whether ye love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul.( Deuteronomy 13:1-3)

Again he said, Therefore hear the word of the Lord; I saw the Lord sitting upon his throne, and all the host of heaven standing on his right hand and on his left. And the Lord said, Who shall entice Ahab king of Israel, that he may go up and fall at Ramothgilead? And one spake saying after this manner, and another saying after that manner. Then there came out a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will entice him. And the Lord said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go out, and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And the Lord said, Thou shalt entice him, and thou shalt also prevail: go out, and do even so. (2 Chronicles 18:18-21)

There was a figure, an evangelist and self proclaimed prophet who emerged among Pentecostals in the years leading up to the Charismatic movement, by the name of William   Marion Branham. This simple man who had been a warden at a state park in Indiana, but had also been a country preacher from his youth would fill large auditoriums and church halls  to overflowing due to his unique gifts.

At times, he was able to call strangers out of the crowd, and tell them the secrets of their heart, things which could not naturally be known about them, and would pray for their healing, many of which would testify that they were healed.  Serious conditions such as blindness and deafness were seemingly ‘healed’ when this man performed his gifts.Twice professional photographers took his picture and when they developed it, there was a halo over his head!


William Branham Halo Photo

The only problem arose when he would teach. In fact Pentecostal ministers would beg him to come and perform his signs and wonders, but only on the condition that he not teach his doctrines. You see, his doctrines would un-nerve people.

Branham taught that The Bible, The Horoscope and the Great Pyramid in Gaza all brought the same message. He taught that He,  Branham, was the Angel of the church of LAodicea, and that the fall involved Eve having intimacy with the serpent, thus there is a group of humanity called “the serpent’s seed” which can never be saved. Furthermore if a woman cut her hair it was sinful… need I go on?

This is a classic example of what Moses warned us of in the scripture above. God himself will allow for false prophets to perform “Signs” which do indeed come to pass. But the signs and wonders are not(or should not be) the basis for judging the ‘Prophet’.

It is the teaching of the prophet that is essential, what he says about God, Christ, salvation and so forth, that is the basis for judgment. I don’t think Moses anticipated that anyone would get up in a pulpit and say “Lets go after other Gods…”. What Moses is saying is that what a prophet teaches comes from his ‘god’ whether he be a true prophet of Jahweh, or a false prophet.

If God’s people love power, and “success”, crowds and activity, more than they love God, they will do what Pentecostals did in the 1950’s with Branham, they will welcome a man whose teaching obviously doesn’t come from the God of the Bible, as long as he produces powerful results.

But if God’s people really love God, they will be loyal to the Word of God, and reject any miracle worker whose teaching departs from the faith, once and for all delivered to the Saints.

Someone asked Branham one time if He did his miracles by the Holy Spirit, his answer, “No, I do them by my Angel”. Branham would wait at the front of the auditorium full of expectant people, until his “Angel” entered the room,then he would begin to operate in his gift.

Thus did the Pentecostals in large part flunk the test of Deuteronomy 13.

Didn’t we Prophesy in thy name?

One of the ways the Charismatic movement developed over the years was in the area of “restored Prophets” and Apostles. This came as a direct development of the Manifested Sons of God teaching, which held that the “man child” company of the church would not come into the “great last days ” revival util the offices of “Apostle and Prophet” were restored.

Gradually “Prophets ” began to emerge such as the “Kansas City Prophets” , who took the world by storm in the mid 1980’s, operating out of a church called the Metro Vineyard Fellowship, Kansas City,  pastored by Mike Bickle.

Bickle’s onstage interviews with “prophet Bob Jones” went somewhat viral,(this was before the internet, but the cassette tapes spread rapidly around the world in Charismatic circles).

Jones and Bickle discussed  how Jones received prophetic revelation at time through his senses,(pinpricks on his hands), Jones’ encounter with Angels, (one of them named “Emma”), His prediction that a billion souls would be saved, Jones’ belief in the “chosen seed” doctrine,( a coming ‘new breed’ from the bloodline of Peter, James and John) , and how that every year the LORD himself would meet with Jones on the day of Atonement! These discussions were uncritical, Bickle obviously was impressed that Jones was a “Prophet” sent to his church.

Before long there were Prophetic conferences featuring Bob Jones’ “Words” and teachings, and Bob Jones was allowed to “impart” his “Anointing” by the laying on of hands.

Soon Jones as joined by another “Prophet”, Paul Cain. Paul Cain had at one time worked for William Branham, but had to leave the ministry due to scandal.

The Metro Vineyard leadership were so impressed by Cain’s gifts, they called him “the terror of the LORD” and boasted that in conferences the power of God was so strong in his presence that cassette players and cameras would surge electrically and burn out!

Cain and Jones were joined by John Paul Jackson, a “prophetic dream interpreter”, and other lesser known prophets. These were sent out all over the world to “minister in churches”, and at conferences where people thronged to receive “Words” from them, and hoped for “Signs and wonders” and miracles to be performed at the conferences.

Bickle ,Cain, Jones and all of the Kansas City Prophets and those who rose to prominence around them, all taught variations of the Manifested Sons of God doctrine, that there was coming a day when the believers would come into their own, and an elite company of believers would realize the power of Christ , demonstrating to all of the world the power in the church.

One of those associated “prophets”, Rick Joyner, of MorningStar ministries, actually prophesied that the apostles and prophets in the Bible will be waiting in heaven to shaw our hands when we arrive their, because “God has saved the best for last”.

This is the flattery which has ruined thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands, rendering them un ready for the testings and trials coming upon us. Only Truth can cure us and set us free.

The Kansas City Prophets, with Rick Joyner, developed doctrines to explain why they so often made predictions in the name of God which failed to come to pass. It was revealed to Bob Jones that the Prophets were allowed for now to be at ten percent accuracy, because they were developing their ‘gifts’. In fact Jones taught it was a good thing that they were inaccurate, because of they were anywhere near 90-100 percent, people would be dying in churches as in the days of Ananias and Sapphira!

In another revelation, the ‘LORD” showed Jones that inaccurate prophecies are like blanks in a gun. True prophecies are like bullets.

It should be obvious by now that these men are charlatans as are the ones who propped them up, and who still prop them up. IHOP in Kansas city has a website in which they credit these charlatans as being the spiritual foundation of the ministry. The insane prophet Todd Bentley has patterned his life after the ministry of Bob Jones and Paul Cain.

There is a pattern to be observed in the ‘ministries’ of these three men. Each of them eventually were exposed as sexual deviants, and Cain as an alcoholic! Bob Jones was taking vulnerable women behind closed doors, disrobing them  and having “Prophetic reading sessions”. Paul Cain was exposed as a homosexual, and zone week after ten leading Charismatic apostles and Prophets endorsed Todd Bentley as the man holding the mantle of the prophetic movement, Bentley abandoned a sickly wife and his children to run off with his secretary.

Rick Joyner “rehabilitated” Bob Jones, putting him back into the prophetic ministry, and allowing the false prophet to minster to a whole new generation of unsuspecting people. Joyner brought Bentley and his new wife back also.

There was no heart searching, nor public apology for foisting these frauds on the body of Christ. Bickle is actively in ministry, highly sought after, his IHOP ministry has enticed youth from around the globe, inundating them in Manifested Sons of God theology, the acceptance of false prophets, and the overlooking of serious moral sins.

Joyner is still in ministry as well. Bob Jones was able to die and be mourned by the “Prophetic community”. There is an entire generation of younger charismatics who are being raised up to carry on the mantle of this false movement, and for whom Branham, Cain, Jones and the others were pioneers of the faith.

The Prophet Jeremiah spoke well when in horror he uttered,

A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land;  The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?(Jeremiah 5:30-31)

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13 Responses to False Prophecy As Spiritual Test…Charismatic Post Mortem pt 6

  1. Cynthia Felice says:

    So frightening I remember being so vulnerable to those teachings in the 70s and 80s. I thank God for Sedection of Christianity, also teachers like you. God bless you.

  2. Amen to your comment, Cynthia. And thank you Bill R., as your book, “Weighed And Found Wanting” was the first formal writing I read confirming that I was not alone in discerning the falsehood in what I was experiencing.

  3. Chrisaund says:

    Interesting , as Todd Bentley the false Prophet – Healer also received guidance from an Angel, a female Angel until someone pointed out the fact that there are no female Angels in the bible! These people are in fact not Christian but occult channellers and why believers cannot see this I don’t know.

  4. KP says:

    This was important information which I did not know but have been learning how the characteristics of false teachers are fruit of the same demons working in willing vessels!all down through history….that’s why we see the same lies over and over

    I remember hearing the name of Branam in the lyrics of Carman’s song back while homeschooling ….eventually as I studied the word more and more I left off listening to him and those on TV

    I had had years involved with a ministry which had a leader who claimed exclusive understanding of the Word……his prey were new believers or those who did not know their Bibles

    As we learned to rely more on scripture the light exposed much of what turns out to be the same bad and sinful fruit in the lives of these

    As I have studied the field of infidelity the same kinds of excuses come out of the mouths of people who commit adultery…because it is the same spirit at work in their minds once they open themselves up by sin to surrender themselves to those lying thoughts that oppose the Word of God and His righteous will

    The devil is not original and he doesn’t have to be!

    He is not a mind reader….all he has to do to know where to attack a person is what things does God command us to avoid….what areas of flesh are vulnerable

    Gods commands are warnings not unrighteous….the working in human thinking has always been easily persuaded that God is withholding or mean….we see it in Eves responding in error to the Serpents quiz

    She left out “freely”….added “touch” and changed the “shalt SURELY die” to a “lest”…a “maybe”

    Adam stood by and did not “keep” the garden…which word also means “guard”

    When man did not obey God which included protecting himself and his wife from intruding evils …..deception moved the “weakest link”…..to be deceived.

    She was not stupid…the woman was not secure in her knowledge ….Adam was told face to face and commanded to teach his wife and then be her protector

    Protection does not mean dictator….his actions in obedience would have caused her to trust him and his teaching

    When a man is willfully disobedient to keep the Word of God I his own life he leaves a doubt in the minds of those he has been entrusted to care for

    Respect is difficult when there is independence and self serving demonstrated which rejects Gods commands to study and grow in His word. 2 Tim 2:15

    Many people are floundering because leadership has become independent of God and have little knowledge of His Word

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge is true

    A faulty foundation of the Word and understanding marred by trusting in people who set themselves up as teachers of the Gospel to those who are new and hungry has done great harm and destruction

    Even so God is faithful and patient…long suffering so that as we have continued to study and reach toward Him for deliverance and instruction we have been moved and brought to learn why and how these false teachers were able to convince ….appealing to flesh

    New horns don’t realize how strong the carnal mind wars and how it is deceived

    Learning more in depth HOW true what has seemed “to simple” in terms of casting down imaginations and every high thing which holds itself up against the knowledge of God and how to be alert in order to renew the mind and take captive every thought to the obedience of Christ has been a struggle but the truth as it is set forth in the Word

    Not trusting people has been a see saw process to come out of humanism which teaches from birth into this fallen world that all people are “good”…..that is a hard thing to get over…we want to live people and the natural mind says that means trusting them!

    Taught to be polite…it’s has been a hard thing to learn how to test the spirits not wanting to be “suspicious ” and insult people in my path

    But as the Word has supplied much in practical experiences which confirms the character fruit of what unbelievers and anti Christians have in their ways…it has become clearer

    Hurt by deception by way of those who claimed to be Christ’s is a hard way to learn that the Word is right …..even having doubted my own knowledge from my study of the Word since I was not secure in trusting the things I knew….did not trust my memory …..set up by years of academic performance less than perfect in the world’s system of “schooling”

    All prepared me to ignore my own knowledge of scripture after I came into the faith b way of reading the Bible with a heart to know the Lord

    Deception played upon my insecurity or trust of my own mind…..I knew my own flesh would work against discipline but the enemy saw that as an opening to teach me through my desire to learn how to live this new life in Christ and love Him!

    Been through being kidnapped by the first Christians …one who I had known in high school so I trusted her because she was the last one to witness to me before I went home to seek in the Bible

    Her husband was older than she and later I learned he was an “ex offender”

    Classic “Marjo” type. …..after being rescued I still had not confidence in what I knew and knew I needed to be taught and to have fellowship

    After many searches for a fellowship…church groups seemed lukewarm
    I had a friend who recommended a group to me of like minded lovers of the Lors and HIS WORD

    The approach to deceive in this group was an increasing working of the Word but it was taken over by a man who impressed these new believers with his story of how he had had a conversation with God ..audible voice…and some miracles.

    To many young believers in that era of late 60’s early 70’s this “seemed right”
    Mysticism to new Christians from the hippy era was easy to set out …poison food.

    As I came to realize years later these were classic deceptions used on those ignorant of the Word…easy prey for wolves

    Many of the notable people of various fame among Christiandom and historical variety of forms of Christianity were unknown to me as I had only wanted to learn the Word and learn from the Lord what He would teach me

    The kidnapping experience in the name of Jesus did help me become cautious to sum it to anyone but lack of knowledge of the Word as needed has been a life long effort to sort out and compare all things with the Word…..this has been useful to help me listen with caution to all and actually has seemed to educate me as to what is not truth as the Word continues to inform and reveal and confirm what IS truth!

    It seems that this is what I call my PHD in all of what is going on and where and how it appears throughout the length of the world’s history and the church!

    (PHD =piled higher and deeper!)😵

    I watched a movie that demonstrated how vulnerable people ….in this case a vulnerable woman was used by such a man…”Big Eyes” a somewhat obscure movie about the life of Margaret Keane….famed artist whose husband took her artwork as his own

    The control…the deceit …the subtle working of his character was played so well by the actor and demonstrated dynamically how the wicked are able to dupe everyone

    It is emphatically a spirit at work through the sinful justifications a person willing to act out despite all reason whatever drives them

    It was disturbing to watch ….especially to note how we could watch as those who know something about the way preditors find entrance to deceive

    The victory however was out from the Word of God believed…despite how she came to read the Worsds of Christ

    The Lord truly is the Good Shepherd who cares for His sheep and seeks those who are His and who are willing to follow Him as He will lead us out through our obedience to be a Berean and continue in His Word

    People I have trusted for the most part were not just sinners saved by grace but too many have been willing to use that grace to abuse my trust

    Forgiveness and prayer for them and all harmed by such sinful and abusive treatment but learning how to place protective boundaries and to say “no” have been areas I am still learning

    Many claim that to place boundaries is not “loving” as we see that social gospel being the rhetoric du jour…..without boundaries our blood would have no way to remain in our bodies…so it is proper boundaries both personal and national forbid easy access to steal…kill and destroy !

    Arnold Feuctenbaum wrote recently at Areil Ministries how he sees the recent deilemma regarding the refugees needs to be handled

    He went through five years being vetted before he and his family was allowed to enter the U.S. …..and during that time they were detained in a camp in Germany

    We see much of the disaster here seems to be intentional and actually useful toward the end of the age but in the meantime boundaries are something I hope to become more knowledgable of in both my private life and in how it plays out in all other areas

    Thank you for continuing to share what informs from Gods word

    May the Lord continue to bless you for your generousity

    I am enjoying the things you have sent me as gifts and hope to offer you something more ..in the meantime we pray daily for your fellowship to increase by His will for His glory and the edification of the Body.
    God bless you Bill and yours in the powerful name of Jesus Christ the only Truth for a dying world

  5. Kris says:

    Additional details come to mind regarding how “silly women laden with sins are led Way by diverse lusts”….some refer to “silly” as “harmless”….clueless to the reasons why they are vulnerable to deceit…again not being raised with the Word as foundation I did not know my vulnerabilities

    Once coming to Christ I saw my sinful life but felt ill equipped to do anything about it….I sought fellowship…support and help to overcome habitual sinful leanings

    My exposure to Christians was at first lukewarm and without relevance to daily life….,any one we knew to be Christian did not live by the scriptures but we’re either Roman Catholic or did not disclose any faith if they had any

    I those days only”tomato a” talked about Jesus Christ as far as I knew.

    Parents were not equally interested in the Bible or church…mom was more or less church compelled by culture and only gave up prodding us to go as my father was not involved at all….he followed his father and mother into Masonry and then Shriners
    Mom was a good mom and tried to invest morality

    As I grew up we moved to a status seeking community where even children we conscious of money and measured among us by material demonstrations of either grades and or label designer clothing…etc

    Then college where I was surrounded by preachers kids who boldly tainted my desire to keep a high moral standard ….all by fleshly effort of course and with the ongoing mockery of keeping my virtue again I began to weaken …questioning the purpose and value of my efforts

    The continued contrast of Christian harsh treatment by those who claimed Chridt why the uber kindness and love of even unbelievers led to trusting the loving Christians who at first were seeming to be genuine

    Some were but as I became more involved the harsh treatment and demands became moreso

    It is little wonder I ends up married to a person who had not been in the group but claimed Christ …yet did not know much Word

    I was easily led to trust that he would grow and learn and we could marry and be able to succeed in marriage as we were growing together in Christ

    His roots were shallow his interest in study of the Bibke waned as more of the hierarchy was exposed ..once married he began to shun biblical truth and refused to even study the Bible itself to allow the Lord to teach and correct him

    His roots were from a family that lived by insisting no personas any right to tell another person about God
    He reasoned that he has no right to keep me from following onward in the Bible even when he ministry broke

    My faith was from a personal seeking and learning from asking tre Lord to teach me …his faith was from meeting me ..listening to me and then going to whatever the ministry had to offer

    As long as he was involved in being taught I believed that he would grow and we would grow together in Christ

    Without caring about what God said about how to conduct his life he trained away from choosing godly ways and friendships

    I believe the things taught me in terms of not speaking anything negative and not to think evil

    I have since learned that when something IS evil …it is not “evil” to identify it!

    Positive confessions and endevoring to not obey how God said a wife was to honor her husband led to not being able to address straightforwardly the things that I was experiencing

    I did deal with things as well as I knew by the protocol of scripture
    Being calm and speaking up taking into consideration timing and such to speak with him about my concerns but nothing penetrated once he was involved with other women

    As I homeschooled our children he “worked hard to support us” supplying a generous amount of showy things while neglecting is for the most part

    Bringing up the need for his involvement was often met with defensive anger and subtle threats of abandonment

    After 25 years and many moves disrupting our family the shocking discovery of his second long term secret life

    The impact has been difficult to say the least and all of what proverbs teaches about sun has more than proved true

    Why I share this is shows how unstable and dangerous wrong doctrine and dismissal of study of scripture can be

    Many here have gone through these things as we live in dark and deceptive times
    What we do not know from God and His word does damage is

    Jesus rescues us as we are willing to continue to follow Him and His Word

    The movie “Big Eyes” semonstrates how a woman uncovered by a godly man will become prey
    How feminism found willing takers among women who had no clue of what constitutes a wiseand mature godly man

    Abuse by way of the very things Adam displayed passive attitude and independence from God and then as mankind fell …dominance and self serving

    I had not realized the effects of gender roles and the distortion of God designed and ordained jurisdictions and functions and how deadly this worked upon our whole society over he length of generations but now I see

    I was never a feminist as I would have identified but it’s tenants did force upon me necessity to somehow deal with life as a single woman and the message growing up was clearly fleshly now that I see more how it effected me and others

    Unprotected And u informed of my need for a strong protector and also despite an education few were able to have I was still so vulnerable to the need for lives for also to be protected from the lust of men pretending to care

    Even in marriage the bases for love was sexual and self sacrificial of the wife

    Men were told if the wide fails to satisfy you it’s her fault you stray!

    Husbands were instructed by God to protect their OWN love for their God and their wives by way of submitting to the Lord and governing their fleshly list

    Even inarriage list is sinful because it is self oriented

    It’s not live to use people Forbes own desires even if they encourage it

    But culture is destroying children by way of normalizing sin and appetites as if we are animals and unable to curb appetites

    The devil seeks to steal kill and destroy by way of convincing people that’ sex is a need just like our need for water air and food!

    I heard this from pulpits. And as we could expect marriages and family’s were destroyed and continue robe so as people who do not obey God and invest to learn from Jom what they must to live life and effect others well

    Influence Is powerful and genders were given and ordained with separate but essential influences appropriate to their domain

    The more influential the mow responsibility …I am encouraged to know Cheist will equip and enable but will also call into account!

    The movie showed the woman Margaret leaving a stifling marriage with her daughter only to be taken advantage of by a slick talking opportunist

    People who know not God must recognize their need to keep His Word and to keep their own word

    Her turn around came by way of the Word of God…however came through the cult of Jehivahs Witnesses at a timely point

    I don’t know if she continues with them but the sincere loving kindness of the people who came to her door encouraged her to read the Word and it was indeed Gods word that penetrated her mind at that crucial point and prompted her j to action to speak out and resulted in her deliverance from a very controlling and evil man

    The portrayal of how deceptive this kind of man is was excellent in how he was able to manipulate his wife and work deception among others as he was now and more successful under cover

    The victory also of the resulting future of these two was instructive
    I encourage those interested in a study of a true life testimony in events to the truth of Gods Word about deception to watch and perhaps comment

    The effects of false teachers rippling down through history as God has exposed it is necessary to heed yet many even now see little value in the study of it and much of it has been twisted and redefined … Every area of culture has been touched by the sinful working of satan as he has found the vulnerabilities of both genders

    I am typing this on my phone and cannot move to teread so I hope there are not too many typos and auto corrects to obscure what I have written here

    May those who love the Lord be strengthened with might in the inner man to learn we are not alone in having seen what we have and we are not crazy for identifying what God has defined as evil and wicked !
    It’s not “evil” to indenture evil as EVIL!

    Thank you Lord!….and Bill!

  6. Cathy Bachand says:

    Just want to sincerely thank you for helping me see the truth about so many things. I was gloriously saved and filled with the Holy Spirit 1977 and left God without realizing I was leaving Him into the heresies and false teachings of the WOF, even attended Rhema for 2 years. It’s taken me quite a while to come to terms with it all and back to God and I wanted you to know how beneficial the things you post have been to me. God Bless you.

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  8. tracehayter says:

    Pastor Bill. Would you mind if I put this on my Youtube channel word for word, in your name? I put lots of your videos on there and I could put this on as a rolling script. It’s one way of getting the info ‘out there’!

  9. mywordlikefire says:

    Reblogged this on My Word Like Fire.

  10. Ross Windust says:

    Hi Bill many thanks for giving your readers an in depth history of the dangers of becoming involved in these deceptions.
    I would like your help in better understanding Revive Israel’s connection with IHOP?
    You or may not be aware of the Revive Israel ministry, but I would appreciate if you would have the time to check out their Biblical world view. I became concerned when reading this blog and you mentioned IHOP. Dan Juster and Asher Intrater have strong ties to IHOP.
    I am genuine in what I m asking, and there may be other readers who have similar concerns as I do, but struggle to put our fingers on wrong teaching. Bill I have met you a number of times when you have been in Hamilton NZ and pray for you and your ministry every day.
    I have a passion to learn more of where the Messianic born again believers are coming from, especially those in Israel, and when I see connections between IHOP etc it is a concern, and one needs to better understand the Biblical truth. To know and understand the end times prophecies and the teachings of Jesus in these truth’s is critical to our Christian health and helping other believers have a better understanding of the end times. We are certainly in times that this world has never seen before, and will only get worse.
    if you have the time your valued comments would be appreciated


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