The West’s Great Replacement…immigration crisis

Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?  The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,  Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.(Psalm 2:1-3)

What we have been observing in Europe is a dilemma brought to us by “the Kings of the earth and their rulers”. They have taken counsel against the LORD himself and his Christ!

By the expression, “The Kings of the earth and their rulers”, the Holy Spirit refers not just to royalty or even government, but the experts as well in every field. The cultural leaders, the intellectuals, educators, philosophers, and opinion shapers, leaders in media, religion and economics. They have conspired to change the very fabric of European (and western) culture, through massive third world immigration.

What could Europe possibly gain by welcoming in hordes of military aged men from hostile and aggressive culture? These “refugees” are Islamic supremacists, they contribute little or nothing other than rape, misery and violent assault. Why would any “leader” do this to his people.

Of course there are some excuses being offered rooted in  half truth, for example we mentioned earlier that due to the embrace of the sexual revolution of the sixties as well as the widespread acceptance of leftist economic policies, Europeans have quit having children for the most part.

Couldn’t the European governments incentivize their own people to have more children rather than bringing in violent hordes of people who hate the very nations which gave them refuge? Nations have come back from the brink before.

The knee-jerk platitudes of Mulitculturalism ,’ tolerance and diversity ‘are cited, propaganda like, in movies,Television and government pronouncements, as being “our strength”. In this way they silence their detractors as “racists”, ending all debate.

Perhaps this has partially been done to bring in cheaper labor, and if so, they have failed. Sweden announced that of the 160,000 immigrants that arrived last year, only 491 have found work. The rest live off of the Swedish taxpayer.

I think the answer to this puzzling action lies in a more sinister direction.

I believe that this massive third world immigration overwhelming the West is a huge social engineering attempt by our godless and possibly Satanic leaders to stamp out whatever is left of Biblical Christianity in the world, and to literally breed it out of existence!

The problem with western populations which have largely come out of a Judeo/Christian outlook(even if they don’t practice their religion in numbers they once did), is that they are educated, and expect their “leaders” to be accountable to them. In short they aren’t that easy to “Lead”, and they are used to voting and public discussion. Politicians are tired of their “charges” demanding accountability.

What better way to dismiss these pesky taxpaying citizens , than to admit entire new constituencies,(immigrants),  eager for the public handouts and ready to keep the gravy train going as long as there are still hard working  taxpayers to keep supporting it? Of course this is diabolical and those who do such things have a terrifying day of accountability waiting for them at God’s throne.

How else could we explain the callous response the mayors of Cologne, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and countless other European cities have given to those legitimately suffering from the crime wave they have imported? A French Mayor actually bought a Billboard a with the message “French Women belong to Africans”, and the German government has produced  creepy educational illustrations showing Third World men how to seduce rather than  not rape Europeans!

These European leaders are possessed of an evil not seen since the 1940’s.

What we are seeing has a name, for a French thinker Renaud Camus, has called this , “The Great Replacement” in a very moving speech.

The Great Replacement is not a concept, it is not a notion, and it is not a theory: it is only the coining of a name for the most important phenomenon to affect Europe in the last fifteen centuries: namely, the replacement of its population and the changing of people. If they are not blind, anybody who drives fifty miles from the south to the north of Greater London will perfectly understand what I mean; for it is of course a very low moral and ontological conception of what men are, women, nations, civilisations, to expect that you can still have the same nation, the same civilisation, the same identity for a country with different peoples….To keep on with German thinkers and writers, let us say that what has happened is the turning into a nightmarish reality of what was a joke in Brecht’s words:

If the government is not pleased with the people, all he has to do is change people.

(The Great Replacement)

Camus pointed out in an interview something that I observed earlier. Like a human body badly weakened and ravaged by an illness, Europe is spiritually sick and unable to resist the secondary opportunistic infections which could kill it,

Europe is sick with self-hatred. I think it never recovered from the Nazi episode. That is what I have called ‘The Second Career of Adolf Hitler’: maybe a little less criminal than the first one, but hardly less damaging, historically speaking. Europe is like a patient which has been operated upon so many times and so intensively to try and remove the Hitlerian cancer that the surgeons, in their eagerness to take no chances, have removed not only the cancer but most of the vital organs. The patient has no guts left, no heart, no brains, no virility, no legs, no will. The worst thing in what is happening is that we could very well resist, and still win. But we don’t want to. Europe does not want to. The Europeans don’t even want to know what is happening to them. And those who tell them are punished or banished, like birds of ill omen: the perpetual shooting of the messengers.

Europe once was nourished by Christ. Her thinking and ethics and concern for the individual, and for freedom and the rule of law, all came from Christianity. The forgiveness offered to all through Christianity is the only cure for the sin sick soul. One who has received Jesus’ forgiveness and the gift of eternal life is immune to the false, collective guilt heaped on Westerners for the past sixty years.

But if Christ is repudiated, what else will be able erase the stains of the past?


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3 Responses to The West’s Great Replacement…immigration crisis

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  2. Richard says:

    Spot on Bill. Manchester England

  3. Craig Votroubek says:

    Sure enjoying your recent articles.

    One train of thought that I’ve had for some time (20 years) that never gets much mention or press: the great ‘symptom or by-product’ sins of the America in our lifetime are abortion (1970s) and no fault divorce (1990s) , and maybe contraception (1960s) and the refusal of western church men to obey the command to be fruitful and to multiply. All the immediate result of the ERA, and feminism in the church and it’s ungodly ‘female’ response to the original problem, which was men in the post WW2 church refusing to bow their knee, and lead their countries, and then serve their communities and families, as the churched men in previous generations had done. Judgement begins at the ‘house’, and the results were obvious and almost immediate. (Within a generation or two). We most likely would not have these societal and immigration ills if we had 1) the 53 million aborted lives still around, and 2) less folks on poverty payrolls because of an uninvolved father.

    Not sure if you knew this or not, but Eisenhower got saved and baptised as a Presbyterian in his first term in office, and attempted to speak to the nation about a spiritual revival. They were not even remotely interested in the heart part. Got awful engrossed in the external stuff during the 50s, though. It is what I call the real root sin of ‘unbelief and rebellion’. The by-product sins would NOT be far behind, within a decade or two.

    I say ‘America’ and not ‘the west’. Europe was a generation ahead of us on ‘higher criticism of the scripture’ issue, and in their turn towards lack of belief and participation, and towards progressivism/socialism; and in their unwillingness to procreate for God’s glory. Post WW1 was their ‘decision time’. Notice that they were already intensely ‘immigrating’ back in the sixties when we were just deciding to promote feminism into the church: Britain recruited from their muslim colonies like Pakistan and Egypt, and France from theirs (Libya and Tunisia), . And their numbers had already dropped to where they had decided that low income immigrants were necessary to fill the declining birth rates so they could still have their form of social security retirement. And so they are about a generation ahead of us on PC too, and on the horrors of sharia. But it was their ‘logic’ that you could give up their ‘birthright’, and have immigrants pay their SS taxes back then. Sound familiar?

    Over here, it’s been the Chamber of Commerce, (that herald of reason on the Republican side), that is promoting this Godless answer to the 53 million abortions, and to contraception) and the declining retirement ‘kitty’. Even more so than the globalists… “Bring them here, and you won’t have to face the consequences of cutting/killing off your children in this generation.” Our national immigration policy is more skewed towards Hispania, and Europe towards the Middle East, but it’s just a matter of time…The logic is the same though, just historically and geographically slightly different. For me, the blindness that comes from the sin of greed has blinded most of our republican brethren towards buying into the same ‘logic’. And the Chamber is more than willing to fan the flame….

    Speaking of the Chamber and it’s seduction of wealth, it has been the chief temptress of the church in another area. Free trade. It’s fascinating to me that God’s judgment also has taken the form of concurrently shipping our jobs overseas while the majority of the ‘church’ has cheered it on, all in the name of (sins of idolatry by any other name) constitutionalism, and libertarianism. It is neither. It is just plain ole greed, which we fully embraced as a culture in the 1980s.

    Maybe our national sin of the 2000s? A Trust in technology, and in weaponry. I think that our involvement in Iraq/Afghanistan is a direct result there as well. (Since we’ve never discussed it previously, I”m about one less step critical of Bush than of Obama), two of the worst presidents in History, in my opinion, both used by God to usher in His judgements.

    Something that’s interesting to me is that though Europe’s marriage rate is lower, so is their divorce rate. And they have more intact nuclear units that we do over here. Their national logic is not as messed up as ours regarding families, and their understanding of ‘community’ is not quite as dysfunctional. The ideas/sins of individualism, and no fault divorce, and of mixed family units and of ‘single mother led’ units, and revolving father units, is uniquely our own sin, and the unique consequences of our sin choices regarding no fault divorce. We’ll see if that settles out now that the majority of Americans too (as reported by Barna), favor co-habitation

    Brexit from the EU? They’ve embraced democratic socialism for a generation in abundance, but it appears our day is now coming there as well. We’ll see if this move by England back towards nationalism precedes the move towards religion like it has in much of rest of the continent. Sad that our Czech nation is one of the few moving full throttle towards globalism and away from nationalism and religion. Funny AND sad, I’ve always found it interesting when you hear discussions about industrialized countries vs our American puritanism, and never any discussions of the obvious consequences and results of our ‘big brothers’ and their multiple decisions away from historic Christianity, though we’ve had at least a full generation to observe all of it as it developed and came to fruition.

    Irony of irony, that Godless country of Japan has almost none of these aforementioned judgements. They have their own unique set of problems, to be sure, but not many of these. Funfact: one of my former members (from El Salvador) is now in the Dept of Education back in his country, and for three weeks here now, is on a discovery trip to Japan to study their effective rural one room school houses, –modeled and trained for them by us after our conquest of their country after WW2.

    Enough rambling. Thoughts?

    As always, love and tender affections from our clan to yours.,


    On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 4:57 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:

    > billrandles posted: “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a > vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take > counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let > us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords fr” >

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