You have to hear this…insightful speech

I want to pass on to my friends this very insightful perspective on why it is actually a good thing that Islamic terror is ramping up in the civilized West. The gist of it is that the illusion pour elite leaders is trying to impose on us, that Islam is actually a peaceful religion and has nothing to do with Islam, is going to collapse under the weight of the constant aggressive and increasingly brutal terror attacks inflicted by ISIS.Reality trumps fantasy every time. The Speaker is Daniel Greenfield, aka Sultan Knish and I highly recommend his many blogs and articles on  enjoy-



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5 Responses to You have to hear this…insightful speech

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  2. Janet Sangha says:

    Yes, The Racial Discrimination law has been used to prevent open disclosure of the actual words of Mohammad, fooling people into believe that Racial Discrimination is the same as that of Religious Discrimination.
    Few consider that Hitler’s power over the multitudes was based on simple lies.
    Even Christians are being taken in by ‘lack of knowledge’ regarding the historical record of Islam & Mohammad himself & the actual words of the Quran towards Jews & Christians.
    Thank you for being a Berean & speaking the truth.

  3. Char stucki says:

    Thanks Bill. Really enjoyed this.. Including the humor! Hope to follow his blog too.

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  4. Jacques says:

    He makes some interesting points, but I think he misses some as well, or just doesn’t see the bigger spiritual picture.

    The world is in a mess and looking for a savior to save it. It makes me think of Daniel 9 – someone who will rise up and do something about the terror and even seem to save Israel from her enemies, but betray her. We should pray for Israel and the Jews (including this speaker who is one) that they might find their real Messiah.

  5. Marta DeAnda says:

    Please keep sending me your articles. I so belive you have the righteous word for this time.

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