The Deep Things Of Satan; Erdogan’s Sufi Influences…Turkey pt 6

But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden.(Revelation 2:24)

And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges; I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.(Revelation 2:12-13)



We have been examining the profound changes in Turkey since 2003. Turkey had earlier reformed from being the head of the Ottoman Empire, a four hundred year menace to the West, the head of the Sunni Caliphate and controller of the entire Middle East and much of the Maghreb,(North Africa), as well as controlling and reducing much of the Orthodox Christian Eastern European world to humiliating and impoverishing Dhimmi status.

By the end of the First World War, Turkey had lost her empire. That was when she came under new management, for the brilliant reformer Attaturk, i.e. Mustafa Kemal, absolutely led a transformation of Turkey, Europeanizing her language, script and institutions and most importantly, marginalizing any influence Islam had held on Turkish public life.To the chagrin of Sunnis across the globe, Attaturk  disbanded the ancient Caliphate.

That means that 80 percent of all Muslims have virtually been without a unifying head, for the Caliphate was the combination religious, military and political headship of the Sunni world.

The world has been enjoying a respite, a hiatus from the organized oppression which the Caliphate once impressed upon it. Turkey was able to take her place among the civilized world(somewhat), and was a partner in Nato and ally of the US and Israel, and even considered for admission to the European Union.

Eventually it became evident that even with all of this reform, Turkey wasn’t welcome into Europe’s borderless Utopia.

In 2002 the Justice and Development political party of the former mayor of Istanbul swept into power and Turkey has begun to shift in an ominous direction, turning to an aggressive form of Turkish Islam.Under the direction of Recep Tayip Erdogan, many of Attaturk’s reforms are being sidestepped and even the military, which has been the guardian of Turkey’s sear status, has been purged and out maneuvered by Erdogan.

It would do those of us looking at the prophecies to take a closer look at this man, for there is a deeper, darker spirituality driving him than standard Sunni Islam(which is dark enough!).

Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian terrorist who converted to Christ, and became a Christian evangelist, has noted that Erdogan has publicly declared his affiliation with Jalal, al-Din Rumi, a famous Sufi mystic, whose teaching give Muslims theological justification for proclaiming themselves God.

For example Shoebat quotes Rumi,

Remember the famous utterance of al-Hallaj, “I am God.” People think that to say “I am God” is a claim of great pretense and spiritual arrogance. It is actually a claim of extreme humility. “I am God” means “I do not exist.” He is all, everything is He, existence is God’s alone. I am without existence, pure non-existence. I am nothing.” “I am God” is not a claim of great pretension, it is a claim of extreme humility. There is more humility in this than any supposed claim to greatness, but people do not understand the inner meaning. When a man acknowledges his servitude to God, he is aware of his being a servant. He may see himself as a devoted servant of God, but he still sees himself and his own actions as apart from the one reality of God. He is not drowned in the Ocean of Divine Unity. Drowned is he in whom there is not separate motion or mobility. Drowned is he whose movement is the movement of the water. And so it is with the enlightenment ones, those who declares, “I am God.” Anyone who says “I am the servant of God” asserts the reality of two existences, one for himself and the other for God. But he who says “I am God” — and has realized the deepest levels of unity within his being — has seen through the illusion of his existence. He knows from the experience of unity that his own separate existence is nothing but an illusion. Knowing that, he casts its former selfhood upon the winds of oblivion. (Rumi, Hearts bear witness one to another, in The Complete Discourses of Jalal al-Din Rumi, discourse 11, p. 75, ed. Louis Rogers) Erdogan Reviving Religion of The AntiChrist

Shoebat has quoted Erdogan as praising Rumi and other Sufi mystics as well as the famous Midieval anti-Crusader, Kurdish general, Saladin. From the article above;

This is the first time in history that this connect was made and now, it is no surprise to us that this Wednesday, the president of Turkey, Erdogan, praised Rumi’s work, revealing that he himself is not only Sufi but that he also believes in Fana “the art annihilation and becoming God himself”. Why else would Erdogan praise Rumi’s work The Masnavi, saying “A work can live for more than seven centuries only if it is written with love”. The Masnavi is amongst Rumi’s most popular works, and it is in this very book that the idea of man becoming divine is adulated. He praises the Sufi declaration “I am the Truth!” saying, “Mansur’s ‘I am the Truth!’ was purest light” (Masnavi, 2.307, trans. Mojaddedi)(ibid)

People often think that Sufism is a peace loving , meditation cult aspect of Islam, and rather entertaining in practice, visitors to Turkey can see the “Whirling Dervishes”, Muslim mystics who put themselves in trances by spinning in groups in circle.But obviously being a part of pagan religion, there is a darker side to it, for all of the ‘gods’ of the nations are demons.

Erdogan has a strange influence on those who come into contact with him, as evidenced by this testimony of a secular Turkish Media Mogul,

On May 15, the Turkish media were rocked by the words of the media mogul Ethem Sancak, who bluntly declared his love for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a TV interview. Sancak said, “While working on his campaign to get him elected prime minister, from my hometown Siirt, I met him. I saw his honesty and courage. I saw his opposition to oppression, his ability to protect the victim. The more I saw him, I feel in love [with him]. To be honest, during my days as a leftist, I could not understand the love between Mevlana [Jelaluddin Rumi, the poet] and [his companion and spiritual guide] Shams al-Tabrizi. As I got to know Erdogan, I realized that such a kind of divine love between two men is possible. When I [first] declared my love to him, I was already among the top 20 on the Forbes’ list. I did not need to wait for any favors by holding on to Erdogan’s coattails.”

Another thing about Erdogan that warrants attention is his adulation of Saladin. Turkey has long suppressed and oppressed the Kurds, denying them a homeland .But Saladin, the Kurdish general is famous throughout the Muslim world for  his prowess against  the Crusaders and for retaking Jerusalem.

When Erdogan dedicated a new international airport in Turkey’s  Kurdish region, Arab News reported Erdogan’s comments-

ISTANBUL: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday opened a new airport in a restive eastern province dogged by a Kurdish separatist insurgency, naming the facility for a celebrated Muslim medieval leader of Kurdish origin…
They announced the airport would be named after Selaheddine Ayyubi to remember the 12th century founder of the Ayyubid dynasty who led Muslim resistance against Christian crusaders in the Middle East who sought to control Jerusalem.
Of Kurdish origin, he is known simply as Saladin and in Arabic as Salah ad-Din.
“We are naming this airport Selaheddine Ayyubi to send a message of solidarity and brotherhood and to say that Jerusalem belongs to Kurds, Turks, Arabs and Muslims forever.”

Walid Shoebat believes Erdogan wants to be the new Saladin, the modern “retaker” of Jerusalem, and  the restorer of the Caliphate. Here Shoebat provides an excerpt of a translation of a speech Erdogan gave recently in which he pretty much proclaims it-

Erdogan says in this video: “Praise be to Allah the lord of the two worlds [this world and the underworld] where ownership belongs to Allah alone, victory is to Allah alone. He has no associates [denouncing the trinity]. In the pathway we came out asking Allah to strengthen our feet on the straight path …We have dressed up in our shrouds and are prepared to confront as did Sultan Alparslan We have believed as Sultan Saladin. That victory is not from the sword but comes from Allah. We have went to the path after we have burned the ships of return behind us as did the conquerer of Spain Tareq Benziad.”

Erdogan wants Italy and Spain. He wants to be Tariq Bin Ziad, the conqueror of Spain. He wants to be the tyrant Alp Arslan and Saladin. These are the Muslim leaders who fought against Christendom and he wants to be Saladin who conquered Jerusalem. He wants to be all in all. He wants to declare war on the strongest fortresses to advance his foreign God, Allah, through warfare.

This man sounds like a pretty good candidate for Anti-Christ. I am not proclaiming that He is, there is no need to, we will recognize the Anti-Christ as the one who cuts off the daily sacrifice of the restored Jewish temple worship soon to be unveiled. I don’t know who that will be but am sure he is on the scene. But Erdogan certainly, like the president of the United States,Obama, exhibits several characteristics of the Anti-Christ. Come quickly Jesus! Maranatha!!


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5 Responses to The Deep Things Of Satan; Erdogan’s Sufi Influences…Turkey pt 6

  1. C. K. Stine says:

    I appreciate your insight into such a complicated situation and individual. I especially appreciate how you provide historical background so that we can understand from the past what is happening in the present. I also think that Mr. Shoebat is a man chosen by God for this moment in history. He provides information our Western minds have not even considered. The Lord Jesus tells us to not be anxious. That’s a hard thing to do sometimes when stuff like this is put in front of me, and yet I can’t turn away from it, because I believe that God is showing it to me for a reason. This man Erdogan is clearly demonic as much as Hitler ever was. It seems the Ezekiel War is just around the bend, and we as Christians need to prepare, prepare, prepare – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Time to pray!

  2. Jacques says:

    There seems to be a lot of controversy around Walid, even claims that he wasn’t really a terrorist. Of course it could all be a smear campaign. Is it true that he is actually Catholic?

  3. billrandles says:

    I have heard that Walid has become Catholic. He is an invaluable insight into the Middle Eastern and Muslim situation, though I am aware of some flaws and also of much false accusation against him(by Muslims).
    We need to be praying for him and his son-

    • Jacques says:

      Yes, we should definitely pray for him and his son. If I may explain my concern a bit more, seeing that he is a Catholic, he is not in the Truth and his insights may very well be flawed. btw, Jacob Prasch has a video explaining some of the issues around the notion of an Islamic Antichrist, something Walid promotes. Basically he isn’t entirely wrong in what he says, but he is in what he doesn’t say / misses.

  4. C.K. Stine says:

    Walid Shoebat’s wife is Catholic. So Walid may be there too. In any case, he and Joel Richardson sure opened my eyes a few years ago concerning End Times events. Joel also comes from a Catholic background, but I believe he has been born again. (Not sure!) I listen to both, but I always do it through a “filter”. We at some time may face a dilemma. And I think this dilemma may come from what we believe about Catholics. When they are persecuted do we help them? We know that they worship idols. We know that they believe in Transubstantiation which we think it is repugnant. Are they considered our “brothers”? Do we have a responsibility to them at all? Are Catholics someday going to be our jailers or our executioners? After all, didn’t the Pope say evangelicals border on insanity, or some such thing? If the Pope turns out to be the Anti-Christ as so many believe, it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine he will set his minions on Christians.

    Something else bothers me. Shoebat and Richardson seem to believe that the biggest part of the Tribulation will come to the Middle East and not so much to the rest of the world. I think it may give those of us here in this country false hope and just another reason to sleep. I am a Pre-Wrather. I think that we will see the Anti-Christ begin his campaign before we are taken out. I was once a Pre-Tribber, but woke up when I couldn’t make anything in the prophecies make sense. Being a Pre-Wrather brought it all together for me. Anyway, I don’t think that we here in this part of the world will be immune to the persecution. In fact, it may even begin here. So it all boils down to this one thing: how are we going to wake people up and get them ready to face the ugly stuff? I can’t seem to get anyone to listen to me. My whole family is lost in la-la land, unsaved and unwilling to listen. They think I’m a nut case, even after all that has transpired in the world. When I start talking about the Anti-Christ, their eyes glaze over.

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