God is Exposing our Shame…(America)

Behold, I am against thee, saith the LORD of hosts; and I will discover thy skirts upon thy face, and I will shew the nations thy nakedness, and the kingdoms thy shame.And I will cast abominable filth upon thee, and make thee vile, and will set thee as a gazing stock.(Nahum 3:5-6)

Can this obscene parody of an election sink any lower? ( I am afraid to ask…).

Could it be that America is undergoing the judgment spoken of in Nahum?

Our politicians, the “Elite class” who have selfishly constructed a system for themselves, (through unbelievably reckless levels of immigration),and to insulate themselves from any accountability,”of the people and by the people” that they were elected to serve, are being exposed for the hypocritical degenerates that they truly are.

I need not go into the obscene antics of the Clintons, who like a very bad disease contracted in a reckless, national fling, just never seem to go away. In our first outbreak of “Clinton” , they covered America in soot, forced parents to have very uncomfortable talks with their children, and “normalized” an act of Sodomy.

Now we are on the verge of another deeper case of “Clinton” , as Hillary ascends to power, after destroying our national relationship with Russia, utterly destroying the nation of Libya and wrecking the Middle East as secretary of State.

But who do people turn to for leadership?(Humanly speaking)?

In sheer desperation and out of a desire to free ourselves of the same cabal of self serving degenerates who basically laid down for Obama, Donald Trump emerged, promising sane things, such as enforcing our national borders, and fighting back when China and others rob us in trade deals, in short, “Making America Great again” by good old fashion pursuit of our National interests,(get it? Nationalism).

Everyone here fully knows he was a rogue, a “sexist”, and at times a very crude man who is prone to the use of foul language and who comes right out of the godless “playboy” world of New York city.

But he actually produced things people would want and he made a payroll and put many people to work in real jobs.(This is how bad it is here…it is hard to see a great nation destroyed by self serving hypocrites).

I am not justifying him, I am only showing you how desperate for sanity in Government people are here.

Now we get this release of an eleven year old conversation between Trump , and of all people Billy Bush, the President’s nephew. It is so vile and demeaning and embarrassingly crude it is hard to even relate to.

The Left will see to it that this awful moment of vulgarity will crowd out the fact that this nation is being menaced by an aggressive Russia, that Hillary pledges to bring in a million Syrian refugees,and that the Clinton foundation was “benefitted” by the sale of 20 percent of our nation’s Uranium to Russia, under Hillary’s secretary of State gig. Oh,by the way , did I mention the fact that Hillary was responsible for a gruesome massacre of our ambassador to Libya and three embassy personnel?

What comes next? Video tapes, long suppressed, emerge of Obama speaking in racist and identically sexist language to a crowd somewhere, further revelations of the Clintons, then other suppressed proofs of “Tu Qoque” arguments, (Tu Qoque means “You do it too”), and out will come the full revelation of just how corrupt our “elite leadership” has truly been.

For example- this from The American Thinker-

The premier arts center in the nation’s capital is named for a man who would have sex with anything that had breasts and a pulse, including a mobster’s daughter and an East German spy, whose brother probably had Marilyn Monroe murdered, and whose other brother got an employee drunk, drove her into a river and left her to drown.

The former “conscience of the Senate” was a former klansman, and pretty much every public building in his state is named for him.

The husband of the current Democrat candidate for President (and a former President himself) settled a lawsuit for sexual harassment against a former employee, sodomized an intern in the Oval Office, and had about a million other sordid affairs, while his wife the current candidate used her taxpayer-paid staff to shred the reputations of her husband’s victims.

All of those things happened while the criminals in question actually held high office.

 (Republican White Togas at Work for the Queen of Sleaze)

God is judging us, He is exposing our shame, and letting us see where this “experiment” in relativism and humanistic thinking has taken us.There was a time when politicians at least pretended to be Christian, and some actually were.

Wasn’t it the Republican Party which told it’s loyal Evangelical Christian base to keep their own morality out of politics? Didn’t they eschew the “moral majority” and treat them like bastards? How do they like what they are left with?

But now we will be treated to the fake outrage at Trump’s vile comment,  by people who saw no problem at all with Bill C;linton’s Predations, and with Obama “homosexualizing “the military, and who really didn’t object in any meaningful way to the perversion foisted on schools and communities in the transgender bathroom fiasco!

Hypocrites! Blind Guides! These are the Blind leading the blind into Hell itself! Those who put any trust in them will be sorely disappointed. People cannot imagine that this once great country could ever be destroyed, but it will and not very long from now.

America is on the very precipice of destruction. Our enemies are circling because they smell blood in the water , as they watch this travesty. We are twisted in our thinking! Homosexuals and degenerates are running this country now. Muslim adversaries have v=been put in prominent positions and the only thing   that keeps us afloat is the mercy of God himself.

(I can’t believe this is happening, it is surreal. But I do believe this is happening! Help us, Oh my God!)

Turn to Jesus quickly and break off of your sins everybody, especially your secret sins, for they present the greatest danger to your souls. God is exposing all of this in mercy. Turn to him who forgives and is slow to anger and of great mercy. Turn to the one who loved you and died for your sins!“Seek you the LORD while He can be found and call upon him while he is near!”.


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71 Responses to God is Exposing our Shame…(America)

  1. gloria j leese says:

    You are an excellent writer for the “Truth” my brother Bill Randles!!!

  2. ali says:

    The only thing that will save America is repentance, 2 Chronickes 7:14, and America refuses to bow so it will be broken. You are right…. 2016 will not end well.

  3. Armand says:

    If anyone, anywhere, still believes we are not in the end times, they are totally delusional. I will keep praying for this world’s people and the chaotic situations it just can’t help but to jump into, but sometimes I fear the time is coming that Jeremiah 11 vs 14 is going to kick in and God says enough is enough. As the new world order is being set up, (some say it’s already here), whatever happens in the US reverberates around the world and especially here in Canada. We’ve been given so much, yet we can’t help but to add to our sins daily. God help us all as a nation, as families and as individuals to repent……………. Just a thought, if Hillary wins in November, it will put a new twist on Dave Hunt’s book. “A Woman Rides the Beast”. God bless.

  4. Jeanne T. says:


  5. Sharon says:

    It’s hard to “like” this post, but it is the awful, overwhelming, stark truth. You put into words our shock, shame and humiliation at what has become of our once-great nation.

    • lafe tolliver says:

      Sharon and others: Quit basing your hopes on America being a “great” nation. When we mix Christianity and national glory and pride…things turn out badly for everyone. This place is not your home…you are a pilgrim passing through. So, quit acting as if this America is God’s chosen nation or people. We are not! Other than Israel, God has no
      favorites and even they must be born again!
      America left god to worship money and power and now we are reaping the whirlwind and we wonder how or why we can produce such characters as Trump and his false witness to the gospel!
      Anyone who says they do not need forgiveness from God is NOT born again. Wake up people. Trump is not our savior. He is a con and a huckster to his core!

      • Onesimus says:

        lafe tolliver said: “America left god to worship money and power and now we are reaping the whirlwind and we wonder how or why we can produce such characters as Trump and his false witness to the gospel”

        Sadly that is a reality that it seems very few “believers” want to acknowledge and instead they prefer to justify Trump.

      • billrandles says:

        I haven’t justified Trump nor do I support him Onesimus. Nor am I simple enough to magine that the ruin Obama has been used to bring upon the nation began with him, obviously our decline goes back a long way. America has a lot of Christians and Christianity has been a blessing to America, but there are no Theocracies these days. America is one of the gentiles nations ( The nations which forget God) which is slated for judgment by almighty God as in Psalm 7. I mourn it, thats all. I also call out the leaders who are so treacherous and elf seeking. Furthernore I pray for them and for my nation. The sins of the church are the cause? Depends on what you mean by ‘the church’. I see no where in scripture where God tells the church in any nation that it is their fault that the nation has rotted . The church is salt and light indeed but people are responsible moral agents who must give account to God for their own decline. The world in Noah’s day was judged in spite of the presence of Nioah and the Ark.

        Onesimus I think you should let your blog readers know that I am not a Trump supporter, even tho I said Trump said some sane things.( I know that stunned you but he did, such as ending the flood of immigration and especially from dangerous terror ridden places. Seems sane to me, and you didn’t have to read anything “stunning into it”, I wasn’t supporting Trump only trying to explain why he seems plausible to many. Also I don’t think we are getting anywhere with this conversation although I think initially the issues you have raised are helpful. You are always welcome to share in the future. Please pray for us. (Have we ever met, when I was in OZ?) Your friend Pas Bill

        On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 5:16 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


      • Jeanne T. says:

        “Anyone who says they do not need forgiveness from God is NOT born again.”

        No one here is saying that, or saying that Trump is our savior.

  6. midrashcreed says:

    As someone who lives in the UK, I usually hesitate to comment on American internal affairs, but with this election the issues are so serious I am willing to make a exception. The bottom line is whose finger is it less dangerous to have on the nuclear button – a barking mad psychopath .with an anger management problem or a devious crook who resembles a Nixon doing a drag act? Sickening though it is, the answer is the crook, who would at least be worried about their loot before pressing the nuclear trigger. As one online US contact said to me, “we’re going to need the second coming of Nixon to prevent the second rise of Adolf Hitler.” That’s where America is today and I thought our own BREXIT Vote was a challenge!

    Whatever other factors are involved, I think that this situation is also a judgment on an Evangelical Christianity that foolishly prostituted itself before ‘the grand old party’ whilst mistaking it for being ‘God’s own Party.’ When German Evangelicals in the early twentieth century put Culture before Christ they got landed with Hitler; when American Evangelicals repeated the same mistake some decades later they’ve got lumbered with Trump – whose comments on women echo those of Jimmy Saville who was Britain’s worst sex offender.(I once saw him in full grooming mode.)

    Poor America! How low have you sunk!

    • billrandles says:

      I very strongly disagree with your analysis Madras, although I respect you. There is no evidence that I am aware of that Trump is a “Barking mad Psychopath”…nor that he is a” devious crook”. He is a crude and immoral individual(as are most of our ruling elite unfortunately), but at east he isn’t politically correct(dishonest to the core), and I sense he loves America. Mind you I am not saying I like Trump ,I don’t but you and Onesimus do not seem to get what is going on over here. As for Hillary’s fitness….I really do believe she is a Psychopath, who has already cost many thousands of lives(our Libyan Ambassador comes to mind) and has actually wrought havoc on nations such as Libya and Syria as secretary of State. She is a criminal and her husband is a sexual predator. She has covered for him, destroying his victims lives(they were powerless women). She also sold 20 percent of our nations stock of uranium to the Russians(who now menace us), so there is no way I would want her to have her finger anywhere near the button. I don’t buy the “fact” that nations get the leaders they deserve” because it isn’t in the Bible and it would imply that we deserved the great Statesmen we had in times past, when we didn’t. God rules in the affairs of nations setting up and tearing down according to the counsel of his will, pray for us brethren

      On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 3:11 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


      • Onesimus says:

        “I don’t buy the “fact” that nations get the leaders they deserve” because it isn’t in the Bible ”

        Are you serious?
        There might not be a convenient proof text to call up to “prove” it as a fact, but the real life examples shown throughout scripture in the experience of Israel and Judah show the reality.

      • billrandles says:

        If that were true than we could say that “We deserved” the really good leaders and statesman we have had” . I don’t buy it. I believe that all nations deserve nothing but wrath, however God works out his purposes by elevating and lowering rulers and peoples.

        On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 8:27 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


      • Daniel says:

        Hi Bill,
        The situation you describe is truly grieving and it is spread across the Western world but first America… as it were. As it could be said: “When she (USA) sneeze the rest of the world catches the cold”.

        It could be frightening enough and you say “I don’t buy the “fact” that nations get the leaders they deserve” because it isn’t in the Bible and it would imply that we deserved the great Statesmen we had in times past, when we didn’t.” You’re perhaps right Bill, Americans didn’t not deserved the great Statesmen they’ve had in times past but God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. He knows the end from the beginning. And one of the most quoted verse in the Bible 2 Chro 7:14 although not plainly stating as “we deserve or not deserve” etc…, do imply the very thing in saying “then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”. You the chapter!

        The leader of a country is the channel of authority for either good or evil intimately connected with the society he rules, even represents. In the case of King Solomon who badly sinned, God allowed his replacement with other kings possibly worse than him to give out the message, correction even judgment.

        However, today WE elect the “Kings”, the representatives of the people. They are the reflection, though manipulated in different ways, conveying in majority the heart of the people. But the decline of moral America has not suddenly happened. Reflecting today over it, I remember while travelling north America extensively in the 70’s, was already faced with deep immorality and appears since, even having worsened arriving to what we have now. God’s choosing of the Kings we deserve is perhaps not systematic and not plainly written in scripture but certainly implied and very relevant. The kings we’re getting is a replica of the general heart of the people. But this statement is as a whole also self convicting and we do not like to acknowledge that reality.

        It seems to always be easier in society to condemn those we “indirectly” put in charge, than self assessing as a body of people. Remember we elect the leaders. They are not appointed by prophets anymore but again God is Omniscient and Omnipotent.

        Again the reality is that the Church has a great responsibility, to be and show the right way yet too often failing, even seeking to set up their own other king. So again who are we going to blame? Eve blamed the devil and Adam blamed Eve! So which President is the church going to blame now? Perhaps “palace cleaning” would first be required and let the King of Kings have first rulership. Perhaps the decision is more valuable than the assertion.

      • billrandles says:

        Thanks so much Daniel, your comments are well taken and I think (and hope) this conversation is helpful towards those who cry and sigh over the lamentable state of our world. I am aware of 2 Chronicles 7:14, and was (rightly) corrected by a friend,Glenn Chatfield, for using that scripture as if it applied to America. It doesn’t although the principle has application. I hope I don’t sound like I am just trying to contradict you, but we wouldn’t have Obama or Hillary or even the Clintons without two factors, * Massive, proven(after the fact) voter fraud, and *Forty million plus”new voters” immigration waves since 1965, mostly from the third world, and willing and ready to vote for whoever gives the most benefits(the left). * Can you really say that American citizens elected our current criminal ruling class? The Democratic party has tirelessly (and successfully) worked to dismantle any measures designed to keep our system of voting free of corruption. The left has actually succeeded in making it possible to vote without any form of picture Identification, since it would be “racist” to expect minorities to possess one.

        I do not contradict the things you say about the deep seeded corruption of America, I am one of the consistent evangelical critiques of America’s decline in that area. Reagan and Carter were among the last reflections of the will of the American people, since then our “leaders” are reflections of millions of imported third world immigrants, many of whom do not even bother to learn the English language, but are quickly indicted into the voting rolls of the Democratic party, and imposed on us by those whose motto is “Vote early, vote often and vote posthumously!”.

        Daniel You say;

        *It seems to always be easier in society to condemn those we “indirectly” put in charge, than self assessing as a body of people. Remember we elect the leaders. They are not appointed by prophets anymore but again God is Omniscient and Omnipotent. *

        *Again the reality is that the Church has a great responsibility, to be and show the right way yet too often failing, even seeking to set up their own other king. So again who are we going to blame? Eve blamed the devil and Adam blamed Eve! So which President is the church going to blame now? Perhaps “palace cleaning” would first be required and let the King of Kings have first rulership. Perhaps the decision is more valuable than the assertion.*

        Please understand Daniel, I am not condemning our leaders, (God will do that) I am only mourning and grieving the passing of my nation. We agree that God appoints leaders according to his will, and for his purposes. Since that is so, why is “blame” even an issue? Why do people blame the church, as if these things wouldn’t have come to pass if the church was doing her job? You get me wrong when you imply that I am blaming anyone for America’s problems. I have only observed that the Left (humanly speaking) has badly damaged our nation. nothing more or less.

        I certainly do not blame the church….there is no warrant for doing so…the (true) church is the witness to God and the gospel, but no matter how “on” she is, that doesn’t guarentee societal repentance. Backslidden LOT wasn’t blamed for what happened to Sodom. Thanks for the discussion-PBR ,

        On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 12:56 AM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


    • Sharon says:

      Madras, I want to thank you for your perspective on the sickening corruption that America is flauting before the whole world. It turns my stomach, but I do see it differently.

      Although my stomach literally churns at choosing either candidate, I think Clinton would continue Obama’s undermining, insideously instigating wars behind the scenes, enabling Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and destabilizing former allies. I believe that she would prove to be far more destructive to the West in her underhanded promotion of radical Islam and destruction of national soverignty. And she will surely betray Israel.

      I think Trump will also instigate wars, but I think his (corrupt) heart at least cares about distinguishing the good guys from the bad guys.

      Thanks again for your “across the pond” perspective.

      I thought your thoughtful post deserved more than just a Like.

      • Onesimus says:

        This constant blaming (hating) of Obama by professing Christians and which is now being redirected to Clinton is a major reason why you have the current political situation in America today. God has heard the hatred being spouted by those claiming allegiance to Him and is giving you the option of the kind of leader your hatred cries out for.

  7. Onesimus says:

    Well said midrashcreed.
    American evangelicalism has long been seduced by the corrupt hybrid of nationalistic religion and conservative politics.

    I was actually stunned to see a respected bible teacher like Bill Randles saying something like this: “Donald Trump emerged, promising sane things…”.

    That anything coming out of the mouth of Donald Trump during any stage of his presidential campaign could be described as “sane things” and especially by a professing Christian leader shows how incredibly far US evangelical Christianity has fallen.

    I repeat what I’ve said before. God is giving America, and especially the US evangelical church the type of government it deserves.

    • midrashcreed says:

      Well even Hitler during his rise to power could say some sane things in order to beguile the masses more effectively. However, at present this seems to be beyond the capacity of ‘The Donald.’ I couldn’t agree with your last comment more.

      • Onesimus says:

        Hi Midrashcreed,
        I don’t recall anything that Trump has said that would fit a definition of “sane things”.
        Populist things meant to appeal to prejudice and ignorance – yes.
        Manipulative – yes

        Rational – no
        Sane – no.

        Bill Randles said: “I can’t believe this is happening, it is surreal.”

        It’s happening because US Christians have increasingly confused their national identity with the Kingdom of God, overlooking the fact that they live in a secular, sinful nation that will increasingly distance itself from God the closer we get to the Lord’s return. Recognise that and the path America is taking is easy to believe.

        Nothing will save America or any other nation on earth (with the exception of Israel).
        Apart from Israel NO nation has a promise for national salvation.

      • billrandles says:

        I have been an American evangelical Christian for near forty years, and have rarely met anyone who confused America with the Kingdom of God. We are al well aware that we live in a sinful nation, and thus in my life there has been a constant critique of America’s sin by evangelical leaders and congregations. But since we theoretically have a say in our government, we have involved ourselves to attempt to set America on the right path, there is much political engagement among Americans in general and evangelicals in particular, but don’t confuse that with idolatry. Shouldn’t we at least attempt to use what little influence we have, even if the nation is sinking into judgment?
        ps I also said “I can believe this happening….” I am not blind- I also am aware that only Israel has a covenant, I am a grieved Christian and patriot who is mourning

    • billrandles says:

      Onesimus, you are being too harsh by your statement that my comments are an example of “how far US evangelicals have fallen”. I am not endorsing Trump or anyone, I am only explaining part of his appeal. It is in fact a sane thing to try to control the borders of America from the crime and terror wave inflicted upon us by the “Elite” rulers so they can stay in power. Evangelicals are not the only ones who have begged for someone in power, Democrat or Republican, to stop this atrocity, but to no avail There wouldn’t be a Trump had anyone of the “ruling class” done what they had long promised and even took an oath to perform. Why would it surprise you that I would say that is a sane thing to say, regardless of what either of us think about Trump? In fact Trump has said quite a few sane things, as for his power or even willingness to carry them out is another matter. The so called Republican leadership is responsible for Trump. They have betrayed us, and now only God can help us.

      On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 4:46 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


      • Onesimus says:

        Bill, you said: “I am a grieved Christian and patriot who is mourning”

        And in that sentence is the scary reality – revealed in one word: “patriot.”

        That one word highlights the reality of what I’ve said about the state of US evangelicalism.

      • billrandles says:

        Onesimus, that all depends on what you mean by the Word “Patriot”. I happen to love my country. I do not love my country more that I love God , but I admit I love this nation God has placed me in (See Acts 17:26-27) I seek to be a model citizen and to pray for our leaders, and grieve over our national sins. As for reality, I know and have preached and warned that all of the world would become increasingly Anti-Christ., including America. I hate to see it happen and feel if there is anything I can do to be a preservative influence here or anywhere I should do so, including praying, voting, evangelism and use of my gifts. I am a Kingdom man, but yes ,I love my country.(I feel the same way about the West in general and ultimately the whole world),I don’t see anything “scary” about that kind of Patriotism. It would be different if I were a kind of jingoistic “My country , right or wrong ” man. Most evangelicals I know are of the same mind. The true church has offered a constant Biblical critique of America for as long as I have been saved, but are wring to still love it and grieve over its demise?

        On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 5:30 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


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  9. Onesimus says:

    While evangelicals are blinded by an antipathy towards anything and anyone associated with “the left”, and vilify anyone and anything they associate with “the left; as long as they throw their unqualified support behind anything and anyone labelled “republican” or “right”; they will never recognise the nature of the real political divide.

    God’s Kingdom or man’s kingdoms.
    God or mammon.

    • billrandles says:

      Reality isn’t necessarily antipathy. Most Evangelicals I know understand that leftists are sinners and in need of the Savior. There has been much evangelism as well as political action, such as when “Roe” of “Roe verses Wade” was converted to Christ. But we also know leftism is a serious anti-Christ movement which has greatly damaged our nation and its institutions. Furthermore you are long out of date about “unqualified support of the Republican party”. Romney lost in large part because evangelicals couldn’t vote for a Mormon. In a two party system you have very few options.You are singing to the Choir when you remind us that it is not about mans kingdom but God’s, we know that. Pray for us…

      On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 5:22 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


  10. Onesimus says:

    Evangelicals couldn’t vote for a Mormon, but prior to the recent revelations it seems 80% of evangelicals were willing to vote for Trump.
    That may change now – even though the recent recordings don’t really show us anything about Trump’s character that wasn’t clear before.

    • billrandles says:

      My point is that you were wrong about evangelicals blindly following the republicans or the “right”. I think God has limited our choices because He is getting ready to judge the earth in Righteousness. Scripture must be fulfilled, and shall be.

      On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 5:34 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


    • Jeanne T. says:

      There were many “evangelicals” (how do you define “evangelical”?) who voted for Mitt Romney, even though they did not believe he was a true conservative, but they believed he would be better than Obama. Likewise, many people stayed home and did not vote at all because they did NOT believe Romney was a true conservative.

      What is the source of your claim that “80% of evangelicals were willing to vote for Trump”? Please provide a link(s) for that.

      • Steve says:

        Jeanne, here’s a link to the Barna Research Group’s definition of what they call an “evangelical” voter. You can also look at their various surveys of “evangelical” support for Trump.


        But your use of “conservative” here raises a greater question about definitions.

        Is the political philosophy “conservatism” somehow equivalent to Christianity ? Please give me a scripture for that belief. Many other American Christians seem to share your belief: but I’ve never heard a scriptural basis for it.

        I’d be very surprised if the Bible attests that the teachings of any human political faction
        are somehow equivalent to Jesus’. But not surprised at all that deceitful politicians would claim so, to mislead Christians.

        blessings, Steve

      • Jeanne T. says:


        I can’t reply to you after your post, so I’ll reply to myself and hopefully you’ll see this.

        You stated this: “Is the political philosophy “conservatism” somehow equivalent to Christianity? Please give me a scripture for that belief. Many other American Christians seem to share your belief: but I’ve never heard a scriptural basis for it.”

        Actually, I never said or implied that “conservatism” is “equivalent” to Christianity. It isn’t, and there is nothing in Scripture to base such a belief on. (The term “evangelical Christian” isn’t found anywhere in Scripture, either.) As for “many other American Christians” sharing my belief, what beliefs are you referencing, since I have not explicitly stated what mine are?

        The Barna definition of “evangelical” is an interesting one, but incomplete, IMO. There is nothing about repentance included in it. So who framed the definition, since, according to the survey, “Respondents were not asked to describe themselves as “evangelical.” However, it very much describes the Western church today. “Evangelical Christian” obviously means different things to different people. I did shake my head at the “Non-evangelical born again Christians” category. What is that? “Born again Christian” is another term I take issue with. What other kind is there? If one has not been born from above, i.e., “born again”, one cannot be a follower of Yeshua.

      • Steve says:

        Hi, Jeanne:

        In the context of the thread (the emnity of “leftists” towards Christianity, and Romney losing because Christians didn’t support him), your comment that many “”evangelicals” didn’t vote for Romney because they didn’t consider him really a “conservative” seemed to equate “evangelicals” beliefs with those of “conservatives.”

        If that was not your intent, my apologies. Because you’re right, there’s no Biblical support for Christians identifying with ANY of the world’s political factions. If you haven’t observed that deceit happening in the American Church in the last 40 years, I’d urge you to look again.

        You can look up Barna Group and check their bona fides, if you consider their definitions flawed. That’s not to say their faith-demographic definitions are flawless: but I’m quite skeptical their research is less than honest.

        It might also be interesting for you to compare the definitions used by the Christian Barna Group with those of the secular Pew Research Center. Pew also has a good reputation for honesty. And like Barna, Pew finds a very large correlation between white “evangelicals’ ” faith and “conservative” politics.

        On “evangelicals’ ” lack of support for Romney (my earlier comment didn’t get posted): at least a few of us didn’t support Romney because he was a “bishop” of an organization that calls itself “The Church of Jesus Christ”…but says its “Jesus” is not the “traditional” Jesus, its “gospel” a “different gospel,” and its “scriptures” not the Bible.

        Some of us rejected Romney for his anti-Christian “religion:” not because of his politics.

        blessings, Steve

  11. Kim Sega says:

    I just got a email that the video of Trump is a fake. HE is going to expose it on the debate tonight. I am for Trump, He dedicated his life to Jesus ten yrs ago and has walked in scriputure and raised a family well too, he know the trash the country has become and so he is trying hard to do so. How anyone can call themselves Christian and sign up to the democrats is fooling themselves as the left is for every demonic thing and will never see the Kingdom. I am sure that you know that Trump has been praying with the true pastors and they laid their hands on him and prayed for him and his safety, I believe he was sent to give us one more chance. see the debate tonight, he will expose the fake tape

    • Onesimus says:

      Oh Dear!!!
      You really believe this?
      You really believe that Trump “dedicated his life to Jesus ten yrs ago and has walked in scripture”?

      What “Jesus” and which “scriptures” are you referring to?

      Clearly they are different to those I and the majority of Christians would know. But them again the understanding of “Christian” seems to have changed significantly in recent years.

    • lafe tolliver says:

      Kim: sorry but you are truly delusional if you believe that the recent “sex” tape of Trump and Billy Bush was a fake. Trump is not a godly man…never was. By their fruits, you will know them…Trump has not demonstrated any fruits of the Spirit in spite of you trying to convince yourself and us that he is saved and even more so because some pastors laid hands on him. Your theology can not be that shallow for you to remotely believe that Trump is born again. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Look at what he says and does…and you would call that person born again! Please…

  12. Onesimus says:

    Bill there is one thing in this matter where we are in agreement, that “God is exposing our shame”.

    However it seems we disagree over whose shame He is exposing and why.

    • billrandles says:

      Onesimus I am pretty sure we really do agree about the shame that is being exposed. Our shame comes from the relativistic, humanistic , atheistic culture that so many of us have embraced and the resulting immorality and decay which is reflected in the current crop of candidates for our highest office. Thanks for your comments-PBR

      On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 7:08 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


  13. Onesimus says:

    “we also know leftism is a serious anti-Christ movement which has greatly damaged our nation and its institutions. ”

    No Bill, that’s what “you” and many Americans “know” because of decades of indoctrination, dating back (at least) to McCarthyism.
    One of the reasons that two non Americans (from opposite sides of the world) have added comments here, making similar observations, is that we haven’t been subjected to that kind of indoctrination and we know that the “left” in America is often considerably far more to the right than the “conservatives” are in the rest of the world.

    Favoured political labels are far too subjective to be of any use. They are dependant upon too many prejudices and can falsely colour our understanding of real issues and our view or “reality”.

    Left vs right and Liberal vs conservative are false dichotomies created to deceive, encouraging us to choose one side instead of the other when BOTH side are severely flawed in some areas and neither side is always entirely wrong. Both sides of the political divide are capable of anti-Christ tendencies – neither side by itself is an “anti-Christ movement”. Believing one is worse than the other is a dangerous step towards delusion.

    As I mentioned earlier the more important divisions are:

    God’s Kingdom or man’s kingdoms.
    God or mammon.

    • billrandles says:

      There is no question that leftism is an anti-Christ movement. I care not how far “to the right” American leftist is to European leftism. All I know is that there has been a high successful Anti-Christian movement undermining everything “Judeo Christian” about our culture, introducing abortion on demand, pornography, a culture of death, nihilism and despair. The “Left” is not the Democratic party, it includes most of the Republican party also and has infiltrated all of the dominant cultural shaping posts in America. I can’t help but grieve over this, and care not that (as you say) our leftism is to the right of your leftism. It is not propaganda to observe the rot and drive over it Onesimus, I weep as a Christian and a human being, although I know full well that the Kingdom of God is the only real future, and that God is my true love and not Mammon.I don’t honestly see why anyone would have a problem with this but I do welcome this discussion, thanks.

      On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 7:59 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


      • Onesimus says:

        Oh dear !!!

        I suppose the left is singled out as being an anti-Christ movement because “he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left”?

        And again – Oh dear!!!

        The nationalistic political indoctrination of US “patriots” runs deep.
        Clearly too deep.

      • billrandles says:

        Just pray for us Onesimus, don’t ridicule my position, that isn’t going to help, your little joke about sheep and goats is ill timed. Pray that I overcome any “indoctrination” if you are concerned about me. None of us has it all right yet.

        On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 10:59 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


      • Onesimus says:

        Bill, believe it or not my sheep and goats comment wasn’t a joke.
        That is a genuine “rationalisation” I’ve seen used to justify a left=evil argument.

        I keep bringing up the God vs mammon distinction because I find it provides a much more reliable measure to assess a political stance than the common one issue assessment favoured by evangelicals.

        Who and what does a political ideology benefit most and at whose expense?

      • billrandles says:

        Thanks Onesimus, I actually think this is a conversation worth having, and hope I am not taken by our readers as being the “Devil’s Advocate” by raising these mild objections to conventional points of wisdom such as “You get the leaders you deserve”, which I have heard many times over the past years. The Sheep and Goats analogy you heard is patently absurd, I never used it and in no way am associated with it. There is a real humanistic , atheistic movement making a long march through the former Judeo Christian world, called “The LEFT”. no figment of anyone’s imagination, and very helpful to get a grasp on what is going on around us. The Left is not the only nor the ultimate source of our problem, Human sin and evil and Satan are behind it, but I am not wrong for mentioning “The left ” as a factor and mourning over it’s effect.

        As for Mammon, there are other motives at work, besides money. I have come to realize that many in the “Ruling elite” are Satanists and crave power more tan anything else.

        On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 11:35 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


  14. Hope Wingo says:

    Reblogged this on 1 Way 2 Yahweh.

  15. midrashcreed says:

    I think the evidence that Trump is a half-socialized, narcissic psychopath is overwhelming – so overwhelming in fact that I actually heard of one US Psychologist who is actually using videos of ‘the Donald’ to illustrate the condition. Present to a strong degree in Trump are all the character traits of a psychopath including: –
    1. Inordinate self-regard
    2. Casual lying
    3. Poor impulse control and anger management
    4. A lack of empathy
    5. A strong disposition to violence
    6. Delight in hurting and humiliating others
    7. A craving for attention and excitement
    8. A dark charisma which can appeal to the worst instincts of people
    9. A beguiling charm
    10. Manipulation
    11. Amorality
    12. An inability to sustain long term relationships, e.g. having five wives
    13. Poor control over money – Trump would have long been bankrupt if he didn’t have a rich daddy to bail him out
    14. No recognition of his limits
    15. A contempt for women
    16. A willingness to use religion for self-interested ends
    17. A tendency to make grandiose promises that can’t be kept
    18. A glib attitude towards sex and sexual violence
    19. Temper tantrums
    20. Superficiality
    21. Low cunning
    22. Opportunist, predatory, behavior
    23. An inordinate love for the trappings of success
    24. A contempt for weakness
    25. A proclivity to blame others for their mistakes.

    The list could go on – but ‘the Donald’ has all of these symptoms to a very strong degree. Some of his recently released comments could almost be taken word for word those of Jimmy Saville. In addition, I have also observed Religious Psychopath’s in the church and Trump certainly does fit in with that mold..Admittedly, Hilary too has many but not all of the above characteristics. She is for instance ferociously self-disciplined in a way a psychopath cannot be. Also if humiliated by Putin she would would pause to think about her ill-gotten gains before pressing the button – whereas ‘the Donald’ would do so in a fit of uncontrolled rage. She actually can be classified as a manipulative Machiavellian who will in all probability succumb to paranoia just as Nixon did. I would also suggest the possibility that both these individuals have been given over to a retributive hardening of heart. They’ve got so used to lying that they can no longer perceive the truth at an even common sense never mind spiritual level.

    Obviously, the fact that America has only these unsavory candidates to choose from is an indictment on the American political system. Those who vote would be left with no choice but to vote the candidate whom they regard as marginally being the ‘lesser evil.’ It’s the Psychopath verses the crook.Truly, America is in a very sad plight.

    So what can voting Christians do beyond holding their noses in the polling booth? .Perhaps the least bad answer is to disentangle themselves from both political political parties and focus on providing a faithful gospel witness to those people groups they’re led to reach. This means carefully discerning those people groups they’re called to reach and then prayerfully seeking the right strategy to reach them. I was brought to that point two and a half years ago and despite the odd hammering from Satan the result was the most productive period of Gospel witness in my life. Early last May it placed me in a position where by God’s grace, I managed to persuade somebody not to commit suicide. I think Bible-believing, Evangelical Churches in America must get back to their core mission or perish! The choice is as stark as that.

    • billrandles says:

      Midrash thanks for your contribution, I don’t agree with your analysis of Trump’s psyche, (mind you I am not enamored of Trump), I just don’ think an unfounded list of psychotic flaws holds weight. You can’t prove several of these points, for example #6,#8, and # 13, #24,#16, #17and #20-25. These are shallow and baseless accusations. We have to try to be fair if we are going to be so assertive about someone’s character. What you are doing is reposting the typical leftist talking points designed to deeply ingrain a revulsion for Trump ,in as many people as possible. Mind you, I don’t like Trump, I think he has been crude, bombastic and is a very sinful man. But he hasn’t “used religion” for his own ends, h has up till very recently, never claimed to be born again, or an Evangelical or even religious. Like him or hate him, it is obvious to me he hasn’t faked it,(as so many American politicians have done). the statement abut Trump’s “Daddy” is a canard and drips with bitter envy. Trump has created things that people want and has actually hired quite a few people into real jobs, and has met his payroll, unlike our worthless political class which hates, gears and despises Trump and those who support him. Midrash please don’t assume there aren’t millions here who have come to the same blessed point that you have as of the last two and a half years. The time is short and the last call is going out, and I praise God for your testimony and friendship. PBR

      On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 5:48 AM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


  16. Norma Auge Dowling says:

    Most of what you said is very very true, unfortunately. The one thing I have to stand and tell you is that though Russia and Putin have been made out to be our enemies again recently, by the reports from the Obama administration, consider the source. Putin like any man in power has lots of enemies and he is definitely not perfect, no Christian is. Yes I believe he has become a Christian. Franklin Graham flew to Russia a while back and talked with Putin for an hour, was allowed to teach a class at a college, and spoke with the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church.
    I repeat, Putin is not perfect, and some of what we are being told he is doing is not what it seems, or it has been a lie . He is protecting his borders, because he knows the Elite plan to try to take Russia just as they are being fairly successful in destroying the US. He is often seeking the council of the Church leaders , and some of what he is doing seems real wrong, like his support of Turkish and Syrian governments, but the intent behind it is to protect his nation.
    Our worst enemy is not Russia, but our own government who have allowed terrorists in, and allowed US bombs to be heisted from Benghazi which has recently been exposed in part by Interpol when they caught a terrorist who just happened to have on him some information about the destination of these small nuclear weapons. Interpol is now trying to track them down, because they seem to have ended up in the hands of terrorists in the US. Wiki Leaks has released some information on this situation too. But back to Putin… Thanks to the US, just as the present administration has set up the race riots, with the Black Lives Matter paid instigators, the UN is not our friend, and the sanctions they put on Russia, was meant to break the Russian economy that had been prospering, and to try to start WW III. If we get nuked by anyone, it will be blamed on Russia by this administration, at which time they will probably declare Marshall Law, if they have not already done so with the collapse of our economy. If anyone has not read the Executive Orders Obama has signed which without the need to pass it through the House and Senate, will become the rule of law in the event of Marshall Law and will cause civil war, you need to do so. They are public record . He has hidden in the National Defense Law that was passed several years ago a part that is quite similar to the enabling Act that Hitler used in 1933 to arrest 200,000 German citizens whose only crime was being outspoken members of political parties opposed to Hitler’s plans of takeover. Frankly at the time they did not realize it could be used against them, They were blindsided and didn’t realize it could and would be used against them, and would take away all rights of citizenship, all due process of law, and enable Hitler to hold them indefinitely without ever filing charges, just because they spoke against the government. Putin has up until Trump, has been the only man in the position of leadership of a nation that has warned the world what the elite were up to, and that their time in power was about up. He also warned Americans about 5 years ago on public TV that Obama was destroying our economy. He recently found and shared with other nations, including the ones paying for terrorism, which nation was doing so and how much money they sent. He passed them out at a summit meeting a year or so back. So much as you might like to believe Russia is the enemy, Russia might be one of the few nations that will help us when the UN forces try to take over this nation. I have been doing serious research for over 7 years and I am telling you the truth.
    If you don’t already know about it you need to also investigate HAARP , the declassified weather weapon created in the 1950’s in the US that uses fields full of electromagnets and seeding the sky with microscopic heavy metals used first in the Vietnam War. they managed to make it rain for 3 more months during the rainy season. The magnetic pulses are shot into the stratosphere, they have changed the wind patterns during the past 20 years, caused what they are calling global warming, created the droughts, floods, and even tectonic movement around North America to move 5 times faster than anywhere else in the world, and have fine tuned the weapon to form super storms that have been used against our own nation by the CIA. By the way, whether you believe me or not, I am not a wacky conspiracy theorist. I share nothing that I have not found the facts about. So don’t believe the news media who are all owned by the elite, and are only allowed to tell us certain things and are causing us to focus on an election rather than the things going on behind the scenes that will take most of America by surprise. I could probably write for about another 4 hours, but, I’m out of time. Pray for Putin, please…and if you think He is the leader of Rosh, I believe at the time Rosh was Rosh it was part of what we now call Turkey. I hope you listen and pray, Please. .

  17. Dee says:

    Jesus said, “There is NO authority but that which has been given by God.”

    and.. “No soldier in active duty entangles himself in the affairs of this world.”

    So, WHO would Jesus vote for??? Please consider, as He is our perfect example in all things.

    Elections are an illusion. And, as some say, to “vote for the lesser of 2 evils”… that is still casting a vote for evil.

    Again… “No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier.”

    Can we PLEASE remember what the real battle here is? Who we are to be standing for?
    And, Who REALLY is in control? The One who sits laughing above ALL of this madness and illusion? Our time is clearly so short – why would we get involved in this chaos??

    Some people will say, “What, not vote?? What about those who died to give us this right?”
    Well, what about the One who gave His life to ‘set us FREE from this world?’

    The Lord’s will be done!! Maranatha!!

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks Dee, I agree that all power belongs to God, and that he sets up and casts down princes. Personally I still feel compelled if at all possible to use what little influence I have been given in this imperfect system, and vote, but in view of voter fraud and massive waves of immigration, i am afraid your point about the illusory nature of our elections is right. I think this is a good conversation and appreciate everyone of you.

      On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 7:46 AM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


      • DMarie says:

        But, what if you vote for Trump, and then Hillary wins? That means you cast your vote against God’s will. The one who is lifted to power will only be there because of the Lord’s decision… who are we to think we know.
        YOUR influence is in teaching the Word of God… and Bill, you have had a bold and faithful witness in your stand for Truth! The time is short – don’t allow the distractions of our enemy to stop you…

      • midrashcreed says:

        It’s incredible! The more things develop in the American election the more I’m reminded of Germany during the early 1930s. A highly informative BBC2 Newsnight report I saw yesterday evening containing interviews with voters in Ohio confirmed that there are even similar levels of desperation. ‘The Donald’s’ latest tweet storm against fellow Republicans reminded me of Hitler’s rantings in the Berlin Bunker (See the film ‘Downfall.’) Such childish paranoid tantrums are the hallmarks of a cornered Psychopath who will blame anyone but themselves in the event of failure. They raise the question that if Trump can’t keep his ‘cool’ in face of opposition from his fellow Republicans how will he react when he’s publicly humiliated by someone like Putin whilst having his finger on the nuclear button? Given that scenario even four years of Hilary is a less dreadful option – hopefully it will allow the left in America left to discredit themselves whilst giving time for the Republicans to find a less appalling candidate who will have a wider appeal. Sadly, the leaders of that party (especially the Bush family) remind me of decadent German Aristocrats like Von Papen who allowed Hitler to come to power in the first place. The similarities between America now and Germany in the early 1930s are utterly chilling – only this time there’s access to Weapons of Mass Destruction which even Hitler couldn’t dream of.

        If there’s one’s piece of advice I would give to American Evangelicals who actually are true believers it’s this: once all the excitement of the American Presidential election is over its for evangelical church leaders to proclaim a day (or weekend) of Solemn Assembly with fasting for those who are able. Such assemblies are not only characterized by collective repentance and crying out to the Lord they can also be occasions .where one can hear from God and find his strategy. It may be right to have two such assemblies – one immediately after the election and another in late January after a new president has been installed. Such assemblies should be called regardless of who wins the election. Represented here is an application of Joel 2:12-17.Indeed, I would argue that not to call such assemblies would represent an act of almost criminal negligence. if nothing else, the present election campaign has exposed the massive corruption existing in both the American .left and right. it has also thrown into sharp relief the need for believing churches to re-connect to God and start listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying to them in these desperate times. If they don’t stand-up for truth and justice who will?

  18. Dee says:

    Honestly, I don’t know how much clearer the LORD can be in order to show us that we need to disentangle ourselves from this utter madness and filth, and focus on Him alone…
    “My Kingdom is NOT of this world” – becoming more more obvious every minute.

  19. Dee says:

    Sorry to keep adding, but all of this is really heavy on my heart…
    It seems the focus of this blog and most comments (for this post as well as the next), are on politics and America. The LORD is shaking ALL of this – the entire world – including the church right now. Only what remains “in Him” will be spared. We can see what all of this ‘freedom’ and our ‘rights’ to worship our own gods in America has brought to us – maybe it’s the Lord’s time to put His people under severe persecution so that He alone can be truly glorified by those who are willing to suffer and even die for Him. Freedom and ‘prosperity’ do not lead to good things, spiritually. If we continue to ‘seek to save our own lives’ in this world we will lose them.
    Again, maranatha!

  20. Dee says:

    Sorry to keep adding, but all of this is really heavy on my heart…
    It seems the focus of this blog and most comments (for this post as well as the next), are on politics and America. The LORD is shaking ALL of this – the entire world – including the church, right now. Only what remains “in Him” will be spared. We can see what all of this ‘freedom’ and our ‘rights’ to worship our own gods in America has brought to us – maybe it’s the Lord’s time to put His people under severe persecution so that He alone can be truly glorified by those who are willing to suffer and even die for Him. Because of our fallen ‘human nature’ freedom and ‘prosperity’ do not lead to good things, spiritually. If we continue to ‘seek to save our own lives’ in this world we will lose them. “Come out from among them and do not touch what is unclean”.
    With love for Him and those who are His…
    Again, maranatha!

  21. Dee says:

    Sorry to keep adding, but all of this is really heavy on my heart…
    It seems the focus here are on politics and America. The LORD is shaking ALL of this – the entire world – including the church right now. Only what remains “in Him” will be spared. We can see what all of this ‘freedom’ and our ‘rights’ to worship our own gods in America has brought to us – maybe it’s the Lord’s time to put His people under severe persecution so that He alone can be truly glorified by those who are willing to suffer and even die for Him. Because of our fallen ‘human nature’, freedom and ‘prosperity’ do not lead to good things, spiritually. And, if we continue to ‘seek to save our own lives’ in this world we will lose them. “Come out from among them and do not touch what is unclean”. “And indeed, if they had been thinking of that country from which they went out, they would have had opportunity to return. But, as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God; for He has prepared a city for them.”
    (Hebrews 11)
    With love for Him and those who are His…
    Again, maranatha!

  22. Dee says:

    Sorry – the last one (adding from Hebrews 11) was my final thought – (earlier drafts were mistakenly sent as well by my server).

  23. Onesimus says:

    Yes the Lord is shaking the whole world, and what is being shown up in America, the most prominent and visible nation of the world, is an example the rest of us ought to heed.

    The constant expressions of hostility directed at Obama by professing Christians (which is now being redirected to Clinton) are a major reason for the current political situation in America today.

    God has heard the hatred being spouted by those claiming allegiance to Him and is giving them the option of the kind of leader their hatred cries out for.

    • billrandles says:

      I don’t hate Obama anymore than John the Baptist hated Herod when he called out his lawlessness. Obama has been used to wreck this nation. God has allowed it, true but Obama , the champion of abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, Islamic influence in America, the destruction of our economy, the incitement of racial conflict on a level not seen since the 1960’s has wrecked pour nation. I love and pray for him, believe it or not, so also do a lot of my friends, but we cannot help but hate what he has done. I have grandchildren. My only comfort is my faith in Jesus, the end times and the rapture and final judgment.As a Christian witness I have to “express” these things among others.I understand that you don’t get that and think it is hatred…but God knows what is going on.

      On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 4:24 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


      • Onesimus says:

        Yes God does know what’s going on, and it seem like the non-American commenters who’ve contributed here do too. But the warnings are being dismissed.

  24. Onesimus says:

    Bill, to claim Obama wrecked your nation, or was used to wreck your nation is ridiculous. The sin of the nation – and the CHURCH in particular – is the problem, not one politician or any alleged “antichrist movement”.

    The hostility directed towards Obama by people claiming the name of Christ is more the problem than the man himself has ever been. That hostility has bred the hateful situation your nation faces today in the current presidential campaign

    Please note, in all the comments above, those believers outside of America have made very similar observations about the American situation and how disturbing it is that Trump had the support of “evangelicals”.

  25. Onesimus says:

    (Have we ever met, when I was in OZ?) Your friend Pas Bill

    No, I never had that pleasure Bill, although I found some of your recorded sermons helpful at an important time.

    • billrandles says:

      I hope we stay in touch you are helpful(Onesimus)

      On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 6:24 PM, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


      • midrashcreed says:

        In order to gain a firm grasp on the Trump issues it’s helpful to adopt a Midrash approach which highlights the way similar dysfunctional patterns of human behaviour re-occur down the ages. If this wasn’t the case then the warnings given by New Testament writers gave about the various errors in their day would be of historical interest only. They would have no relevance to our situation. Now one error they warned against was the error of looking for false saviours, (Matthew 24:4-5) or what in Africa would be known as ‘Crocodile liberators.’ A reading of both Acts 5:36-37 21:38 and Josephus’ Jewish War would that this problem was rife in first century Jewish Society and it got worse as Roman armies closed in to conduct a terrible siege of Jerusalem in 70AD. The fact that they got into this dreadful state would strongly suggest that they had lost sight of God and His real savior Jesus Christ.

        Especially in times of upheaval like the Reformation this problem would manifest in the Church as was the case with the Anabaptist uprising in Munster Germany during 1534-5. The enlightenment and de-Christianzsation of Europe (which commenced during the eighteenth century) didn’t resolve this problem – it only ensured that major Messianic figures like Napoleon (1769-1821) would assume a more political and less overtly religious guise. Some false Messianic figures like Lenin Stalin and Mao were complete atheists. Another point to mention is that such figures could come to the fore when Christianity was either almost non-existent, corrupt and/or openly apostate. Created was a spiritual vacuum which anything could – especially when there was a great deal of public fear and panic. This was especially the case with Germany during the Weimar Republic (1918-1933). As the film ‘Cabaret’ brilliantly illustrated this period in German history was characterized by an enormous amount of cultural decadence in a society where violence was becoming increasingly acceptable. It was also a society characterized economic depression, mass unemployment, terrible class inequalities, growing lawlessness and for the middle classes especially, a justified fear of Communism which at that time appeared to be carrying all before it rather like militant Islam is today.

        In the few areas where Protestant Christianity had not been eroded by liberal theology it governed by an inward pietism that made it ineffective in responding to the rise of Nazism with a genuine prophetic Voice. As for the Roman Catholic it was going about its usual business of trying to maintain its institutional influence regardless of the moral cost involved. It would not be an exaggeration to state that Christians of all persuasions were terrified of Communism and the anarchy it brought. Indeed in 1919 under Bela Kum’s brief terror ridden rule Communism had shown what it could do in neighbouring Hungary (which I visited last August). What was then known as ‘The Red Threat’ was real and its effect was to make Christians willing to accept and in many cases actively support any powerful alternative that came along – even if that alternative was Hitler. Represented, here was a very cunning satanic strategy in which the devil would use a real threat to drive frightened Christians into the arms of a false saviour. I believe this is exactly the strategy he’s employing against American Evangelicals who like their German counterparts of an earlier generation are nursing a very deep sense of humiliation and betrayal. In Germany this was the result of a lost war plus economic hardship, in America it’s the result of Same Sex marriage legislation plus economic hardship. Highlighting this last point was the final shot of that excellent film ‘The Big Short’ where the camera panned out onto a Tent City crowded with those who’d been fleeced by a financial industry that had treated them with contempt. That shot told me far more than any amount of analysis why large number of Americans have turned to ‘the Donald.’ Like Hitler he thrives on the desperation and misery of others. He also has Hitler’s diabolical gift of making hatred acceptable.

        So my argument here is that a substantial part of American Evangelical Christianity is at risk of repeating the mistake made by German Christians in looking for a ‘crocodile liberator.’ In doing this they are also repeating the mistake made Munster Anabaptists and besieged first century Jews in Jerusalem. All this confirms the point often made in Bill Randles very helpful books that American Evangelical Christianity has long since lost its scriptural moorings. One effect of this has been the rise of has been the rise of heresies Prosperity Gospel which encourages a superficial way of thinking which says ‘if it’s big, successful, makes lots of noise and has lots of money it must be right.’ The long term effect of such deception has been to provide an market for the Donald Trumps of this world. It also has to be said that if senior evangelical leaders can’t see that there is something very amiss with this man at both the psychological and spiritual levels then they’re not going to stand much chance with the anti-Christ. In some cases, it seems that desperation has clouded personal judgement. Their behavior reminds me those German Christian leaders who sent telegrams of congratulation to Adolf Hitler once he came to power. The more things change the more they remain the same.

        So what is likely to be the outcome? Already much damage has been done during what has been an utterly awful Presidential campaign – certainly the worse I can recall (and I can remember every American election since 1964). At the very least ‘the Donald’ has in an already unstable society, helped to make torture and the degradation of women more acceptable – at least among certain classes of American. If he becomes President he’s likely to do this on a larger scale even though the checks and balances existing in the American Constitution may prevent the worst excesses. One thing that can be said in favour of ‘the Donald’ he’s an in your face guy who means what he says. If he wants to build walls, introduce torture and grope with women he’ll do just that. You know where you stand with him, if he says he wants to kill you, he’ll kill you. What foolish Evangelical supporters don’t see is that once their usefulness is over Trump will turn on them. Their fate could be similar to the Communist Old Guard who were purged by Stalin or the SA who were shot by Hitler. It’s in the nature of tyrants to turn on those who helped them into power – that way they’re under no obligation to anyone. Those Evangelicals who cheered Trumps when on 17th February when he bragged, “Torture works. OK, folks? You know, I have these guys—”Torture doesn’t work!”—believe me, it works. And waterboarding is your minor form. Some people say it’s not actually torture. Let’s assume it is. But they asked me the question: What do you think of waterboarding? Absolutely fine. But we should go much stronger than waterboarding” won’t be feeling so happy when it comes to be their turn to be water boarded. Lacking any historical perspective, they’ve failed to see that practice of torture within society can become fatally addictive. Once officially re-introduced there’s no reason to suppose that it will be confined to Muslim terrorists. Rather like Dachau concentration camp, Guantanamo Bay has provided a cadre of interrogators and torturers who could be used to man a wider system of oppression.

        Even if Trump is defeated by Hillary Clinton this legacy of brutalization will linger on like some deadly background radiation. If as seems likely, a Clinton Presidency becomes mired in scandal, foreign policy humiliation and economic recession then the anger which is felt by much of the American population will only grow more intense. In 2020, it’s highly possible they’ll be a cleverer and slicker version of ‘the Donald’ who will have taken care to learn lessons from the original article. Such a figure will have broader appeal and will be all the more dangerous for being more subtle. If nothing else, this election has vividly demonstrated that much of America is becoming ripe to receive a demagogic Caesar as their president and commander in chief. Present are echoes of the last days of the Roman Republic. It’s hard to see how Evangelical Christianity can do anything but lose from this situation. It will become either a public embarrassment associated with a discredited right wing cause or a religious arm of an authoritarian state (rather like the Russian Orthodox Church is today). In either scenario it will have no future as a genuine witness to Christ. Evangelical Christians who are committed to the Lord will need to start all over again by regarding America as a thoroughly paganised mission field. They should also reckon with the possibility of persecution; for if the present level of anger, hatred and violence continues to escalate at their present rate then within a couple of decades America could the establishment of a mass extermination society whose horrors could rival those I saw during my visit to Auschwitz in October 2011. Even in prosperous times, the veneer of civilization is only ever skin deep. For present day believers, the challenge is to stop placing their hope in men and instead to start listening very carefully what the Holy Spirit maybe saying during this very dark moment in American History.

    • Jeanne T. says:

      I’ve listened to literally dozens of Pastor Randles’ sermons in the past few months, and I’ve found all of them to be very helpful, lots of insights.

  26. Andrea says:

    Pastor Bill, earlier this week I listened to a sermon of yours dated February 3rd, 2013 and entitled ‘The Prince of Persia’ (Daniel 10). You shared that the principalities behind the prince of Greece and the prince of Persia live on today through ‘philosophies’ (Greece=humanism, relativism, etc. Persia=The rise of radical Islam). I appreciated your take on that, especially the way you explained how the prince of Greece/humanism influenced the founding of America. As you said, we were not solely founded on Christian principals, the humanistic enlightenment philosophies were also there from the start, in our leadership.

    You also said the Persian and Greece powers were like dogs fighting over the same piece of meat, ‘Israel’ (and also the church), which was caught in the middle.

    That message from several years ago seemed prescient to what’s transpiring in the current presidential election. Could it be that these two candidates/parties represent a ‘battle’ between the Greek and the Persian principalities for control over our country?

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