Is Trump A Savior? Thoughts on My Most Recent Post…

Due to the fact that I have been very wrongly and unfairly accused by a few of “puffing Trump”, and believing that “Trump is a Savior”, I think a brief clarification is in order.

I do not, nor have I ever thought Donald Trump to be some kind of a Savior. The only Savior of the USA and of all mankind is the Messiah, Jesus Christ the Lord, who died on the cross to free us from our sins, their power, penalty and corruptive influence.

Having said that,(again) , I have to say that I like many others, have been immensely relieved and gratified to not have to live out the “Hillary Clinton Presidency”. Whew!!!! The Harm done to our nation by Bush, Clinton and then Obama, would only have been compounded by the election of Hillary. I do not feel in the least bit sorry for rejoicing in the downfall of those career criminals.

It could turn out that Trump proves worse, more destructive and who knows, He  could  be the Anti-Christ? We just don’t know yet. He could also be a Cyrus, who knows?

My last post merely made the point that after the first week of office, I have marveled at the speed, efficiency and workmanlike attack on our nation’s manifold problems, most notably the Islamic Refugee calamity, inflicted on us by our previous leaders.

Trump, being a businessman, and having had to meet payrolls, knows that the best way to solve the problem would be to locate the refugees of Syria closer to Syria, and that we could save billions of dollars, and very much destabilization of the nation, just by creating safe places in the Middle East.

Trump merely picked up a phone and called the Saudis, and lo and behold, made deal with King Salmon, who pledged to help in the endeavor and even contribute money towards it. This is the same Saudi King who shares the murderous religion of those refugees but who wouldn’t lift a finger to help them, not admitting one of them into his own vast and wealthy nation.

This is the first full week of work for Trump. It makes me wonder, what were the other presidents doing all of the time? Or perhaps, how beholden were they to the Saudis? Thats all I said.

I have no idea what will happen with Trump,  he is obviously a sinner,(Like me), and yes I know he has a notorious false teacher attached to his administration. That would be Paula White, a Word Faith heretic and opportunist, deeply embedded in the Trump administration. I am well aware of this, and of the danger of this. It is consistent with Trump’s earliest spirituality, which is Norman Vincent Peale’s positive thinking heresy.

The fact that I marveled at Trump’s efficiency on one single problem in no ways means that I , (who have long stood against the NAR, Manifested Sons heretics) am now oblivious to the spiritual dangers of Paula White.

We have to quit playing ‘gotcha’ , in the name of discernment! If we bite and devour one another,we will one day be consumed one of another.

My other cause for criticism was that I attached a Stefan Molyneaux video , which was entitled,”Did Trump Just Save Western Civilization?”. I gave a disclaimer, that the man doesn’t take the prophecies into account and that I don’t agree with all that he says.

Molyneaux is a Philosopher, actually an Atheist, who has been slowly realizing,(I think since 9-11) that Western Civilization is now imperiled, due to the insanity of unchecked immigration from the Muslim World.  He has actually admitted that his earlier harsh criticisms against Christianity have been wrong, and is beginning to see, that much of the beauty and freedom which is heritage of the West is due to Christianity.

Obviously I don’t agree with ll of his viewpoints, but  as I have tried to get across to one of my critics, ‘even a broken clock is right twice a day’.  I merely shared a little Molyneaux clip, in which he excitedly made similar observations to my own, about Trump’s “immigration ban”.

Though he is at present an atheist, Molyneaux is also a person made in the very image of God and capable of some reasonable thought, right? I have been praying for Stefan Molyneaux, I actually like him and empathize with many of his concerns. (Don’t worry, I haven’t defected, I think Jesus would want us to pray for any Atheist!).

He made more of it than I, hoping that we had reached a turning point to the insanity, should Trump succeed in cutting off the flow of Islamic immigration, it could one day be seen as the moment when the tide was turned and the West saved itself.

As I said in my previous article, He doesn’t know what we know by revelation, that is the prophecies and the nearness of the Lord’s return, and the inevitable judgments coming upon the West. Therefore, though some of what he says is sane and reasonable, I do not believe Trump’s actions will save anything.

It is therefore unfair for anyone to infer from this that I am a false teacher, and am defecting or “worshipping Trump” or any of the other ridiculous and unfair accusations which have been publicly leveled at me. God knows everything.

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29 Responses to Is Trump A Savior? Thoughts on My Most Recent Post…

  1. ali says:

    I appreciate your post. I appreciate your stand for our LORD and Saviour, JESUS Christ and I appreciate you. Donald Trump is not our SAVIOUR as well you have stated. Those with an ax to grind need to move a bit further to the left…..say California. LORD bless.


  2. I think we should judge leaders by how their actions and beliefs measure up to the plumb line of the Word of God. Trump has done things that align with the truth of scriptures…this makes me happy! But I’m certainly not ignorant of his past or present actions and affiliations. I could NOT have voted for Hillary. I was happy about the Saudi solution also. Even the Good Samaritan put the man in a hotel. He didn’t take him home! (Wise as serpents, gentle as doves.) I also pray for and minister to atheists on my website. I’ve often agreed with them. This doesn’t mean I’ve compromised with atheists. I just agree with one of their arguments. I’m also concerned about the name-calling, critical, and mocking attitude of those in the discernment community. I’m saddened that you have to defend yourself. You are one of the few preachers I can listen to without high walls of defense around my heart. This is because I’ve listened to you and grown to trust your faithfulness to the Word.

  3. Jeanne T. says:


    Unfortunately you can’t reason someone who doesn’t tolerate differing opinions and refuses to be reasoned with. There is no display of grace for brothers and sisters who have a different point of view or who hold different political leanings. Indeed the tone of recent pieces from this individual sound more like “a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal”. I can’t help but wonder if this is an attack from the enemy, stirring up brother against brother, sister against sister.

    I appreciate your blog, as well as your messages online. Your unique insights into the Scriptures is a gift that few teachers have, and they are very helpful. I have often passed them on to others. By the way, thanks for mentioning JD Farag in a recent message. He is amazing! I love listening to his prophecy updates.

    We are living in the last days, when Jesus warned us that “lawlessness will be increased, [and] the love of many will grow cold.” (Matt. 24) Satan is going into overdrive, I believe, because he knows his time is short. I speak for myself when I say that we must keep our eyes on Jesus and pray that our love will not grow cold.

  4. midrashcreed says:

    Thank you Bill for your much needed and helpful clarification. Nonetheless, I do believe that possibly you and the 81% of Evangelicals who voted to Trump risk falling into exactly the same trap that ensnared many Germany Christians during the 1930s. Afflicted with economic hardship, terrified by the very real threat of Communism and disgusted by the decadence of their society (excellently portrayed in the film Cabaret) many turned to Hitler on the grounds that he was a lesser evil with consequences that are all too well known. He was a demagogue who thrived on desperation and could make hatred acceptable.

    If Trump is the psychopathic man-child I believe he then he has the potential to take America and much of the world over into an abyss. This is not to deny that at least at first, he’ll do some things that are right and necessary after all Hitler built the autobahns and Mussolini drained the Pontine marshes, Similarly Trump has given the Saudis a well deserved earful – but those apparently ‘good’ things didn’t offset the fundamental malignancy of their regimes or personalities. Indeed, Trump’s personality display exactly the same narcissist traits seen in those Prosperity Teachers and False Prophets we both have tangled with. He’s in the political sphere what these shysters in the religious.

    By so strongly identifying with Trump Evangelical Christians could well be paving the way for the future persecution. Should the Trump Presidency produce a major liberal backlash then Evangelical Christians could be the first targets of that backlash. In such a scenario, There will be plenty of liberals with scores to settle. I cannot help but conclude that American Evangelical Christianity has fallen into a gigantic elephant trap from which it may not be able to escape. Your own writings suggest that this form of Christianity has been heading for a fall for a very long time. The only question remains whether in this dark situation God will raise-up any faithful Dietrich Bonhoeffers to bear a true witness to Christ?.

    • Jeanne T. says:

      “The only question remains whether in this dark situation God will raise-up any faithful Dietrich Bonhoeffers to bear a true witness to Christ?

      What about you? Isn’t this what we are all called to?

      But here’s the answer to your question:

      “And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever…….Many shall purify themselves and make themselves white and be refined, but the wicked shall act wickedly. And none of the wicked shall understand, but those who are wise shall understand.” Daniel 3, 10

      So the only question that remains is whether YOU, WE, I, are willing to rise up in this “dark situation” of the world. “Let your light so shine among men.” (Don’t hide.) Dare to be a Daniel (remember that song from Sunday School?). And read the book of Daniel, because Jesus commanded us to do so. It’s key to avoiding the deception that Jesus warned about. 🙂

      • midrashcreed says:

        “What about you? Isn’t this what we are all called to?”

        Fair comment Jeanne, but how many Evangelical Christians recognize this? They seem to be sleep walking to disaster.

    • Jeanne T. says:

      “Fair comment Jeanne, but how many Evangelical Christians recognize this? They seem to be sleep walking to disaster.”

      Most churchgoers are asleep, not just “evangelicals”, are asleep, midrashcreed. Jesus told us this would be so in the parable of the ten virgins, who I believe represent churchgoers. We must be careful not to be arrogant or judgmental, as if we know everything, because none of us do, not even those of us who spend a lot of time in the Word. We should instead be praying for one another and encouraging one another in the Lord. We should make sure we have the oil of the Holy Spirit in our own lamps. Those “evangelicals” (as opposed to another kind?) are still your brothers and sisters in Christ.

  5. Jill Hanes says:

    Pastor Bill, Please please don’t stop blogging your thoughts on current events! Of course you don’t think Trump is savior! If anyone has ever read anything you’ve written or preached, they would know that. Our family very much appreciates your ministry of the Word through YouTube and also your blog! Keep going!! Very few in the Body of Christ will tackle the political realm and speak the Truth about things going on all around us! We need you!

    Chris and Jill Hanes Bowling Green, KY

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Sharon Nordstrom says:

    I understood perfectly what you were saying in your last blog about Trump and agreed thoroughly.

    I read your blog frequently and haven’t found anything I thought was wrong.

    Keep on keeping on and forget the naysayers!

    Sharon Nordstrom


  7. Janet Sangha says:

    Yes! Atheists are already accusing us (Biblical Christians) of ‘being on the side of Trump conclusively, on the grounds that ‘Christians’ voted for him!
    Its the old story of the False Accuser!
    Praise the Lord to be one whom he targets!,

  8. Jeff Churchill says:

    Pastor Bill, you were spot on in your analysis of the Trumpster in his first week and the deals he made regarding the refugees. Of course being the “used car salesman” that Trump is, the devil is in the details of the deal and we may never know for quite some time. Since the Saudis are part of OPEC, maybe there was a guarantee of continuation of imported oil? Despite the fact that since he okayed the pipe lines and that we know for a fact that we have a whole lot more oil than the Middle East combined, maybe sooner or later he’ll put a damper on the production on our domestic oil.
    Never the less, my wife and I didn’t support Trump. But, now that he’s in the saddle we are praying for him and his administration to what’s right; according to God’s will much like you said of Cyrus in Isaiah 45. Except I believe because America in general has turned it’s back on God, maybe this nation will suffer a great collapse at the hands of Trump, creating a mighty revival.
    The long and short of it all as a Believer in Jesus the Christ, we know the ultimate outcome.! Praising the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.! Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord.!
    In Christ Jesus

  9. Rosie Higgs says:

    Thank you for your insights which is why I signed up to your blogs. I have never read that you thought Donald Trump a saviour, a ridiculous notion. One thing though, whatever he will turn out to be, saved I hope, is that, if one unborn child is saved through his withholding financing for abortions, it will be a precious life, maybe even one day an evangelist for Jesus. I pray for him in the UK, the enemy knows his weakness for women and will try to bring about his downfall by temptations so I pray he will see anything like that coming and have a good marriage with his wife. I am thankful for men who can discern the times, so the Lord bless you Pastor Bill.

  10. Pastor Bill, I think that many of us that are happy about not living under the HRC cloud are being called “Trump worshipers”. I had one “sister” tell me to “go worship your orange god”….. I am at best “cautiously optimistic” at least give the guy a chance. These Christians that hammer us every time we try to say something positive about the President should restrain themselves from lashing out. Sometimes it feels like we are in the inquisition…..Good article Brother.

  11. Dmarie says:

    Let Truth be what divides – not politics.
    I certainly do not believe Bill has ever demonstrated worship for DT… but, I have noticed the increased amounts of feedback to these more political blogs. Maybe due to the opinions within?
    I don’t believe it is helpful for atheists, or anyone else we desire to minister to, for us to be talking about our opinions regarding politics. Bill, you have been gifted as a faithful teacher of Truth according to God’s Word – for that I am SO grateful.

  12. Susan A. says:

    Just hang on in there Bill, let the Lord defend your ‘right and your cause’. Think an abundance of wisdom is called for over and above….you are more exposed than most. God Bless and keep you through all the flak. S C Atkins.

  13. Karen says:

    Don’t stop your posts now, just when we need the truth the most! Media doesn’t give it to us, so we must rely on the internet and people like you, which become everybody’s target in these days. I print all that you write and give a lot of it away to others that don’t have access or the ability to find your posts and read them. Keep up the good work!!

  14. fran mcgibbon says:

    Well said, God bless your day. Thank you

  15. Marleen says:

    “Bush, Clinton, and then Obama…”

    Are we forgetting someone?

  16. Marleen says:
    So, here is George — “W” — Bush
    (another Bush before Obama)
    dancing with a Saudi Prince.

    I’m sure W got something .

    This is how we partner up?

    Do realize Trump is aligning.

    But he’s aligning with Putin, too.

    Neither are good with which to ally.

  17. Kim Sega says:

    I have thought of many things you have written and have to say I had some of the things I have read and believed the bible as you do in the only way to see it, yet so many do not even teach on the real meaning of scripture. I found myself not wanting to even watch them on TV. The things you have written was such a wonderful thing for me. It is very true and inspiring as well. Concerning Trump, I wonder why when he told us his family gave him the bible etc, yet we know the church he mentioned does not teach the whole truth . maybe some do but it was told to us by preachers that he did dedicate his life to Christ ten years ago. also never drank, took drugs or smoked. so I am wondering as a new Christian why so many do not believe he is saved. I wonder why as at first he did not understand why he should repent. but learned why. He does talk better than he did. none of us are righteous, no not one. For me, I am not the judge and do not talk against anyone with a past, we all have one.. It is clear to me he is a faithful husband and good father. works hard and loves Allmerica. and supports Israel 100 % which is a plus. So far I see him as a man of his word, he keeps it. yet none of us know for sure about anything, and for me, I know there will be a one world government with or without him. His getting along with other nations even tho at the times did not see them thru bible teachings.. yet he is more aware of that. His helper, Caroline Conley is a reborn Christian and I am sure talked with him as well as Mike Pence. He is not a preacher so doesn’t speak of all he believes but does believe in G-d. He also is exposing the Clinton, Bush and obamas criminal works…He doesn’t seem to worry that they could kill him in a second. I know G-d is in charge. We are told in the bible to pray for our leaders and follow the laws of the land. I do but won’t except evil like abortion etc and many other things. As far a Trump who seems to get along with other nations makes me see more how ten will come together in the very last days… so we know it is the very last days before our wonderful L-rd comes.. I am thankful he supports Israel. IF I have it right, Israel will win the last wars and when Russia brings all nations against HER and she is weakened so bad, will call upon the L-rd and the L-rd says HE will roar thru Zion and be there for Israel. I read Jeremiah 20 thru 31 as to what G-d says HE will do to Israel’s enemies which are His enemies too. G-d tells us when we think we know it all we know nothing.. I just look at how we all know it will end, that those who truly follow Christ an stand with Israel and the Jews as genesis 12 and many others that we will be saved. I believe those who do not support Israel are enemies of G-d. Bill, if I am wrong or see something is not right on what I believe I would appreciate you tell me what. Since I have started reading you teachings it has blessed me so much as I need the truth as we all do. . I can’t help but love this blog and don’t want you to quit… none of us do. you are a light in darkness. B-d bless you and all who love the L-rd G-d and I pray we all pray and reach out to the world, so many have fallen away and some never found that narrow road.. Shalom

  18. Ann says:

    Unfortunately we who claim to love Christ are not showing the love we are supposed to have towards those who are not like us. “Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who mistreat you. Overcome evil with good.” Well the immigrant problem is our problem since we too are aliens in this world. It is by our love that men will know we are his but unfortunately it seems that we are too full or fear…perhaps love is not as perfected in us as we claim it is. Furthermore who gives us the right to call former presidents by derogotory terms? “I do not feel in the least bit sorry for rejoicing in the downfall of those career criminals.”I expect sinners to sin. Jesus did not come into the world to save the righteous bu to bring sinners to repentance. “What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?  God will judge those outside.” 1 Corinthians 5:12-13 When did God resign? Are any of us God? Let God be God. Please do preach the gospel by by all means let us learn to live the gospel of Christ. That the Almighty “I” may decrease that Christ in me the hope of glory may increase.

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