Is This Sickness Unto Death?…Thoughts on France


Europe is sick with self-hatred. I think it never recovered from the Nazi episode. That is what I have called ‘The Second Career of Adolf Hitler’: maybe a little less criminal than the first one, but hardly less damaging, historically speaking. Europe is like a patient which has been operated upon so many times and so intensively to try and remove the Hitlerian cancer that the surgeons, in their eagerness to take no chances, have removed not only the cancer but most of the vital organs. The patient has no guts left, no heart, no brains, no virility, no legs, no will. The worst thing in what is happening is that we could very well resist, and still win. But we don’t want to. Europe does not want to. The Europeans don’t even want to know what is happening to them. And those who tell them are punished or banished, like birds of ill omen: the perpetual shooting of the messengers.Renaud Camus ,


Camus pointed out in an interview something that I and others have observed . Like a human body badly weakened and ravaged by an illness, Europe is spiritually sick and unable to resist the secondary opportunistic infections which could kill it.

When she embraced the religion of Christianity, to varying degrees over the last thousand years, Europe had a will to live. Europeans met the challenge of the Islamic hordes, and threw them back, in France, Vienna and even in Spain after a seven hundred year struggle!  The Judeo Christian world wanted to live and to pass on their civilization to their children. The fear of God is all about the future and is fruitful.

However imperfectly practiced, Europe once thrived under a Redemptive religion. Christianity consists of revealed truths such as sin and forgiveness, Truth and Love, Judgment and Redemption are the framework, and at the center, self sacrificing Love as exemplified in Jesus Christ.

Thus, Europe once was nourished by Christ. Her thinking and ethics and concern for the individual, and for freedom and the rule of law, all came from Christianity. The forgiveness offered to all through Christianity is the only cure for the sin sick soul. One who has received Jesus’ forgiveness and the gift of eternal life is immune to the false, collective guilt heaped on Westerners for the past sixty years.

But to varying degrees, Europe has lost her faith. In the case of France, the loss of Christian faith could be marked as having occurred in the French Revolution. Certainly though the germ of  Christian faith Which survived the enthroning of human reason and the worship of the prostitute in Notre Dame,and the assault of Existential Philosophy and the age of godless revolutions throughout the 19th century,  was utterly wiped out in the carnage of the First World War as the Judeo Christian world marshaled all of her ingenuity and industrial might, turning on each other,  in the world’s first wholesale industrial strength war.

Too many Priests, Vicars and Pastors blessed the legions of European youth in the name of God, as they marched in flower showered columns into the world’s greatest disaster, intent on slaughtering each other in trenches of horror. The Western World has never recovered from it, to this day! World War 2 was but the inevitable extension of the First World War, and the casualty, at least for the European Elites, from Moscow to Berlin, to Paris and even London was a shattering of former verities, confidence in the culture and the religion which once nourished it.

Europe has coasted on the heritage of Christianity, without Christianity for decades, so also has America. The benefits which came of Judeo Christian civilization, concern for the individual, role of law, technological superiority, all of these Judeo Christian virtues are the fumes of the now empty gas tank which once propelled Europe and the West into superiority.

We still have the power, we just lack the will, we are exhausted and empty, our leaders have this sickness in the greatest concentration, they are downright Nihilistic. It has been noted that many of Europe’s leaders are childless, which has a considerable effect on their outlook.We still have fantastic, lawful societies, people are beating a path to live here, but our leaders do not believe them worth preserving.

Swedish leaders have brow beat their own people, telling them Sweden has no culture whatsoever and can only be enriched by the baptism of savages  and rapists from the Middle East and Africa.

The newly elected Macron has been quoted as saying that there is no such thing as French Culture.

Who are these nihilists? How did they ascend to power? Why don’t they want their own societies to Live?

How can one resist a religion,(even a manifestly false religion like Islam), without a religion?

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2 Responses to Is This Sickness Unto Death?…Thoughts on France

  1. Brenda C says:

    Great article Pastor Bill. Thank you.

  2. Susan A. says:

    Not sure you have the balance this time Pastor Bill, seems that you have a touch of the nihilistic too!

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