Of Course I would do it again!…37th Anniversary


There is no question about it, after 37 years, (as of today) and after 6 children and thirteen Grandchildren and even two great grandchildren, and through so many toils, dangers snares, as well as countless more joys and triumphs, if I were asked, knowing what I know now, “would you do it again? Would you marry Kristin Titcomb? ”

Absolutely! I couldn’t have found or chosen such a helpmeet, fellow laborer in Jesus, fighter in the trenches of life, patient sufferer, giving and loving wife and mother! Truly God gave her to me and I am so grateful for our years together. I love you Kristin!


Woman You are a Gift to me…



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26 Responses to Of Course I would do it again!…37th Anniversary

  1. David Zweigle says:

    Congratulations and happy anniversary. Appreciate your ministry.

  2. Susan A. says:

    So lovely Bill, thank you both so much for showing and sharing!
    Sue Atkins.

  3. Pauline Jennions says:

    Thank you the lovely photos , so blessed to know you are so happily married after so many years
    I celebrate 55 years on the 15 th , I thank God for my faithful loving husband

  4. Rosie Higgs says:

    Congratulations, you both must have married young to have so many offspring! As you said you are taking over the world!! God bless both of you, Rosie Higgs

  5. dennisbishop says:

    Congratulations both of You! I never miss anything you write or teach Pastor Bill. Your congregation is very blessed to have a pastor like You! And I know you would not be as good as you are without your wife at your side! I wish you many more anniversaries… or until the rapture! Best wishes,Dennis

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  6. Daniel Wasserman says:

    Congratulations Pastor Bill and Kristin. You have been blessed. May The God Lord keep and Bless you for many more.

  7. Dawn Henry says:

    Love you both so much. You both inspire me everyday. I a so proud to call you my Mama and Papa Bear. I wish you both a very happy anniversary and I pray you both have a wonderful day together.

  8. jeffleigh says:

    Congrats to you both …from a UK resident who appreciates your sentiments expressed here and in your teaching ministry. Jeff Leigh

  9. S.D. Sullivan says:

    Congratulations to you both, from a website follower.

  10. Hope says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! God bless you and yours!

  11. Kelly Cochrane says:

    Happy Anniversary to two very special people! Lex and I are blessed to know you both, we can only hope and pray to have a strong Christian marriage and family like you guys do!

  12. midrashcreed says:

    I could say the same about my wife too. 38 years and still counting. Enjoy your anniversary

  13. Sue Ceccarelli says:

    🎉🎊👋 Congratulations!


  14. KD Groom Builders says:

    GOD Bless you Pastor Bill & Kristin,

    Look forward to meeting you in the Kingdom!

    Praise the name JESUS.

    Ken, Beth & Family…

    k d GROOM Pty Ltd


    PO Box 1337 Springwood Qld 4127


    M. 0499022489

  15. Rosemary Lamanna says:

    37 years well done. Congratulations. With Jesus in the 3 stranded cord love an only grow and mature. My husband and I will be celebrating our 40th in November and it could have only been so with Jesus. In the words of a Christian country song. ‘I don’t love you like I used to! I LOVE YOU MORE’ Blessings for you both and may the Lord continue to cause your love to grow and flourish. God bless. Len and Rose Lamanna. Isle of Wight. UK

  16. Wayne Gregory Capell says:

    Congratulations to you both. My wife and I celebrated 39 years on 2 September 2017. I fully appreciate the value of a good and God honouring woman in my life.

  17. Carolyn Gaumnitz says:

    Happy anniversary Brother Bill and Kristen. I know you do not remember my name but I used to live in West Monroe, La. I bought some of your books and now I am in Texas. Please pray for my husband who has alzhiemers now. Our son killed himself when he was 38 , 20 years ago. i love your sermons and look forward to them.Tom is 83 and I am 78 now. God Bless You and I thank God for the wisdom he has given you. If I lived there I would love to be at your church.

  18. Linda Miller says:

    Happy for you two.
    Linda an Ken Miller.

  19. Jeanne T. says:

    Congratulations, Pastor Bill and Kristin!

  20. Lovey says:

    Beautiful…so thankful for your many years demonstrating that marriage can be a joyful journey of discovery of one another and our walk in Christ

    Congratulations on another year of matrimony fullness of satisfaction through a lifetime of loving selflessness !

  21. Sharon Nordstrom says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Sharon Nordstrom


  22. Fay Dash says:

    Mazel Tov! Beautiful couple both inside and out! Love Fay & Steve Dash Australia

  23. albydavies55 says:

    Congratulations to you both.

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  24. Rita says:

    Congratulations Pastor Bill and Kristin. I really appreciate both of you! Thanks for your Ministry and your prayers.
    Rita Lindhag

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