Guest Column….Don’t Condemn White South Africa To Death

First see this brief video from Australia to see how dark the brainwashing really is-



‎Elsabe Hausauer‎ to Americans Against White Genocide in South Africa

23 hrs · Halliday, ND, United States ·

Here is some good hard history of South Africa written by internationally recognized, multiple award winning Ph.D Defense & Aerospace physicist Dr Harry Booyens.

If any liberal American/Australian is going to tell me one more time that we got what we deserve I seriously will lose all hope in the intelligence of humans!!!!

The Europeans and Arabs all took slaves from Africa from as far south as Mozambique on the east coast, and as far south as Angola on the West coast ( the Portuguese in both cases). However, from day 1 in South Africa (6 April 1652) the Dutch East India Company made it 100% clear to its governor that there was to be no taking of slaves. No South African black person was ever enslaved by any white South African man.

However, Mandela’s amaXhosa people enslaved the refugee amaFengu people, who were of general Zulu stock.They were freed by the British Army and Boer Commandos in 1835 and joined those two Armies against the amaXhosa. Ironically, it is not Mandela’s people, but the white people, like myself, who have the slave ancestors!

This is why it is so terribly vexing when American liberals hang their guilty conscience around our necks for something THEIR great grandfathers did, and ours had nothing to do with. They can go ahead and feel guilty if that is what they want to do, but not at our expense, thank you very much. South Africa is a COUNTRY in Africa and AFRICA is a massive CONTINENT. Afrikaners and white folks in general refuse to “answer in court” for things other nations did thousands of miles to the north.

This discussion is a good example of the kind of “jumping to conclusions” that happens in the liberal US when they look for Afrikaners behind the door where they have been standing lamenting their history. There was no lynching of black people by white South Africans. We do not know that kind of stuff. We have been made the scapegoat or “galactic whipping boy” for the sins of the Europeans with colonialism and the US with Slavery. Meanwhile we have the slave ancestors and we FOUGHT BRITISH COLONIALISM and got put in concentration camps for it. Liberal Folks in the US do not even know the barest minimum about SA, but we have been sentenced to death for what they just speculate happened.

There are millions who believe the Great Trek was to go catch slaves!!…seriously! That is what they have been told and even TAUGHT at school! They were, however, happily hired to work on farms, so the farmers certainly relied on them for farm labour. But the word is HIRED. This is no different from Americans hiring Mexicons to pick fruit. The boere dont just hire and pay them a salary. We also provided housing (wow sounds like a great deal) But no….we suck as people and deserve to die 🤦🏼‍♀️😢 WHY?!?

I strongly suggest you all go buy the book AmaBhulu, get to know who we are before making such false accusations!

AmaBhulu: the Book

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17 Responses to Guest Column….Don’t Condemn White South Africa To Death

  1. Sharyn says:

    Thank you for publishing this. I am a white South African and am ashamed of Apartheid.

    South Africa did not do nearly as much against the black people as what the Americans and others have done to Black people and the Indian natives.

    I pray OUR LORD will forgive us and bring healing to the whole nation of South Africa.

    I pray we will not have a civil war as the USA had.

  2. Leonard colin whitfield says:

    Make no mistake the blackman was exploited here .as were the jews in egypt .the chinese in america .the armenians under turkey . The english and germans under may and merkel. It is a never ending cycle of bondage under sin and a lack of repentance . Maranatha LORD

  3. Jim says:

    Western Civilization brought light into the world. Its goodness is also its weakness. The course for its destruction was set when its people forgot. Hosea: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The West is dying, the world will die soon after.

  4. dawid lotz says:

    Historical racism, abuse, oppression and cruelty perpratated by white farm owners against black and coloured farm workers cannot be denied, and should not be minimized or excused. To often in South Africa we see whites trying to minimize the hurt and cruelty experienced by blacks and coloureds. Having never being the victims of centuries long de-huminizing legislation, legally authorized and institutionalized racist and oppressive practices, they cannot understand the hurt experienced by blacks and coloureds. Thank God there are exceptions amongst the white population, but, unfortunately, the prevailing white attitute towards apartheid seems to be ” aaag it wasnt that bad, theyre complaining unnecessarily “. This is a hurtfull and ignorant attitute. Its my hope that pastor Randell, whom I respect, and his ministry, will never create the impression that they condone ir deny historical racism, or minimize and trivialize the very real hurt apartheid caused. Families torn apart, people labbelled and treated as sub-human, murders committed to preserve the status quo… God help us, may we never forget the terrible attrocities perpretrated in the name of apartheid. May He give us grace to forget.

    • billrandles says:

      This is no endorsement of any cruelty whatsoever, by either White or black sinners. What is being minimized and currently excused is the wanton slaughter of white farmers, as had happened in Rhodesia and Mozambique. Whites in South Africa ceded political power to the ANC , which is now exploiting their own position to foster a race war. that is why I posted this piece. Historical wings cannot be righted by pseudo “Social justice”, for the “tender mercies of the wicked are cruel”.

      • dawid lotz says:

        Thank you for making it clear that no wrong doing by either race is condoned. May I respectfully enquire on what evidence your opinion that the ANC is fostering a race war is based? I agree that there has been instances of farm killings is SA, but, as far as I am aware, no conclusive evidence that such killings are the result of an ANC fostered race war, has been presented. It would, in my opinion, have been very easy for the ANC to foster black on white violence, should they have wished to do so. And if that has been a covert ANC agenda, im sure that the incidences of black on white violence, ecspecially farm murders, would have been much higher. Will there not always be black on white violence in SA, where 80% of the population is black, with a large percentage of them who MAY be poor, hungry, economically excluded, frustrated, angry, or simply criminal ? And no, that is NOT an attempt to justify black on white violence. Its simply a question. It is a fact that whites historically obtained land illegally, they were the original “landgrabbers”. The wrongs of the past must be addressed, but it must be noted that Pres Ramaphosa stressed that land redistribution must be done constitutionally, not violently as was done in Zimbabwe. Making accusations that the ANC is raping and pillaging the country sounds very emotive. Should we not, respectfully, focus on facts rather than make unsubstansiated emotional statements. Shalom

  5. jamie says:

    Thank you sister Hausauer for the video and the article!

    Black Liberation Theology is has become the religion of the left. It is a religion of vengeance, rebellion, and retribution for those deemed oppressors. It is a religion of liberation, not from Sin, Unrighteousness, and hate, but liberation from God’s ordained order (which may also explain the LGBTQ**** movement in the west). Satan is the archetype of liberation theology, and He is the God of this movement…and He is a cruel taskmaster. Not willing to accept God’s order, or His exalted position, he wanted to be like the most high. Is it any wonder that all roads in Black Liberation Theology ultimately lead to Islam (or Chrislam), Satan’s inspired Anti-Christ religion?

    You answered the question of why a “white person” would subscribe to the absolutely racist view that blacks have license to drive whites off their land and commit genocide against them: to assuage their guilty consciences (for not truly serving Jesus Christ!) BLT is their penance! The South Africans (and all conservative whites) are their offering to this false God. If these people did serve Jesus Christ, they would recognize God’s providence and his judgment on the generation (1860) that persisted slavery in America.

    True Christianity is a religion of being yoked to Christ; picking up one’s cross and follow Jesus in love and forgiveness. Humbly submitting and accepting His will for our lives, and His design to place us in the place, time, family, ethnic background, of His choosing. Loving everyone regardless of background or skin color. Christianity is knowing that whatever station God has placed us was for His Glory! (1 Cor 7:20-22)

  6. billrandles says:

    to David Lotz; thanks for your spirit and tone in challenging me to be fair and compassionate in my comments. You ask what evidence do I have hat the ANC is fostering a possible race war? Have you not seen president Zuma leading a stadium in a folk song exhorting them to “kill the Boer”? there are no doubt many other evidences and others outside the ANC have also joined in the urging of a race war, such as the EFF and Julius Malema. among them. Here is a GENOCIDE watch article about South Africa, which is very late in the genocide scale…no matter what happened in the past we cannot sanction that or justify it…as for being the original “Landgrabbers”… I am told that the vast interior of much of South Africa didn’t have any population until Boers cleared land, drained swamps and created productive farms, then hired blacks to work them. I may be wrong and will check my facts, thanks for the accountability, Shalom!

    • dawid lotz says:

      It’s been good engaging with you Pastor R. As a non-political christian South African, its interesting to see how foreighners view this issue. I’ve obviously come accross many divergent views. Zuma was a populist, and some may argue that singing ” kill the boer, kill the farmer”, a well known apartheid era protest song, had more to do with Zuma and his tendency to play to the crowd, then with a concerted ANC effort to foster an anti- white climate. That being said, Zuma was much more militant in his anti-coloniast views then Pres. Ramaphosa. Most South Africans, of all races, have more confidence in Ramaphosa to deal with the contentious issue of land redistribution responsibly and constitutionally. Zuma was much more of a loose canon, and SA heaved a collective sigh of relief when he was replaced. As far as Malema is concerned, he is not an ANC member or leader, ( he is leader of a splinter party, the Economic Freedom Fighters ), so his comments and actions cannot be regarded as an ANC policy or viewpoint. In my view, much more should be done by both the ANC and political parties who represent the Afrikaner voice to have respectful and responsible dialoque on the often emotive issues of land redistribution and farm killings. I feel for my fellow South Africans who happen to be white. Their experiences are real and painfull and their frustration is justified. I pray that the Lord of peace will heal their wounds, and that calm will previal when these issues are discussed. Blessings to you all. Marantha!

  7. Suzanne S says:

    I believe it is so very important that people know their history before taking a stand according to only what they hear or are taught by spoon feeding. I will purchase the book mentioned here, AmaBhulu, excited to learn something new, because I wasn’t aware of this. An example of messed up history and assumptions that only white people were the enslavers, is the fact that some native Americans were some of the biggest Slave holders here in North America, I say this with myself being an enrolled member of my tribe. Having grown up knowing this, but even recently as homeschooling my last high schooler, we were reading Booker T. Washington’s Up From Slavery, he in his book, on page 51 states the fact of native Americans being Slave holders.
    Why do I mention this? People need to educate and inform themselves before forming an opinion. Make sure you know what you say you know.

  8. Daniel Wasserman says:

    Greetings Pastor Bill. I am rather surprised to see that a Jewish Person was doing the street interviews. I was even more surprised to hear comments by Australians and then more surprised still the questions asked by the interviewer to some people where he asked whether non white immigrants would be preferable to whites from South Africa.
    You see I have been doing a great deal of research on the internet about the Jewish Leadership in Israel and in America. the results I found were the opposite to that mentioned by the Jewish Interviewer, hence my surprise.
    Please find the video Link I am referring to as it actually relates mainly to America.

    –Benjamin H. Freedman 1961 speech
    I hope you will be able to activate the link.

    • jamie says:

      Benjamin Freedman was a well known “nutty conspiracy theorist”, “professional anti-Semite”, “Israel Hating”, “Self Hating Jew”. His understanding of history is at odds with virtually all academically (trusted) historians.

      While he does bring up undeniable truths, they are obscured by his bias.

  9. Daniel Wasserman says:

    Hello again Pastor Bill.
    The video link I sent you may have been blocked by Google. Its a pity since he issued a warning to America about a certain sect of Jews who are trying to subvert America to communism.
    Please try this link which explains the what Jewish Leadership actually hold to led by the Rothschilds.

    — Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

  10. First, I want to say, I 100% agree that people seem to have lost their minds about what is clearly are incredibly targeted killings on a huge scale. While, from what we know, it’s not the government carrying it out, it is still an organised and targeted attack on white farmers in South Africa. It’s horrifying to hear people mindlessly minimalist their suffering and deflect to things like “what about the other people suffering around the world”.

    My black South African wife grieves over the killings of white South Africans. I have a point, which I hope to say respectfully because (a) your people are suffering and (b) you’re clearly a Christian to be posted on Randles’ blog.

    You said “There was no lynching of black people by white South Africans.” Whilst in the most explicit sense this is true, things happened which was much more worrying than a lunch mob; apartheid government assassinations of peaceful people who opposed apartheid. I emphasis peaceful because I acknowledge that under Mandela, ANC turned to militancy, before returning to peace once it was offered a clear victory by America. Nevertheless the then “white” government organised assassinations of black opposition.

    Case in point, my wife’s aunty who raise her as a mother. She was a lawyer who was brutally assasinated in front of my wife and her cousins when they were young children. My wife still remembers “mama”, who raised her, laying in a pool of blood, after being shot and bludgeoned.

    It’s a weird situation. South Africa has so much racism still. When I visited SA I recall having bizarre comments from family that just exposed racism towards white people. I was able to hear however first hand stories of the harsh conditions, poverty and exclusion they suffered under apartheid; not to mention the loss of family members who killed by apartheid police paid assassins.

    What the Apartheid government did was wicked. The killings of your fellow Whites in SA is also wicked. Nothing justifies either, nor means that the victims ‘deserve it’; all such views are racist!

    Whilst the average white farmer cannot be accused of the evil apartheid, the angry fist is extended against them each day out of jealousy for their land. The brutal killings are thriving on the ignorance of those who listen to a tilted media and wickedness of those who couldn’t care.

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks Romansroadmap, I agree that there is no doubt that outrages have been perpetrated by the Apartheidt government, that is why South African society virtually ceded power to the ANC. The entire western world was outraged by incidents such as happened to your wife’s aunty, and rightly so. The question remains,however,where does the international indignation against white South Africans ever end? Will it only be satisfied when the last white is killed or driven out? Why is the indignation so selective? Should we discuss the fate of the Bantu who were previously massacred by the Xhosa? How far back into history do we go to correct the cycle of injustice, or does this interest in righting wrongs only extend as far as the white,European,Judeo Christian world? On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


      • Sorry Pastor, I appear to have missed your reply. You raise two good points. (1) how far should society go back to remember injustices, recalling atrocities not committed by Europeans in South Africa and (2) it’s wrong to kill white people for the wrongs of the precious apartheid government.

        First point, with this I agree. While I would point out that the injustices of the apartheid are in living history, I agree say that atrocities committed historically still carry harm today.

        Regarding your second point, I completely agree. It’s plain evil to be killing white people under the pretense of avenging the wrongdoing of apartheid. It’s evil. I worry that the current racism has less to do with vengeance than envy too.

  11. Julie says:

    Thank you sincerely for sparing a moment and a brief article of recognition for this matter. It’s a real deep grief and a savage travesty of justice watching the tsunami of evil building here. I pray a lot about it and look more and more forward to Jesus return looking at it here and things across the earth like the masses who look on and approve of evil.

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