Exchanging The Natural Use…Eschatology pt 7

For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient…(Romans 1:26-28)

As a consequence of the suppression of the revealed truth that God has implanted in every man, Paul tells us that three psychological exchanges are made by society in rebellion against God. The exchange of the glory (dignity) of being made in the Image of God, for a lower view of humanity, as just the highest evolved mammal. The current religious devotion to the theory of Evolution is the current manifestation of this.

When God is factored out, the second exchange becomes inevitable, the rejection of Truth with a capital ‘T’ , absolute truth. In its place is relativism, which is the reason for the loss of confidence, moral, spiritual and intellectual, in the West. This exchange of the truth of God for the lie, has resulted in a crisis of authority. What is Truth? Who can say?Who is to say that “your truth” is any truer than “my truth”?

This confusion brings us to the third exchange, the rejection of the “natural use ” of men and women, that is the repudiation of the God assigned roles of male and female. The humanistic rebellion against God always leads to this perversion. Autonomous man will not be “assigned” a role in life, not even a gender! Therefore God “gives men over “to these “degrading lusts”.

It doesn’t start with homosexuality rather it starts with the rejection of the “natural use” of the woman. This refers to the rejection of the God assigned role of wife, mother ,nurturer, caregiver,help-meet. Whenever this emerges as in modern feminism ,the spiritual and moral confusion that follows results in homosexuality in a society.

Feminism isn’t really about womanhood, or being female, rather it is a rejection of femininity, particularly the roles of wife, mother and home-keeper. It has evolved into envy and emulation of manhood, we now have woman combat soldiers, boxers,construction workers, pastors, etc. Women have broken into all previously exclusively male domains.

Men can be feminists also, when they buy into the lie, that the God assigned sexual roles are ‘mere constructs’, and that there really is no difference between a man and a woman, other than the obvious physical ones. Feminism is nothing more than an expression of rejection of he Creator and his order.

Another major aspect of this rebellion is the deliberate divorcing of sexuality from fruitfulness, ie the birth control pill and resulting sexual revolution.”The women exchange their natural use for that which is against nature,”when they have used the power of their sexuality to sell cars and toothpaste.

The acceptance of abortion has furthermore brought us to exchange of the natural for the unnatural,(ie homosexuality). Abortion amounts to the killing, not only of the baby, but of the mother also, in the sense that it is the ultimate expression of rejection of the maternal role. There is nothing natural about a mother killing her unborn child.

These are some of the outcomes, of the suppression of truth, and the exchanging of human dignity (the image of God), absolute truth, and the God assigned sexual roles. The fact that there is so much homosexuality in our society shouldn’t be a surprise in light of Romans 1.

Not only women, but men also, leave the natural use of the woman and become prey to unnatural desires that bring many to the horror of homosexuality. When men quit seeing woman as someone to protect, nurture, provide for, have children with, and when they no longer honor the mystery of birth and motherhood, the consequence for many is homosexuality. The roles have been rebelled at, did we think it would be without consequence?

Even the apostate church follows this pattern. First they deny the God ordained order for leadership in the church, that Pastors should be men, and the husband of one wife….etc . Almost always the ordination of women into pastoral roles in these ‘churches’ is followed by the ordination of homosexuals, or the abomination of homosexual marriages. Thus the apostate church bears witness to Romans chapter 1.

All of this can be traced to something deeper than “Nature or nurture” arguments. Homosexuality emerges in a culture in direct proportion to the suppression of the truth of God as personal creator, and the denial of the fact that we have broken some kind of code, and that we are all liable to a final judgment.

The passage warns of the final stage, which is that God gives them over to a reprobate mind. Reprobation means the inability to distinguish right from wrong, even further it means the inversion of right and wrong. We now live in a culture so degraded, that Homosexuals are celebrated as ‘civil rights victims’ and those who object to it, as regarded as dangerous homophobic reactionaries.

Jesus said He would come when it is as the days of Noah and Lot…Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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13 Responses to Exchanging The Natural Use…Eschatology pt 7

  1. Hope says:

    Reblogged this on 1 Way 2 Yahweh and commented:
    Thank you, Pastor Bill. When Jesus grouped the days of both Lot and of Noah together, I believe that it tied the homosexuality of Lot’s day to the rainbow symbol of Noah’s day. The rainbow flag, first used in 1978, marked that very generation. That was 40 years ago. Surely His return approaches quickly.

    • Dmarie says:

      Wow, never thought of that!
      Interesting point!
      Yes, even the God-given meaning of the rainbow has been twisted.
      And what is a rainbow, but Light and Water…. given by God together as a Sign.

  2. Stan says:

    One the biggest sodomite festival parades was held today in Jerusalem,spiritual sodom and Egypt.

  3. standingfirm says:

    I remember when Obama lit up the white house in rainbow colors. I remember how angry I felt seeing him mock God!!

  4. Maureen Leigh says:

    Pastor Bill, I agree with every word you said. I think we have gone too far now for the Lord to show any mercy to this nation (Britain)
    Every church in this area has a female vicar, they don’t preach the gospel at all. They send their parishioners into the supermarkets to sell flags for roof repairs, and the flag sellers snigger when you ask if they know they must be born again, Jesus says so.
    “There is no fear of God before their eyes”
    I can find true fellowship here. Thank you and may the Lord bless you … come soon, Lord.

  5. jodyel says:

    I don’t agree that contraception is a bad thing. It is most necessary at times. I am not talking about using abortion or abortion pills to be rid of a pregnancy. I am speaking of preventing a pregnancy in the first place. A woman’s body cannot give birth all her life. Women having many, many pregnancies in a lifetime will kill the body. I have known several people whose mothers went thru this and they died early deaths, not to mention ancestors who went thru the same. Contraception used in marriage is a help not a sin. I do not believe God meant for women to have child after child after child until it killed them. So I thank God that we do have modern birth control methods. I think contraception is between God and the person or couple who use it and is no one else’s business. I also cite this scriptural article to back up what I say. And I do not have any desire to debate anyone here. Agree or disagree, modern medicine is a Godsend to me.

  6. billrandles says:

    thank you for your comments Jody. I do not think that contraception is a sin either, but I do believe that the philosophical shift in our culture which virtually severs sexuality from potential fruitfulness has had grave consequences and has resulted eventually in the sexual anarchy we see today. Certainly though birth control has definite uses for the reasons you stated. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

    • jodyel says:

      Understood Pastor Bill. The reasons you cite are the same ones given in the article I forgot to include. I just had a discussion (with men) on Facebook who believe all contraception is sinful. I said exactly the same thing I said here and it was not popular. All I can think is that they must be extreme fundamentalists if they think that way. And men never have to carry the burden of pregnancy, birth, etc. so it is easy for them to think this way. Not all men but I wouldn’t want to be married to one like those on FB.

      • Dmarie says:

        I would be blessed to be married to an encouraging/God-trusting man like that… and I am 🙂
        Please read the comment below… love to you.

  7. Dmarie says:

    The Lord has perfectly designed the woman’s body to nurture and bring forth life for a perfectly- limited period of time.

    Jesus is the Creator and Author of life. “Be fruitful ands multiply” is the very first command given.

    ANY baby conceived is due to His will.

    Therefore, saying ‘no’ to the Creator (Jesus) in allowing Him to implant a life into our wombs is mis-trust of Him and a sin against Him.

    Using birth-control divorces God’s purpose from the sexual act…. resulting in selfishness.

    I say this as someone who has (wrongly) used birth-control for a very large part of my reproductive life.

    We are to be living sacrifices for Him…. what greater way than to partake in bringing forth an eternal soul???

    There is no scriptural argument against God’s will and plan for wives/mothers.
    There are plenty of scriptural commands to TRUST Him and NOT our own understanding.

  8. Dmarie says:

    …And we we lose our very lives trusting and obeying Jesus – isn’t that our great privilege and honor?
    “For God has not given us a spirit of fear,” – that comes from the enemy.

  9. Mellany McKenzie says:

    Amen! Come quickly LORD Jesus.
    In my little tiny village in BC we have pastors, married multiple times preaching from Bill Johnson’s playbook which is in error.
    They go once a year to Redding California to be taught how to deceive.
    They r publicly stating that others r preaching another Jesus but they are preaching the right gospel.
    They quote from Revelation but it is all backwards.
    I cannot believe it but it is happening in our little town.
    I used to live in another little village called Armstrong where they preached craziness like this. I attended that church. They followed Hillsong, Toronto Blessing, New Apostolic Reformation, …I just cannot believe it is happening again.
    They r stating publicly that the LORD brought them here to bring revival. I believe, they believe they r modern day apostles. The wife is even preaching about Beth Moore – a total false teacher -Total deception.
    Remember the Holy Ghost bartender Tod Bentley – they quote him and they believe God is reinstating him.
    Unbelievable but the LORD did warn of deception in the last days.
    LORD protect me from deception.
    Pls. pray for me
    Thank u
    It is like u do not know where to turn to anymore.
    Everywhere it is deception
    I really have no words anymore
    I just cry out to the LORD.
    They even believe they have a calling on that
    They r the mighty intercessors of God
    It is so chilling.
    One lady stated, that when we had a train come thru r town (which it does, b/c a lot of small towns the train ran thru it in order to sell goods. We have 20 percent agriculture here, but even that is changing and people r moving back to the prairies b/c of the NDP and Green Party in BC -think socialism on steroids -)
    Anyhow she stated that she felt a train run thru her stomach???
    I mean I just really do not know what else to say.
    I mean how long O LORD -it really is my cry-not that I suffer like the persecuted church but my word-
    Please, LORD Jesus Christ come quickly
    Thank u
    In Christ

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