The Left; Cruelty to Women …

“… The Tender mercies of the wicked are cruel…” Proverbs 12 

“… And He said to the Serpent, I will put enmity between thee and the woman…” Genesis 3

Those who are proponents of the left in this nation, pretend to be so compassionate and concerned , for minorities, women, children, “working families” etc. .  Supposedly Leftists are the caring ones, for they defend the interests of the weak, disenfranchised and powerless.

I am not qualified to judge anyone’s intentions, but the truth is illustrated in the above mentioned proverb,that such “compassion” as the left practices, is actually quite cruel, particularly when it comes to women. No one is as cruel and as demeaning to women as the so called progressives who have seized power in this country.

Take the issue of abortion on demand, something the left foisted upon us without a vote or referendum, instead it came as a curse upon America through decree of the Supreme Court. Abortion was going to “liberate women” so they could be free to become independent of men,  to have sex without consequences, pursue careers, forego marriage, children, family, in short to fulfill life on her own terms.

To leftists in America, Abortion on demand is a virtual religious sacrament. Any attempt to lessen or eradicate in American public life is met with the same fury Mohammedans showed when people made cartoons of the (false) Prophet, Mohammed.

The truth? Abortion is murder. It is unnatural and soul destroying to kill one’s own baby in the womb. Abortion is the murder not only of the baby, but of everything feminine, nurturing, and tender about the mother. There are accounts of many women sinking into depression upon the anniversary of their abortion.

Legalizing abortion has opened many women up to countless pressures from parents, abusers, boyfriends, etc to simply abort the child, “You could do something to solve this problem…if you wanted to, you could simply abort it, I will even give you the money to do it”.

There was a time where simply disposing of a baby in the womb would have been unthinkable, and beyond the realm of possibility for most people. There has always been sex, and there has also always been pre-marital sex, with the ever present chance of pregnancy and shame.

In the tender mercies of the wicked, the shame has been expunged, allegedly, by a simple “medical procedure”. In the process, so also has the soul of the mother been expunged, or at least badly damaged, for one cannot commit the sin of murder with impunity, even if the so called “Supreme Court” says that you can. The Tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

It was leftist agitation in the 1950s and 60s, which loosened our nations laws against pornography, making a very hostile and dangerous moral climate here in America particularly for women and children.  The twisted and deformed moral twin of pornography is abortion on demand. Both of these societal tumors demean and debase women and children.

This led to the sexual anarchy movement, the so called “Sexual Revolution” which has all but destroyed love and romance, and set men against women and women against men, and has scarred almost everyone in our society, spawning a “war of the sexes” which we see paying out in Washington DC today.

The “Me Too” movement is also extremely dangerous and demeaning of women. Consider the current obvious fiasco occurring in Washington DC in the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and how ultimately damaging they are to women in general.

  • Senator Diane Feinstein’s last minute hail Mary pass, cynically pulling out an unfounded, unwitnessed allegation of sexual abuse 36 years previously does a serious disservice to all true victims of sexual abuse who had the courage to tell someone what had happened to them. Feinstein so obviously used Ford’s confession as a Trump card (no pun intended).
  • Throwing accusations around as a tool in the political war chest, demeans the suffering of real sex abuse victims, and is likely to have a possible chilling effect on those who would reveal it.
  • Feinstein , the feminist relic from the 1970’s showed contempt for all women when she so viciously used Ford, who is an obviously damaged soul, to gain political power. Satan can only see women as a means to an end, and so also do his leftist disciples.
  • What about the other female victims in this travesty?  I mean the wife and two daughters of Judge Kavanaugh. Are we supposed to just “Shut up and believe “the accusations against their Father and Husband in this perverse re-reading of “To Kill A Mockingbird”? Does Kavanaugh’s wis not have feelings? Do His daughters count for anything? Leftism is cruel.
  • . Kavanugh’s daughter’s prayers for the accuser have been mocked in a vicious political cartoon in the Illisnois Times newspaper, which has her asking forgiveness for the sex crimes of her Father! (This is sick and twisted stuff).
  • The very fabric of our society is being torn apart. Do you realize what life will be like in the west when the ‘presumption of innocence’ is lost? When a mob of hysterical and screaming women can corner a US Senator in an elevator, and bring to a halt the confirmation of an extremely qualified jurist, we know we are very close to anarchy.

The cultural winds which are blowing in the last couple of decades have driven leftist men and women out into the streets in costumes which reveal the utter hatred Satan has for women; they wear hats which are modeled after female genitalia, young girls and boys not even teen aged sport signs with obscene messages of hatred, women routinely talk like the roughest of men, blaspheming, taking God’s name in vain, debasing sex by using ephitats, such language which was once only heard in a prison, or on a battleship at war.

The policies of the left have hurt women also.

By subsidizing single motherhood with welfare payments, the family has been seriously eroded and undermined. Now women can do without a husband, they have been liberated from the need for a man, now they marry Uncle Sam! The Government is the new Husband. Children are raised without Fathers, women are “set free” of marriage, commitment, honor and dignity, and the unhappiness which this new status cultivates within women,(and men who think like this) is directed against everything traditional, patriarchal and biblical.

The Left is proving itself to be Satanic and hateful and extremely harmful to women in particular. Soon though, we will witness the advent of the “Seed of the Woman” who is coming to crush the serpent once and for all. Maranatha!

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5 Responses to The Left; Cruelty to Women …

  1. fran mcgibbon says:

    Great article and so very true. Will share it. Thank you

  2. Jeanne T. says:

    Spot on; gets right to the heart of the matter.

  3. Sue Ackerman says:

    Snopes says that the report about Kavanaugh’s home being vandalized is not true. Where did you find this news? Just wondered.

  4. billrandles says:

    Thanks Sue I will check into this and if necessary,publish an errata…

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