The Sacrifice of the Wicked…gender 5

The sacrifice of the wicked is abomination: how much more, when he bringeth it with a wicked mind?(Proverbs 21:27)

The Religious Dimension to What the Godless Left Is doing to the West….

For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another. Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous. Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you.( I John 3:11-13)

The biblical Cain, turned away from God. He would not come to God through the God appointed sacrifice, as his brother Abel did. By his sacrifice of produce, Cain would own God as Creator but not as Redeemer.

Abel, bringing in a bloody sacrifice, was saying that he was a sinner in need of redemption and that he believed in the God appointed substitute,the seed of the woman who is the Messiah.

But the lesson of Cain’s story is that sin does demand a sacrifice. If not the sacrifice God appointed, someone is going to have to be made to pay for sin.

When the apostle John told us that Cain “Slew his brother”, he used a sacramental term. Cain wouldn’t offer a lamb as God demanded, instead he ended up offering his brother,to his own hurt feelings and wounded pride.

He wouldn’t slay a lamb and put it on the altar of God, but instead killed his own brother.

Our cultural elites in the West are like Cain. These “Kings of the earth and their rulers” have for the most part rejected the God of the crucified and resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. They don’t believe in redemption by blood, the need for propitiation, sacrifice, and substitution.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t make offerings to their own selves, to their new “gods” or perhaps even to some of the old “gods”,(Moloch comes to mind).

How else do we explain the doubling down on the forced public financing on abortion, something the American public finds overwhelmingly repugnant. Even after Planned Parenthood was caught trafficking in baby parts, the politicians doubled down. “God bless planned parenthood” our godless president intoned,”No one is going to defund you while I am here”.

The sacrificial system of the left must go on, rivers of innocent blood must flow, as our godless rulers pretend to be compassionate and for the children.

Another shocking example of the “sacrifice” of the anti-christians is the willingness of our leaders in the west to look the other way after the millions of third world Muslim immigrants they have allowed into our countries prove to be extremely predatory, raping men, women and children of the ‘host’ nations forced to support them.

Google Rotherham England scandal, if you have the stomach for it. You will see that for 18 years a gang of Muslim rapists was allowed to groom and sell young English girls into prostitution. The Left leaning government knew about it but covered it up so that they wouldn’t jeopardize the “Asian” vote!

What is this if not Human sacrifice? When in the Christian history of any nation in the west, would the children ever be offered up for the predations of filthy savages, and covered up by the Government.

So also the demonstrable rape waves in once peaceful, but godless Sweden, Norway and Denmark. All of them were basically civil, peaceful societies, which for the most part had long ago abandoned all but an external facade of the once vibrant Christian faith that characterized the nations.

Their “dear leaders” imported Muslims n the thousands, and the next thing you know each of these wonderful countries were and are subjected to ,massive rape waves.

The Swedish experience is surreal. The leadership seems to be anti-Swedish and tone-deaf to the voices of the thousands who want their countries back. One high minister in Sweden even retorted that “Swedes have no culture. we are too homogenous, the Muslims are bringing in their culture to us”.

I think that our Western Leaders are Nihilistic, they hate their own nations and have a sick kind of death wish. They have rejected the Sacrifice of Jesus and the Christian culture which it bequeathed, but now they are willing to sacrifice millions of their citizens toothed gods, such as the demonic Allah.

The American leadership is as dismal. George Bush insulted every American’s intelligence when He kept repeating the obvious lie that Islam is a religion of Peace. Obama goes further, stripping the mention of Islam from all training literature for those fighting in the special services,Federal law enforcement, and Military intelligence.

Think of it, you can’t mention Islam as a cause of the crimes and atrocities exploding across the world.!

Germany is the latest and most frightening example. Merkel seems to hate German culture. When forty thousand in Dresden protested against Islamic immigration, she rewarded them by setting up a two thousand tent immigration city in their beautiful public park.

Merkel, like others , are strangely indifferent to the real suffering and mayhem that they are causing by these disastrous and suicidal policies. It is almost as if she is making Germany pay for her previous sins, and is willing to sacrifice the many men, women and boys who have been raped and killed already, and who no doubt will be.

Oh that we would cling to the sacrifice of Jesus for us, and that our culture would be turned back from Anti-Christ, to the beautiful and lovely Jesus Christ!

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3 Responses to The Sacrifice of the Wicked…gender 5

  1. ScarletPimpernel says:

    Proverbs 8:36 says “all those who hate Me love death.”

    This would seem to explain the suicidal death wish of any Western nations, and also the motivation of the Muslim jihadis. The Islamic terrorists have said they love death. Islam is death cult.

    Interestingly, in Hebrew Allah means “curse”. Look up “curse” in Strong’s.

  2. Lisa says:

    I think I would be surprised if these things weren’t happening, since we know that the end times are going to be the worst of times and not the best of times. I think it’s scary what’s going on but doesn’t that also give Christians hope that Jesus is indeed coming again soon?

    Many times Pastor Bill I’ve listened to your videos and read your blog and I get a Biblical perspective of what’s happening in the world that is more helpful to understanding what is going on. I think the reality is more than talking about the ‘left’, I think Biblically speaking lawlessness is increasing.

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