Repenting of Their Repentance?

If there was ever a true move of God in my Chrstian journey, here in America, it occurred throughout the 1970s and 1990s, when millions of Christians made an Exodus out of the State run school systems, (Once the envy of the world, but already turning into a cesspool of leftist consciousness) and began Homeschooling, and or private Christian schooling.

I suppose it was part of a larger “return to family” movement, very Christ centered, which swept our nation in the wake of millions of baby boomers coming into the “born again” experience. We didn’t want to turn our precious children to the wolves of secularism, so we launched out into various streams of alternative education.

Revivals have consequences.

The emphasis on returning to the Christian concept of ‘home and family’ took other forms as well. There were “purity” movements; young people pledging to turn away from the tide of promiscuity and sexual libertinism. We didn’t want our children to repeat the sins we were redeemed out of.

Tokens such as Fathers giving their daughters “purity rings” as pledges to save themselves for their husband, were not uncommon.

As our Christian children came of age, There was much teaching and reaction against the “hook up” culture among evangelicals, and people were looking for better ways for their children than the “dating culture”.

This was the milieu out of which came the classic book, “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”, by Joshua Harris. It is not my purpose to review or critique the book at this time. I thought it a wonderful aid, and assed it out to my daughters and to the young people of our church, and still do not see anything wrong with the basic premise.

Harris’s book and “Passion and Purity” by Elizabeth Elliot, I credit with giving many young people the moral teaching and strength to pursue God honoring ways of meeting each other, which involved their parents and as an antidote to the toxic “Hook up” culture developing at the time.

But as you now know, Harris has repudiated his book, (along with his marriage, and his Christian faith). He “grew up” and cringed at what he wrote twenty some years ago as a 19 year old young man.

He “re -thought” the whole issue and concluded that he no longer believed in his earlier criticism of the “dating culture”, and that he had been too narrow in his critique and had been wrong to discourage young people from participating in dating and even experiencing limited displays of affection. Harris actually apologized to the Gay, Lesbian and Bi-sexual community for not affirming “marriage equality”.

This from Instagram by Harris,

“I have lived in repentance for the past several years,repenting of my self-righteousness, my fear-based approach to life, the teaching of my books, my views of women in the church, and my approach to parenting to name a few.”

But I specifically want to add to this list now: to the LGBTQ+ community, I want to say that I am sorry for the views that I taught in my books and as a pastor regarding sexuality,” he continued. “I regret standing against marriage equality, for not affirming you and your place in the church, and for any ways that my writing and speaking contributed to a culture of exclusion and bigotry. I hope you can forgive me.”

Harris is not alone among influential Christians of the 1970s-1990s, in rethinking and even repudiating earlier pro family, pro marriage, and pro-life positions , which sprang out of Christian revival.

There are a good many Christian leaders who once fought against the forces loosed by the sexual revolution, feminism, and the left in general in order to tear down the family in America. These Christians once saw themselves (rightly) as fighting the good fight of faith, but now sheepishly look back and make inane comments such as “We have to admit that we idolized the Family” in those days.

But now they seem sheepish about it, and seem to have succumbed to the reproach of the World against the Christian concept of Family, as though being concerned about the purity and sexual integrity of our sons and daughters is something to be ashamed of.

Idolized the family? Rather we fought for it, and to struggled to re-define and re-enculterate the Christian ideals of family, which had developed in the West over centuries of Christian influence but have now come under attack.

How would apologizing to the sexually degenerate “community” be anything but a denial of Christ? Does the LGBT community have anything better to offer than the two parent Christ centered home? The Christian revelation of Marriage, sexuality and sexual roles are some of the very points of the revealed truth which is currently suffering it’s greatest attack om our generation.

Harris is a portent and not an outlier, he represents thousands of demoralized and disillusioned Evangelicals who are now rethinking everything they once stood for in the name of Christ, and are being tempted to think of their younger battles as foolish and misguided, when seen through the prism of the last forty years of the collapse and decline of our civilization, due to forces of Atheism, libertinism and even Satanism.

Make no mistake about it, this Transgender and homosexual movement is Spiritual warfare. It is Spiritual to the core and is a harbinger of AntiChrist and final Judgment. For now, it seems, Satan is being allowed to make “War on the Saints, and (in part) to Overcome them”.

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8 Responses to Repenting of Their Repentance?

  1. Nancy Wilson says:


    I am so glad to see that you were beginning to respond to the tragedy of Joshua Harris repudiating his faith and everything that went with it. I too look back to the 1970s as a TRUE MOVE OF GOD. All but forgotten if you weren’t alive to experience it. I pray for such a move of God to come again. If we needed it then – how much more we desperately need it now…..all these many years later.

    I don’t understand why the Christian School movement and the Home school movement, though still existing, seems to be dwindling. And now the public schools are educating in sexual perversion to the worst degree starting in Kindergarten. And yet there is not a mass exodus of God fearing parents taking their children out. I cannot understand.

    Well, I wasn’t planning on responding, but when I got your email and I came to the last sentence……it ended in the middle of a sentence. I presume you had more to say and very much would like to read it.

    The last sentence: “He ‘re thought’ the whole issue and concluded that he had been wrong to’. Did you have more to say?

    Thank you. Nancy

  2. Jeanne Kotiadis says:

    I would like to read the rest of this article…but it’s not on your Home page list… How can I do that? The links don’t work. ‘grandma’ Jeanne


  3. Katie Wildes says:

    Cannot read the rest of the article when choosing the link…….


  4. Jacques says:

    Just a thought, taking so many Christians out of the schools – isn’t that also taking out the salt and light? I realize that it also gets to a point where you can no longer make a difference and need to go so that you don’t become contaminated.

    • Deemar says:

      A dear friend once said to me years ago (when I had 4 of my young children in public school)…
      “We do not send soldiers into battle until they are fully-trained.”

      Wow…her wisdom hit me hard, as I had been believing the lie that my children and our family might actually make an impact within the public schools. (that’s what our pastor taught us anyway)
      (and believe me, the world made a MUCH bigger impact on our family!)

      His precious children – given to us – we are accountable… we changed our ways for our last 3 children. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for the opportunity to spare our precious children from what our first ones had to face – and even worse things in these later years.

      The LORD tells us: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” **Notice this conditional promise/blessing.

      What is “training”? It is teaching and leading by example, in the presence of the one(s) whom we are training! We cannot “train” our children if we are not physically with them.

      The few ‘leftover hours’ each week that we can spend with them will NEVER overcome the 50+ hours per week they have been trained by the world (classroom, locker room, buses, sports, etc).

      So, the choice is ours: “train our children” as the LORD has commanded, and receive His blessing on our efforts… or allow the world to train them… and receive the fruit of that decision.

      We will stand before Him who is holding us accountable. He is faithful to help our weaknesses as we desire to do things His way.

  5. Amen Bill. Spot on. I think these words from the following article put it well:

    “My views matured with experience — but my convictions regarding sexual purity have never changed.”

    The man made tokens added to the biblical stance (of purity rings et al.) may have been misguided as with the failure to restore fallen brethren as was also highlighted in the same article but the biblical truth never changes.

    May God have mercy on us living in this day when this apostasy is happening in our camps, that of ‘bible-believing’ evangelicals. Our Messiah Jesus is coming.

  6. Christopher says:

    Yes, Satan is being allowed to make “War on the Saints.” But why should that surprise us?

    “Paul [in his final epistle] sees for himself the ruin of that which he had built and watched over so faithfully. He had spent himself for the assembly, accomplishing that which was behind of the sufferings of Christ; and he had to see that which he had so much loved (which he had cared for even as a mother cherishes her nursling which he had planted as God’s plant on the earth) grow feeble as to its condition and testimony in the world, depart from the source of strength, and become corrupt. What a painful experience! But it is that of the servant of God in all ages and in all dispensations.”

    John Nelson Darby (1800 – 1882).

  7. Deemar says:

    It is one thing for us deny Jesus from the start – then there is HOPE for us to come to the Truth.
    It is quite another thing to KNOW HIM, and then choose to ‘turn away’ in denial of the Truth we have personally known. I believe that is the ‘sin leading to death’ that the Bible speaks of.

    Hebrews 6:4-8….
    “For in the case of those who have once been enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift and have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, and then have fallen away, it is impossible to renew them again to repentance, since they again crucify to themselves the Son of God and put Him to open shame. For ground that drinks the rain which often falls on it and brings forth vegetation useful to those for whose sake it is also tilled, receives a blessing from God; but if it yields thorns and thistles, it is worthless and close to being cursed, and it ends up being burned.”

    VERY sobering Truth for us all. Let us take this JH denial as a “wake-up” call for our example.

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