Open Letter To The Moriel Board

Dear Moriel Board, I have to do this  in this way, because I really don’t know who you are, although you have denounced me now these four times. First of all I want to start by saying , in the past I have been very enriched by my relationship with Jacob and Moriel. I counted it an honor to serve the LORD’s people with Moriel, and learned an incredible amount from the teaching of Jacob and other people I came to know through my association, so I want to begin by thanking you. 

I am not at all  disappointed that Moriel disfellowshipped me, in fact I have not considered myself a part of Moriel since I wrote that letter sticking up for Debbie Menelaws, when Jacob chose to verbally harangue and humiliate her publicly. I want no part of that. 

I am a little curious however, that without any of you actually inquiring to me personally, you make these great big pronouncements, one after another; accusing me of promoting heresy, heretics, and even speculating about an unfortunate church split from two years ago!

I quote;

“But, now we understand why believers left Bill Randles church who could no longer in good conscience remain in it. These are good believers known to us who were left with no honest choice but to distance from Bill Randles, just as Moriel was left with no honest choice before The Lord either. Bill Randles has as a result of his own actions and decisions has all but lost his church having his discernment and even apparently his integrity” 

These are your thoughts? I don’t remember one board member who ever called me or anyone in our church, to get any kind of a first-hand perspective on this! Are you really good with this? Why didn’t anyone ask me? My trials have been painful, but I am an open book about them, to an extent, and still have complete fondness and respect for those who once worshipped with us at Believers in Grace.

How would you know anything about what went on here two years ago? Do you think it responsible to make our own personal problems something to speculate about publicly? Where is the Love? Your account of what happened to our church, wouldn’t even be recognizable to those who went through it on either side. What is Moriel become, a purveyor of gossip?

Also whose Idea was it to publicly weaponize the obvious hurt and frustration of my friend and brother Sergio? His unfortunate and unhappy statement about his experience at our church shouldn’t be used as a weapon to hurt us.  Anyone at any given time can say anything when emotions and anger are running rampant, but wouldn’t it have been prudent to protect the body of Christ from this, and to cover brother Sergio from exposing his temporary bitterness? Love covers the Multitude of sins. 

I am relieved to know it wasn’t Jacob’s idea, because this statement was evidently not from him, but from “the board of Moriel”. I don’t even know who you are? Are any of you willing to step out into the light, and own these statements? I am publicly calling for members of the Moriel board to  treat me like a brother, and confront me with these charges so we can work it out as in Matthew 18.

Are you guys (or gals) good with what has been going on? Did anyone challenge Jacob when he actually misused his teaching gift to accuse me of being a Judas? 
Why didn’t any of you call me? Before you pronounce these assertions around the world, doesn’t anyone on the board have the integrity to ask me if I am being represented fairly? I have received nothing other than a very accusatory letter from Amos Ferrel, and then to be told there would be no further discussion. 
Believe me when I tell you I speak to you as a friend, and not a foe. The pit that Moriel has dug for good people like the Borlaises, Lester Fensome, Menelaws and countless others, I warn you, Jacob himself and all who follow him blindly, will soon fall into it. 

For example, Jacob rightly called out Amir when he said once that Jesus was possibly Michael the Archangel. But what about Jacob using Kabbalah , identifying Jesus with the Metatron? Ever heard of planks and specks? 

The problem with all of this brothers, is that it is being done in your name. Are you really the board? Or are you just rubberstamps for Jacob to use as cover? You know I am the enemy of heresy, not the friend. I am calling upon you to act like men, and to treat me (an others) as a brother- Pastor Bill Randles (Believers in Grace)

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  1. It is very serious for the Moriel ‘board’ to make these accusations against you Pst Bill- attacking your character and integrity…and using past church troubles against you in this nasty manner…. gosh I hope they know what they’re doing… I actually fear for them before God, Lord have mercy , let the fear of God come upon them and bring conviction of sin and repentance!
    “For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you”
    It’s good you’re separated from Moriel now Pst Bill think.
    For what it’s worth we stand with you as a true teacher of the Word, as someone of highest character and integrity. I will never forget yours and Kris’ love as you ministered to the hurting, broken people we brought to you in August this year. The Holy Spirit witnessed to your ministry by setting these ones free and bringing them in to the light.

    So BLESS you guys

  2. Linda B. says:

    Please don’t be discouraged. I consider you my teacher. As much as I have benefited from Mr. Prasch’s teachings, I have grown weary of his continuous haranguing against others. Yes, they should be exposed, but no, they should not be continuously ranted against. I didn’t know any of this was going on until your recent blogs. And I am so sorry. Praying for God’s blessing on you personally and on your church family.

  3. Robbie . says:

    Why is this still being publicised? If falsely accused just stay silent and let the Lord justify you in His time, dear brother.
    It’s so painful to watch this drag on. Let it go, forgive, and don’t look back.
    Robbie from Australia

    My grandma’s words, ” Least said, soonest mended”

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  4. Jenia says:

    Dear brother Bill,
    It is very disturbing that the body of Christ have these quarrels & struggles between each other. i Do know fairly well both yours and Jacob Prasch ministry and being paying & supporting both ministries in the past. I do have respect for Jacob for his teaching gift & his strong stand against many heretical teachings in the past and his continual hard work in the ministry, despite his deteriorating health.
    However,I do also know his occasional emotional and sometimes very harsh responses to others, lacking love, particularly dealing to other believers.(not touching some of your non-fundamental theological differences here, as no one has a perfect knowledge …)
    I do not know all the details in this situation & all historical background, and cannot & would not judge the motives of Jacob & “the Moriel board”… However, I do believe their announcement on 22 Sep’19:”The board of Moriel Ministries finds that Moriel Ministries can no longer be supportive of the ministry of Bill Randles due to doctrinal differences.The continued support and promotion by Bill Randles of various false teachers of serious false doctrines that Moriel finds heretical are of great concern to the Moriel board” is absolutely lacking any love and presents a very serious accusation that must be thoroughly proven with substantial evidences & discussed with both parties involved before making any public announcements. We, as believers in Christ must realize the potential damage those actions could do for the body of Christ.
    Thank you Bill for your humble reply & I will continue pray for God’s shalom for this situation. May the Lord continue use your ministry for His glory!
    I pray that we as believers would die daily to ourselves & leave totally dedicated to Christ, denying ourselves, taking up our cross & following Him daily (no one else) & continue seeking His kingdom & His righteousness above all other things! (Matt 6.33 & Matt 16.24 & Gal.2.20)
    To Christ Jesus, my blessed Lord & Saviour- be all the glory forever and ever!
    (a part of a small evangelical congregation, Sydney, Australia)

    • jenia says:

      Hi there, I just wonder-why is my comment on 18/10/19 still have a status: “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”?!

    • billrandles says:

      Dear Jenia it was an oversight that I failed to post your comment. I really appreciate what you said and agree with you completely. Please keep us in prayer and Moriel as well…

  5. Dan says:

    I am honestly concerned about anyone who says they have learned much from Prasch or been blessed by his ministry. The man is an angry, raving lunatic and it is obvious to anyone paying attention. He is never less than contentious and Bill you must have noticed that before all this took place. His mean-spiritedness is nothing new. Sometimes people put up with this kind of behavior until it is directed at them.

    • Tim says:

      I’ve never paid a lot of attention to Jacob Prasch’s teaching. My only experience with him was via a video in which he was exposing several false teachers. My impression from that wasn’t far different to what you describe, and from what I saw Id’ agree with most of your descriptions, though I’d avoid using the term “raving lunatic”.

      That video, which I saw about a decade ago, made me reluctant to seek anything more from him.

    • Claudia says:

      Jacob was a amazing teacher. I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed I have been over the last 15 years by his teachings. The problem is that we all made excuses for his rantings and got used to his behaviors. We are just as much to blame. I used to pass his teachings on having to say please ignore his shouting at times etc etc. The men around him should have probably disciplined and helped him many many years ago already. Try understand that his teachings in the past are still truth and have helped countless confused and hurt Christians. He has gradually come to this point. And like I said, we are all to blame for not speaking out.

    • Roger says:

      Like others here, and elsewhere – I too have gained much from the teaching content given by Jacob Prasch, and been aware of those teachings for many years since a visit by him to NZ in the early ’90’s. In more recent times Jacob has demonstrated intense frustration with false teachers, false prophets, and those who abuse scripture for their own gain. More recently he has demonstrated intense frustration at those who willingly listen, agree with, and follow those who are clearly false. Yes, he gets angry – No, he is not a raving lunatic.

      I would perhaps compare him with the ‘fire and brimstone’ preachers (of truth) of early last century and before then – those men would be listened to, and there were many more than we see and hear of today – there are very, very few of those men now, and generally, they are ignored – hence the frustration – because there are many who are more popular because they tickle the ears and approve of those who call them selves ‘born again’ yet willfully continue in their sin. These popular ones teach another gospel and preach another (false) Jesus.

      In my opinion, Jacob’s frustration has increased since his serious health issues over the last few years – I can relate to that frustration with my own health issues including ongoing pain – my fault has been that I used to vent that frustration (especially when in pain) on those around me – not now thanks to our Heavenly Fathers ongoing correction and counsel through His indwelling Spirit in me.

      Over quite a while now, the ‘Church’ has been undergoing change as false teachers with their teachings have been allowed to infiltrate misleading and deceiving many until the present situation where ‘evil is called good, and good called evil’. We basically have an apostate church as a majority in christendom where all religions beliefs are included and made acceptable by men under the banner of love and tolerance. Yet this is NOT the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ or the truth from our Heavenly Father. Bibles are being rewritten to support these false beliefs.

      Yet Almighty God will have His way, and there remains a remnant – as there has been through the ages – who are faithful to the one truth of the one Almighty God, Creator of all things.

      The age old adversary of God, already has his way with those in the world who deny the truth of God, he also is having his way with those in the apostate church by using men to subtly introduce a mixture of error and truth over time until we now have mostly error with very little (if any) scriptural truth – because those listening accept lies as truth.

      The one group that satan yearns to infiltrate is the remnant, the true Body of Christ Jesus, who remain faithful to our Heavenly Father, His Son and His Spirit. The members of this ‘faithful to the truth’ group are being, and will continue to be, attacked and persecuted in increasing magnitude as the return of Lord Jesus nears.

      We are all only mortals, none of us are perfect, we ALL have faults and remain susceptible to the flesh and our old carnal natures – even though born again through the regeneration of our spirit through our confessed belief and faith in the person of Jesus who is our Messiah and Lord, and His atonement for our sin.

      In His love,

  6. billrandles says:

    Dan, thousands of people have been richly blessed by Jacob Prasch’s insights into scripture, in the twenty plus years I have known him.People change. As I said it was when JP attacked a couple of ladies I know, that I objected.

  7. Alan says:

    Love , gentleness wanting better for others than yourself is seen as a weakness to many ‘Christians ‘ …don’t be led into their lair Pastor Bill.
    Alan from Bude. UK

  8. cakmandue says:

    I’m so sorry you have to go through this, but know you’ll be a winner.
    In patience possess ye your souls?
    That’s rough.
    I’ve found you to be a fantastic teacher and a patient and humorful pastor with love for your flock and also the unsaved.
    Perhaps Jacob’s heart problems are causing him to be off kilter in the patience department.
    Yes, he can be harsh in manner and lately I can tell he gets so angry with false teachers.
    The enemy is working very hard to destroy the works of righteousness and we are all targets, but especially you guys.
    I’m sorry to have not prayed for you and Jacob as much as I should.
    Take heart and hang in there.
    Carolyn Kessler
    Cyber fan

  9. cakmandue says:

    Also, Jacob is a NY Jew. My husband is a Jew from Pittsburgh. Many grew up yelling as conversation and their vernacular is peculiar to gentiles who are unfamiliar with the quasi “Yiddish” drama and mannerisms. I’ve also noticed as they age and are not well that these old ways kind of come back. I am not offended with Jacob. I’ve learned so much from him, even when he’s a little weird.
    It’s not right to bring out his faults unless it applies to some heresies or false teachings. He can be harsh but so are we at times.
    Perhaps this is a test for us as Christians to love him anyway and help him through this time.
    Maybe after he gets some rest and relief from all the pressures and traveling he’ll feel better.
    Personally, I’d rather someone tell me the truth with an edge to their voice than hear diatribe from a soft spoken liar. Proverbs6: 12-19.

    • Deagah says:

      Even if you believe the titles are hateful and slanderous that doesn’t negate the fact that Yacov’s father was in fact a Roman Catholic gentile as can be verified on his tombstone. I’ve read your articles over the years, in factI use to blog and linked several of your articles so I know you of all people understand when I say the yourexcuse ro dismiss my claim is exactly what people in error do when confronted with facts regarding their particular teacher.
      I expected better of you.


      • billrandles says:

        whoa,, wait just a. Minute Brian, I haven’t discounted any claim you make, I just choose not to promote the blog you cited as I seen hate, lies and much anger on it, not to mention misinformation. I don’t know about Jacobs ethnicity nor do I care…there are other issues I am interested…

    • Bill says:

      Good day in Jesus, praise the Lord, this is the way to go.

  10. Amber simpson says:

    Cakmandue, very wise!

  11. says:

    I’m so sorry this has happened to you so hard to understand why no one talked with you. I read the comments and learned a few things about that church, Jacob, and that Moriel board and I would not want to have anything to do with all of them. There is something terribly wrong going on there.

    I know it must hurt but I bet you would be so welcomed in another church and I hope you’ll find one soon to be with those of like mind.. They do Not deserve your ever going back there.

    God be with you and may He Bless you greatly.


  12. Helen Foreman says:

    Shalom, Pastor Bill. I had a brother say to me just recently that the public airing of these grievances towards each other does not glorify the LORD in any way. I must agree with that statement. I also understand that accusations coming from the “Moriel Board” (who are they & are these pronouncements/judgments condoned by Jacob personally?) should not go unanswered. The public forum is not the place, as you have stated, it should be brother to brother, working out disagreements or accusations. Man, these are perilous times! Let us be at peace with each other as much as possible. GOD bless you, Pastor Bill.

    • billrandles says:

      I understand sister, I think you are right for somewhat shielding him from this, God bless you,Pas biill

      On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 7:14 PM Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


  13. billrandles says:

    i would have done just that, but they hide behind anonymity. Listen Helen, I appreciate that it is not a neat and tidy process, and most decent people wish ‘if only it could be done in a corner somewhere’, but it has been thrust into the public, so perhaps I can model what I think would be a civil public discussion. Sometimes things have to be aired out publicly.

    • Helen Foreman says:

      I do understand. I’m thinking the disagreement between Paul & Barnabas (not a doctrinal one) was in the bible for a reason for us to understand that these things do become public…and they didn’t even have the internet to make it well known! I agree with your civility in discussion. That should always be a priority of behavior between believers who have disagreement. The brother I spoke of earlier who said it did not glorify the LORD is a person who is “young in the faith” & it was interesting to me that he saw it that way. He was being sincere. I agreed with his sincerity on the issue at hand & didn’t go further in depth with him, so as not to make him stumble in any way. (Sometimes what we see, another might not see so readily. I can attest to that fact, as that has happened to me before). This brother gets so much out of your teaching & continues to grow wonderfully in the LORD. Praise GOD for His wisdom, glory & mercy that He bestows upon all of us! GOD bless & keep you, Pastor Bill.

    • Dan Kraf says:

      Regrettably sometimes things do need to be taken care publicly for the good of the church. I’ve appreciated Jacob and Moriel’s material for years but no one is above slipping sideways. Faithful are the wounds of a friend. Stay humble brother Bill, and keep standing up for the truth. God bless you.

  14. cakmandue says:

    You know what? This has gone too far.
    Pull yourself together and look to your own relationship with Yeshua.
    Let it go.
    The comments are not edifying at all and have descended into fleshly criticism.

    • RL says:

      You keep making excuses, geographical birth location, heart problems, the fact that you learned a lot from a person, etc. I don’t see anywhere in the scriptures where it says “Now when looking at a person’s fruit, also factor in a load of excuses.” Before you reply,”Your comment is flesh based” it really is not. The Bible say that God hates differing weights and measures. To me that’s completely what is being applied here.

      If Pas Bill had denounced someone because of what he considered to be heretical associations but then gave absolutely no proof or qualifications of same, would you be defending him? I find someone making baseless accusations to be playing the role of “the accuser.” If you want to accuse someone, go to them and lay out your proof. The Bible gives us guidelines for this. If they don’t accept it, take witnesses, etc. Don’t hide behind a keyboard and make baseless statements that are not backed up by any proof whatsoever.

      I sympathize with you as I defended the same person you are for the VERY same reasons. Months before this all happened, I was with a friend and we were watching Jacob. At the end of the teaching, my friend said “I don’t see any fruit of the Spirit in anything this man is saying or teaching. My thought was “this man is being attacked for telling the truth” but his comment sunk in enough for me to say “God, open my eyes.” It was not too long after that I was led to do some research on the group you are defending. I realized that in pride I thought I found someone who was calling out all the phony money-grubbing people and even bragged at how discerning I was. You know, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Well, sometimes it takes a phony to know a phony. I suggest you watch the Catalyst Counseling’s YouTube series. We are in the last days and it really is a time of deception.

      Also, to the person that said Pas Bill should remain silent, I’ve found that silence denotes consent, at least in the US.

      • C.Velez says:

        Pastor bill your knowledge of geographical prophecy is amazing it is truly one of your great strengths as I listened to your interview. RL are you saying that you came to listen to Jacob since it appeals to pride? That would make sense to me and I think I was the same. It felt nice to be part of “in the know” who know better than the rest of Christiandom which can be shallow and foolish at times but there are many great believers and churches still. I look back thinking how much I really benefited from Prasch insight and theology? Did it ever teach me to produce real fruit? Are there many insights I still hold in my truth treasure chest that help me be a better Christian? Maybe the only thing i learned is that prophecy has multiple fulfillment’s but Jacob is not The only one who teaches this and actually distorts it with jewdaic interpretations. No I must admit it wasn’t authentic faith or knowledge but a substitute that did not help me grow. Rooted in puffed up knowledge and not on pride.

      • rlvan says:

        Yes friend, that is exactly what I meant! I thought I was smart and had the inside track, I was superior in that I’d found a teacher that was smarter than the rest and was calling out all the false teachers.

        I now I have to go back and re-examine everything I thought I’d learned from that “ministry” but one thing the Lord has shown me was that I had no humility. I do now, this has been a humbling lesson but I thank God for it. He also taught me through a friend’s comments to be more careful about listening to someone just because they seem to have recall of a lot of facts and can speak as though they have a lot of knowledge. I’ve also learned that I need to do my due diligence when I find a teacher or ministry.

        I also noticed this past weekend the same ministry loves to capitalize on people’s feelings of disappointment with their local churches and encourages them to leave instead of engaging with the problems in a biblical manner. To sew this kind of discord is demonic. I am sad for Pas Bill but I can’t help but think, after what I’ve learned, that this is actually a blessing from the Lord.

  15. lastdayz777 says:

    Truly sad to see the havoc going on within and without the Church body..I have benefited from Jacob’s teaching over the years like many of you and have been amused by his acerbic wit at times but this unwarranted public attack on solid brethern is truly without merit or benefit to the body of Christ…
    As for Jacobs promotion and consideration of the metatron, I fear his worship of scholarship has trapped him into accepting an extra biblical precept.. Scholarship can be good but it is also the source of many doubtful disputations about scripture especially when Jewish mysticism and fables are exalted as reliable sources…
    Kabbalah’s Best Kept Secret? – Jews for Jesus

  16. John Rowan says:

    Pastor Bill, I have met both yourself and Jacob in South Africa. What has happened over the recent past, is to say the least, most disturbing. I would hate to see ANY of you digging a pit or falling into any pit. You asked the question: “Where is the love in this?” Love – Agape is the absolute key to the solution and the absence of love, the cause of the current situation. The result of love is so far-reaching especially when one considers the prayers of Paul – Ephesians 3:17 (Grounded and rooted in love); Philippians 1:9,10 (Love may abound…that you may have discernment and be able to approve the things that are excellent.); Colossians 1:8 (Love IN THE SPIRIT, the pre-requisite for all the supplications that follow, verse 9-11); Colossians 2:1-4 & 8 (The bond of love the pre-requisite for a revelation of Christ, and a definite set-up for deception.) I am not siding with any ‘party’, for my ‘choice’ would be based on perceptions formed from what is in the media. I hold both yourself and Jacob in high regard, from the time spent under your teaching. I will be most disappointed to see the enemy of the bride of Christ, have his destructive way through the ‘fall’ of either of you. My prayer: Gaurd your heart and may God give you the grace to work through the immense hurt.

  17. Tim says:

    Rivan said:

    I thought I was smart and had the inside track, I was superior in that I’d found a teacher that was smarter than the rest and was calling out all the false teachers.

    I have come to understand there is a danger in relying on teachers who call out false teachers. Part of the problem is we can start spending more time on seeking out and exposing falsehoods than we spend on learning and understanding the truth.

    I think you identify a valid reason why that kind of thing might be appealing – it can make us feel smart, with “inside” knowledge and sets us apart from those falling for the false.

    I’ve had a blog for many years, and I found the most common search term bringing people to that blog was: “Is [well-known preacher] a false teacher?”

    It seems my blog drew them because I had written about that particular teacher in some of my posts.
    So I chose to write an article addressing that question of whether he was a false teacher or not.

    That article, by far, has had the most views of any individual thing on my blog with almost 28,000 views since I wrote it mid 2013.

    There are a few disturbing aspects to so many people viewing that article.
    1) Why are so many people seeking out the opinion of someone they do not know about the validity of that man’s teaching?
    2) By what criteria would my opinion about his teaching be assessed – would they take my recommendation or denunciation at face value?
    3) Are they also seeking answers elsewhere intending to follow a majority viewpoint? Will their acceptance/rejection of his teaching be dictated by weighing up how many approve or disapprove of his teaching?

    This is the conclusion I wrote in that blog post:

    I’ve often come across people who want names named.

    Whenever there are general warnings about certain doctrines and practices, there will be some who ask which teachers are being referred to.

    They want to know who is teaching the falsehoods being exposed, but what about those who are overlooked in the naming? What if someone preaching the same error escapes a list of named false teachers? Does their omission from the list give them legitimacy?

    Of course not!

    It is up to each of us, individually, to take responsibility for the teaching we accept. It’s up to us to make sure it genuinely conforms to scripture (or not). It is up to us to make sure that the teachers we heed are not merely using scripture (usually parts of scripture) to support their own agenda or theological tradition. Are they leaving something out? Are there parts of scripture they tend to avoid? Do they have to “reinterpret” parts of scripture to make it agree with what they are teaching?

    So is [well-known preacher] a false teacher?

    Search the scriptures for yourself and find out.

  18. C.velez says:

    Yo Tim that was deep brother. Reminiscent of Abagnale Jr. from Catch me if you Can movie, who knew how to counterfeit checks like no one else. Instead of teaching people how to find counterfeits he simply knew what the real deal looked like so well it made his post crime job easy. We live tabloid generation. We wanna rag on people, dig up their dirt and feel better about our imperfect lives since everyone has so much dirt in their lives I guess we aren’t so bad after all right? If we are living for the King and giving him glory each day, it will be a sad occasion, a very sad occasion when we have to call out the error of our fellow laborers right? We gotta read the Bible in balanced context so we can see how the Apostles spent most of their time. Did they call people out on rare occasion? Yes they did, but did they spend far more time preaching and adding new disciples of Jesus to the camp each day? yes they did. I would say calling out big name Pastor’s deflating their legacy is often so we can suck up that air and bolster our own legacy. Let the spirit inspire us to be the city on the hill right now. Thanks Tim, Thanks Bill and Rivan. God is good and I am blessed and humbled to find wisdom on this blog

  19. Tim says:

    Hi C.velez,
    I remember not so many years ago I became involved in a mainstream church that had a strong leaning to a common, traditional theological doctrine.

    While I’d been aware of that particular theological viewpoint for some time, I’d never previously had such a close contact with it. I was convinced that system was built on a serious distortion of God’s character and the gospel, and I wanted to be able to refute its teachings.

    My first instinct was to search for teaching that would explain why that particular theology was so wrong.
    I found several articles and sermons that claimed to have that kind of evidence – however, even though I was already convinced in my own mind, I found the arguments presented by those teachers were less than convincing. I thought the arguments against the faulty doctrine were weak and flawed.

    It took a while before I realised the obvious: that I needed to trust the Lord to reveal truth rather than seek out teachers saying what I wanted to hear.

    Over time, through my own bible reading, I discovered the answers that I’d been looking for, that not only confirmed the error of that particular theological viewpoint, but also helped me understand where followers of that system had got it wrong. Basically it was a theology based on isolated texts that were applied in ways that often didn’t even take into account the immediate context of the verses being used to support it.

    It also seemed to take an individual verse or two and then project assumptions made about those verses onto the whole of scripture – instead of understanding those verses according to what was revealed in the rest of scripture.


  20. Dear Pastor Randles…

    Although it wasn’t necessary, thank you for clarifying much of the mishap, regarding accusations of the past/present, etc.

    I have been diligent in the Lord, to “know” those that labor among me, and when I see and know, by way of the Holy Spirit…it is time to confront, address, and possibly cut-off. My circle is relatively small compared to yours…I am sure. But nevertheless, at 66 years, I will obey the Lord, no matter what, even if my “heart” says otherwise.

    “For there are many insubordinate, both idle talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision, whose mouths must be stopped…” Titus 1:10-16

    “Reject a divisive man after the first and second warning, knowing that such a person is warped and sinning, being self-condemned” Titus 3:10-11

    Also I Timothy 6:3-10 we are to withdraw ourselves. Some say they have repented, but unless there is “meat” of repentance, they cannot be received back. Forgiveness and love abounds…but obedience to God’s Word for the sake of the church, is commanded.

    II Peter 2:1-22 speaks of false teachers and the doom that is intended for them.

    In all these instances…loving them is our mandate as believers. Allowing them to remain within the fold, is dangerous. All of these men and entities you mentioned, will be accountable to God, as you well know. I do not respect them, for their wickedness is evident.

    For the glory of the Lord, we must continue in the faith, not giving space for the unrepentant and the rebellious. My heart breaks for them in prayer, but some…the Lord has instructed for me to longer pray. They are in His hands.

    I am praying for you, your family, and the body of Christ. You are a wonderful man of God. He has given you many gifts and talents, to be used for the edification of the body. I have learned a great deal from you, and as I apply it with the Word…it is invaluable!

    Thank you for your obedience💙
    Shabbat shalom!
    Linda Bejarano

  21. Boogie Jazzer says:

    Dear Bill,

    Got one of your books. I was introduced to you by Philip Powel of Christian Witness Ministries Fellowship here in Australia. I got so many good books & other teaching materials through them.

    I heard of Jacob Prasch & seen him here in Australia. Have heard many of his teachings. Used to follow his website but found a few good years ago he did this to another person the same he did to you.

    I have heard some of your teaching & have no problem with it. Sorry to hear you got done over by Moriel but in recent years they have become expert at crying Heretic first & then in pride do not back down when they are shown evidence to the contrary.

    Praying. In God’s hands. Glad to hear this video. I like your teaching and have no problem with it.

    God will sort it out. Time is short. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

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