The Tony Koretz Interview ; Syria, Turkey & Metatron

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8 Responses to The Tony Koretz Interview ; Syria, Turkey & Metatron

  1. Hope says:

    Excellent interview, Pastor!

  2. Tim says:

    I’ve been able to listen to the first 20 mins of this so far.
    Very informative and confirms quite a bit of what I began to suspect a few years ago when I did a lot of reading about WWI, and started to become aware of the possible (probable!) role of Turkey in Biblical prophecy.

    After being exposed to interpretations of prophecy that projected Communist Russia and/or Europe (EEC) into the bible, I started to see that Islam and Turkey were a much better “fit” – as they are associated with the very nations surrounding Israel that the Bible specifically mentions.

    Unlike those other (once popular) options, there is no need to bend current political realities to fit the biblical text. In contrast we are seeing the truth of the biblical text coming to life in the current political, geographical and religious worlds.

    And surely its no coincidence that Turkey (as it is now) is so prominent in the book of Revelation, with all of the addressed churches being located there, with one particular city being identified as the location of Satan’s throne.

  3. marikasj says:

    Very interesting, thank you.

  4. Paul says:

    Bill, awhile ago Jacob called me on phone and said some woman In England had a tv show or internet show or something and had for a year or more been saying that I was”Islamophobic” because of something i wrote on facebook about my experiences in counter-terrorism. He also said she had interviewed my old boss from Investigative Project for Terrorism, and he said I never worked for him. That is possible, since Steve, like anyone in intelligence, will never divulge the names of his agents. I assumed everyone knew this. Apparently, if all this is true, this woman didn’t.

    I sent Scott some emails I got from Steve to prove I wasn’t lying. Jacob I guess wanted to enlist me in some campaign or action against this woman in England. Maybe it was this Debora Menlaus. I don’t remember. Anyway I told him I did not care what this woman or people in England think about me. I never went to England, or wanted to. I might be crazy but the whole story seems strange to me. Why are they talking about me in England, or are they? And why is Jacob calling me about this.

    I separated from Jacob because Bible says not to eat with a “railer”. If Jacob is not a railer, then who is. But to be honest I came to see Jacob as railer because I see the same sin in myself. I told this to Jacob, that I was trying to repent of this and change, and maybe he should also. But I want to be clear I am not judging him for the sane sin I am guilty of. As Bible says, take out the beam in your own eye first.

    I don’t even know why I am writing this. There is nothing to be done about it. It is just confusing to me, is all.

    God bless you and family.

  5. Marleen says:

    Even if Russia isn’t in the Bible, Russia (at least its leader) is currently with Turkey and Assad (Syria), Iran. And the president of my country is against the Kurds and with Putin and Erdogan; for demoralizing our troops and moving them over to fight for Saudi Arabia.

    And even though Turkey willingly let many terrorist through its own borders to join ISIS, the president of my country says of ISIS prisoners that they can go back to the EU.

  6. Deagah says:

    Please tell me you are not on board with this metatron stuff?

    What ever happened to being content with what God has said (Duet 28:28).

  7. Leticia Peacher says:

    Thank you for your very comprehensive book “A Sword In The Land”, far above other teachings and ‘Prophecy Updates’. You give a well rounded understanding and I appreciate that.

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