A humble Apology From a Detractor…

Mike and Pat Rogers have come out of Charismatic deception, and operate a Discernment blog. For various reasons, I became the subject of quite a few articles and more than a few insulting and degrading comments on their blog. After a few e-mails and letters passed between us, they humbly published a sincere apology for their comments.

I want to commend them for their humility and for their willingness to take back the many insulting and overboard comments they have made. They have set an example for us in this unfortunate day of “in your face” dialogue and coarse ways of dealing with each other. As Mike Says,

It is difficult at times, in our work at closingstages, not to take a shot even when we know we shouldn’t.

Thanks so much Mike, I really appreciate the apology and forgive you and Pat wholeheartedly.

From Mike and Pat Rogers’ blog;

… Please let it be known that there have been some statements and comments from us that have been removed, in part or full, from this article https://closingstages.net/2019/09/06/bill-randles-twists-and-turns-eisgese/   and others that we have commented on. The fact is that some statements and comments were snide and snarky and for that we apologize and ask forgiveness from, not only, Bill Randles but our readers. This truly is not how we ever intended to conduct ourselves. As stated, in response to  Bill:

“I would also like to say that I am certainly willing and able to try and rectify things that I have said, in snide or snarky ways, that have caused you discomfort, grief or pain. Of equal importance, I want to put this right so that no one in the body of Christ is caused to stumble. It is difficult at times, in our work at closingstages, not to take a shot even when we know we shouldn’t. God has helped us in the past to control the impulse to say things we shouldn’t. We are thankful for that and pray that God will continue to work in us. 

… Again, our apologies to the body of Christ and Bill. Certainly, we will rely on God’s grace and mercy to walk in this much better than we have.

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