Yes, God still loves us… ( John 3)

It is not unusual for true ministers of God to have their teachings deliberately misconstrued by enemies, to discredit them. This happened to our LORD Jesus, when he was accused of being a threat to the Temple and of blasphemy against the sacred place. It also happened to the Apostle Paul, when his detractors accused him of teaching that believers can sin with impunity, since Grace is free and available.

And why not say (as we are slanderously reported and as some claim that we say), “Let us do evil that good may come”? Their condemnation is just. ( Romans 3:8 NASB)

They slandered Paul and Jesus this way, so why be surprised that Satan still uses this tactic?

I have been giving a teaching for a few years about John 3:14-16. I freely acknowledge that the teaching came to me through a fine Bible Expositor in the UK named David Pawson. *

In this particular teaching, the Greek tenses are used to show the nature of the act of God in sending his Son, and the nature of true Faith in Jesus and the reception of eternal life.

The tenses tell us that , …once God loved the World. They also teach us that, “whosoever goes on believing in Him, shall go on having eternal life”.

I think this is a profound and important point, because there are so many who have come under a mistaken notion of both the Love of God, and of the meaning of salvation.

So many have been taught that God’s love for the World, is ongoing and is “unconditional” and that Believing in Christ is a one time experience with eternal results. In fact the opposite is true.

God doesn’t have an ongoing and up and down relationship with this World. This World is under a sentence of Divine Judgment, and the attitude of God towards it is uncompromising. The sentence is passed, the execution of the sentence will come at any time. The World hates God, is hostile to Christ, and it’s real “god” is the Devil.

But Jesus told us in John 3 that God Loved the World ( notice even in English the tense is past, God so loved the World, the Bible never asserts that God so Loves the World). Once God did something in Love for a World which hates and rejects Him, and the results are everlasting. He sent his only begotten Son to die as a substitute for us.

I have never asserted that “God doesn’t Love us” or that “God’s love is not eternal”, or “God only Loved us Once”, or any other variation of a denial of the love of God for mankind, for Believers or for Jews or even for individual unbelievers! As The Apostle Paul said, ‘Perish the very thought of it’! Of course God loves us!

Remember that John 3:16 is talking about the World. The World is a particular Spiritual entity. God once loved the World, ( ie, Humanity as it has organized itself to the exclusion of God).

There is only one locus for the LOVE of God for this World, it is in the Cross of Jesus Christ, and no where else.

Furthermore, it should be obvious that the Love of John 3:16 is a verb, an action. God did something purposefully, for the World, once. He sent his Son to live among us and to die for us on a cross. How many times is He going to do that? Only ONCE.

The millions through time who have heard the voice of God and have been drawn out of this world, to become the church, are not the World anymore. God loves them all the time, and always will love them.

God loves the Jews, whom God loves because of the Father’s and whom God will save at the end of time, for His loving kindness is better than Life.

Of course the Love of God is ongoing, but all of it radiates out of Calvary, there is no way to know the Love of God, or experience it other than through Calvary.

This is really important because there is a sentimentalized version of the LOVE of God which is softening people and opening them up to a humanistic , false gospel, stripping people of the conviction they need to turn to God.

This is why Satan is inspiring certain people to distort and misrepresent my teaching.

* I do not say this as if I cite Pawson as an authority, to bolster my argument. In my view and practice, only the Word of God is authoritative in an absolute sense. The reason I cite him is for the purpose of clarity and openness. I learned something from Pawson, checked it out in scripture and am sure it is true to the text.

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28 Responses to Yes, God still loves us… ( John 3)

  1. Onesimus says:

    The man who wrote “God so loved the world”, also wrote:
    Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.

    If the Father continues to love the world (as many insist) how could that same writer say that emulating that love means we don’t have the love of the Father within us?

    Surely loving those He loves would be a sharing and displaying of HIs love not a denial of it.

    You are right – the tense of ‘loved’ even in English is clear referring to the past, when God acted in love towards the world by giving the world His Son as a willing sacrifice to make it possible for us to enter eternal life.
    He does not continue to love the same world that we have been instructed NOT to love.

    • Mellany McKenzie says:

      He does not continue to love the same world that we have been instructed NOT to love.
      I never really thought of it like that.

      • Onesimus says:

        Hi Mellany,
        God loved the world when it was needed in the way that was needed.

        He doesn’t need to continue loving it to make salvation available to all who are in the world.

        Importantly, acknowledging that it was a one time expression of love, does not diminish the great love He continues to have for His children who have received the gift.


  2. Mark Boggia says:

    Know he doesnt its all bollocks because he doesnt exist.

    • Onesimus says:

      Mark, your tedious crudity and fearful ignorance impresses no one and does more harm to yourself than anyone else.
      Stop the false bravado and show some real courage. Swallow your pride. Take the risk and ask God to prove Himself to you.

    • Onesimus says:

      Are inane and facetious comments the best you can do Mark?

      Just swallow your pride, stop hiding behind the foolishness, stir up some courage and take the risk of asking God to prove Himself to you.

      • Mark Boggia says:

        Aren’t we discussing Magi on this thread ?

      • Onesimus says:

        Aren’t we discussing Magi on this thread ?

        Despite stating the obvious (that you don’t seem to be discussing anything) – no, this is not the Magi discussion thread.

        This thread is about God’s love – just swallow your pride, stop hiding behind the foolishness, stir up some courage and take the risk of asking God to prove Himself to you so you can be blessed by the gift of salvation that God made available through the giving of His Son.

      • Mark Boggia says:

        If this blog is about Gods love then why is it Islamaphobic, homophobic and misogynistic?

      • Onesimus says:

        If this blog is about Gods love then why is it…

        I could ask why are you so Christophobic? Which would be a more accurate use of the term “phobic”.

        There is no fear of Islam, homosexuality expressed here – just warnings that they are contrary to God’s truth.

        As for misogyny – that allegation is a straw-less strawman. One of the weakest you’ve tried to construct so far.

        Take a rest Mark, be honest and show some integrity for once. Get a backbone and take the risk of asking God to prove Himself to you.

    • Kieren Green says:

      I’m surprised the article did not mention AI.

  3. marika sullivan says:

    Excellent teaching

  4. Mark Boggia says:


    Rather ironically, 1 Timothy 2:12 is a New Testament passage from the pastoral epistle by that name[a], traditionally attributed the Apostle Paul. It is familiarly quoted using the King James Version translation: “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence”

    • Onesimus says:

      Again Mark, your are basing your prejudices on your own ill-judged, ill-informed human “rationality”.
      Citing individual verses outside of the context of the rest of scripture is fruitless.

      Demonstrate a little courage and integrity by taking the chance of asking God to prove Himself to you. You know you really want to.

      No one who REALLY denies the existence of God would be as obsessed with Him as you clearly are, proven by your frequent visits here.

      • Mark Boggia says:


        You are being intellectually dishonest by not confronting your namesakes misogyny.

        It’s your bible we’re talking about here.


      • Onesimus says:

        Maybe you need to educate yourself about the definition of words you throw around and use vocabulary that actually MEANS what you intend instead of throwing around popular, yet inappropriately used buzz-words.

        You’re the one refusing to be honest – about your obsession with God.
        No need to be scared, just ask Him to prove Himself to you – instead of hiding yourself behind irrelevant arguments, crudity and bluster.

      • Mark Boggia says:

        Dear God

        Please add your own comments to this blog as evidence for your existence

        Best Wishes


      • Onesimus says:

        “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.
        Now CHOOSE LIFE so that you may live and you may love the Lord.”
        – God

      • Mark Boggia says:


        I think it’s you, not God, you’re guilty of impersonation now !

        I was hoping for so much more… my hopes and dreams are shattered… you set me up for this.. you promised.

        Blub blub…..

      • Onesimus says:

        No Mark, that was God’s own message to you.
        I passed it on world for word.

        Why not ask God to prove Himself to you HIS way – which will be the most effective proof you’d get.
        Or what next?
        You’ll only believe in Him if he turns the sky pink with yellow polka dots?

        It’s time for you to demonstrate whether you have even the tiniest bit of integrity and courage, instead of continually hiding behind the foolishness.

      • Mark Boggia says:


        Now you’re lying, how very sad that this wonderful thing you talk about is nothing but a falsehood and just part of your dillusion.

        As previous stated it’s all bollocks

      • Onesimus says:

        Stop trying to comfort yourself with delusion Mark.
        There was no lie at all.
        God’s words were given to you as quoted in scripture.

        He has given a choice and has made clear THE choice He wants you to make.

        “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.
        Now CHOOSE LIFE so that you may live and you may love the Lord.”

        If you prefer death and curses, then so be it.
        Keep hiding in fear behind your crudity and facetiousness., too afraid to risk the truth, but suffer the consequences you yourself have chosen. contrary to the desire of God.

  5. David Close says:

    Amen Brother Bill

  6. Mark Boggia says:


    Judge not and be not judged, for by which judgement you judge, you shall be judged.

    Now let’s have the conversation about integrity and truth

    Stop making shit up !

    • Onesimus says:

      Parroting partial out of context scripture to convey things that it was never meant to say isn’t the best approach.

      Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

      I’ve had my own rebellious God-avoiding experience and have removed that plank from my eye – so I’m perfectly qualified to point out the speck in yours. And I’m more than willing to allow God to judge me for doing so.

      Try being honest enough with yourself to admit how (despite your protests) that you are deeply obsessed with God.
      You don’t need to be afraid of the truth, and you don’t need to hide behind the regular schoolboy crudity in a pretence of “toughness”.

      Don’t be afraid. Be brave enough to SERIOUSLY take the risk of asking God to prove Himself to you.

  7. Onesimus says:

    Hi Mark,
    I’ve seen the quality of your recent comment – clearly deleted because the excessive crudity.
    Do you REALLY think such a response reflects anything good in you or your professed beliefs?

    If that was the best I had to rely upon I’d be very disappointed in the quality of the foundation I was building my life upon.

    However, there is good news Mark.
    Jesus can make a difference to your life.

    He can free you from all of that fear, frustration and hostility by bringing you into His Kingdom as a productive and valued citizen. Jesus has made the way possible through the greatest act of love that creation has ever seen.

    As you haven’t yet found the courage to take that first step towards God by asking Him to prove Himself to you, I’ll step in on your behalf, hoping that other believers visiting here will add their prayers to mine.

    Heavenly Father, we can see the desperation that arises when man rejects you.
    I ask in the name of Jesus that you will step into Mark’s life and give him the clear assurance that you exist, and that you are a rewarder of those who diligently seek you.
    Whatever it takes to do that Lord – make yourself known to Him in a way that will require a definitive response from Mark.

    You have offered the choice between life and death, blessing and cursing. You have also made your will known, that YOU desire man to choose life. However you leave that choice with us and we alone will be responsible for the consequences of the choice we make.

    I can only hope that Mark ultimately makes the right choice.

    Again I ask all of this in Jesus’ name.

    Mark, may you learn to experience and appreciate the blessings of God.

  8. David Pawson’s own words from his conclusion of the book “Is John 3:16 the Gospel?”.

    If we are not careful, we tend to reverse the tenses of the verbs and read loved as meaning ‘all the time’ and believed as meaning ‘once’. The way it is preached is almost: ‘God’s love is there all the time; all you need do is, in a moment, take a simple step of faith —and you’ve got eternal life.’ But it is not that at all. That is reversing the verbs. ‘God [once] loved so that whoever [continuously] believes . . . will never perish [once], but have [continuously] eternal life.’ This also explains the apparent contradiction in 1 John 2:15, where it says ‘Love not the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.’ The word ‘love’ there is agape, but it is in the present continuous tense. It is for those who go on paying attention to the world and getting involved in it, so the contrast is between John 3:16, where God once loved the world, and John’s letter, where he says: Do not go on [continuously] loving the world. God did not even go on [continuously] loving the world, he once loved and did everything that was needed to meet the world’s need. That focuses his love down to a single event, and that is why Paul, in Romans, writing to Christians, says, ‘God commends his love towards us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us’ (Romans 5:8).
    God’s love is not general and unfocused; it is not vague and all over the place. God’s love is always focused. It is focused in the cross of Jesus, and it is focused in him paying attention to our need and then doing something radical about that need.

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