Why Calling Jesus The Metatron is Problematic…

Watch yourselves, that you do not lose what we have accomplished, but that you may receive a full reward. Anyone who goes too far and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God; the one who abides in the teaching, he has both the Father and the Son.  If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house, and do not give him a greeting; for the one who gives him a greeting participates in his evil deeds. 2 John 8-11

… not paying attention to Jewish myths and commandments of men who turn away from the truth. Titus 1:15

There are two entirely different concepts which I am forced by necessity to contrast, because they are being blurred and confused past what I deem to be the danger point, regarding the integrity of the Gospel.

First of all, there is the Messiah of the Scriptures, The “Seed of the Woman” promised in Genesis, the Seed of Abraham, and the Seed of David, who has come into this world from His Father, in order to save us by the propitiation which He offered on the cross for our sins. “The Volume of the Book” is written of Him, the Bible cannot be understood without taking him into account. He is the LORD Jesus Christ.

Second of all there is a Jewish mythological creation, “the Metatron”, the one supposedly “behind the throne” of Almighty God, is never mentioned in the Torah or the Prophets, nor is he mentioned in the New Testament. He is a figure in the Kabbalah and the Zohar, two occult Jewish books which offer a metaphysical view of scripture.

It should be obvious that there is no connection whatsoever between these two figures, nor does one need to be a Hebrew or Greek scholar in order to understand this. Jesus Christ is real! He is the fulfillment of the scriptures, and is coming again in the flesh to judge the world in Righteousness.

Metatron is false, he emerges from a book designed by Satan to deceive Jewish people into rejecting their only Messiah. The descriptions of Him range from Him being considered a deified Enoch, all he way to being the “second Pillar of the Godhead” and he is considered the “only mediator between God and man”, and the Angel of the LORD. It should be obvious that this is AntiChrist territory.

Metatron has served to turn Jews away from Jesus for centuries. Now JA Prasch (among others) is glorifying Metatron in the Gentile church as well, and that concerns me deeply.

I know that Jacob’s stated reason for teaching Metatron, is Jewish Evangelism. I have no doubt he started out with just that goal, ( I know He has had a longtime, deep concern for Jews). He says He uses Metatron to show the Jews that they have had a longtime concept of a plurality within the godhead, and that such a notion is not a mere “Christian invention”.

As JA Prasch says in the Article, The Metatron,

So the rabbinic arguments that Christian belief in Jesus the Messiah being God is a Gentile belief of pagan origin can be refuted. It does not pervert the Jewish Scripture; nor are these ideas alien to Jewish thought – contrary to what the rabbis want people, Jew and Gentile alike, to believe. They may still reject the Messiahship of Jesus, but they cannot reject His deity based upon the idea being alien to Jewish thought. To do so would be a rejection of their own Jewish sages.( Moriel Quarterly September 2009,’The Metatron”)

But using Jewish Mythology to analogize Christ, has obviously become a slippery slope, and the clear lines of demarcation between the real Christ and the (fake) Metatron have become blurred, as I will show you, from the Moriel Quarterly, September 2009 edition.

The article is called “The Metatron” and is illustrated with an old painting of Jacob wrestling the Angel of the LORD.

The teaching starts out with the concept of God coming in human form, as the Angel of the LORD. Then Jacob mentions Melchizedek, whom he considers a Christophany, God coming again as He did with Jacob, in human form. Jacob mentions “The Angel of the Covenant” whom Malachi promised would come, He then mentions “the Word became flesh” as in John 1:14.

So far so good, we have no problem with that.

But immediately after this, in the article ,Jacob P makes this leap,

The Word of the Lord is not only called “melech habrit” (the Angel of the cov- enant), but also the Metatrone, from Greek meta – “middle of the throne”.(ibid)

JA Prasch doesn’t say whether or not he agrees or disagrees with the above statement, that the Metatron is the “Angel of the Covenant”, He simply states it, then launches into a discussion of the Kabbalah it came from.

Rabbi Simeon Ben Yochai taught that according to the Zohar, volume 3, page 227 of the Amsterdam edition, the middle pillar in the Godhead is the Metatrone, who has accomplished peace above according to the glorious state there. They identify this Angel, with whom Jacob wrestled and who appears in Malachi, as God Himself. They say it is through Him that God shall bring peace on earth as He has brought it in Heaven, and that God would answer prayers offered in the name of the Metatrone.

Kabbalah teaches that God is plural, one God in three persons, or as we say in Hebrew “Shma Israel Adonai Elohenu Adonai eched, baruch haShem kvodo u malchuto la’olam v’ed amen.(ibid)

My problem here is that JA Prasch talks about the Kabbalah, seemingly without making a judgment of it, he just states it as a matter of fact, then mentions the deviations of a “Heretical Rabbi, Maimonides” who distorted scripture indeed, turning “oneness” to “One” in the Shema.

But aren’t they all heretical? Maimonides, the Zohar and the Kabbalah?

The article is too blurred, Jacob seemingly doesn’t distinguish between the truth as revealed in Scripture and the Kabbalh’s parallel but errant spin on scripture. For example, again from the article,

God is worshipped in his plurality according to the Zohar. The Kabbalah talks about the tree of life; prayers are answered in the name of the Metatrone; and it is the Metatrone who will bring peace. In Exodus24:1 it says: “And he said unto Moses, Come up unto the LORD.”( Moriel Quarterly September 2009, The Metatron)

Rabbi Verchai taught the following: “God said to Moses, come up unto the Lord. This is Metatrone. He is called by his name Metatrone because in this name are implied two significant things which indicates his character. He is both Lord and messen- ger. There is also a third idea implied in the name Metatrone. It signifies a keeper. For in the Chaldee (which is Aramaic), a keeper or watchman is called ‘Matherot’ and because he is the keeper or preserver of the world he is so called the keeper of Israel.”(ibid)

There is no editorial comment after these distortions, they are just in the article, the very definite (and blasphemous saying) that God is Metatron , that’s it. One wonders whether the author agrees with Rabbi Verchai’s interpretation of Exodus 24:1 or not, it just simply states that God is Metatrone.

Furthermore, we cannot tell by the font whether the following is JA Prasch’s thoughts or Rabbi Verchai, or the Kabbalah or the Zohar,

So we see that in Exodus 24:1, the God who is exalted is the God who is speaking to Moses, “sayeth unto him that he should come up to Jehovah, Adonai, Yahweh,” which is Metatrone. So the Metatrone, the Messenger of Yahweh, the Angel of the Lord, is Yahweh who is oftentimes connected to the name of God, alluding to the Shekinah, the glory of the Lord. Hence God is in the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh.(ibid)

Here is another problematic paragraph,

We Jews believe Moses was instructed in all divine knowledge by none other than the Metatrone (Haraba Dalet from the Mentuah edition). And the Metatrone is not only God, but the Redeemer. Jacob sees this Metatrone and lives because the Meta- trone comes in a human form, the only way you can see God and live to tell about it.(ibid)

Is it JA Prasch who is speaking when He says “We Jews Believe…“? One cannot tell by the font in the Moriel article, but it looks like Jacob is saying He believes that the Metatron is God! Do you see what I meant by slippery slope?

In this article, the Kabbalah and Zohar are quoted, often without any condemnation of them, as though they offer common ground with the gospel, but the writing blurs the distinction between the true Messiah and the Metatron, badly, as in this example,

Reading this passage and knowing that my nation, the children of Israel, never ap- proached God without the mediation of a priest or a high priest, I went to Rabbi Simeon Ben Voccai to enquire whether any mortal and sinful man dare approach God without a mediator. I received the follow- ing instruction: This is an extract from the Kabbalah, the Zohar volume 2 on Exodus page 51 of the Amsterdam edition.(ibid)

“To keep the way of the tree of life, there is but one mediator between God and man and that is Metatrone.”

Yet the high priest is a mediator, but somehow he is not a good enough mediator. What does it say in the book of Hebrews? We have a more perfect high priest from a different order. It was Melchizedek (i.e., the Metatrone) – the only mediator between God and man; the middle pillar of the Godhead who preexisted, through whom God made the world and sustained it. God would answer prayers made in His name only; the government would be on His shoulders; the mystery of salvation is in Him. He is the Redeemer and the only me- diator between God and man. And Jews ask where do we Christians get this? The Zohar!Ibid)

Who is speaking here? Are these reflecting the author of the article’s beliefs? Is JA Prasch saying that Melchizedek is the Metatron? That Metatron is the only mediator between God and man? If so, shouldn’t we have a problem with this?

The very essence of Anti-Christ is the substitution of anything in the place of Jesus Christ.

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22 Responses to Why Calling Jesus The Metatron is Problematic…

  1. dwh@iinet.net.au says:

    Excellent instruction Bill.  Very dangerous inclinations from Jacob.

    Get Outlook for iOS

  2. eren lee says:

    Hello Pastor Bill. Trust you and your family are all well and kept. Many years ago when my sister Jeanling attended Mariel she sent me JP’s cassettes and books. For some strange reason (His ways are past finding out) I never felt led to read/listen to any of his material. So, thank you for this blog. I just don’t understand why preachers and teachers only share the blessed hope we have in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Keep on keeping on and keep looking up. Soon, yes, very soon we are going to see the King of kings and Lord of lords! Hallelujah! Blessings!

    Sent from my iPhone


    • billrandles says:

      Thanks dear brother, how encouraging! I hope you and yours are doing well. It is a strange time, in which, everything hidden is coming to light and shouted from housetops! The Savious is at the door brother! Hallelujah! Your son in faith and hope, Pas Bill

  3. Leland Schmitt says:

    I followed you for a couple years until I realized you believe in a salvation by faith apart from works, then works follow. I find that you have great insight on many things, but your false understanding of the gospel will not allow me to watch you anymore. Eternal Life Depends upon doing the Fathers will , meaning obedience to His Good Works as led by the Holy Spirit, Faith alone is in error and Jesus will reject those who have not equity in the Kingdom . Your understanding comes from theology not the Bible. Study the Greek and you’ll understand. Eph 2:8-10 & Revelation 22:11-12

    • billrandles says:

      Leland you are being presumptuous. Please don’t follow me or anyone, just see God. Salvation is by faith and not works,(Ephesians 2:8-10) and Works of necessity do follow. God bless you and lead into all truth.

  4. Martin Emerson says:

    Very useful post, much needed. Have already forwarded it to a number of people who have been helped by it. Blessings Martin

  5. Daughter of Zion says:

    Here is where the write of the same article that you are quoting from, “Metatron”, Moriel Quarterly, September 2009 Edition, explicitly makes a distinction between the Holy Scriptures and the occultism of Kabalah.

    “What Zohar does, Kabbalah does, mys￾tical Judaism does – they try to take the lost
    knowledge of the ancient rabbis and give
    it back through mysticism and the occult.
    So the rabbis admit they lost their keys.
    Remember that Jesus told them the
    keys would be taken from them and given
    to another. In Judaism the rabbis admit they
    lost a deep understanding of the Bible and
    the way to interpret it. In spite of the ma￾drashim, they admit they lost it. We know
    that Jesus gave it to His apostles who were
    also Jews. What Kabbalah seeks to do is to
    restore those lost mysteries. But Kabbalah
    has a lot of occult myths and practices – lots
    of crazy stuff like astrology and numerol￾ogy. It is more Hellenistic than Hebraic.
    But to the extent that the rabbis have
    tried to rediscover the lost knowledge that
    disappeared when the temple was destroyed,
    they arrive at the conclusion that every￾thing depends on the Metatrone – the pre￾existence of God, who is the redeemer, who
    brings peace, the government will be on his
    shoulders, and God will answer prayers in
    His name. Always learning, but never com￾ing to knowledge of the truth (2 Tim. 3:7)

    – Metatron, Moriel Quarterly September Edition, A Deeper Understanding, Paragraph 6.

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks Daughter of Zion, I appreciate the input. It sounds Like Jacob is saying that there is a hidden knowledge which needs to be recovered, and which the Kabbalah and Zohar were trying to restore, albeit in a mystical and occult way. This is the problem I have with this whole approach, it gives Kabbalah and Zohar credit for trying to restore something valid, although in an illegitimate way. (Am I getting this right?)
      The Rabbis indeed lost the true knowledge of God, but not when the Temple was destroyed, they lost it due to a Judicial blindness imposed upon them by their God, whom they apostatized from. That knowledge is fully revealed in Christ, to the people who were “not a people”, to the “Babes and unlearned”. Kabbalh and Zohar are forms if gnosticism, and offer nothing but obfuscation for the only knowledge of the only true God, and of Jesus Christ whom He has sent.

  6. Sarah Whittle says:

    I can help with filling those gaps of concern in regards to thinking that when Jacob does not say one thing in this article (whether or not he support Kabbalah) that he is therefore saying another thing (that Kabbalah is holy or that he supports it). Perhaps Jake is a little low context when he teaches, that being that he assumes that the listeners have either heard what he has taught before or they will do their own personal study etc.

    That being said, here is an earlier teaching where Jake in no uncertain terms calls Kabbalah an occult belief system. He also does a really good explanation about finding truth in error and the dangers you have to look out for when doing that.

    Much love in Yshua.

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks Sarah for your input and the gracious Spirit. I agree that jacob does condemn Kabbalah and Zohar as occult, dangerous and even heretical many many times. This is part of the problem I have with Him, He does so, but then as altar calls to metatrone, calls people to come to Him, and tells people that Metatrone is the “only mediator between God and men”. This is confusing to say the least and is why I object to it so much. For jacob’s bak and for his hearers, clarity needs to come…Grace and Peace in Yshua

  7. Sarah says:


    I am just wondering why you declined my comment? I was trying to add a balanced scale between two brothers, your comments and sermons and then Jake’s. I am just not quite sure what was wrong with it?

    • billrandles says:

      Sarah I didn’t decline your comment, and wouldn’t. Please resend it, there ae a lot of variables, but the last thing I want to do is decline you or anyone, Pas Bill

  8. Sarah says:

    Why have you blocked me? That is super said. I tried to post in my original sarahwhit@gmail.com and it did not work. I thought you wanted a balanced scale and for all people to have all information. 😦

  9. Sarah Whittle says:

    Thank you for posting my reply.

    I think it is confusing because you may possibly not understand in full what Jacob is teaching on the matter. Early on, you even stated in reply to Daughter of Zion that it “sounds like Jacob is saying…”

    In your past open letters also, you are making decisions about Jacob and calling men to flee heresy based on what things sound like or what Jacob doesn’t say.

    Doesn’t the Lord himself warn us that in the last days brother will turn against brother. No one is perfect in this, neither party has been above perfect.

    Please reconsider, taking time to thoroughly investigate because it is never good practice to pass verdicts on hearsay, on evidence not said, etc. Is it possible it is confusing because there is lack of understanding complete. I know it is and was for me and it is taking time and effort to work through.

    In Jesus,

  10. Sarah Whittle says:

    I have found another video, for an example that it may be clear what Jacob is teaching but we are not familiar with all the texts, documents and manuscripts that are vital in understanding, the elementary principles if you would, then we may miss it.

    Here are Hebrew speaking Jews explaining their own texts if some want to further explore the topic for themselves. It is proving to be a tedious affair for me because it requires a lot of prior, not gnostic, knowledge.

    God bless and may He bring all clarity and truth in patience and sound judgement.

  11. Just asking for prayer for us dear Pst Bill and Kris. Things have gone mad in Melbourne and we are living under tyranny. We even have an 8pm curfew. It’s very difficult here. Blessings

  12. Jerod says:

    Got woken up and landed on this Metatron thing trying to go back to sleep…

    All I know is

    The agape is getting reeeally cold.

    I’m not trying to disparage you, Bill. Throughout this whole Moriel, Tim Wirth, Jacob, Treena etc ad infinitum I have seen you consistently call for the love of Christ to guide and consume us. This article can use a little more nuance.

    Perhaps Jacob is presenting the Metatron idea in an “as-if” context. I’ve come to see that. I had to “come to see that” because Jacob is a little too faithful to the idea. I think one of the issues with this is that the Moriel Quarterly articles seem to be text-to-speech verbatim – reprinted sermons. In this mode nuance does not come through for sake of time and brevity.

    I think Jacob wants to see the Jewish people come to salvation, I know that you know he does. I know that when the person of the AC enters stage right Jacob will be there with the rest of us pointing him out for the liar he is and enjoying a ride on the guillotine with the rest of the “7,000”.

    But it looks like the power of the Holy people is being shattered with greater frequency, and with more topographical intensity. So much so that even when man, in his own spirit, is trying to maintain the foundation he finds himself destroying another part of it. All because we live in an age when we feel we must respond to *everything*. Whenever there shows a little strength, the accuser comes in and takes his hammer to the foundations. It is like trying a new house in one of those Autonomous Zones. Every time there is some self-important Christian helping out the devil on social media, parroting half truths just like Jude foretold.

    In this Moriel and friends seem to have become part and parcel. Y’all are going the way of Calvary, who went the way of the Baptists, who went the of the Methodists, etc, etc.

    I left, or was asked to leave a Calvary awhile back for pointing out plagiarism from the pulpit.
    I came to the conclusion that in these last minutes the church is beset by “old men talking, and young men dying” to steal a quote from FDR. Old men are holding on to what isn’t theirs, young men are falling by the wayside in fallow soil …

    seems to be because our love for ourselves is so warm and inviting.

    Yours until Yellowstone blows and we meet Jesus smelling like rotten eggs,

    J, Sr.

    You’ve made the most sense out of all the Moriel mess. I can only hope you will “lean in” to the mess, and support Jacob with more sound advice and friendship. Y’know, like the Holy Spirit has done for you! 🙂

    He looks like a very lonely man who could use a good friend. Maybe that’s just my impression.

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path… and the rest of Proverbs, too.

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