A Brief Holy Week Song list…

It is Holy Week and so I wanted to share a Song list of those hymns and songs which focus on the sufferings and glory of our LORD Jesus. I do hope you can take some time to let these songs minister to your soul, and I invite any who see this, to post songs of the LORD which bless you as well. Have a blessed passover, and resurrection Sunday.

These Songs have never failed to point me in the right direction, to the Savior and his sacrifice. Several selections from Handel’s Messiah, for example “Surely He has born our griefs…” as well as “He was Despised…”, “…With His Stripes…” never fails to touch my soul deeply.

It is the gospel, and especially the cross which has been the inspiration for the most beautiful and lasting music humanity has ever produced. The gospel, after all is called “the New Song”, and it shall ring throughout the ages.

There have been some really inspired Songs written recently, which the LORd has used to minister to me over the years, such as “Didn’t He?” by Randy Matthews, and of course my dear friend Paul Clark has been used all along my way, as a minstrel of the Cross of Jesus, and I shall ever be thankful for that. “A Perfect and Complete Work…” is Paul’s musical version of Isaiah 53. “Now and Forevermore…”will also minister deeply to your soul, as all of these will, since they are based on the Word of God.

It is too easy to forget, in the stress and spiritual warfare and in the business of Life, that Jesus Died for us. He offered his life to make us acceptable unto God.

Closing Song, Pat Terry’s “Lord of All”.

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6 Responses to A Brief Holy Week Song list…

  1. Jamie coburn says:

    Awesome. I will listen to your Playlist. Thank you. I
    I love Resurection Day celebration and reading the Scriptures as the week progresses..Every year I learn some new nugget of understanding. Bless you, Pastor Bill, during this truly miraculous and powerful season.

  2. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. Alan says:

    Thank you for that Dear Brother, not forgetting the Easter Song by The Second Chapter of Acts…
    Happy Easter.
    Alan in Bude.UK

  4. Linn says:

    Thanks for this list! How about Don Francisco “He’s Alive” . 🙂

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