The Onset of Sensual Revivals… NAR pt 5

Can you imagine somebody walking around with the power that Elisha and Elijah had and the power that Peter and Paul had—all at the same time? It’s about to happen! If you’ll get your act straightened up and get yourselvesmoving in the Spirit of God, it will happen to you!…I asked the Lord one time,“Lord how will you do that? How can you make the sun not shine?” He told me He will block out its light with the cloud of His glory…God said to me,“I’ll make that cloud get so thick on whole cities, that people can’t see the sunshine.” Then, He added, “That’s the reason you need to get ready”…Learn[how to win souls] because when God’s power falls and His glory cloud hits a whole city at one time, men and women will fall under the power of it ,crying out to GodKenneth Copeland. “A Storm of Glory.” Believers Voice of Victory. June, 1994.

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;( I Timothy 4:1-2)

I have contrasted the (false) Prophecy of Kenneth Copeland , which is so typical of the up and coming Prophets of the Word Faith Movement, with the stern warning of what to expect in the last days, given by the Spirit of God to the Apostle Paul.

In one vision, multitudes upon multitudes are swept into the faith, by powerful manifestations, and in the other, deceiving Spirits will be seducing many away from Christ as part of the troubles of the last days.

Copeland was not alone in constantly prophesying the glory that would soon overwhelm the World and the Church in the great end times revival.All of the charismatic prophets and teachers seemed to be caught up in anticipation of this powerful and unprecedented revival to come. Here is a typical Rick Joyner Prophecy;

The magnitude of this harvest will ultimately astonish even the most optimistic believers. Congregations of less than a hundred will be adding a thousand believers a week for periods of time. Meetings which begin spontaneously will stir entire cities, continuing until they fill the largest stadiums night afternight. Previously popular sporting events will be abandoned in many regions for lack of interest. Whole towns with populations of thousands will swarm on neighbouring towns to evangelize them…News teams will follow apostles like national figures…large cities will experience periods of zero crime…pornography, prostitution, illegal drugs, abortion, and drunkenness will cease to exist in many areas without passage of a single law…Whole nations will devote themselves to prayer and fasting…(“The Harvest” by Rick Joyner)

Such an anticipation had been built up by these ‘prophets’ , it was only a matter of time when people were given over to ever stranger manifestations, from “Slain in the Spirit” to being put into trances, to irrational fits of laughter in the midst of services, and ultimately thousands of Churches were inundated with something they called “Spiritual Drunkenness”.

People were either giving themselves over to it, or you could say, they gave themselves over to Spiritual Drunkenness in the thousands and at huge ‘revival ‘ meetings. It seemed as though the “Great Endtimes Revival ” had begun to dawn.

One of the starting places for this spurious revival was the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church, in 1994. The Pastor, John Arnott had been troubled by the fact that unlike His wife Carol, he seemed insensitive to the things of God,

“I finally start to ask Carol, “Honey, what do you feel?” (Carol), “Oh, it’s just wonderful.” (Arnott), ‘Well, help me,” you know, and so she says, “Now, just tune in,” and so I’d be tuned in and I’m there, going like this,…and maybe I’d even start weaving a little bit, and I’m thinking “Lord, do I feel something on my hands or am I just making this up? Is there something here or am I so wanting this?”…And Carol would say, “No, no, I can feel Him going in, I can feel Him going in, Just keep focused!” You know and then…she’d say, “Oops, where did you go?” I’d say, “What do you mean?” She’d say, “I feel it coming back on me, where did you go?” And I would realize my mind had drifted off again someplace. (Arnott on “Receiving the Spirit’s Power”)

Arnott also related that his friend, Benny Hinn, prayed for him more than fifty times, yet he never “went down” (Slain in the Spirit). This bothered Him. His wife Carol was extremely sensitive, but John thought that He was too analytical and self conscious.

Arnott went out on a quest, seeking to experience the presence of God. He went down to Argentina because there had been quite a Pentecostal Revival there, and he also sought ministry from Rodney Howard Browne, a South African Evangelist who virtually played the John the Baptist of the false Revival, and who had introduced the Church to “Holy Laughter” and “Spiritual Drunkenness”.

Here is an excerpt from my book, “Weighed and Found Wanting” in which I talk about Arnott’s search for intimacy with God, through Sensuality,

The Bible speaks much of those who are sensual, who lead people astray, they manipulate people by appealing to their discontent, dry times, or lack of “feeling God.” Sensuality doesn’t always refer to the use of the five senses, in knowing God. The mystics were sensual, striving to base their unity with God on feeling Him, orseeing, hearing, and even smelling Him. This present move is a mystical and sensual revival.

Arnott on What to Expect
People ask us all the time, “What do you feel?” and that’s a valid question. At first, it’s almost imperceptible, but you think your hands are feeling a little heavier, this is my experience, and as you love Him, and stay tuned to that and say, “Oh, Lord, more of your presence,” and it gets heavier and they begin to tingle, kind of, sort of like electricity and it can flow all up and down your arms and all over your face and up and down your legs and when it really increases, it’s like you’re being electrocuted, almost.

Jude 19-20 These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit. But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost.

James 3:15 This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish. 

Arnott claims to have received an anointing from Rodney Howard Browne and brought “it” back to Toronto with Him. In a few short years more than a hundred thousand visitors from around the world made a pilgrimage to the nightly services at the Toronto Airport Vineyard to experience “God” (sensually) to be slain in the Spirit, and to be prophesied over and to indulge in “Spiritual Drunkenness”.

One of the constant teachings of Arnott, Howard Browne and other ‘revival’ leaders was to not analyze what is going on, rather to get out of your head knowledge and just give way to God’s Spirit, no matter how irrationally it caused you to act, as Arnott tells us here,

The Holy Spirit wants to come and have intimacy with you—This is not the time to analyze…We’ve told hundreds of people, “Look, it’s all about romance, it’s not about analysis at all,’ and so when someone whom you really love, your husband, your wife, your friend, whatever, comes near to you and they’re kissing you, that’s not the time to analyze…“Ooh, why are they putting their mouth to my mouth? Don’t they know there’s more germs in the human mouth than any other part of the human body?” [crowd laughter]…You’d ruin the moment, right? (Arnott,John “Receiving the Spirit’s Power”).

This is not Spiritual teaching it is actually sensual. The Arnott’s, Howard Brownes and those like Todd Bentley go by their feelings and not by faith in the Word of God. They discourage any kind of discernment, mocking it as “head knowledge”. Their “Anointing” is not the Holy Spirit, rather it is an unholy Spirit, the very thing Jude and the other Apostles warned us about,

These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.( Jude 19)

These ‘leaders’ go by feelings, sensations, self perceived instincts and pseudo ‘Words” from God that are not Scriptural. This is their Spirituality and this eventuated in several ‘revivals’ which have led thousands into this sensuality, and away from true faith in God and true Worship. They speak of the Presence of the LORD, and they undertake pilgrimages to wherever they think the ‘anointing’ is being poured out. This is the fruit of all of those decades of Manifested Sons of God, Latter Rain, Word of Faith teaching. Toronto, Pensacola Florida, Lakeland Florida are all places where these spurious revivals broke out, promising ‘signs, wonders, and experiencing the fire of God’s Presence.

It is my sincere belief that the Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charismatic Church has been devastated by these ‘Revivals’, and I will attempt to explain why in the next few articles.

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1 Response to The Onset of Sensual Revivals… NAR pt 5

  1. bryan Johnston says:

    Thank you very much Pastor Bill for this timely warning.. As Christ Himself sternly said, right at the beginning of His Olivet Discourse:- “BEWARE NO ONE DECEIVES YOU.” He never spoke at random, so the fact this was His FIRST remark (in answer to His disciples question about His Return) shows just how important this must be, i.e. Spiritual deception (primarily) will be the hallmark of the run-up to His Second Advent.
    Therefore these false “revivals” are very important signs of the nearness of the ‘Parousia,’ as His Return to earth is sometimes called. More than ever now, we need the Holy Spirit gift of razor-sharp discernment, if we aren’t going to fall for satan’s counterfeits, in ALL areas of our spiritual growth. Shalom/God bless+++

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